3D Printers, Next Level of Fashion?

If you follow technological developments at all (or maybe even if you don’t), you’ve probably heard of 3D printers by now. They’re pretty interesting little devices that can make just about anything if you give them the raw materials. They can make anything from toys to auto parts to crazy things like edible chocolate sculptures, all based on plans you can make or download from the Internet. They have immense applications in the future of science, medicine, and much more, so they’re pretty exciting little gadgets.

3D Printer printing a plastic ball.

But who would have thought these things might represent the ultimate future of beauty too? It might not have been something terribly obvious or predictable, but there are a few recent developments that seem to illustrate the true potential 3D printing might have for the beauty industry. Read on, as Vine Vera examines this exciting new idea.

Just last year, in an exciting and potentially historic first, a 3D printer successfully created a dress. Yes, that’s right, an entire dress. What’s more, it’s capable of making dresses custom-designed for a given person’s measurements, for the kind of perfect fit once only thought possible through alterations or clothes sewn to-order by tailors. The technology and process here is still in its infancy and not exactly viable commercially; the dresses this printer makes take a long time to be printed and cost a lot more than just buying a nice dress and getting it tailored, but it’s an exciting look at one direction that the manufacturing of our clothes might be taking in the future.

Making custom dresses isn’t all 3D printing can do for the beauty industry, though, it can also make custom-tailored makeup in colors the beauty industry has never seen before. Currently, it can be pretty difficult to find a foundation that really matches your skin tone perfectly, or to match up that idea in your head of a specific tint of pink lipstick you think would look great on you to an actual product. However, with recent advances and developments in 3D printing, it’s now becoming possible to choose whatever color of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick or more that you want to try, and have it printed for you.

Skin Care
We already hinted at this in a previous article, but what if you could load a few cartridges with certain skin care ingredients and print a custom blend designed to be perfect for what your skin needs that day? This could really simplify the way we handle skin care, and increase the benefit to each individual through a high degree of customization.

There’s so much 3D printing can do, it’s hard to imagine it couldn’t be adapted to more than it already is. Imagine if you could print out your own makeup brushes, for example, or even print your own jewelry for almost unlimited possibilities. Soon enough, your makeup, clothes, and accessories very well could be limited only by your imagination!


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