The History of Makeup – Vine Vera Reviews

We apply makeup on a daily basis without much thought, it’s such a regular part of our daily lives now that it’s almost habit. Having said that, do you give much thought to where your products came from?

We are not talking about which company or country they are shipped from, but about where makeup came from in general. It’s really interesting to read about the kinds of cosmetics that women used to use back in the days before the products we know now were even invented.

Cleopatra makeup The very first mention or record of any kind of makeup being used was back in the time of the ancient Egyptians. Those who were rich enough and vain enough to show up their social competition were happy to try out pioneering trends. The first mention of makeup dates back to 3100 BC. Think of the iconic representations of Cleopatra, with her heavily kohl lined eyes and dark green eye shadows; this certainly began a new trend. Following Cleopatra’s example women began to use soot to get the appearance of eyeliner that is  so common these days. Thankfully, these days we line our eyes without the use of soot!

The emergence of the first makeup products really set off a cosmetic revolution, though unfortunately some of the makeup application methods of the old days were questionable at best. Women used berries picked from trees to give their lips a stained appearance. Many homemade cosmetics were considered extremely dangerous to health like the use of leeches to achieve a paler complexion, which was considered to be the look of an affluent woman. Lead paint was even used during Renaissance and some forms of makeup  even contained arsenic which we now know is poisonous to humans.

Though makeup ingredients and application methods began to improve over time they do so slowly. Light skin seemed to constantly be in vogue since it gave off the impression of wealth. Chalk was used quite widely as a makeup medium to achieve this pale look. Can you imagine what would happen in a rain storm if you had a face full of chalk? Not pretty! Rouge made an appearance around the first century and henna also began becoming incorporated into beauty regimes as time moved on. Rouge of course was the precursor to blush and henna was usually used to stain skin but also used as an early form of hair dye.

Pale Renaissance face makeupDespite the growing makeup trend, many still saw makeup as something to avoid, often considering it to be something that prostitutes wore and that proper ladies avoided. During the Victorian era many people, especially those of high society, looked down upon people who used makeup.

Obviously this stigma did not last long because by the early 1900’s, the makeup industry began to take shape. The first mascara was developed by the company we now know as Maybelline. Max Factor was hot on their heels with the introduction of their cosmetic brand not long after. Pressed powders were next on the block and from then on product lines spiraled. By the early 1920’s the range of makeup being offered was growing quickly with lipstick as the most popular product, the brighter the better.

These days we have a myriad of appropriate makeup choices to choose from, now that makeup ingredients are strictly regulated. We no longer need to turn to leeches to give us a more even skin tone, and chalk has thankfully gone by the wayside as far as makeup is concerned!

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Let’s Hear the White Wine Argument – Vine Vera Reviews

Pouring a glass of white wineWhy the white variety is just as good as red for health benefits

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you will undoubtedly know that research has shown red wine is good for your health when consumed in moderation. I must stress the word ‘moderation’ there!

This is all down to a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol which is found in the skin of grapes. Now, when red wine is made, the skin is left on the grape, which means the antioxidant properties of resveratrol are absorbed into your glass of vino at the end of a long fermentation stage. This means that red wine has been shown to help keep your heart healthy, lower the risk of high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, and basically keep you fighting fit for longer.

It’s a great excuse to grab a glass of red.

Now, on the other hand with this news you can expect white wine to be sat in its bottle feeling a little sorry for itself, but now we find this isn’t the case!

White wine has many health benefits too, and recent studies have shown that some of the best forms of white wine could be just as good for your heart as red.

How so? Well, during the production of white wine, the skin is removed from the grape, so therefore it doesn’t retain the resveratrol like red wine does. Whilst this is a negative, white wine has two antioxidants of its own – namely tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These two rather scientific-sounding names have been shown to be present in olive oil. We all know that the Mediterranean diet contains plentiful olive oil, and this has been shown to be good for your heart and help you live longer. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Whilst red wine might win the obvious prize for health benefits, white wine simply goes about it in sneakier way, but gets the same level of benefit in the end, flying under the radar a little, so to speak. Similar cardiac protection is gained from drinking white wine in moderation compared to red, as well as containing SIRT1, a compound which has been shown to help slow down the ageing process.

Not everyone likes red wine that much, as everyone has their own preference, so this is great news for white wine drinkers out there, meaning that a glass with a meal could help you stay healthy and live longer as a result, as well as tasting crisp and delicious at the same time!


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How to Dress for a Wine Tasting – Vine Vera Reviews

A couple participating in a wine tastingGetting the outfit right is just as important as where you’re going; if you don’t look right, you don’t feel right, and then the whole day is a waste. Of course, certain events require certain types of outfit, and in the case of heading for a day’s wine tasting, if you’ve never been before, how do you know what you should be adorning yourself with?

Luckily, help is at hand!

It obviously depends on where you’re heading, but generally wineries tend to be out in the country. This fact doesn’t mean you have to wear tweed and be terribly well behaved, but it does mean you need to dress for comfortable sophistication, rather than six inch stiletto heels – getting stuck in the grass is not an attractive look.

Think comfort, but think style
Timeless and classic is the direction you need to be going in, so think capri pants and wedges, floral dresses and ballet flats, denim jackets, and blazers. One rule however? Avoid white and cream. If you’re sipping red wine there is bound to be a spillage of some sort, basically because it’s Murphy’s law, and you don’t want to be walking around for the rest of the day with everyone thinking you’re half-drunk already.

If you’re outdoors in the countryside, remember that it can get a little chilly as the afternoon wears on, or indeed early in the morning, so maybe a pashmina to wrap around your shoulders or around your neck to ward off the chill maybe a good idea. Be sure to color co-ordinate with your outfit and you’ll look like you just walked off a catwalk.

Keep accessories to a minimum
If you must wear jewelry, keep it classic and minimal. Too much bling is a little too nightclub for a day out wine tasting, so remember the saying that less is more.

The same can be said for make up. Your outfit, hair, and make up is going to have to last for a long day, and if it’s warm you don’t want slippages, and indeed, you also don’t want to be leaving your lipstick behind little by little every time you take a sip. Less is more is the mantra you need here too.

It’s all about how you feel
Despite what you might think on first impression, a day out wine tasting isn’t a stuffy affair, it’s actually quite a laid-back day, and the vibe around the winery will ooze that from the moment you arrive. Keep your outfit equally as chilled-out, but remember to wear something that you are comfortable in, which will last you all day, and that you feel good about yourself in, leaving you free to enjoy your day.

It’s true what they say, if you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside!

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Wine Style Inspiration – A Simple Drink Inspires the Catwalk – Vine Vera Reviews

Fashion/style inspired by marasalaWine isn’t all about drinking and enjoying, it’s also a fashion forward form of inspiration, which oozes out into make up, fashion, shoes, even hair color.

Take this season’s must wear color for example – marsala.

Now, marsala is a very popular form of red wine, produced in the Sicilian city of, you guessed it, Marsala. This is a rich, fortified wine, which can be used for cooking as well as drinking, and pairs very well with chocolate and asparagus. With taste overtones of brown sugar and apricot, as well as apple and morello cherry, marsala is versatile, which is exactly what the color is too.

Pick up a beauty magazine this year and you will see countless nods to this famous wine with many uses, and this is incorporated not only into clothing colors, including bodycon dresses with that earthy red/brown hue, midi skirts which cling to curves, and tops with elegant peplum flares, but also into makeup.

Nail varnish is marsala this year, lipstick is very into marsala this year, with a powerful lip to go perfectly alongside a strong power-dressing outfit. You can even dye your hair marsala, with red making a big come back into fashion, having gone off the boil a little over the last few years.

Marsala inspired makeupFrom this major trend then, there is no denying that wine inspires fashion, just as much as it inspires great food pairings.

Look at champagne for instance, a few years ago this seemingly innocent enough alcoholic beverage, usually saved for big occasions to celebrate, inspired a whole generation to dye their hair champagne blonde. Once upon a time it used to be platinum, then it became champagne.

The marsala craze is sophisticated, elegant, and can be paired with other dark colors in the same vein. Marsala works wonderfully with black, grey, cream, white, and looks fantastic with most skin tones. Paler tones who want to give a real pop to lips can use the marsala tone lipstick, or maybe be a little subtler and use nail varnish for a more understated look. For darker skin tones, marsala compliments and highlights, again adding glamour to even a simple outfit or look.

The ruby reds of red wine is seen as elegant and deep, bold even, and this is exactly what high end fashion is. Marsala itself however isn’t too dark, which makes it easy to wear, with earthy brown tones running subtly through it.

If you want to give yourself a true fashionable nod this season, make sure some part of your outfit or overall look includes a little marsala, even if it’s just a simple scarf tied around a handbag – you’ll be bang on trend, and a few envious looks will no doubt come your way.

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Revamp Your Wardrobe for a New Lifestyle – Vine Vera Reviews

wardrobeThere’s something about a new year that makes us dig into our wardrobes and bring about a dramatic change in our physical appearance. But, you don’t really need to revamp your entire wardrobe to enjoy a new lifestyle. You don’t need to dye your hair, max out your credit or lose 20 pounds to feel different either. Simple changes and minor alterations can work wonders in transforming the way you look. Vine Vera examines the best ways to revamp your wardrobe and create new styles. These solutions are not only quick and affordable; they don’t need any willpower either!

Step 1 – Revamp your strategy
The first thing that you need to do while revamping your wardrobe is to bring about a change in your strategies. Take stock of your wardrobe and try to determine things that need changing. Write down your main objectives, set out guidelines and review your wardrobe’s weak spots. Don’t forget to examine the versatility of your clothes.

Step 2 – Detox the wardrobe
The next step is to give your wardrobe a proper detox. Go through every piece of clothing and get rid of items that don’t inspire you or make you feel confident. Try to zero in on the strong points and examine the things that need more attention.

Step 3 – Get inspired
The ideal way to understand what works is to search for inspiration. Thanks to the advent of social media and style blogs, you have unlimited options to figure out the latest fashions and examine what works for you. Get creative and start collecting on inspiration from magazines, Pinterest and blogs. Try to select colors, themes, materials and pieces that suit you the most.

Step 4 – Create your own style
Once you have all the information you need, combine all tidbits into a flowing storyline. This lets you create a style concept and helps you to understand what you need in order to revamp your wardrobe.

Step 5 – Create a capsule wardrobe
A capsule wardrobe simply refers to a selection of 20 – 30 key pieces that help you to express your style and can be pulled together to create an outfit for every occasion. You need to look at them as the “main ingredients” of the wardrobe. With these ingredients in the mix, you are rest assured of having the end result look good.

Step 6 – Accessorize
The idea is not to buy a new wardrobe, the idea is to make people feel like you bought a new one. Accessories are an ideal way to update your wardrobe because you can wear them one day after the other. Look for things made from exotic skin and faux crocodile leather or choose handbags that are made from brass hardware. Finally, think about adding one of those black patent-leather clutches to complete your look and make your clothes feel modern.

Step 7 – Create your go-to looks
Design a few go-to looks for some of your main activities. For example, define your look for work, going out, parties, events, gym, and more. Take a look at your inspiration and create a style concept for your looks.

Step 8 – Mend things
There are bound to be a number of clothes that can be mended and put back into rotation. You are bound to have clothes you don’t wear because there is a hole in the thigh or because they split. Just take a needle and mend them to start wearing them again.

Step 9 – Maintain your wardrobe
Keep the wardrobe well-maintained. You need to update it throughout the year and do a thorough overhaul at least two times a year. Deal with repairs and add new things into your wardrobe. Keep things updated and look fashionable. 

Step 10 – Mix-and-Match fashion
Make the most of your existing pieces by pairing them with the right ingredients. For example, you can make your sweater look brand new by cinching it with a thin belt. Another option would be to dress up your turtleneck with a ladylike necklace. Other options include tying a sweater around your waist, adding a necklace and a hat to a basic outfit and wearing an untied ascot around your neck.

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Shopping for a Special Occasion – Vine Vera Reviews

Shopping for a special occassionWhen shopping for a special occasion, you need to pay more attention than usual. If you’re shopping for a dress for your friend’s wedding, you would want to look your beautiful best. And if you’re shopping for a gift for your sister’s birthday, you would want to ensure that you give a meaningful gift. If shopping for special occasions isn’t your specialty, these Vine Vera tips can work wonders in helping you enjoy a stress-free and fulfilling experience while shopping.

Start as soon as possible

Irrespective of your style, you need to start off with shopping as soon as possible. Give yourself enough time to find the right item and make sure that you choose right. This also gives you adequate time to look around for the perfect item before you make a purchase.

Be wary of the size

Different manufacturers have different criteria when it comes to size. Make sure that you choose a size that fits you perfectly. You need to be aware of the required size and read through the manufacturer’s instructions on its size policy. Always ask for a trial before purchasing. 

Don’t skip out on the perfect item

Most of us make the mistake of ignoring the perfect item when we see it. If you’re aware that you need a gift for your sister for her upcoming birthday or need a dress for a party that’s just round the corner, it makes sense to pick it up if you see the perfect option lying right in front of you. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find it when you actually need it.

Ask for a second opinion

It always helps to ask for an opinion from a trusted friend when shopping for special occasions. Your friend shall help you choose something that looks good and would be open about telling you when something looks bad on you.

Never shop when you’re in a hurry

Never speed-shop when shopping for special occasions. You need to give yourself enough time to browse through the various options, try different items on and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Don’t expect to complete all your shopping in a single trip

Don’t expect to find the perfect item at the first go. You might just find something that fits the occasion on the first try, but don’t get disheartened if you don’t. This is why starting off early is so important. 

Shop in a location that has many options

Try to go to a popular shopping area in your city. Vine Vera recommends you to go to a mall or an avenue that offers multiple options in the same area. This means that you can look around for the perfect item without stressing yourself or wasting precious time traveling from one place to the other. 

Ultimately, shopping is what you make of it. Whether you love it or hate it, you can always ensure that it is an enriching and stress-free experience. Just follow these simple tips from Vine Vera and make sure that you always make the right decision when it comes to shopping for a special occasion.

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Vine Vera’s Best Shopping Advice – Vine Vera Reviews

ShoppingSome people simply love to shop and some just can’t stand the thought of shopping. Irrespective of which category you belong to, Vine Vera offers you our best shopping advice to help you through your oh-god-i-can’t-bear-it moments as well as your Just-can’t-stop moments. And who doesn’t want to get the best products, enjoy the hottest deals and look updated in today’s fashion-driven world!

Never shop without a list of things you need

Vine Vera recommends you to ensure that you don’t step foot out of your house without having a list of things you need. In most cases, people simply forget all about some of the stuff or end up buying things that they don’t even need. A few precious minutes of preparation can work wonders in helping you buy the right things and ensuring that you don’t end up purchasing something useless.

Have a game plan

When you’re going for some serious shopping, you need a proper game plan. Don’t mix window shopping and actual shopping. Try and separate them. You must know what you need before heading out of the house and stay focused on buying those items. Once you’re done with the essentials, you can spend all your free time window shopping. And if you’re planning to become a part of things like Black Friday deals, you need to ensure that you beat the crowd to high-demand purchases.

Choose a suitable time

Shopping can be tiring, time consuming and stressful. Choose a time that suits you and try to avoid the crowds. A jostling and overcrowded environment can ruin the entire experience and make you irritable. So pick a time that suits your schedule and saves you from huge crowds as well.

Don’t skip out on buying the perfect item

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is that they don’t buy the perfect item when they see it in order to avoid wasteful shopping. But, if you come across something that really is perfect, you should go ahead and buy it, provided you actually have some use for it.

Make the most of technology

The modern day world is driven by Smartphones. There really is an app for everything that you can possibly think of. So why not make the most of an app when it comes to shopping? Downloading the right shopping app can help you compare prices, keep in touch with the latest trends and spot special items when they appear. Vine Vera recommends you to try out apps like ShopSavvy, Nifti and Black Friday app.

Be wary of the salesperson

Remember, the salesperson is there to make a sale. Irrespective of how friendly or caring a sales person is, don’t buy a product unless you are sure that you will use it. Salespeople are there to sell you something. It’s their job.

Bring a friend

Shopping along with a friend is always a pleasure. It allows you to cover more ground, enjoy a second opinion and prevent wasteful shopping. Moreover, shopping with a friend is bound to be a lot of fun as well.

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