Secret Uses for Lip Balm – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman applying lip balm on her lips.

Lip balm is a life-saver in the cold, dry winter, for anyone with naturally dry skin and lips, or if you live in an arid area. Lips are a sensitive part of the body, prone to getting dried out and chapped if you’re not careful, so lip balm can be nothing short of amazing thanks to its ability to keep your lips velvety soft, smooth, and hydrated.

But did you know there’s a lot of other things you can do with lip balm? Keep reading this post from Vine Vera, and you’ll see that the same stuff that keeps one of the most prominent parts of your face moisturized can do much, much more than just that.

Closeup of a woman with beautiful elbows.

For one thing, you can give dry, scratchy bits of skin like your elbows, cuticles and knees a bit of much-needed hydration. It might feel a little weird at first, but lip balm, which is thicker than most lotions, can better hydrate the really rough, impossibly dry parts that lotion alone just can’t seem to quench. In the same vein, you can moisturize the very tips of your hair with a bit of lip balm if they start to get dry and look damaged.

If you have a cold and end up with a dry, gross, crusty area around the bottom of your nose, try using lip balm on it to keep it moisturized. Just make sure you mark the stick you use so that you remember not to use that one on your lips again!

Closeup of a woman applying nail polish.

When you’re painting your nails, carefully apply a bit on the skin around each nail right before you lay the polish on. When you’re done, if you messed up and got any on your skin, you should be able to easily rub or peel it off since it can’t bond well to the slick surface the lip balm creates. Keep a stick of lip balm with your nail-care supplies for a perfect home-manicure every time!

A lot like the idea above, rub some of the stuff around your hairline before home-dying your hair. It will make it much less likely you ever accidentally dye your skin in the process.

Can’t tame your unruly eyebrows? Work in a small amount of lip balm to use like a hair wax, making them much easier to groom.

If the zipper on your pants, purse, dress, etc. is stuck again for the hundredth time, try lubricating it with lip balm. It’s much gentler and safer to work with than actual industrial lubricants, and usually solves the problem quickly and easily.

Closeup of a  woman's lips.

Lip balm also works, surprisingly enough, as a pretty decent makeup remover. Put a tiny dab on your pinky finger or a q-tip and carefully rub away mistakes like crooked eyeliner without having to start all over again.

Finally, this one might not be too unexpected because it involves putting it on the lips as usual, but try combining lip balm with either baby powder or a good translucent finishing powder makeup to make the perfect base for lipstick. Just apply lots of lip balm to the lips, dab the powder on sparingly, and then apply lipstick as you usually would. The lip balm at the bottom layer keeps your lips from drying out while you wear your favorite color of lipstick on top, and the powder layer in the middle binds everything together so your lipstick doesn’t come off every time you take a sip of coffee.


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