Liquid Nose Jobs

Getting a “nose job,” the colloquial name for cosmetic procedures specifically targeted at the nose (known as rhinoplasty), can be transformative, and a big boost to self-confidence if the shape of your nose causes you a lot of grief. That said, surgery is scary, and even minor surgery like a nose job can have dangerous complications (they’re not exactly common, but they’re not to be taken lightly either). Vine Vera has already discussed the pros and cons of cosmetic procedures in general, and the gist of that applies to nose jobs as much as it does any other kind of procedure; they’re great if you need them for medical or self-esteem reasons, but should not be taken lightly.

Woman getting a nose job

So,  what if you like the sound of having your nose transformed and aren’t really happy with the shape of the one you’ve got, but aren’t ready to commit to painful, risky surgery just to correct for this issue?

Liquid Nose Jobs to the Rescue
Enter the “liquid nose job,” professionally called Liquid Rhinoplasty. This is an innovative option to consider that’s a lot less invasive than conventional rhinoplasty, because instead of using scalpels and sutures to modify the nose shape (which is painful, can lead to soreness, swelling, itchiness, and occasionally complications), it uses a syringe with injectable “fillers,” inert substances that can be used to change the shape of various features.

A Safer, Less Invasive Alternative
Liquid rhinoplasty has a lot of advantages over traditional rhinoplasty, and it’s definitely worth consideration before you resort to the other kind of nose job. You can expect the recovery time for liquid rhinoplasty to be relatively easy and quick, especially in comparison to conventional rhinoplasty.

Woman thinking of getting a nose job done

Not Perfect
All of that said, there are downsides to this approach, too. For one, the fillers used are usually temporary, and the results go away after anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. There are permanent fillers available, but they can cause problems with inflammation, so be careful. The temporary nature of the most commonly used features can be a good thing, in a way, because it can let you try out the results and decide if you like them, but it can also be quite a huge pain to have to keep going back every time your nose starts to regain its old shape. Further, liquid rhinoplasty is limited and can only do so much; it relies on the ability to add volume in strategic areas to subtly alter your nose shape in little ways. If you have a very prominent, large nose you want reduced, liquid rhinoplasty may not be able to help you, or at least not quite as much.


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