Best Beauty Tricks Learned From Mom – Vine Vera Reviews

Mother and daughter posing for a photograph.

Sometimes a beauty routine can be pretty simple. Many people aren’t overly fussy about their skin, they wash it, moisturize and go. That’s not entirely a bad idea. Yet, sometimes some of the tricks you learned from your Mom are still valid.

Many little girls learn beauty tricks from their Mothers. These time honored and tested tricks are still a good idea, and can even beat using some incredibly expensive treatments. Vine Vera presents some of the best tips you might have learned from your Mom.

Mature woman removing makeup from her skin.

Take Off Your Makeup At Night
A perfect tip that is important to follow. Skin needs a chance to renew, and breathe at night. It can’t replenish itself effectively if it’s caked up with makeup at night.

Woman picking at her skin.

Don’t Pick At Your Skin
It just makes it worse. Mom always said to keep your hands off of your face since it’s germy, and will just cause more acne.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows.

Don’t Over Tweeze Your Brows
They won’t grow back, and you’ll be stuck penciling them in for the rest of your life. Seriously Mom says hands off the tweezers.

Professional artist applying blush on a model's cheeks.

A Little Blush Never Hurt Anyone
Pink cheeks look fresh, and pretty. Find a color that works on your skin tone. Have many times have you heard from your Mom, “you’d look so nice if you just put a little blush on.” Do it. Mom says.

Woman applying vaseline on her lips.

Vaseline Is Your Friend
As a lip balm at night, to soothe chapped skin, and a perfect foot moisturizer with a pair of socks on at night. You’ll be amazed at how soft your feet are in the morning.

Woman applying a black eyeliner.

Black Eyeliner Is Too Harsh
Many teens pick up a black eyeliner as their first piece of makeup, and they never go back. Moms always say look for softer options like a deep plum or a subtle brown to better enhance your eyes.

Woman with curly hair.

Embrace Your Hair’s Texture
If you have curls, go with it. If your hair is straight, stop curling it everyday. Moms always say that your original texture looks better on you. Well of course they would say that. They’re your Moms, they love you! I say a flat iron never hurt anyone.


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