Beauty Lessons Learned from Mom

Mothers know best, is what they say. My mom and I really can’t help but share beauty secrets every now and then. Moms, after all, have gone through the same phases, body changes, and what not that young girls are going through. You can think of your mom as your fairy godmother when it comes to beauty tricks that would most likely work for you.

Since you and your mom share the same genes and specific traits, there are some beauty tips which would particularly apply to you, being your mother’s daughter. This is especially true for skin tips. Trying out products or remedies which have been tried and tested by your mom may be the key to achieving the beauty you so desire.

Little girl putting pink lipstick all over her face.

Back to Basics

When I was younger, body scrubs, moisturizers, and the many different bottles and tubes of products on my mom’s bathroom vanity made no sense to me, but she made me understand why she uses several products—both natural and store-bought, to maintain her beauty.

One of my most favorite tricks that my mom taught me about natural beauty is how to use lemons properly. I loved preparing lemonade when I was a kid and seeing how interested I was in lemons, my mom taught me how to use it for beauty purposes.

Since my skin tends to be somewhat sensitive, my mom advised me to dilute the lemon juice in some water. Splashing some cold lemon water also helps reduce the overall oil production from my face. She used to apply some lemon juice every once in a while on my scars when the scabs were gone, and over time, the scars faded. When used for my face to address acne scars, she always reminded me to apply a moisturizer with SPF as well since lemon juice made the skin photosensitive.

I also used to have really dry hair, and instead of buying expensive hot oil treatments, we made use of natural oils at home such as olive oil and virgin coconut oil. We would just pop them in the oven for a few seconds to heat them up and she applied the oil on my hair and scalp.

When it comes to makeup, my mom taught me the difference between warm red lipsticks and cool red lipsticks. She advised me to use warm colors because my skin has a yellow undertone to it. She also advised me to use tinted lip balm to keep my lips moisturized during the winter months.

Mother Hugging Her Daughter and Smiling

Deciding for Yourself

A word of advice though, as much as your mom may know a lot of beauty secrets, there are also some which may not be entirely true or safe to practice. These include brushing your hair with a hundred strokes before sleeping each night—this leads to split ends, or that popping your pimples will make them go away faster—yikes, not at all! Since you now have a lot of resources to look for beauty advice, it would also be wise to check the scientific basis of the beauty tips your mom has shared with you from her treasure trove of secrets.


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