Future of the Beauty Industry

Woman with beautiful skin.

The beauty industry is currently very much alive and thriving, with everything from skincare to makeup to fashion in high demand. When you’re trying to make yourself look great, you have quite a lot of options these days (so many options indeed, that you sometimes have a few too many options, and decisions can be difficult).That said, there are certainly a lot of improvements the industry as a whole could make, which might cause one to wonder how the beauty industry is growing and changing, and how it might evolve in the years to come. In fact, that’s exactly what Vine Vera would like to talk about today.

Woman having healthy food.

More Holistic Approach
Today, you see a lot of targeted products, and a lot of focus on specific issues, almost always involving the face. This makes sense, as the quality of your facial skin is important, and has a very large effect on how you’re perceived, but the rest of the body does matter too, and the current direction of the beauty industry suggests it might be starting to pay more attention to other areas —like, for example, the legs—and the body as a whole. Don’t be surprised if, in the near future, you start seeing more and more products that either target areas less commonly bothered with today, or work all over the body. This could also mean that diet is factored into skin care more than it is today; as Vine Vera has pointed out before, your nutrition and fluid intake have huge impact on your skin quality.

Woman applying a base coat on her nails.

Quickness and Convenience
It’s not hard to see that beauty products are becoming faster-acting and easier to use. Today you can see things like vitamin C infused moisturizers that promise visible reduction of dark spots in mere weeks, stick-on nail polish strips that can give you a near-instant manicure while being as long-lasting as actual polish, hair chalk for instant, temporary color, and much more. You can probably expect this trend to continue, so look forward to even faster, even easier beauty as the industry moves forward.

Red wine and red grapes on a wooden table.

Incorporation of Compounds from Food and Drink
Another direction the beauty industry seems to be heading in is taking powerful anti-aging and health-promoting compounds from good food and drink, and putting them into skincare products, aiming to replicate the benefits on a smaller, targeted scale. Vine Vera is an excellent example of this, since we take the resveratrol found in red wine—believed to be responsible for many of red wine’s anti-aging benefits—and put it into our products so that it can act directly on your skin.


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