Skin Care Tips for New Moms

Mother playing with her child

It’s no secret that, as a new mom, your time for doing pretty much anything – including your beauty regimen – is extremely limited. The good news is that you don’t have to forgo taking care of your skin. It’s incredibly important, not just for the appearance of your skin, but also for its health. So what are you supposed to do with such a little amount of time?

Keep Makeup Remover Wipes Within Reach
At the end of a long day, it’s not exactly the most fun task to take off your makeup, but it is important. The last thing your skin needs is to go through the night caked with makeup, oil, dirt, and residue that collected over the course of the day. Whether you keep them on your nightstand, in a drawer in the baby’s room, or on a shelf in the bathroom, makeup wipes can allow you to give your face a good wipe down. Considering how easy and effective they are, they’re great to have as part of your beauty arsenal.

Get an SPF Tinted Moisturizer
If you don’t have time to apply foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen, you could always apply a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF. While it’s typically not going to provide as strong of results as if you had applied the products individually, a tinted moisturizer is still going to produce a little hydration, SPF protection, and color that your skin needs.

Woman applying eye mask

Use Eye Masks
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re likely not sleeping much, or at least not as much as you may have before you became a mom. The lack of sleep is not doing such great things for your skin, including the area under your eyes. Eye masks take seconds to apply and all you have to do is leave them on for the directed amount of time. Once you take them off, most will require you to just pat in the remaining amount of fluid while you discard the masks. They can help de-puff the under eye area, fight aging, tone the skin, and help to decrease dark circles.

Buy Invisible Lip Liner
There are many who have yet to jump on the invisible lip liner train, but let me tell you: it’s amazing. It’s a must-have for new moms and any woman in general. First of all, it’s basically fool proof. Also, if you’ve ever applied any bright or dark color of lipstick, you know how they can bleed, and trying to clean it up can just make it worse and get the lipstick practically all over the lower half of your face. Using the invisible lip liner can prevent that from happening. But the best part? Rather than have to search out the perfect lip liner for every shade of lipstick you have, the invisible lip liner works with all of them.

Always Apply Lotion After a Shower
A wonderful thing you can do for your skin from head-to-toe is to apply lotion, but it’s even better when you do it right after a shower when your skin is most receptive to taking it all in. You should start to feel and notice a change after the first application, but when you make it a habit, the positive changes will be even more evident.

The most important thing you can do when it comes to skin care is to always make sure you apply sunscreen. It might not seem like a big deal, especially if you’re just going out to run errands for the day, but the sun can wreak havoc on your skin little-by-little, not just in terms of aging, but also with skin cancer. The higher the SPF and the more often you remember to apply the sunscreen, the better it will be for your skin.

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Is Anti-Aging Medicine Safe?

For those tired of searching for the fountain of youth, there’s an appealing alternative that seems to be gaining momentum. Anti-aging medication seems to hold all the answers, even though it’s surrounded by questions as well. These treatments require minimal effort, typically cause no discomfort and provide impressive results. Or do they? Here are the facts surrounding anti-aging medication and what the future might hold for such treatment.

Woman having pill

What Qualifies as Anti-Aging Medication?
While many people know the basic health recommendations for staying young, like eating well, not smoking and drinking in moderation, these lifestyle factors don’t qualify as anti-aging medications. Instead, hormonal therapies, injections and supplements are just some examples of anti-aging medication that can come recommended when searching for a more youthful glow. A mixture of hormones injected into the body are said to lower body fat percentages, help with muscle development and increase overall energy. Injections like Botox have become household names and promise to prevent wrinkles and soften existing skin creases.

The list of supplements that promise to turn back the hands of time is almost endless. With the sudden wave of anti-aging medicines infiltrating the market, it can be nearly impossible to know which to try and whether or not associated risks outweigh the anticipated outcome.

Why Consider Medication
The most obvious and intriguing reason for considering anti-aging medication is the possible outcome. If a simple procedure or addition to someone’s daily routine can change their outer appearance in an appealing manner, then certainly it’s worth a try. Some procedures even have additional benefits. For example, studies have shown that Botox injections can help to increase collagen production, which can help with more than just wrinkles. Botox has also been shown to relieve migraine headaches and prevent excessive sweating. Many medications and supplements that are considered anti-aging medications today had different origins and therefore, can aid in other certain conditions. For example, studies in animals have shown that Metformin, a generic drug for diabetes, could be the pill version of the fountain of youth.

Overall, anti-aging medications, as long as they are provided by a reputable physician, can help someone achieve their goal of a more youthful appearance. With reviews, before and after photos and clinical studies, confidence in these medications is growing by the day.

Why Holding Off Doesn’t Hurt
But it’s not all smooth skin and happy reviews for everyone. In some cases, the dangers associated with certain anti-aging medications are serious. For some medications, possible side effects include joint pain, internal swelling, carpel tunnel, infertility and kidney problems. While not scientifically proven, hormone treatments have been associated with the development of certain types of cancers. Many supplements are developed by physicians and are not required to be regulated by the FDA. This comes with its own list of serious risks and without proper documentation of specific side effects, it becomes that much more difficult to treat the dangerous ones. While there is no way to know if anti-aging medication will help someone release their inner youth or cause serious damage, many feel that the pros significantly outweigh possible cons.

Only time will tell if these medications are more of a coincidence or scientific turning point but one thing is for certain. Anti-aging medications are not disappearing anytime soon, especially if the wrinkles do keep disappearing.

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Spring Denim Must Haves

Denim has proven to be a vastly popular choice over the years, so much so that it can now be worn at virtually any place and at any time. Blue jeans themselves will never go out of style and a good pair of denim is able to pull off any accompanying outfit imaginable. Saying that, every now and again some switches are necessary and some vintage inspiration may be in order, or a former seasonal must-have may be ready to be tossed. There is definitely a reason why this versatile blue fabric has been set as a near-permanent fashion trend, as regardless of how other trends are changing, denim is able to adapt and evolve with the times.

Woman wearing denim shorts

Denim Shorts
Perfect for when the weather becomes warmer, denim shorts are most certainly in this spring. These shorts pair well with crop tops and are perfect for individuals who don’t like to expose too much midriff. Some rise right to below the belly button and somehow manage not to deter from your overall figure. They’re also extremely comfortable too, giving you that extra room to move your legs and thighs.
Low-rise denim shorts are also a great choice and go perfectly with graphic t-shirts or an off-the-shoulder blouse.

Classic high-rise vintage fits seem to be in this spring. Cuts that hail back to the 90s are making a strong comeback and if you think you’re already set in the high-rise department, see if you can find even higher waisted styles. Jeans from designer Vetement are an ideal choice as they manage to make an old classic look timeless.

Raw Hems
Raw hems are stylish. That unfinished look is definitely a denim trend that will be sticking around and is actually far less commonly worn. Either done as a straight-leg or cropped flare this style is perfect for standing out in the crowd as more finished looks seem to be dominating the market.

Ankle crops /

Ankle Crops
Unlike traditional skinny jeans the ankle crop shows off an often ignored part of your leg and additionally allows the wearer to showcase their footwear more prominently. If you choose to wear ankle crops, remember short socks or no socks are preferable as well as of course a stylish pair of shoes that match.

Denim on Denim
The double denim look is a perfect choice for when you don’t want to overthink things. Although you can try wearing tighter fits, a more trendy look for this spring would be looser denim tops and jeans. You could try an oversized longline jacket and swap the skinnies over for a cropped, flared-hem pair.

Personalised Denim
One of the biggest must-haves for denim is not just in the style of the fabric but also its personalization. You can try anything from embroidery to patches and pins. Many mainstream brands have adopted this trend as it allows customers to make the clothing truly their own. Themed patches are also fashionable so if you’re looking to give your old pair of jeans a facelift, now is definitely the time.

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New in Ladies Golf Style

The first women’s golf tournament was held in Scotland in the early 19th century. As women have grown into the game and showcased their talent, the kind of clothing they wear has become increasingly important, not just from a comfortability point of view but also a stylistic one. From golf-skirts to skorts and shorts, the women’s golf apparel industry is continually evolving and becoming increasingly more customizable for women themselves. Female golf professionals such as Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie have shown that looking good on the golf course is not reserved just for the pros but is for every woman on the course and in the clubhouse.

Woman wearing a golf top

The Golf Top
It used to be so that women generally only wore polo tops on the golf course. Today, a trip to your local golf shop will reveal a vast variety of different styles and colors. There are short sleeves, no sleeves, cap sleeves, or long sleeves. We’re even seeing deep and wide v-necks available from some designers. Women can now also coordinate their coloring and choose from patterned and plain to solid bold colors.

The Skort
The skort is essentially a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts – it works as a short skirt with a pair of shorts concealed beneath. It’s seen as one of the most functional and comfortable pieces of clothing ever made. Although it made its first appearance in the 1960s – at that time it was more of a practical choice rather than a stylistic one, but today it has been remolded into one of the most attractive and fashionable items of women’s golf apparel. Choose from a variety of colors, lengths and patterns, this one is certainly going to stay in style for a long while to come.

Woman wearing golf cap

The Golf Cap
This is a must-have accessory of today as the golf hat or cap serves more than one function. True, it keeps the sun out of your face, but it also works neatly to help keep tied back in place. Some women even use their visors as a way of storing spare tees.

Many designers today have successfully combined performance with fashion to create entire ranges of women’s golf shoes that can accommodate all tastes. Some shoes are even designed to be worn both on and off the course. When selecting shoes that are right for you, you should first think about comfort, durability and traction, and only then should you see what style and coloring tickle your fancy best.

Woman wearing sunglasses

The classic look of sunglasses clipped above a woman’s cap or visor is still in and is an excellent way of ensuring you have your sunglasses when you need them. Today women in golf are sporting all kinds of glasses from different brands in a variety of different styles. There is a vast range of female sunglasses of numerous different colors and lens types that can be coordinated with the rest of your clothing to give you that cool and tidy look.

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Choosing Your Golf Shoes

Woman playing golf

Choosing the right set of golf shoes can have a noticeable effect on your game. Ensuring you are comfortable and pain-free means you are in a much better position to focus on how you play which will allow you to follow through with a better final score. Additionally, you should pay attention to the material used and look for shoes that are sturdy yet flexible and so will last much longer.

Finding the Correct Size
When looking for the ‘perfect-fit’ you should first measure both your feet and choose the size that fits the larger foot. Remember to take your golf socks with you as you will need to take into account the thickness of the sock when testing for size and comfort. Just like with regular shoes, they should bend where your foot bends. One of the key differences between regular shoes and golf shoes is that the middle portion of the shoe should fit slightly tighter. This area offers additional support while swinging and will also give way and stretch over time. Remember to ensure that there is at least ½ inch between your big toe and the tip of the shoe.

Good Traction
Golf shoes are designed with spikes or molded grips that give players traction when walking on short grass that can sometimes be slippery, especially on wet days. The spikes are also designed to keep a golfer in place while swinging and are intended to not damage the grass you are walking on. Plastic spikes are preferable to metal as they are lighter and as they have improved in design offer the same amount of traction as metal ones formerly did. Many plastic spikes are also easily replaceable if they get damaged which is far more convenient than buying new shoes altogether.

Different materials are used in many golf shoes and it is important to know the benefits of each one as this is reflected in the price and quality of the shoe.

  • Leather has dominated as the most popular choice for golf shoes. It is extremely comfortable and moulds to your feet quickly. It is also waterproof and a good choice for warmer summer months as the material is very breathable. The downside is that leather shoes cost more. For those looking for a balance between price and quality, synthetic leather is also available – however these shoes are not waterproof and do not breathe as easily.
  • Gore-Tex is another material that is used and is excellent for golfers in colder weather as it is waterproof, sturdy and thick. It is also still very breathable and will stay comfortable throughout the day. Gore-Tex should be avoided during hot weather as your feet may overheat due to its design.
  • Polyester is generally the cheapest material used for golf shoes. It is used in the lining and spread across the outside part of the shoe for protection. Polyester linings are not as durable as leather or Gore-Tex and is also much lighter and thinner than other materials.

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London Wine Festival

Wine glasses in an event

If you’re someone who buys and/or chooses the wine for your business, then you’ll likely be interested in learning more about the London Wine Fair. It takes place May 3 – 5, 2016, at Olympia London in West Kensington, London, England. It is a trade only event and you must be 18+ to enter, so if you happen to fit in that category and you’re debating whether or not you should go, the following are some reasons why attending could be well worth it.

The Event is Free to Visit
No, you’re not reading that incorrectly. One of the best wine trade events is free to visit, so all you have to do is just consider travel and accommodations. That’s a pretty big plus considering how expensive some events could be, especially if you’re thinking of sending more than one person.

It’s a Great Chance to Network
Let’s be serious; when you go to certain events, there’s usually not a substantial amount of people there and there’s only so many you can meet in a small crowd. That’s not necessarily a bad thing at all, but it can be limiting to those who want to meet a lot of people. Considering it’s expected that there are going to be around 18,000 in attendance at the London Wine Fair, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to be able to do a huge amount of networking. It’s your opportunity to meet people from all over the world that you might otherwise may never have met.

You Can Find Some Incredible New Wines
So just how high are your chances that you’re going to fall in love with some new wines while you’re at the event? Let’s put it into perspective. There are expected to be around 700 exhibitors in attendance at the London Wine Fair this year and it’s anticipated that they’ll be bringing 13,000 wines. That’s a lot of wine to get to know and it’s very likely you’ll connect to quite a few of them.

You Can Advertise Your Own Business
You have to give people a reason to want to get to know more about your business, and it’s not always about the product or services you’re offering. Look at it this way; if you attend an event and you’re hiding in a corner, don’t say anything, or you’re rude, how much are people really going to want to learn more about the business? When you’re kind, personable, approachable, and you interact with those around you, it’s a reflection of the business itself, and what better chance to get the word out about your business than in the midst of thousands of people at the London Wine Fair.

It’s an Entire Weekend Devoted to What You Love
Sure you could surround yourself with wine at home, but it’s nowhere near the same experience you’re going to have at the London Wine Fair. It’s thousands of incredible people in your industry, fabulous wines, and – depending on where you live – a completely different environment. Yes, it’s a working trip, but it’s one that’s certainly going to be a great time.

The aforementioned are just some of the reasons why you should consider attending the London Wine Fair if you’re in the industry, but frankly I could just keep going. Check it out for yourself and see if it’s right for you.

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Pink & Blush Colored Accessories

‘Tis the season for pastel everything including sporting blush pink accessories. It’s a fabulous color that can pair well with a whole slew of other shades which means that whatever accessories you buy can be repeatedly used with a variety of outfits all throughout the season (and after!). With that said, let’s get started on discussing some blush pink accessories that you need in your closet.

Pink purse

It’s amazing how one purse can completely transform an entire outfit. If possible, choose one blush pink purse that can go with practically any outfit you have rather than one that would only pair well with just one or two outfits in your closet. It can be your go-to bag of the season which is especially helpful when you’re in a rush and need to quickly get out the door. A personal favorite outfit? Blue jeans, white t-shirt, and the pink blush-colored purse.

Your grandmother was right when she said that you need a set of pearls in your life. What better time than spring to pick up a blush pink strand for yourself? You’ll love how much elegance they bring to an outfit whether you pair it with a little black dress or a white tank top and jeans. They can even be worn for a very formal event such as a wedding (it is almost wedding season, after all). The great part is that they’re a piece of jewelry that’s classic, so they’re never going to go out of style.

Pink scarf

A light scarf in a blush pink hue is a lovely way to dress up a casual outfit, and it’s an even better way to keep your neck warm a bit if you’re in a building where the air conditioning is on full blast. When you want to take it off, they’re also thin enough that you can roll them (so they don’t wrinkle) and put them right in your bag.

Whether you’re wearing blush pink heels, sneakers, or flats, they’re a way to pretty up any ensemble. For example, you can wear a black jumpsuit with heels, jeans and a striped top with flats, black leggings and a tank that you pair with street sneakers, or a floral print dress with heels.

Now obviously revamping your wardrobe with accessories can be expensive, but there is one major way that you can save quite a bit of cash: buying pre-owned. You may want to refrain from doing that with the pearls, however, unless you’re getting a certificate of authenticity or you don’t mind not buying the real deal. Whether you buy via eBay or you hit up one of the many garage sales that are going to start happening soon, it can help you save a huge amount of money. Another option is to hold an accessories swap with your friends. Everyone brings items they don’t want and you basically trade back and forth. Who says you’re going to have to spend a lot to get a lot?

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