Waterpark Swim Attire

Woman wearing a one-piece

Visiting the local waterpark to enjoy some fun in the sun with the children is a summertime staple. If you plan to partake in any rides or attractions, it is important to wear the appropriate swimwear so that you feel comfortable and confident all day long. Even simply watching and running around after your kids can be a lot of work, so comfort is key when there is a wealth of activities that your little ones can get into.

Traditional One-Piece Swimsuits
One-piece swimsuits will offer the most comfort and coverage for those who like to ride the waterpark’s most adventurous rides. The 1950’s style halter is a trendy option to this classic form and they come in cute prints and patterns. For the more active woman, a sports-style one-piece is a great option and usually comes in styles with thinner straps that minimize tan lines. Another fashionable one-piece option is the monokini. The connecting piece along the middle of the torso will help keep everything in place while allowing your skin more space to soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

Woman wearing a tankini

Relax in a Two-Piece
If you’re not willing to let go of the bikini, or you won’t be partaking in any of the waterpark’s activities, there are several styles that will still allow you to have comfort and confidence to move around the park. The tankini is a great option for women who have small kids on the go, but still want the option to show off their mid-section. Flip up the bottom of your top while you soak up the sun (with an appropriate SPF and moisturizer of course) and flip it down when you are playing with the kids in the wave pool. The latest bikini trend is cropped style tops and high waist bottoms. This style offers similar comfort and coverage of one-piece swimsuits, but will add a bit of sex appeal to the overall look. Traditional halter style bikini tops are also a good option if you love the look of a completely bare mid-section. Try going with a style that has thicker neck straps and underwires to ensure you stay secure throughout the day.

Cover Up!
Keep your head covered with a fashionable hat to shield your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the sun. Wide or narrow-brimmed hats are the trendiest options and offer varying protection from the sun. A wider brimmed hat has the ability to cover parts of your neck and shoulders while a small brimmed hat may only cover your eyes and the top part of your face.

What you wear over your swimwear is important to consider as well. A dress is great for throwing over top of a swimsuit, but if the waterpark is part of a larger amusement park, you may want to consider a pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. A change of clothes will help you stay comfortable on your ride home or if there are any attractions you plan to visit or ride after you leave the waterpark.

On Your Feet
While flip flops are a no brainer for most waterparks, you may want to think about the kind you bring. If you plan to shower in one of the park’s bath houses, remember to bring a pair of plastic flip flops to avoid showering barefooted. Bring a pair of socks and sneakers if you plan to walk around after visiting the waterpark.

On Your List
Make a list of all the things you might need to bring with you to the waterpark so that your day is fun and not fraught with wardrobe malfunctions or dangerous and uncomfortable sunburns.

  1. Comfortable swimsuit
  2. Flip Flops (bring plastic ones to wear if you need to shower afterward)
  3. Dress, shorts, or t-shirt for a cover-up
  4. Hat and sunglasses
  5. Sun block (bring varying SPF’s for different skin types, but at least an SPF 30)
  6. Socks and sneakers (if you plan to walk around another portion of the amusement park)
  7. Change of clothes (if you plan to walk around another portion of the amusement park)
  8. Towels (if your local waterpark does not provide them)
  9. Water (to stay hydrated)

Have fun!

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Skin Care for Swimmers

Woman in a swimming pool

While there are many who are lucky enough to swim year-round, it’s almost that time of year for the rest of us to take a dive into a pool, lake, or ocean and cool off when the hot temperatures take over. Regardless of how often you swim, but especially if you do so often, chlorine, sun, and salt water can take quite a toll on your skin. Before you put on your next swimsuit, check out the following skin care tips for swimmers so you can enjoy the activity you love without sacrificing your skin in the process.

Apply and Reapply Sunscreen
You should be applying sunscreen year-round on a daily basis anyway, but if you’re going swimming, it’s even more important considering it can rinse off plus the reflection of light off sand and water can increase your chances of sun damage. Apply sunscreen about 30-minutes before you leave your house (not when you get to the pool or beach) and reapply it often, especially when you get out of the water. It’s important to apply about a shot-glass full of sunscreen every time you put it on. Additionally, make sure that your sunscreen isn’t expired.

Woman taking a shower before swimming

Shower Before Swimming
Did you know that showering (with soap) right before you go swimming can help protect you and all those you’re going to be swimming with? It helps remove the makeup, urine, fecal matter, sweat, and other contaminants and prevents them from getting in the pool water that you and others are splashing around in. A cleaner pool means it’s better for your skin and better (and safer) for your body and health overall.

Thoroughly Wash Off Your Skin
When you go swimming, you want to wash off as much of the salt water, chlorine, and sand from your skin as soon as possible. There are body washes on the market that are specially made to help you get it off your body so you have an increased chance of preventing rashes, itchy and dry skin, and various other skin issues. It can also be useful for removing chlorine odor. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the package to ensure optimal results.


Change Into Dry Clothing
Skin rashes can get worse under your wet bathing suit, so it’s best to change out of it as soon as possible. If you want to hang around in a bathing suit after swimming, bring another one to change into so you’re in one that’s dry.

Not only should you make sure to thoroughly moisturize after a shower (there is chlorine-neutralizing lotion that could be helpful for a post-swim shower) but you should make sure your skin is well hydrated throughout the rest of the day as well.

Considering you’re going to be out in the sun, it’s vital to drink enough water so you stay hydrated. This is important regardless of how hot it is outside, but especially if the temperatures have gotten incredibly high. Keep a couple of bottles of water with you at all times and refill if necessary.

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Skin Care Tips for New Moms

Mother playing with her child

It’s no secret that, as a new mom, your time for doing pretty much anything – including your beauty regimen – is extremely limited. The good news is that you don’t have to forgo taking care of your skin. It’s incredibly important, not just for the appearance of your skin, but also for its health. So what are you supposed to do with such a little amount of time?

Keep Makeup Remover Wipes Within Reach
At the end of a long day, it’s not exactly the most fun task to take off your makeup, but it is important. The last thing your skin needs is to go through the night caked with makeup, oil, dirt, and residue that collected over the course of the day. Whether you keep them on your nightstand, in a drawer in the baby’s room, or on a shelf in the bathroom, makeup wipes can allow you to give your face a good wipe down. Considering how easy and effective they are, they’re great to have as part of your beauty arsenal.

Get an SPF Tinted Moisturizer
If you don’t have time to apply foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen, you could always apply a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF. While it’s typically not going to provide as strong of results as if you had applied the products individually, a tinted moisturizer is still going to produce a little hydration, SPF protection, and color that your skin needs.

Woman applying eye mask

Use Eye Masks
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re likely not sleeping much, or at least not as much as you may have before you became a mom. The lack of sleep is not doing such great things for your skin, including the area under your eyes. Eye masks take seconds to apply and all you have to do is leave them on for the directed amount of time. Once you take them off, most will require you to just pat in the remaining amount of fluid while you discard the masks. They can help de-puff the under eye area, fight aging, tone the skin, and help to decrease dark circles.

Buy Invisible Lip Liner
There are many who have yet to jump on the invisible lip liner train, but let me tell you: it’s amazing. It’s a must-have for new moms and any woman in general. First of all, it’s basically fool proof. Also, if you’ve ever applied any bright or dark color of lipstick, you know how they can bleed, and trying to clean it up can just make it worse and get the lipstick practically all over the lower half of your face. Using the invisible lip liner can prevent that from happening. But the best part? Rather than have to search out the perfect lip liner for every shade of lipstick you have, the invisible lip liner works with all of them.

Always Apply Lotion After a Shower
A wonderful thing you can do for your skin from head-to-toe is to apply lotion, but it’s even better when you do it right after a shower when your skin is most receptive to taking it all in. You should start to feel and notice a change after the first application, but when you make it a habit, the positive changes will be even more evident.

The most important thing you can do when it comes to skin care is to always make sure you apply sunscreen. It might not seem like a big deal, especially if you’re just going out to run errands for the day, but the sun can wreak havoc on your skin little-by-little, not just in terms of aging, but also with skin cancer. The higher the SPF and the more often you remember to apply the sunscreen, the better it will be for your skin.

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Is Anti-Aging Medicine Safe?

For those tired of searching for the fountain of youth, there’s an appealing alternative that seems to be gaining momentum. Anti-aging medication seems to hold all the answers, even though it’s surrounded by questions as well. These treatments require minimal effort, typically cause no discomfort and provide impressive results. Or do they? Here are the facts surrounding anti-aging medication and what the future might hold for such treatment.

Woman having pill

What Qualifies as Anti-Aging Medication?
While many people know the basic health recommendations for staying young, like eating well, not smoking and drinking in moderation, these lifestyle factors don’t qualify as anti-aging medications. Instead, hormonal therapies, injections and supplements are just some examples of anti-aging medication that can come recommended when searching for a more youthful glow. A mixture of hormones injected into the body are said to lower body fat percentages, help with muscle development and increase overall energy. Injections like Botox have become household names and promise to prevent wrinkles and soften existing skin creases.

The list of supplements that promise to turn back the hands of time is almost endless. With the sudden wave of anti-aging medicines infiltrating the market, it can be nearly impossible to know which to try and whether or not associated risks outweigh the anticipated outcome.

Why Consider Medication
The most obvious and intriguing reason for considering anti-aging medication is the possible outcome. If a simple procedure or addition to someone’s daily routine can change their outer appearance in an appealing manner, then certainly it’s worth a try. Some procedures even have additional benefits. For example, studies have shown that Botox injections can help to increase collagen production, which can help with more than just wrinkles. Botox has also been shown to relieve migraine headaches and prevent excessive sweating. Many medications and supplements that are considered anti-aging medications today had different origins and therefore, can aid in other certain conditions. For example, studies in animals have shown that Metformin, a generic drug for diabetes, could be the pill version of the fountain of youth.

Overall, anti-aging medications, as long as they are provided by a reputable physician, can help someone achieve their goal of a more youthful appearance. With reviews, before and after photos and clinical studies, confidence in these medications is growing by the day.

Why Holding Off Doesn’t Hurt
But it’s not all smooth skin and happy reviews for everyone. In some cases, the dangers associated with certain anti-aging medications are serious. For some medications, possible side effects include joint pain, internal swelling, carpel tunnel, infertility and kidney problems. While not scientifically proven, hormone treatments have been associated with the development of certain types of cancers. Many supplements are developed by physicians and are not required to be regulated by the FDA. This comes with its own list of serious risks and without proper documentation of specific side effects, it becomes that much more difficult to treat the dangerous ones. While there is no way to know if anti-aging medication will help someone release their inner youth or cause serious damage, many feel that the pros significantly outweigh possible cons.

Only time will tell if these medications are more of a coincidence or scientific turning point but one thing is for certain. Anti-aging medications are not disappearing anytime soon, especially if the wrinkles do keep disappearing.

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Midi Skirt Looks

Midi skirt

The latest trend to swing across the fashion boards is the midi skirt. There are many different styles and versions of midi skirts to choose from but whichever you prefer you will find it a welcome and elegant addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. The skirt is a complimentary look for all women as the silhouette created by wearing this piece is both elegant and stylish.

Midi skirts come in so many different guises, making it versatile and easy to wear no matter what your own personal style is. There is the pencil midi, the gathered full skirt midi and the wrap midi to name but a few. You may choose to wear it with a top tucked in and a large waist-cinching belt, or perhaps funk it up with a graphic tee or even you could wear it over a longer dress to give a completely original twist to the tale. Whichever you choose, firstly you need to follow a few simple guidelines in order to achieve optimum results from your skirt!

It’s All About the Shoes
A statement shoe is a must have when wearing a midi; your shoes are in full view so need to be show (or shoe!) stoppers. If your midi is a one-color style then ramp up the shoes even more by choosing a pattern wedge or a bright colored high-heeled sandal. Another idea is to wear socks and cute pumps to turn heads in a girlie, fifties-style flirty way.

Woman wearing a midi skirt

Solid Color Midi 
A solid color midi skirt will give you a more elegant look and so are more appropriate for events like weddings or formal garden parties this summer season. You can pair the skirt with a silk blouse or top for a beautifully understated look full of effortless style. This is a great alternative to wearing a dress and opting for separates will make you stand out from the crowd as a style maven! Another outfit suggestion is to pair your midi skirt with a matching top and create a coordinated effect. A lot of designers and stores will have matching sets like this as the overall look is that of a one-piece, but on closer inspection admirers will decipher that you are, in fact, a savvy dresser with an eye for this season’s hottest trend.

Splits and Stripes 
There are two other things to note when picking your midi skirt. One, a side split is a good thing. Because this design of skirt cuts your legs out of view just below the knee, making you look shorter, having a split will give the illusion of longer legs and counteract this issue. Secondly, avoid horizontal stripes as they widen the body, vertical stripes will have the opposite effect and will add inches to your profile.

The midi skirt may have a reputation of being a summery, feminine piece but it is possible to give it a totally hard edge by wearing it with boots and adding some leather accessories etc. Also, wear more dramatic makeup and pair the skirt with a darker colored top and the look becomes anything but girly! A midi skirt is a must-have this season and there is a style and cut available for every size and shape. It is a trend to have fun with and find your own fashion niche. Plus these skirts are timeless so invest wisely and you will have a go-to look for years to come.

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The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is an an article of clothing with a storied history that was originally popularized in the 1950s. It’s gone through many iterations since then and spawned variations like the T-shirt dress as well. With its button front and loose fit, it looks great on just about any body type, comes in lots of different styles and cuts, and can be accessorized for nearly endless looks.

Shirt Dress

What’s a Shirt Dress?
But before we get ahead of ourselves, a basic definition for the uninitiated: a shirt dress is, as the name would suggest, a dress that borrows elements from a formal button-up shirt. They often—though not always—feature collars, button fronts, and cuffed sleeves. The fabric often has a similar feel to a dress shirt, most often being made of cotton or silk, and there is usually no seam at the wait, meaning a belt is needed if a defined waist is desired.

History of the Shirt Dress
Historically, shirt dresses first saw a widespread appeal in the early 1950s. Christian Dior is credited with the popularization of the style, as it was part of his post-World War II “New Look” designs. This version was still a bit impractical as it necessitated the use of crinoline to hold up the full skirt, but it was the predecessor for the modern design.

The shirt dress continued to evolve, and by the 1960s, shirt dresses more like the predominant styles today could be seen, with the same button front, collar, and cuffed sleeves, but with a more sensible loose skirt, no crinoline necessary.

One variation that was first spawned in the 1960s was the T-shirt dress, which is pretty much what it says on the tin; an elongated t-shirt meant to be worn like a dress.

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress Styling Tips
The shirt dress is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing with many potential outfits possible. Generally, you’ll want to cinch up the waist with a complimentary belt to add definition to the otherwise loose, flowy nature of the dress, but it’s not necessarily a must, especially with something like a slim denim shirt dress, which can be a complete outfit with a simple hat, statement necklace, sneakers and a crossbody bag.

Adding a matching jacket and belt (the base color and color of the buttons/buckle/etc should match each other on the belt and jacket) can totally change the look, especially if you make the belt, jacket, purse, and shoes all matching, with the dress itself in a contrasting color for a nice visual “pop.”

Tights or leggings make shirt dresses an option in cooler weather too, and can be complimented with a matching scarf for a bit of flair. Another idea is to put a crop top in a contrasting color over your shirt dress to break up the somewhat baggy nature of the dress.

However, you wear your shirt dresses, make sure to own it and make it your own. After all, trends are trends, but what really makes a style shine is the personal touches.

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Spring Denim Must Haves

Denim has proven to be a vastly popular choice over the years, so much so that it can now be worn at virtually any place and at any time. Blue jeans themselves will never go out of style and a good pair of denim is able to pull off any accompanying outfit imaginable. Saying that, every now and again some switches are necessary and some vintage inspiration may be in order, or a former seasonal must-have may be ready to be tossed. There is definitely a reason why this versatile blue fabric has been set as a near-permanent fashion trend, as regardless of how other trends are changing, denim is able to adapt and evolve with the times.

Woman wearing denim shorts

Denim Shorts
Perfect for when the weather becomes warmer, denim shorts are most certainly in this spring. These shorts pair well with crop tops and are perfect for individuals who don’t like to expose too much midriff. Some rise right to below the belly button and somehow manage not to deter from your overall figure. They’re also extremely comfortable too, giving you that extra room to move your legs and thighs.
Low-rise denim shorts are also a great choice and go perfectly with graphic t-shirts or an off-the-shoulder blouse.

Classic high-rise vintage fits seem to be in this spring. Cuts that hail back to the 90s are making a strong comeback and if you think you’re already set in the high-rise department, see if you can find even higher waisted styles. Jeans from designer Vetement are an ideal choice as they manage to make an old classic look timeless.

Raw Hems
Raw hems are stylish. That unfinished look is definitely a denim trend that will be sticking around and is actually far less commonly worn. Either done as a straight-leg or cropped flare this style is perfect for standing out in the crowd as more finished looks seem to be dominating the market.

Ankle crops

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Ankle Crops
Unlike traditional skinny jeans the ankle crop shows off an often ignored part of your leg and additionally allows the wearer to showcase their footwear more prominently. If you choose to wear ankle crops, remember short socks or no socks are preferable as well as of course a stylish pair of shoes that match.

Denim on Denim
The double denim look is a perfect choice for when you don’t want to overthink things. Although you can try wearing tighter fits, a more trendy look for this spring would be looser denim tops and jeans. You could try an oversized longline jacket and swap the skinnies over for a cropped, flared-hem pair.

Personalised Denim
One of the biggest must-haves for denim is not just in the style of the fabric but also its personalization. You can try anything from embroidery to patches and pins. Many mainstream brands have adopted this trend as it allows customers to make the clothing truly their own. Themed patches are also fashionable so if you’re looking to give your old pair of jeans a facelift, now is definitely the time.

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