Beauty Trend Taking Over the Runways – Vine Vera Reviews

Fashion model applies makeup as she prepared for the runway .

There once was a day when girls stood for hours in the mirror with cover-up trying to hide their freckles from the world like blemishes. They were the root of name calling in grade school, and the opposite of the highly desired smooth completion look. There have been a lot of forums in the past about how to remove your freckles, how to cover up your freckles, and how to avoid getting more (stay away from the sunshine ladies). But, thankfully for those with freckles, those days have come to an end. Freckles have not only been embraced, they are now being imitated. Freckles have been popping up all over the runways, and surprisingly not all of these freckles are natural. Though freckles have gone in and out of style in the past, this latest trend of freckles, and faux freckles, seems to be here for the long haul. Vine Vera reviews this exciting beauty trend that is taking over the runways.

Many actresses have been known for embracing their freckles, such as Rachel Bilson and Lucy Liu. Though some have gotten flak for it, they are not being held as the starters of a trend that is sweeping the nation. As the trend has increased in popularity, more and more models, such as Binx Walton, Natalie Westling and Magdalena Jasek, have been seen embracing their natural spots as well. One of the main areas of inspiration for this trend can be found on Paul Smith’s catwalk, where make-up artist Petros Petrohilos added fake freckles to the models for a fresh and young look. By adding freckles on top of a face that already has foundation applied, the illusion of fresh, young, naturally good skin is given. The freckles give the impression that no foundation is being worn.

There are many ways to achieve this faux-freckled look. By using either eye pencils or eyebrow markers the freckles are created using a variety of colours and creating them in a variety of sizes. Topshop has even released a freckle pencil, a true indicator that this trend is officially hitting the mainstream. The key is to place the freckles on areas where the sun would naturally hit and to not focus on perfection. Freckles come in all shapes and sizes, and even overlap on a persons face naturally, so you want to use some freedom in their application. Some searches will even bring you information on the different freckles placement recommendations for each face shape.

From models on the runway to girls in their bathrooms, everyone is trying out this new trend. Another artist known for adding faux freckles to his models in his spring/summer 2015 runway show is Adam Selman. His team added fake freckles in an attempt to create a healthy, natural and youthful look, and the results are gorgeous. Whether you are looking to add a little change in your day to day make-up look, or are ready to let your natural skin shine through, this is a trend that we can get on board with.


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