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Dry Brushing For Overall Wellness

vine vera banner presents Dry Brushing For Overall Wellness

It’s always nice when you buy a new cosmetic product and it comes with a brush. Brushes are great for applying products for a professional finish, but we all know it’s really the product we care about, right? After all, we usually don’t buy that $20 dollar eyeliner because we have to have the brush. But what about if the brush is the product? Dry brushing may be the newest thing in skin exfoliation, detoxification, stress relief, and reduction of cellulite, and just think, you’ll never have to worry about running out of product again. Take a look at some of the benefits of dry brushing, how to do it, and what to look for in a good dry brush. You may never go back to lotion!

Good For Your Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is the part of your body in charge of eliminating cellular waste. When the lymphatic system becomes congested, waste and toxins build up causing inflammation and disease. Dry skin brushing decongests your lymphatic system, helping the skin release harmful toxins.

Exfoliation without the micro beads? Dry skin brushing helps to remove dead skin cells, opening clogged pores, and improving skin’s appearance for product- free exfoliation.

Promote Blood Circulation
If you’re looking to restore that healthy glow, the dry brushing of skin increases blood circulation to your skin, aiding in the elimination of metabolic waste.

Vine Vera Dry Brushing for Overall Wellness woman brushing.jpg

Reduces Cellulite
Summer is beach time, and you don’t need pesky cellulite deposits getting in the way of your perfect bikini body. Dry brushing may soften hard deposits of fat causing them to become more evenly distributed while removing toxins that break down connective tissue. While some believe the cellulite removing effect to be temporary, as a result of the skin’s immediate plumping reaction to the brushing, The Huffington Post reported dry brushing to be, “one of the more successful ways to smooth away less-than -perfect spots on your legs.”

Stress Relief
Dry brush away your stress! Dry brushing has been reported to be meditative, calming the mind and relieving stress. Some even compare it to a whole body massage!

How To Do It
Choose a high-quality brush with natural bristles and a long handle to get those hard to reach spots. Aim to dry brush onto two times a day, gradually working it into your daily routine. Always brush toward your heart, which is most effective for your lymphatic system and circulation. Start at your feet and work your way up, avoiding the delicate skin on your face, or any easily irritated areas. Keep the pressure you apply firm but gentle. Your skin may be pink afterward, but not red or irritated. An average session of dry brushing should last between two and 20 minutes.

Have you tried dry brushing? Let us know what you think? Is this the next big thing in skincare?


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Makeup Tips To Keep You Selfie Ready

It used to be that you had to look your best because you never knew when a photo op would come up. You might be out at a nightclub, or a party, when suddenly someone with a camera would pop up looking to take your picture, so you had to ensure you were always photo-ready. Now, with the advent of the selfie, things have changed. These days, you never know when you might pop up wanting to take a picture of yourself. Just when you least expect it, there you’ll be with the selfie stick, ready to click away. That’s why you always need to be prepared for the occasion with the proper makeup. Here are some great expert selfie makeup tips.

Woman taking a selfie

Selfie Analysis
According to Courtney Rubin, author of “Makeup for the Selfie Generation,” “Most makeup companies have products that play with light, offering photo finishes or airbrush effects that claim to make wearers camera ready. But a handful of brands are beginning to design and tweak their wares to stand up to the specific challenges of phone photography–among them, that a flash can make foundation look white, or that in daylight selfies, cool colors can look warmer.

In preparation for his book, “#beautiful” makeup artist and lead makeup artist for “Project Runway,” Luis Casco analyzed about 8,000 selfies of 26 women of various ages and ethnicities to find the best makeup application for a good selfie.

Here are some tips from Mr. Casco

  1. Since dry flaky lips commonly plague selfies, Mr. casco suggests using a lip exfoliator before applying lip product.
  2. Mr. Casco also recommends mixing shades of eyeliner to create effects. He notes that a touch of purple can make brown eyes appear clearer and that a hint of gold “makes the eyes twinkle.”
  3. To get the most flattering shot, lift the camera to a 45-degree angle to sharpen the jaw line and make eyes look wider. Casco notes this is particularly helpful in avoiding a raccoon eye effect while wearing dark eye makeup. The trick is to bring the chin down and the camera up.
  4. To avoid pale skin in the daylight, Mr. Casco recommends products that contour the face without looking caked on. He suggests CC creams that blend easily and are not obviously pigmented for a natural healthy radiance.
  5. When taking a selfie at night with a flash, a real life shimmer can translate to oily skin on camera. Casco suggests a translucent powder to make skin feel soft and extra blotting sheets to absorb oil, particularly in the T-zone.

Woman taking selfie

Selfie Ready Foundations
Another way of avoiding the oily sheen associated with selfies is by choosing a mattifying foundation with oil absorbing features.

Stand Out Eyes
When it comes to eyes, the best thing to do is to keep it basic. While bold and theatrical looks can be great, they often don’t photograph well without proper lighting. For photo ready eyes, prime with black mascara, nude shadow, and a bit of a cat eye.

Whiter Teeth
For a quick tooth whitener, munching on some raw veggies can actually help remove stains from teeth. If your looking for a cosmetic solution, stained teeth can be concealed by wearing a bright lip color with blue undertones.

Bold Lips
If your selfies are looking washed out, it may be time to turn up your lipstick a few shades. Look for high-pigment formulas which tend to last longer than other shades and be sure to take your skin tone into account when choosing a color.

How do you keep selfie-ready? Let us know your favorite ways of alway ensuring an image you will be proud to display!

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Trends In Fall Eye Make Up

Let it never be said that women do not suffer for their beauty. In 1770, a law passed by British Parliament declared the wearing of makeup to be a form of witchcraft. The law reasoned that men who fell for a woman in makeup were being lured by a “false face” and were entitled to an annulment when they realized how their wives really looked. Imagine what they would have done if plastic surgery were around then!

Well, if makeup is responsible for the persecution of women, then maybe it is time we start taking the power back! As fall approaches, embrace your inner beauty and start casting some autumn spells of your own with the latest, most sinful runway trends in eye makeup.

Woman with black eye liner

You can hardly get witchier than some down and dirty black eyeliner. What could be more intense than rimming your eyes in inky black lines? Extend them out Khardashian style for a cat eye effect, or, play it a little safer with a soft smudge. From the Baby Boomers to the GenXers to the Milennials, no girl should be without her black liner this season.

All That Glitters….
Belongs on your eyes this fall. What girl can resist a little sparkle? You may have seen it catching the light on Tommy Hilfiger runways where taupe shadow was topped with a dusting of gold or at Anthony Vaccarllo where broken pieces of jewelry appeared carefully affixed to the face. Experiment with sprinkling glitter below the eye or just below the brows for some extra holiday glam.

Psychedelic Swirls
Well, if you’ve got some extra time on your hands or access to a very talented makeup artist, you may want to go pop art this season. You may have seen the Chanel signature quilted handbag pattern painted on the eyes of runway models or trippy florals on the Fendi runway for the rock festival look.

Woman with peach eyeshadow
Smoky Peach

Peach for the fall? Believe it. You may have noticed hints of the traditionally spring- like color for a romantic look at Nina Ricci in her runway interpretations of a secret nocturnal rendezvous or in the Prabal Gurung runway reference to Lord Byron. Seductive, classic and also appropriate for the workplace, peach will be a must have this fall.

Clumpy Lashes
You may have seen this edgy look on the Jason Wu runway. Admittedly an acquired taste, you can get the clumpy look by adding an extra coat to your everyday mascara, rubbing the wand back and forth across the lashes. And, speaking of lash looks, you also may want to arm yourself with some day- glo mascara, in the style of the models on the Emporio Armani runway. Just cover lashes with extra black mascara, allow it to dry and apply the colored product to the outer corners.

Let us know if you’ve experimented with any of these looks and how it worked for you (or didn’t) or maybe you’ve got some great ideas of your own you want to share. If you’re all eyes, we’re all ears!

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Change Your Eye Care Routine Now

Just about everything can benefit from a change now and then, and your eye care routine is no exception. It’s quite possible you’re doing a lot right, but you might also be surprised to find all the things you could be doing wrong at the moment, or important things you’re not doing at all that you should be. To help you get the most out of your eye care routine, Vine Vera decided to make a list of things you might be doing wrong, and advice for how to do them right, so you can change your eye care routine—for the better—now!

Business woman rubbing her eyes

Don’t Touch!
Everyone does this; say you’ve got something in your eye and you’re trying to get it out, so you touch the surface of your eye carefully to attempt to remove it, or you’re tired, and your eyes are itchy, so you close them and rub hard over the eyelids with your fingers to alleviate the feeling. Thing is, touching your eye—even touching the eyelid when they’re closed—is dangerous. You can actually rupture blood vessels by rubbing your eyes too hard, and you can do more harm than good when you try to remove debris with your finger, because oils and other particulate matter on your skin can get into your eye and just make the irritation worse.

Instead, if your eye itches, close it and rub around the eye (though to be careful not to smudge your makeup). It’s not quite the same, but it can still help, and doesn’t risk damaging the eye. Also, when you have something stuck in your eye, if it’s not too terribly painful, just look down and wait. Your eye should tear up naturally, and the tears should wash whatever it is away. If they don’t, you can carefully wash your eyes out with eye drops or clean water.

Woman applying an eyeliner.

Keep that Eyeliner Where it Belongs
Some beauty experts recommend putting eyeliner on your “waterline,” which means inside the eyelashes. While there’s no doubt this can look pretty good, it’s definitely not recommended; we hate to tell you not to follow a useful beauty tip, but the fact of the matter is that it’s more risk than it’s worth. Putting eyeliner on the inside line of your eyelashes means it will mix with tears and spread contaminants (particles of the eyeliner) into your eye. This is a bad idea no matter what, as it can cause irritation and possibly infection, if the eyeliner contains contagions (which makeup sometimes does), and if you have contacts, this is especially problematic, because you can wind up coating your contacts with eyeshadow, clouding your vision, and possibly ruining those expensive contacts.

Woman applying eye cream

Make Sure Antioxidants are in Your Routine Somewhere
This is a pretty good piece of advice in general for all of your skin, but do be sure you’re using products on the skin that immediately surrounds your eye every day. This will help slow down the ageing process, which is especially important for areas like eyelids and under-eye skin, both of which can be some of the first things to sag later in life. Keep them firm and youthful by fighting off cell-destroying free radicals with potent antioxidants. Vine Vera’s eye collection, imbued with a heaping helping of the antioxidant resveratrol, is an excellent choice for this.

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Best Beauty Tricks Learned From Mom – Vine Vera Reviews

Mother and daughter posing for a photograph.

Sometimes a beauty routine can be pretty simple. Many people aren’t overly fussy about their skin, they wash it, moisturize and go. That’s not entirely a bad idea. Yet, sometimes some of the tricks you learned from your Mom are still valid.

Many little girls learn beauty tricks from their Mothers. These time honored and tested tricks are still a good idea, and can even beat using some incredibly expensive treatments. Vine Vera presents some of the best tips you might have learned from your Mom.

Mature woman removing makeup from her skin.

Take Off Your Makeup At Night
A perfect tip that is important to follow. Skin needs a chance to renew, and breathe at night. It can’t replenish itself effectively if it’s caked up with makeup at night.

Woman picking at her skin.

Don’t Pick At Your Skin
It just makes it worse. Mom always said to keep your hands off of your face since it’s germy, and will just cause more acne.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows.

Don’t Over Tweeze Your Brows
They won’t grow back, and you’ll be stuck penciling them in for the rest of your life. Seriously Mom says hands off the tweezers.

Professional artist applying blush on a model's cheeks.

A Little Blush Never Hurt Anyone
Pink cheeks look fresh, and pretty. Find a color that works on your skin tone. Have many times have you heard from your Mom, “you’d look so nice if you just put a little blush on.” Do it. Mom says.

Woman applying vaseline on her lips.

Vaseline Is Your Friend
As a lip balm at night, to soothe chapped skin, and a perfect foot moisturizer with a pair of socks on at night. You’ll be amazed at how soft your feet are in the morning.

Woman applying a black eyeliner.

Black Eyeliner Is Too Harsh
Many teens pick up a black eyeliner as their first piece of makeup, and they never go back. Moms always say look for softer options like a deep plum or a subtle brown to better enhance your eyes.

Woman with curly hair.

Embrace Your Hair’s Texture
If you have curls, go with it. If your hair is straight, stop curling it everyday. Moms always say that your original texture looks better on you. Well of course they would say that. They’re your Moms, they love you! I say a flat iron never hurt anyone.

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