How to Avoid Mom Style Problems – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman trying to choose clothes.

When you become a mom, your life changes in a lot of big ways. Most of the changes are wonderful, if stressful, and no matter how much your kids make you want to pull your own hair out (or theirs), you keep going and dealing with it all because you love them to death and would do anything for them.

That said, there’s a lot of common style problems moms run into that are totally avoidable, so here, we’re going to lay them all out and exactly what you can do to sidestep these issues without sacrificing the attention your kids need OR the comfort you need.

Woman wearing stylish ballet flats with her man.

Sneakers: comfortable yet inelegant
There’s nothing wrong with wearing sneakers or tennis shoes if you’re going out for a run or to the gym, and sometimes, for a stylish-casual look, they can work okay for everyday wear, especially if you opt for something like converse instead of trainers. That said, it’s tempting and easy to fall into the habit of wearing nothing but your favorite pair of way-too-worn-out, trashy looking sneakers every single day because they’re just so, so comfortable.

To avoid this without hurting your tired, worn-out feet too much, opt for a pair of stylish ballet flats instead. If you like the height of heels but don’t want to tear your feet up overmuch, try platform shoes with a solid, continuous platform along the whole shoe. If you like boots, keep wearing them, but get ones with flat bottoms instead of heels, or—as mentioned above—with platform heels.

Mothers in maternity clothes choosing cots.

Wearing maternity clothes too long
Maternity clothes may be extremely comfortable, with their elastic waistbands and roomy nature, but let’s face it, they are usually not the most stylish options in your wardrobe. If you’ve already given birth and are feeling like your style is taking a hit because you’ve been wearing those maternity clothes too long after the fact, consider updating your look.

If you’re understandably self-conscious about your midsection and hesitant to try to look fashionable again, there’s a few tricks and rules of thumb you can go by. Ultimately, do whatever works for you and your body, and makes you feel good about yourself, but if you’re not sure where to begin, try to avoid tops with gatherings, and check out higher-waisted pants or skirts as well as tops and dresses that wrap around, to minimize areas you may feel self-conscious of and accentuate the areas you are proud of.

Stylish woman with a tote.

Don’t forget accessories!
Accessories and handbags can complete an outfit that otherwise might look okay, but lacks a certain flair or individuality. Further, the wrong handbag can either be very short on room for things that are required when you have small children – diapers, wipes, bottles, etc – or on the other hand, be big, frumpy, and unseemly.

For a better handbag option, try a large purse like a patent tote that can hold everything you need and while still looking polished and put together. You have more options than you think you do, if you browse with both style and functionality in mind at the same time.

For accessories, stay away from multi-layer, dangly, or delicate necklaces, and avoid dangly earrings for now if you have a baby. Don’t worry, if you love these styles of accessory, you will be able to wear them again when your infant is old enough to stop grabbing everything in sight. Meanwhile, gravitate toward bracelets over necklaces and earrings, and try adding things like scarves and stylish sunglasses to add a chic edge to your look without adding a liability for grabby baby-hands.


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