You’re Not Safe in the Shade! Vine Vera Reviews

Attractive woman enjoying herself under the shade in a beach.

Many people assume just because they are outside hiding in the shade of their favorite tree, or because they are wearing a hat or are borrowing shade from an umbrella at the beach, they are safe from the harmful, damaging rays from the sun. This just isn’t the case, and Vine Vera wants you to know – you aren’t safe in the shade. Join VineVera as we take a look at the risks involved, and how the rays from the sun can still seek you out, find you, and wreak havoc on your health.

Get Schooled On the Sun’s Effects
Did you know that moving out of the sun and stepping into the shade does not stop the process of skin cell changes within your body? Research has found that your body absorbs the UV rays from the sun, and even if you wear sunscreen, you aren’t fully protected from the damaging effects these rays can have on the skin’s actual cell structure.

Research has also found that the skin, when it has absorbed rays from the sun’s glare, can still continue damaging cells even in complete darkness. That’s a scary fact for a lot of people. This also explains why you may not look red when you leave the beach or pool, but you discover a sunburn later in the day. The skin damage can take place for up to three hours after exposure – leaving you with higher chances of contracting the deadliest form of skin cancer, Melanoma.

Within this research and at the conclusion, it has been found that Vitamin E based lotions may be able to help deter the sun’s effects on the skin, and the cell damage itself. Though further research is necessary to say this with absolute certainty, this gives researchers and scientists something to build on, and provides hope for the future.

How You Can Protect Your Skin
Now that spring has arrived and summer is almost around the corner, it is so important to make sure you have a plan before you go out in the sun. Protecting your skin with the highest level of sunscreen possible is essential. Opt for something at least 50 SPF or higher, if you have light to fair skin. You will want to apply this lotion before sun exposure, and every 60 minutes thereafter. If you are planning on spending time in the water, be sure to use waterproof sunscreen, or apply your sunscreen product more frequently – or both.

Beautiful woman wearing a white knit dress and a white hat in a beach.

Covering up exposed skin as much as possible will also help you protect your skin. If you are heading out to the beach, cover up with a fashionable cover-up or bathing suit which doesn’t expose too much skin, upping your risk for skin cancer and sun damage. Wear hats and sun glasses to protect your face and eyes, and always bring an umbrella.

Another great way to get daily sun protection on your face is to wear a daily moisturizer that is infused with built in sun protection. This will ensure your face is always protected, even if you forget to apply your sunscreen before you go out to do some gardening or even just to take your dog for a walk.

Of course, staying out of the sun as much as possible is always the recommended method of skin protection, but we all know the spring and summer months draw us outside for family activities, gardening, barbeques, and more. By taking the initiative to protect ourselves, we give ourselves the best chance of protection. Staying out of the sun as much as possible will also ward off pre-mature aging in which the sun can inflict by excess damage, and fight wrinkles, crows feet, and fine lines.

Vine Vera wants you to have fun in the sun this spring and summer, but we can’t stress the importance of responsible time in the sun enough. Take care of yourself, and your loved ones – because cancer plays no favorites; it wants everyone. Be safe, and protect yourselves.

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Busting the Myths: Most Common Skin Misconceptions – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera has taken an interest in busting some of the most common skin misconceptions and providing you with truths. We thought this would be a fun, yet informative way, to bring you information about simple things you might do every day – or don’t do – because of things you may have heard through the grapevine. Join us we debunk the mysteries behind the most common skin misconceptions, and bring you the truth.

Young woman eating a huge burger

MYTH: Eating fatty, greasy foods will cause acne.
There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, and much research has been done on the topic. It was shown that skim milk did have an effect on the skin in terms of causing acne – however that is still debatable. Although fatty, greasy foods may cause weight gain and an unhealthy immune system, there has been no evidence linked to these products causing acne of any sort.

TRUTH: Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day can provide you with clear, beautiful skin.
Drinking the recommended daily intake of water is essential to cleaning out the body and hydrating your organs. It cleanses your pores and flushes out harmful toxins from your body. This in turn, benefits your skin and assists in dry, and dead skin removal naturally. Simply put, it helps the skin to remain supple, beautiful and youthful.

Woman shaving her legs in the bathroom.

MYTH: Shaving will cause hair to grow back thicker.
Many dermatologists have weighed in on the topic, and all of them have come to the conclusion that this is, in fact, a myth. Hair, when shaved, may have the appearance of growing back thicker as you are seeing it grow back in on an angle. Hair that is waxed will grow back appearing to be tapered, looking as though it’s not as thick because it will grow back at different times in different directions. It can give people the misconception that the hair will return thicker, however, that is simply not the actual case.

TRUTH: Preservative-laden skin care products are bad for you.
Choosing all natural, naturally derived, or natural based products is always a safer, much better option for your skin care – and food – choices than is choosing products which contain chemicals labeled dangerous or even toxic in high levels or amounts. These types of preservatives used in skin care products can cause myriad problems, from fertility problems all the way through to potential cancer risks involved within these types of products. There is no reason to choose ‘bad products’ when there are a multitude of ‘safe’ products available on the market.

Young woman gets frightened when she sees her first wrinkle in the mirror.

MYTH: Wrinkles are fully formed by age 25; they just take some years to show through.
This has found to be untrue by many dermatologists and doctors throughout the world over a large scale study and the course of time. Wrinkles occur when the body loses the collagen from the skin with aging. Studies show those who spend more time outdoors will certainly have more wrinkles than those who do not. People seem to start noticing things more about their body after age 25, as life begins to settle down and the body begins to change somewhat from the early 20’s. There is no scientific evidence to prove or show that wrinkles are there or developed by age 25, and therefore this is a nonsense claim.

MYTH: Skin repair only happens during the night, when we are sleeping.
That claim is false, because skin repair and skin cell regeneration is a constant, ongoing happening. Though obtaining a good night’s sleep is essential to healthy cells and skin cell regeneration, and does help in that department, skin repair happens all of the time.

Vine Vera hopes this article has shed some light on some of the most common skin misconceptions out there, and helped you gain a truthful, easy to understand point of view on the topic.

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Shiraz Wine Fun Facts – Vine Vera Reviews

Couple of friends drinking red wine and laughing in a vineyard.

Shiraz wine has become one of the most popularly consumed wines in the world through time. Though it’s uncertain as to when exactly it got its beginning, it is a known fact that the Syrah grapes, used in producing Shiraz wine, were originally grown in France, and were named after the town in which they were first produced in. The Syrah grapes are a dark skinned, black grape variety capable of producing this fabulous, full-bodied wine with variations depending upon the grapes’ growing location. Vine Vera is here to give you some of the fun facts of Shiraz wine and Syrah grapes that you may not have known previously. Feel free to share these with other wine lovers like you, such as friends and family, and as always, be on the lookout for more interesting articles from Vine Vera in the coming weeks ahead.

Some Facts About Shiraz and Syrah Grapes

  • Shiraz wine is most widely produced in Australia, with over 105,000 acres dedicated to Syrah grapes, and are the most widely grown grapes for wine in Australia
  • France has over 169,000 acres dedicated to growing Syrah grapes used for Shiraz winemaking
  • Syrah grapes used for Shiraz wine were first grown in France, and need a specific climate in which to grow – such as warm, dry climates
  • Shiraz is typically blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia, which is a truly Australian trait as this was not practiced in Old-World Shiraz wine making anywhere else in the world
  • Shiraz is best served with beef, veal or chicken dinner pairings
  • Shiraz has more body and color than any other wine; it’s a darker, richer color that that found in Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah wine pairs very well with soft cheeses as an appetizer
  • One of the most widely popular brands of Shiraz is Penfolds Shiraz, crafted in Australia
  • Shiraz is a healthy wine, as it is believed to prevent heart disease, helps with stress, weight loss, contains many antioxidants imperative to overall health, and can help with anti-aging as it contains high levels of resveratrol. This wine has also been shown to help prevent various forms of cancer.
  • Shiraz usually comes in smoke, berry, plum and pepper flavors and varies by location of where the grapes were produced
  • Shiraz wine should never be stored in the refrigerator, and is best served at room temperature
  • One bottle of Shiraz wine contains about 2.8 lbs of Syrah grapes
  • Shiraz is also known as Syrah, Sirac, Serine, and others
  • Syrah translates to ‘Princess’ in the Arabic language
  • Some Shiraz wines are aged for well over 10 years

At Vine Vera, we adore wine – not only for its wonderful, complex flavors, or the many different varieties in which it comes, or it’s impeccable ability to be used for beauty & skin care products, but also for the wonderful health benefits they offer. One glass per day can improve health, heart, and blood function. Have a glass, and relax – from all of us here at Vine Vera, to you. Cheers!

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Beginning of Spring: Closet Makeover – Vine Vera Reviews

Spring time is a time for renewal. Many women go on spring cleaning binges to allow their house to feel fresh, new and airy. Ridding the home of excess dust – and even things such as unnecessary items – can allow a space to be filled with new items, and give it a renewed feel. When it comes to making room for new items and ridding your home of the old, cleaning out the closets should definitely be on the list. Vine Vera offers helpful tips below for getting rid of the old items, and bringing in the new.

Caucasian woman getting rid of last year's clothes.

Get Rid of Last Year’s Shirts and Dresses
Getting rid of most of last year’s fashions is always a good idea – especially in terms of shirts, skirts, and dresses. Items like jeans and dress pants can generally be used or worn for an extended period of time, but items like shirts, dresses and trendy skirts should be replaced with the newest fashions. Your closet should contain 75% staple clothing, and 25% trendy items. This will allow yourself room to expand upon trendy items once they aren’t in anymore, and not break the bank in doing so. Pencil skirts that are plain in color are always in style, so when you shop, opt for items like these. The same goes for dresses, and shirts – your staple clothing should be items without designs, patterns, or over the top styles in which you won’t be able to wear for long. Choose high quality, high end items as often as possible for the long-lasting wearability the brands possess. They are usually very well made clothing items using the finest materials available.

Woman updating her closet for spring.

Upgrade Your Style
Buying new clothes is usually always exciting for any woman – and is a favorite hobby for many. When it comes to upgrading your styles for spring, incorporate vibrant colors such as red, pink, coral, purple, blue and green. Some closet essentials every woman should have on hand for the spring months are:

  • Sun dresses
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Jeans
  • Skirts
  • Sandals
  • A few light cardigans or sweaters

Depending upon where you live in the world, spring time can possess different climate variations. Some places will call for more warm-weather appropriate clothing, while others will still feel a bit cool during the spring. Shop smart and according to the climate you are faced with daily.

Woman wearing a black bet on a pastel color dress holding a black hand bag.

Rather than buy too many clothing items with patterns or designs, feel free to accessorize with belts, necklaces, jewelry, or even in the form of cosmetics to coincide with your outfits. Accessories can add a contrasting pop of color, while preserving the integrity of the clothing, and allowing you to get more wear and use out of the clothing articles themselves. Pair clothing with the appropriate color schemed accessories, but when buying accessories, try to buy pieces that will work with more than one outfit. Again, shop smarter – not harder.

Spring is filled with vibrant, wonderful colors – look around, and find color inspiration in nature. Flowers, trees, and animals can give you a great color scheme for the spring season. Vine Vera hopes you take these tips and have fun updating your closet for the spring season!

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Cinderella Inspiration is Everywhere – Vine Vera Reviews

Cinderella Inspiration



With the recent release of the Cinderella movie, it’s safe to say there has been a mad craze over the Cinderella lifestyle and fashion showcased throughout the movie. Every girl has a dream of growing up to become a real life princess, and not much changes when a girl enters into womanhood. Every woman wants to feel like a princess or queen, and today, Vine Vera explores two of the Cinderella inspired cosmetic lines being launched across the country to help all of us feel like the princesses and queens we secretly are inside.

MAC Cosmetics Cinderella Collection
MAC Cosmetics has created yet another brilliant cosmetic line – this time, in the form of the MAC Cinderella Collection. Within this makeup collection, there are a mixed treasure trove of dazzling products, one Cinderella herself would be proud to wear. The packaging is gorgeous in a light lavender blue hue, and the products contained within look just as stunning and are crafted from some of the finest ingredients. MAC Cosmetics has rose to fame in the beauty world and is adored by beauty artists and cosmetic users worldwide for its spreadability and blending capabilities, matched by its vibrant color scheme. Within the Cinderella Line newly introduced by MAC, in which some products are currently on backorder due to their popularity, you can expect to find the following products:

  • ‘Stroke of Midnight’ 6 pallete eye shadow – featuring browns, champagnes, greys and whites among other shades
  • ‘Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss’ – an eye shadow that shines like a luxurious glass slipper
  • ‘Cinderella Pigment’ – Blackened purple in color, which can add color to the eyelids, hair, face – whatever you desire
  • ‘Cinderella Studio Fix Lash’ – Mascara
  • ‘Cinderella Lipstick’ – available in two beautiful pink shades for princess like lips
  • ‘Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder’ – Glistening, illuminating and gorgeous
  • ‘Cinderella Glitter’ – for use all over body

The above are just a few of the many products available in the Cinderella line. There are also lip glosses, cosmetic brushes, and more. Prices vary.

QVC’s Disney Cinderella Ultimate Fairytale Collection
Another fabulous and exceptionally popular brand comes to you from QVC, one of the home shopping networks. This makeup line launched very recently and has since gained huge popularity, causing all of the products to sell out in a very short amount of time. Backorders are piling up, and you can also get your order in for when the products become available again. Prices vary. Some of the fabulous products available from the QVC Cinderella line are as follows:

  • Sephora by OPI Nail Color in two blue hues, perfect for Cinderella like nails
  • A quad eye shadow palette including four contrasting colors, such as midnight blue, rose pink, light grey and charcoal hues
  • Clear lipgloss
  • Another eyeshadow palette including a wide array of vibrant, beautiful colors – 20 colors
  • Gorgeous Cinderella display box to store your beautiful products in

With both of these inspiring, beautiful, princess-like lines, Vine Vera is sure that many more companies will follow suit and also create their very own fairytale-like lines as well. Vine Vera believes you deserve to look and feel like a princess – so we encourage you to take a minute to splurge on yourself and create your very own princess like look today with some or all of these products!

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Makeup Tips for Freckly Girls – Vine Vera Reviews

Beautiful girl with freckles and red hair.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is what the age old adage says. For those who have freckles, it’s usually a love or hate relationship. Freckles can be accentuated or downplayed, depending on what look you are going for. If you have them across your cheeks, you can easily cover them up or make them appear less significant. For those who have them all over their body, and dislike them, this can be more of a challenge to cover up – but nothing is impossible. Vine Vera would like to provide some help to those who are struggling with learning makeup tips to deal with their freckles.

Use Cover Up
Cover up is a woman’s best friend, and in this case – this is especially true. Using cover up helps to conceal, or hide, the appearance of freckles – or at least downplay them, depending on how dark they are. Always apply concealer after applying your foundation so that it holds. You may need to use quite a bit of concealer in order to disguise the appearance of your freckles, depending on their color or size. This is always a surefire way to disguise their appearance, or make them seem less prominent.

Use a Good Primer
Before applying your foundation, using a tinted primer will help your foundation stick longer, work better, and appear smoother. Primers serve many purposes, but the main purposes are to provide SPF protection, fill in large pores, help makeup stay put longer, and increase the application ability of a foundation product. Primers, when tinted, can also help to mask or disguise freckles.

Beautiful woman with freckled skin and makeup

Draw Attention to Other Features
Sometimes, a woman may have too many freckles that are too dark to hide. After applying a primer, foundation, and concealer, if your freckles are still noticeable, you may want to try to take the attention off of the freckles and draw it elsewhere. This can be done by adding pops of color to your face with eyeshadow hues, or lipstick hues that detract from the freckles themselves. You could also add accessories such as a necklace or bold earrings which will help to draw the attention away from the face.

Tips for Covering Freckles on the Body
For those who have overall body freckles, it can be a bit more time consuming to hide them. If the weather permits, simply wearing a long sleeved shirt can help mask the appearance well. If that’s not possible due to summer heat or a particular outfit needing to be worn, you can always opt for airbrushed makeup. You can buy an airbrushing gun to use at home, or head to your favorite salon where the makeup will be applied. Airbrush makeup kits typically provide more even, thorough coverage than manually applying foundations and et cetera yourself. If you have never experienced airbrush makeup – you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Many a freckly girl has loved the airbrush experience – and Vine Vera is sure you will, too.

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Beauty Trend Taking Over the Runways – Vine Vera Reviews

Fashion model applies makeup as she prepared for the runway .

There once was a day when girls stood for hours in the mirror with cover-up trying to hide their freckles from the world like blemishes. They were the root of name calling in grade school, and the opposite of the highly desired smooth completion look. There have been a lot of forums in the past about how to remove your freckles, how to cover up your freckles, and how to avoid getting more (stay away from the sunshine ladies). But, thankfully for those with freckles, those days have come to an end. Freckles have not only been embraced, they are now being imitated. Freckles have been popping up all over the runways, and surprisingly not all of these freckles are natural. Though freckles have gone in and out of style in the past, this latest trend of freckles, and faux freckles, seems to be here for the long haul. Vine Vera reviews this exciting beauty trend that is taking over the runways.

Many actresses have been known for embracing their freckles, such as Rachel Bilson and Lucy Liu. Though some have gotten flak for it, they are not being held as the starters of a trend that is sweeping the nation. As the trend has increased in popularity, more and more models, such as Binx Walton, Natalie Westling and Magdalena Jasek, have been seen embracing their natural spots as well. One of the main areas of inspiration for this trend can be found on Paul Smith’s catwalk, where make-up artist Petros Petrohilos added fake freckles to the models for a fresh and young look. By adding freckles on top of a face that already has foundation applied, the illusion of fresh, young, naturally good skin is given. The freckles give the impression that no foundation is being worn.

There are many ways to achieve this faux-freckled look. By using either eye pencils or eyebrow markers the freckles are created using a variety of colours and creating them in a variety of sizes. Topshop has even released a freckle pencil, a true indicator that this trend is officially hitting the mainstream. The key is to place the freckles on areas where the sun would naturally hit and to not focus on perfection. Freckles come in all shapes and sizes, and even overlap on a persons face naturally, so you want to use some freedom in their application. Some searches will even bring you information on the different freckles placement recommendations for each face shape.

From models on the runway to girls in their bathrooms, everyone is trying out this new trend. Another artist known for adding faux freckles to his models in his spring/summer 2015 runway show is Adam Selman. His team added fake freckles in an attempt to create a healthy, natural and youthful look, and the results are gorgeous. Whether you are looking to add a little change in your day to day make-up look, or are ready to let your natural skin shine through, this is a trend that we can get on board with.

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