Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

As is no doubt obvious for anyone who struggles daily to keep their skin in tip-top shape for the sake of health and beauty, skin care is not easy. It can take a lot of effort—and always takes top-quality products— to keep your skin looking and feeling great. To that end, Vine Vera both supplies some of the best, highest quality skin care products you’ll find anywhere, and gives you plenty of helpful tips via our blogs on how to master your perfect skin care routine.

That said, while excellent products and great tips and tricks are always super helpful, it can be just as important—and this fact is often glossed over—to know what not to do when it comes to skin care. In that vein, Vine Vera decided to continue our long-standing habit of helping you out with your skin care habits by providing a list of shockingly common skin care habits, and how to avoid them.

Woman sleeping without removing her makeup.

Sleeping With Makeup On
Flopping down in bed with a full face of makeup on and drifting off to sleep may not usually cause immediate harm (although you can sometimes wake up with a pimple because of this mistake, which is never fun), but overtime, sleeping without washing your face before bed leaves both makeup and dirt, clogging pores, contributing to acne and enlarging your pores, causing premature aging.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to drill a routine into your mind, so that when you think about going to bed, you’ll immediately think “I need to wash my face.” You can write notes to yourself in places you’re likely to see them, work it into another part of your nightly routine (for instance, when you brush your teeth for the night, also take that time to wash your face right after), or do whatever works for you, but one way or another, make sure you wash your face every night.

Woman sunbathing in a beach.

Skipping Sunscreen
While it’s generally pretty obvious that skipping sunscreen before heading out in the middle of a hot summer day will net you a nasty burn, and it’s at least a little easier to remember to apply every day in the hottest season, you’ll be jeopardizing your long-term skin health if you think you can skip safely when it’s cool out, or even when it’s overcast. Even on the cloudiest day you’ve ever seen, enough sunlight filters through the clouds to increase your chances of wrinkling early and getting skin cancer. You should wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day, and reapply every few hours.

Woman choosing beauty products in a beauty store

Don’t Give Up on New Products
It can be really frustrating when you blast your way through several products and nothing seems to be working for you, but don’t despair. Instead, allow, at minimum, eight weeks of trying a certain product to really fully see how it will affect your skin. Skin care ingredients take time to do their job, so throwing something out because it doesn’t give you results in a couple weeks can be a huge mistake, as it very well may have delivered on its promises if you gave it a bit more time. Patience really is a virtue here.

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Have You Been Treating Your Blemishes Right

Blemishes are a stubborn enemy when it comes to the fight for flawless skin; they seem like permanent marks on the surface of the skin; stains that won’t disappear no matter how much you try. Most other problems have relatively easy and understandable solutions: dull, dead bits of skin stuck to the face? Exfoliate! Dry, cracking, or otherwise parched skin? Moisturize and hydrate! Face too greasy? Cleanse! Pimples or acne? Wash with salicylic acid-containing products! But blemishes? It’s a bit more complicated, and all too often, you might simply resort to covering them with makeup (which is fine, and works as a quick fix, but it doesn’t address the root of the issue).

But never fear, blemishes can be removed with time and effort! They’re one of the more difficult skin care and beauty-related roadblocks, but they’re not insurmountable. As always, Vine Vera is here to helps with all your skin care-related beauty needs, and skin blemishes are no exception. Read on to see how it’s done.

Woman washing her face.

Have Proper Prevention Habits
Can you guess what’s even better than removing blemishes? Preventing them from ever happening in the first place! Blemishes—imperfections such as acne marks, dark spots, and pigmentation marks—are as preventable as they are removable. First thing’s first, practice good hygiene and cleanse daily to avoid acne. If any pimples do happen to sprout up, resist the urge to pop them at all costs! Also resist the urge to manually extract blackheads, as both of these practices can lead to acne marks, a kind of blemish that can be a huge hassle to remove. Also, wear broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day to avoid sunspot-type blemishes!

Woman ice compressing her skin to get rid of a zit.

Ice Compressing
A rather weird but surprisingly effective trick for blemishes is to take a large piece of ice, wrap it in a washcloth, and firmly press it against a blemish for about five minutes. This is most effective on new blemishes, as it reduces inflammation and makes the new blemish less likely to “stick.”

Woman holding a melon

Vitamin C
Besides being all-around fantastic for your health and skin care in a number of ways, vitamin C is great at evening out skin tone and removing blemishes. Just use a Vitamin C-containing facial moisturizer every day and you should start to see results after a few weeks.

Woman applying a lotion.

Calamine Lotion
For older, more established blemishes that have been around for awhile and more than outstayed their welcome, use a combination of daily vitamin C application over the entire face, and rubbing calamine lotion directly onto the blemishes. Calamine lotion has a way of absorbing extra oil, which can pull out pigments causing the blemish too.

Woman looking at herself in the mirror.

Combined Treatment
All these methods each help in their own way, but they’re more effective when used in tandem with each other! Practice proper prevention techniques always, to prevent new blemishes from forming. If a new blemish does pop up, use the ice trick to reduce it’s appearance, and go ahead and use a combination of vitamin C daily (even when your face is clear of blemishes, as it will also help with prevention) along with calamine lotion applied directly to the more stubborn blemishes, and you should have clean, clear skin in no time! Just keep up the preventative measure even after your blemishes are gone, so you don’t get new ones.

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Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

The citrus family of fruits is diverse and remarkable in a number of ways. There are a wide variety of citrus fruits, with unique tastes, textures, and refreshing, tangy, invigorating smells that are perfect for aromatherapy. To sweeten the deal, they’re chock-full of the essential nutrient vitamin C, which carries a host of benefits for your skin, your whole body, and general health; everything from giving you softer skin to protecting your skin and hair from damage, and from decreasing your chances of contracting diseases like cancer and heart disease to boosting your immune system.

But we’ll bet there’s one fantastic thing about citrus fruit you may not have thought of before, and that is finding inspiration in the bold, vibrant palette of colors that citrus fruits come in, and using them to brighten up your wardrobe. From bright, fun lime green to classy grapefruit red, there’s more than a few ideas you can glean from observing citrus fruits when it comes to fashion.

Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

Spice Up a Bland Outfit with a Lime Green Accent Purse
To create a stark contrast and add interest to your overall look, try dressing in all neutrals (white and gray work especially well for this look) and carry a large, lime green purse. To keep the contrast grounded and prevent the starkness from being so pronounced that things clash with each other, keep both the outfit and the purse pretty simple. This one works great with summer outfits, as you can try simple but fun ideas like a white tee or blouse and gray shorts, with a green tote. Variation possibilities on this idea include going for another eye-popping citrus color like orange or red for the tote, or instead making the purse neutral too, and adding that color accent in a different way, perhaps with a hair accessory or statement necklace.

Pair A Patterned Ruby Sweater with Matching Bag
For a fun way to tie a theme together in your outfit, get a sweater with an eye-catching pattern like horizontal stripes, argyle, or even polka-dot, with a mix of neutral colors and a ruby-red grapefruit element, and then grab a tote bag in the same ruby-red color as the sweater. Depending on your skin tone, this idea could also look pretty good in lemony yellow and neutrals, for a possible variation.

Pair a Citrus Necklace with Matching Heels
For a fun idea that can work with a lot of outfits, pick your favorite citrus color (there are so many to chose from, lime green, blood orange, regular orange, lemony yellow, cumquat, hell, a yellowish off-white is technically a citrus color, considering white grapefruits exist) and grab a chunky necklace and matching heels or pumps in the same color. You can take this one step further by adding a matching belt, bracelet, and/or earrings. The possibilities are as fun as they are endless!

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How Vitamin C Helps Hair – Vine Vera Reviews

Good hair is an important part of looking your best, as you’ve no doubt noticed and agonized over the fact that tangled, dry, splitting, or frizzy hair detracts from your overall appearance. Sadly, hair can be frustratingly difficult to care for at times, stubbornly retaining irritating issues regardless of how many products and techniques you try, and as such, you might be tempted to simply accept frizz, dryness, unruly behavior, or damage as a fact of life, and learn to live with it through a combination of resignation and quick fixes.

Fortunately for you, though, you don’t necessarily have to. As it turns out, the same multitasking miracle ingredient for skin care and general health and well-being also plays a seriously helpful role in keeping your hair glowing and healthy. That’s right: Vitamin C is as quintessential to hair-care as it is skin care. In light of this, Vine Vera decided it would be prudent to explain how and why vitamin C is so important for good hair, and how you can make it work for you.

Woman with beautiful hair having an orange.

Hair Growth and Damage Prevention
Consuming Vitamin C, whether through supplements, diet, or both (it’s recommended you take 500 mg daily for maximum benefit) can actually increase the amount of hair growth you’re able to achieve, in addition to — or more accurately, because of — the fact that vitamin C prevents free radicals (produced when your body metabolizes food) from damaging hair as it grows, meaning that while you have high blood levels of vitamin C, the new hair that comes out of your follicles will be stronger and less prone to breaking from the beginning. This will ensure that it is capable of reaching much greater lengths, since it will be far less likely to break before reaching its full potential.

Woman suffering from hair loss

Hair Loss and Thinning Prevention
Higher blood levels of vitamin C also prevents long-term hair loss and thinning. Vitamin C helps keep adrenal glands from getting fatigued, and adrenal gland fatigue is a major factor in hair loss with age. Vitamin C also helps regulate blood flow and strengthen and repair blood vessels, which—when concerning blood flow in the scalp specifically—results in thicker and stronger hair.

Woman discovering that she has gray hair

Prevents Graying
Yes, you read that right. In addition to all the other amazing hair-related benefits of vitamin C, it also happens to keep your hair from going gray! Vitamin C slows the aging process in the body as a whole, and of course, part of that process is going gray, so it stands to reason that this amazingly versatile vitamin would prevent that as well.

What Are You Waiting for?
Now that you’re aware of the benefits vitamin C holds for your luscious locks (and don’t forget that it’s beneficial for your health in general too!), you should be doing two things. first off, make sure you consume lots of vitamin C every day. You can use a supplement to achieve this, but eat as much vitamin C-rich foods — like citrus fruit and dark, leafy greens — as you can in addition to this.

Secondly, look for hair care products which contain vitamin C as an ingredient! After all, if it’s so beneficial to both your health and beauty when ingested, what do you think it can accomplish when applied to a targeted area like your hair?

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Vitamin C as an Antioxidant and More – Vine Vera Reviews

It’s no secret—and Vine Vera has certainly made mention of it—that vitamin C is essential for health and general well being; when ingested or otherwise absorbed into the body, it boosts immunity and benefits the cardiovascular system, eyes, and even prenatal health. When applied topically to the skin, it brightens discolorations, nourishes, and smooths wrinkles (which, incidentally, is why Vine Vera has a collection of products that feature Vitamin C as a key ingredient).

But did you know that vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant? Yes, you read that right, vitamin C, the essential vitamin, immune boosting supplement, and wrinkle-defying, sun spot-brightening powerhouse ingredient to skincare and cosmetics also happens to work alongside other powerful antioxidants like resveratrol to fend off nasty free radicals and slow aging in its tracks. In fact, vitamin C has so many health benefits—both when ingested and used in skin care products—that Vine Vera saw fit to compile a list of them for your benefit.

Cup of lemon tea surrounded by ingredients rich in vitamin C

Essential Mineral and Antioxidant
Regular ingestion of vitamin C is essential for survival. It’s an electron donor, which makes it a potent water-soluble antioxidant. Antioxidants help prevent cell degradation and death due to free radicals, pesky little particles that contribute largely to the aging process. As an essential mineral, vitamin C is necessary for metabolism and everyday bodily function. As an antioxidant, whether ingested or applied topically, it tends to—like other antioxidants—prolong the life of individual cells, decreasing the rate of cell death, thereby slowing down the aging process and keeping you feeling young and vigorous.

In light of the fact that vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, consider this: Vine Vera has an entire collection of products that contain ample amounts of both vitamin C and the super-powered antioxidant resveratrol.

Woman suffering from a cold checking her temperature and having an orange.

Immune Booster
Research into the effects of vitamin C is still in progress, but so far it’s incredibly promising. Studies have shown that vitamin C contributes to an increase in overall health, and can help the body fight against heart disease, stroke, eyesight problems, and even cancer. It’s actually recommended you take a supplement to achieve about 500 mg of vitamin C daily for the maximum benefit; currently established daily values for vitamin C are based on its necessity as an essential mineral, but even higher quantities than are necessary for simple survival can be beneficial in numerous ways. Further, vitamin C is water-soluble, and this means there is less risk from taking more than the required daily value. The safe upper limit for vitamin C intake is 2,000 mg in a day.

Beautiful woman having orange juice

Skin Brightener
Another great property of vitamin C? When applied topically, it brightens dark spots and other discolorations, and evens out skin tone for an overall healthy-looking glow that lasts. As such, when used in skincare products like Vine Vera’s vitamin C collection, it’s pulling double-duty as a brightener and antioxidant! Such topical applications of vitamin C products can be more targeted; while taking vitamin C supplements or getting it through your diet (such as by eating lots of citrus fruit) is hugely beneficial to your overall health, applying it topically can specifically target your skin, applying all of vitamin C’s wonderful benefits right where you want them.

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Only Five Suits a Man Needs – Vine Vera Reviews

There’s nothing quite like a sharp-dressed man, which is something every aspiring well-dressed, good-looking guy should keep in mind. And what’s sharper than a fitted, sleek suit and tie? If you can get a good suit and tie in your size and have it fitted to your frame, it can be truly magnificent item, ready to transform you almost instantaneously into a pillar of confidence and strength.

But what happens when you end up with way too many suits in your wardrobe? It’s all too easy to end up with a way-too-crammed closet and a dozen different suits that you never wear because you forget you even own them. Vine Vera knows this is quite the conundrum, so we present you with a list of the only five suits you’ll ever need to own. Get your hands on one each of these and you’ll be set for just about every occasion, with space to spare in the closet.

Only Five Suits a Man Needs

Navy Wool Suit
This is the one you’ll probably be wearing more often than any other, so make sure you select it carefully. Navy is a color that pretty much looks good on everyone, regardless of skin tone, and a wool suit like this can be worn all year round, with incredible versatility in terms of where it’s appropriate to wear. It’s casual enough to wear to low-key get-togethers without being over-dressed, nice enough to impress your date on an evening out, and professional enough to wear to interviews or the office. To ensure that you can indeed wear this thing all year round, get one made of a light, breathable wool. Wear it alone in the warmer seasons, or pair it with a nice overcoat for winter.

Double-Breasted Suit
There’s nothing that says “power and confidence” like a double-breasted suit. This one’s particularly well-suited to situations where you’re expected to play the role of a powerful, competent figure, so if you have a management position (or if you want to have one, and want to give the impression you’re capable), or if you’re headed to a formal social outing, this is the suit to wear. The color on this one can be dictated by your personal taste and style. Don’t bother trying to find a light or breathable double-breasted suit; just plan on wearing this one when it’s chilly out.

Gray Flannel Suit
This suit is another fairly versatile number. It has a rebellious edge, but it still professional enough for the office. Like your navy wool suit, get this one as light and breathable as you can, and it’ll serve you well all year long.

Khaki Cotton Suit
This one’s specifically for warmer weather. Cotton suits tend to be very light and airy, so you won’t boil inside this piece in the middle of summer. You can wear it out if you like, but this one will get most of its wear in professional settings, so it’s a must-have if you work in an office or need to represent a company and appear responsible and on top of things.

You might think of a tux as something that is rented, not bought, and that might hold true for most guys, but think about it; if you make the investment in owning one, you’ll be ready to be the best, sharpest dressed man at every formal occasion. This is another one you can get in whatever color you like, but think carefully; tuxedos are expensive, so you want something you won’t regret getting later. Black and midnight blue are solid choices, but go crazy and get something a bit different or bold if you really want to. After all, if you’re going to spend this much money on something, you’d better really like it.

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Men’s Guide to Summer Style – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is a great time for every guy to flaunt his favorite styles in the freedom that comes with warmer weather. Summer is a great time for all kinds of social outings from the pool to the beach to an afternoon barbecue in the backyard. Plus, summer nights are fantastic for romantic dates, whether you’re single and looking, or want to keep the romance alive with your special someone.

So men, if you’re at all interested in dressing well and showing the world how sharp, classy and dependable you are,listen up, because Vine Vera is about to give you some killer fashion tips to stay in style and turn some heads this summer season.

Guy wearing a polo shirt and jeans.

Get it Fitted
Baggy and loose can work with some style directions, but if you’ve taken an interest in dressing well and want to flaunt a sharper style, ill-fitting clothes just won’t do. You’ll want some versatile items, like a polo shirt and flat-front shorts, that actually fit your frame. Whether you get them altered at a tailor or are just really good or really lucky (or, if we’re being honest, probably a little of both) at finding the perfect fit for you at the store, make sure it hangs just right on your frame before you wear it out for all to see.

For polos, you want the seam of the sleeve to fall right at the outer edge of your shoulder. The body of the shirt should be just tight enough to give a hint at a trim silhouette, but not tight enough to hug your body overmuch. The tail should fall just about halfway down the crotch of your pants; if it covers the crotch seam completely, it will look over-sized and baggy, and if it’s at the top of the crotch, it will look way too small, even if it doesn’t show any midriff.

For shorts, get a pair that fits your waistline just right, and with legs that stop anywhere from right at the knees to a couple inches above them. The overall fit should be snug, but not form-fitting.

Man deciding on what to wear

Get it in Multiple Colors
Let’s face it: for men’s casual wear, there’s not a huge selection of options in terms of styles and types of garments available. Instead, today’s well-dressed man will have multiple sets of a handful of staples, in ever so slightly different styles and colors. You’d be amazed at the difference and impact that a dark green pair of shorts can have vs. a somewhat lighter verdant green. Even if everything else in the outfit is kept identical, changing up a single item for something with a different color, pattern, or design can make a huge difference as to the overall impression the outfit carries. As such, whenever you find an article of clothing you like and that fits you well, it’s a good idea to get a couple of them in different colors or patterns.

Man wearing a stylish linen shirt in his backyard.

Snag a Well-Fitting Linen Shirt
Casual summer style tends to err on the casual side of comfort vs. visual appeal, but if you want to look good without overdressing, there’s nothing like a quality linen shirt that lets you be classy even when you’re dressed casually. Like everything else, get a few in different colors to add even more versatility to your wardrobe. Also, just keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily, but that’s kind of part of the style; you only need to bother with ironing if you’ve got stiffly-creased wrinkles that won’t come out otherwise.

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