Beauty Products Vine Vera is Thankful For – Vine Vera Reviews

As women, we know there are certain products that keep us going each and every day. Without them, we would look messy, undone, and not so well put together. These beauty products help us to achieve our desired day to day look, hide scars and blemishes, fix imperfections, and give color where we want it. They do things for us we couldn’t do ourselves. That is why Vine Vera would like to take a few minutes to discuss the fantastic beauty products in which we just couldn’t live without – and say how thankful we are for them, as well!

close-up portrait of young beautiful woman with cosmetic foundation Foundation

No matter what form of foundation a woman chooses to use, it has the ability to soften and even the skin tone, while providing overall coverage and a template for the rest of our facial products. Foundation comes in liquid, cream, mousse, and powder form. Without it, women everywhere would be absolutely lost. We salute you, foundation.


Lipstick has long been a woman’s favorite beauty item, and something we just can’t bring ourselves to do without. It’s a vital component in every woman’s purse, and provided that extra pop of color every girl wants. Undoubtedly, many women reading this today can honestly say their lipstick may have had something to do with how they snagged their husbands! Lipstick color can show a lot about a woman and her personality. Lipstick, we love you and thank you for being our go-to product when all else fails!

Applying a designer beauty product Eyeshadow

Eye shadow is a miracle product. Those little compartments hold the magic and wonder that is eyeshadow. An essential part of any outfit, eyeshadow provides the component that ties an entire look together. It gives life to the eyes, and also provides them with depth. Eyeshadow is one of our favorite products at Vine Vera and we are ever grateful that it exists!

BB Cream

Along the same lines as foundation, BB Creams offer the complexity of a foundation, mixed with many other amazing facets such as primer, concealer, color, highlighter and illuminator, and SPF all in one. This one fantabulous product has the ability to do it all –all in one! Where would any busy mom or rushy businesswoman be without it? Thankfully, the world may never know. It’s here, and we believe it’s here to stay!

beautiful young woman applying eyeshadow with brush on white backgroundDesigner Beauty Products

While this may seem too general, we feel it simply must be said – designer beauty products far outweigh the benefits available from any drugstore or other discount store products. They use top of the line ingredients to ward off skin reactions, source their product ingredients from reputable companies in which they have working relationships with in safe countries, and provide top of the line beauty products to women everywhere. For that, we are eternally grateful!

The list could go on and on. It’s so hard to pick just a few products in which we at Vine Vera are thankful for. There are so many fantastic products in the beauty sector that it was immensely difficult to narrow this list down to just these few. Regardless, we hope you agree with our choices.



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