Planning A Home Spa Treat

Woman enjoying a bath

Here’s the scenario.  It’s weekend 1 of Coachella.  Your bestie is there and so is your significant other.  Apparently, his friend only had one extra ticket.  The clubs and bars are empty and the thought of watching a movie alone seems kind of sad when you think of all your friends partying and watching Guns and Roses under the stars.  What can you do?

How about a home spa?  Sure, why not?  I mean you deserve some pampering and your boyfriend is not about to do it for you.  You’ve got the time, you just need a few ingredients.

What does it take to get you in the mood?  A little music?  A glass of bubbly?  A little incense?  Whatever your idea is of a relaxing mood, this is your time to create it.Lower the lights and slip into your robe.

Facial Stem
Heat up a  pot of hot, not boiling water.  It will open your pores and get them ready to receive treatment.  Add some essential oils or fresh herbs, and breathe in deep.  Put a towel over your head to trap the steam and let it work its magic for ten minutes.

Body and Face Scrub
Exfoliate your face and body with your favorite body scrub. You can get creative and make your own with salt, sugar, even coffee grounds. Massage into damp skin to help diminish those pesky blackheads.

Hair Mask
Time to give your hair some love.  It is your crowning glory, after all.   Apply any oil or hair mask that you love and wrap your hair in a towel.  Let soak.

Fill up the tub and throw in some almond or lavender oil.  Get out those floating candles and find a place to set that drink.  Turn up that music. Maybe some bathtub Karaoke? Belt it out with Adele!  Axl who?  Coachella what?

Quick Rinse
Give your hair and body a quick refreshing rinse.

Facial Mask
What would your spa day be without a proper facial mask?  If you are bold enough and DIY is your thing, fresh mashed strawberries are an option.  The little seeds act as exfoliants and it smells yummy.

Foot Wrap
It has been said that the nicest thing one person can do for another is massage their feet, so why not  be nice to yourself.  Rub your favorite foot cream int your feet and put plastic map around them.  Pop a wet towel into the microwave to warm it up and wrap it around your feet for 10-15 minutes.

You are having a dream. Your boyfriend has just returned from Coachella.  You walk in the room.  You’re face is glowing, your hair falls in perfect waves around your milky shoulders.  You smell of fresh strawberries.  Your boyfriend falls to his knees at the sight of your beauty.  You walk past him on your freshly wrapped feet.  You get into a limo where Axl and Slash are waiting with a bottle of champagne.  Let the fun begin.

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Treat Yourself To A Luxury Purchase

Women on a shopping spree

In Milan, Victoria Beckham spent more than 1.5 million dollars on a shopping spree including a Rolex for husband Dave and 5 sofas.  Teresa Giudice spent over 60,000 on home decor.  Brad Pitt treated his daughter to the entire spring/ summer collection at Paris’ Bonpoint Children’s Boutique. Is this the stuff your dreams are made of?   Join the club.  Whether your celebrating a big promotion or just celebrating yourself, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to a luxury purchase.  In fact, here are some reasons why you should!

A New Purse
It’s no secret that cheap bags wear out quickly.  The material peels, the closures break, the studs fall off.  You’re better off buying a really well-made handbag that will last years! And think of the signals you’ll send off when you show up to work with that new bag.  People will say, “Wow, she really has her act together!” or, “Wow, what great taste.”  Besides, bags are only getting more expensive.  If you wait, it will only go up in price!

Designer Clothes
You may think you are paying for the name, but expensive clothing is made better!  The cut is better, the construction is better, the look is better.  You can wear designer clothes for years if you protect them correctly. Everyone deserves clothes that flatter them and make them feel great. You also pay for the workmanship.  Designer shoes are often more comfortable and last longer.

Woman buying jewelry

Are you waiting for our significant other to buy you that perfect piece of jewelry?  Well, stop waiting.  Henri Barguirdjian, leader of Graff diamond US operations says,  “We are seeing more and more women achieving careers on their own and they can afford to buy their own jewelry.  I would say about 25% of our customers are women buying fr themselves.  Jewelry is a great investment.Says Jerry Ehrenwald, president of the International Gamological Institute says, “Unlike a dress or car, jewelry doesn’t wear out….After 20 years, a fancy car needs to be replaced, whereas a diamond improves in value.”

Performance is what counts when it comes to makeup.  If you want serums that really work (that is those that contain antioxidants and special properties) you need to shell out.  High-end makeup means more unique products, better pigmentation, better fragrance and usually comes with higher quality applicators. No one wants foundation or bronzer that doesn’t coordinate with your skin, and shouldn’t anything you put on your skin be high quality?

So maybe possessions are not your thing. After all, we get used to possessions and once we do, we just look for a better one.  Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University claims that experiences can be more rewarding.  “You can really like your material stuff….but…we are the sum total of out experiences.”  And what can be a better experience than a great meal? Try the Frrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York or the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata at Norma’s with 10 oz of sevruga caviar or Le Burger Extravagant served on a gold dusted roll and held together with a diamond encrusted toothpick. You’ll leave with a full stomach and a story to tell.

So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and spend!  You’ll make yourself happy and contribute to the global economy!

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What Is Self Care

Woman reading a book in a park

You may have noticed that many of your garments come with care instructions.  These are instructions, usually printed on  a tag sewn into  clothes that give you directions to help keep your clothes looking their best. They may include things like “synthetic wash” or “dry flat”  or “do not iron.”

Well, people also come with care instructions.  Although they are not written on our forehead (at least thus far), humans do need special care to keep them looking and feeling their best. When we first pop into the world, our mums and dads take care of us, and for this we are very grateful, but, as we get older, we become less dependent and we need to assume these duties ourselves.  This is referred to as “self care.”

Self care involves any activity which is done voluntarily to help you maintain your emotional, mental or physical health. It can help you feel relaxed and healthy and can also spur you to take on more responsibilities and challenges at work. It essentially puts you at peace with your own being, helps you avoid burnout, allows you to de-stress. Now, since self care needs to be practiced on a regular basis, it may take a little bit of getting used. to. The following tips should help you incorporate self care into your daily life.

Take Care of Your Emotional Hygiene
Anger and depression and stress often cloud good judgment.  Many people try to get past negative feelings by trying to busy themselves with more activity when, in reality, this may be the best time to take a break.  Acknowledge your emotions.  Try writing them down, even keep a journal. It can be cathartic and help you to think more rationally.

Woman exercising in a gym

Eat Well and Exercise
Life runs at a hectic pace, but if you have no control over it, it can lead to additional stress and burnout.  You need to make time for yourself.  Exercise should be part of that time.  Think of it as an escape rather than an extra duty.  Try working out with a buddy or find a gym close to work.  Let the rush hour traffic go by while you work on yourself.

Another effect of a busy life is also the tendency to eat on the run, and processed food is often the most readily available. Bad food may seem unavoidable. If you are looking to make some changes to your diet, take baby steps. Focus on what it is about your diet that you want to change most and start by changing that one thing.  If you want to focus on eliminating carbs, for example, make it a point to avoid bread and pasta. You’ll find that small goals are more achievable.

Don’t Overload Your Schedule
According to a research done by Stanford University, after 50 hours per week, employee productivity plummets. Quantity often replaces quality. So make sure that you try and limit your time at work and always squeeze in some time for yourself.  See a movie, get a massage or a mani pedi, do yoga, or read a book.  Make downtime just as important as work time.  Block it in your calendar if you need to!

Budget Your Time 
Although it may not seem it at the moment, doing nothing can actually be more productive than you think. If work does not lead to an immediate result, chalk it up to a learning experience.  Don’t let it stress you out. You may discover later that inactivity reaps unseen benefits.

So now you have it, your own personal self care instructions.  If we follow them when it comes to our clothes, why not when it comes to ourselves?  Bottom line:  Handle you with care.

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Building Your Revenge Body

Stylish woman wearing leggings

Have you ever seen, “The Girl Most Likely To….”  This 1973 movie tells the story of the unattractive, often bullied Miriam Knight.  After having failed at almost every endeavor she attempts to achieve popularity in college, she finally lands a lead in a school play, only to be humiliated at the curtain call when her jealous roommate places roses at her feet, knowing Miriam is allergic.  The result is an embarrassing sneezing fit.

Upset, Miriam speeds away, only to become involved in a terrible automobile accident leaving her with the need for reconstructive surgery on her face.  Long story short, she comes out gorgeous and spends the rest of the movie killing everyone who was ever nasty to her.  Sounds pretty good,no?  Everyone loves a good revenge story; we love to believe that the underdog will somehow come out on top and make everyone around him/her green with envy.  The most recent real life example that comes to mind is that of Khloe Kardashian, ruthlessly teased by every late night host and comedian until, after a startling body transformation, emerged, disputably, more beautiful than any of her sisters.  So how did she do it?  What does it take to build the revenge body?

Before we get into out workout, let’s get one thing straight.  The concept of getting in shape as an act of revenge is a bit shallow.  While it is everyone’s dream to run into an ex and being able to say, “You should have put a ring on it,”  may seem like a pleasing fantasy, working out is a commitment and you have to be prepared to take a little physical pain.  In addition, making other people jealous does not always have the best consequences.  You may find your best friend suddenly less friendly.  Now, having got that out of the way, how can do it?

Start Strong
According to a study from the College of New Jersey, people who push themselves in the first half of a workout and slowed down in the second half burned 23 % more fat than those who did the opposite.Rather than starting with a slow jog, consider doing 20 jumping jacks.  This charges up your upper and lower body muscles and get your heart rate up in less than a minute.

Concentrate on Cardio
When it comes to exercise routines, think fast!  Women who do 20-minute sprints of cycling lost 3 times as much fat in 15 weeks as those who cycled for twice as long at an even pace, according to research.  Consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating between intense exercise and recovery breaks.  Get in, get out!  And you’ll have loads more time on your hands.

Alternate Your Workouts
Don’t tack minutes on your routine if you stop seeing results, switch your routine!  Trainer  and WH fitness contributor, Rachel Cosgrove says, “It takes four to six weeks for your body to adapt to a workout.  Once you become efficient at it, you lose less energy and burn fewer fat calories. You don’t need to alter your whole routine, adding a few new moves should do the trick.

Work on an Unstable Surface
When doing upper body strength training, such as bicep curls and overhead presses, you might try using an unstable surface.  it will force you to use your core to stabilize  yourself and maintain balance which will tone your midsection.  Working on a balance board, or even a couch cushion will work.

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A Day at the Country Club

Country club

photogolfer /

“I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”  If you are familiar with the Marx Brothers, you may know this as a quote from Groucho Marx.  According to legend, this is what the mustachioed master of self-deprecation wrote in his letter of resignation to The Beverly Hills Friar’s Club in 1949. What is it about getting something that makes people not want it any more?

In many ways,  the country club represents “the very essence of upper class.”  It  provides a social gathering for those who have the bread to shell out and a name to back it The country club offers amenities such as golf, polo, spas, fine dining, pools and jacuzzis.  In short, if you want to roll like the rich and famous, and maybe spot a Khardashian or two,  a  Country Club is the place to do it.

You arrive at the country club at 8am and walk into the clubhouse.  You wear a double lapel white blazer with a pretty peach wrap top and floral shorts and clogs. You see a few well-dressed men sipping mimosas and observing the beautiful, very green view that overlook the 18th green.  You decide it is too early for the celebs to be around just yet, but you try to get in a casual glance, nonetheless.  A man introduces himself as Robert. He is the maitre ‘d  at the restaurant.  He assures you that he and his team will ensure all of your gastronomical desires will be the main priority. You make your self comfortable and grab a fresh fruit and a cocktail.

You decide that you have  at least a decent chance of catching Khloe working out ( Have you seen her new bod)?  and decide to try the zumba class that are being offered on the lawn.  You are introduced to Stacy and Jody who are there to cheer you on and direct you through your workout.  They are really supportive  and offer constant suggestions on how you can make each move really count. (“Lift those legs, shake that booty!”)  Starvin’ like Marvin, you change into tribal shorts with a baggy white top and throw a white cardiac over it. You recycle the clogs from this morning; they’re so fun!  Walk into the Grill where the waitstaff, consisting of Angie, Gary and Anika, point you toward the omelette bar. You pile up your plate with pasta as  a jazz band plays  softly in the corner.

You decide to go to beach bar.  It’s the black sequined romper with the killer heels tonight.  There is dancing, tiki lights and a raging DJ on the turntables.You walk to the back to the new outdoor biergarten and notice that there is a nighttime brunch being served with classic cocktails.  Making yourself comfortable on a loge chair, you order a margarita from the cute bartender.  You look around for Beyonce and Jay Z, when you see him coming toward you.  The night is about to get 10x better……

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The All White Party- Step Out In Style

Woman wearing a white dress

There have been so many iconic moments in fashion featuring the color white.  In the 1960’s   Jackie Kennedy modeled an all-white Oleg Cassini two piece suit with pillbox hat at her husband’s inauguration, causing women to cue up in stores all over the country to get their version?  And who could forget sex kitten Marilyn Monroe, another of Kennedy’s favorites, with her all-white William Trevilla halter dress shockingly blowing in the wind, in a contrast between the virginal color and Marilyn’s undeniable sexiness.  Or , more recently, Hillary Clinton accepting the democratic nomination in her all-white suit.   No accident there.  It is definitely a shout out to the  suffrage movement, in which women wore white during demonstrations to demonstrate the “purity of  purpose.”

What is it about the all-white outfit?  Why does one always manage to look so timeless and classy when  all in white?  Maybe it is because white is the color of balance,  effortlessly blending all colors of the spectrum.  Maybe it is because white is the color of perfection and completion. Or maybe it is because white is the color of peace and calm.

Wear Off White in Cold Weather
Many of us are familiar with the rule that white clothing is only supposed to be worn after Memorial Day and before Labor Day.  There are different explanations for the origin of this rule. but it is generally agreed that it stemmed from some sort of elitist idea about fashion and manners.  Still, there is a logical association between the color white and the warm weather. After all, it is recommended as the best color for deflecting heat. So even though the rule about when you can wear white has been relaxed, many of us hesitate to wear white in the winter. The solution?    Off – white, cream and beige are all acceptable winter alternatives .

Don’t Wear White to a Wedding
This is a privilege reserved for the bride. You may want to incorporate white into your  wedding outfit, but the all white look is a no no.

Don’t Wear White In the City
Although all white can be a great look for metropolitan areas, white clothing in the city can be a disaster waiting to happen.  White is always a target for stains, but when  subways, taxis and dirty streets enter the picture,  it’s no wonder most city slickers opt for black.  Beware!  Even when innocently crossing the street, you  can be the target of exhaust fumes from  a city bus, ruining your cool ensemble before you even reach your destination.

Wear the Right Shoes
While black and white can be a classic combo, make sure heavy black shoes do not weigh down your all white look.  Try going for white or neutral tones when it comes to footwear.  Beige and light gray are good choices.

Wear the Right Underwear
Perhaps  as or more important than the outfit itself is what you wear under it, so let’s end with our ends, shall we?  What is the best panty to wear under white pants? Let’s start with what not to wear. No white underwear.  Despite the fact that they seem as if they  would coordinate perfectly, white panties under white pants is actually really noticeable. No black underwear either.  Unless you want your underwear to be seen, this is really a no-brainer. And no thick underwear.  This guarantees panty lines. So now that you know what not to wear, let’s talk about what you should be wearing.

  1. Nude underwear.  Go with a skin tone thong or lace trimmed full coverage for minimal panty line visibility.
  2. Light gray underwear.  Good alternative to skin toned.
  3. Commando.  Not for the meek, but a definite option.
  4. Spanx. If you don’t mind not breathing for the whole day.

So now that you’re prepared, go on and make your fashion statement in white. Be it in shorts, skirts, trousers,  or  even sweaters and coats, you’ll be sure to become a classic.

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Sporting Summer Clogs

Denim clogs

Most of us would probably associate clogs with the fashions of the 1970’s. Surely Elton John sported a pair or two and if we lifted the hems of Sonny and Cher’s bellbottoms, perhaps we would get a glimpse of these fashion must-haves.  Clogs, as we know them, have evolved greatly from the originals.  Although popularized by the Dutch, the exact origin of clogs is not known, but it seems as though people have been wearing clogs for about 850 years . The original clogs were made completely of wood.  Why would anyone wear wooden shoes?  Besides being an environmental no no, (The poor trees!)  they don’t seem like the most comfortable option, not very flexible, you would think.  Well, it seems that the Dutch peasants spent a good amount of time working in the mud and these shoes were the best option for foot protection. Although most of those primitive clogs were eventually burned for firewood, clogs have made quite a few appearances in history.  Clogs made a resurgence after WW2 when leather shoes became scarce and almost every Dutch village had its own wooden shoe maker, but the shoes came back most fabulously in the early 1970’s.  At that time clogs were identified as sling back shoes with a thick heel and sole made of wood with leather or suede front straps.  Often featuring buckles and studs, they were a fashion must have for every aspiring “Charlie’s Angel.”  Spotted recently on  icons like Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Watts, it seems that clogs have earned a permanent place in the world of style.

The Shoes Our Mothers Warned Us About
So what is it about clogs that make them so desirable?  Well, clogs are edgy.  They are definitely not delicate and definitely not conventional, yet the height is  so flattering to the leg.  After all, some outfits just cry out for heels, but tough heels.  There is both a manliness and a femininity to them, which embraced the androgynous culture of the seventies and the anything goes freedom of today.

Clogs In the Summer
Clogs may be the shoes of the juxtaposition.  Not only do they combine distinctly male characteristics of the work shoe with the femininity of the heel, they also make a great contrast for the skimpy outfits.  They beg us to be daring.  Pair them with a floral mini or cutoff jeans, or experiment with bikini tops and slip on dresses.  Light clothes, heavy shoes, can you dig?

Comfy Clogs
So, as much as you may love clogs, we probably can’t deny that there is another reason mother recommended we did not  wear them.  “You’ll fall off them and twist your ankle.”  The mantra of all mothers trying to make well-meant attempts at saving their daughters lives, and probably having much the opposite effect.  Well, we can’t guarantee complete safety,  there are a bunch of companies that are now making a sort of sandal clog, that is a clog with a buckle.  While still maintaining their edge, they manage to provide a little more walking stability, holding your foot in place more securely.   Dansko and Top Shop both have versions.  So now you have no excuses.  Get out there with Kate Moss and Sara Jessica Parker and sport those summer clogs!

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