Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

As is no doubt obvious for anyone who struggles daily to keep their skin in tip-top shape for the sake of health and beauty, skin care is not easy. It can take a lot of effort—and always takes top-quality products— to keep your skin looking and feeling great. To that end, Vine Vera both supplies some of the best, highest quality skin care products you’ll find anywhere, and gives you plenty of helpful tips via our blogs on how to master your perfect skin care routine.

That said, while excellent products and great tips and tricks are always super helpful, it can be just as important—and this fact is often glossed over—to know what not to do when it comes to skin care. In that vein, Vine Vera decided to continue our long-standing habit of helping you out with your skin care habits by providing a list of shockingly common skin care habits, and how to avoid them.

Woman sleeping without removing her makeup.

Sleeping With Makeup On
Flopping down in bed with a full face of makeup on and drifting off to sleep may not usually cause immediate harm (although you can sometimes wake up with a pimple because of this mistake, which is never fun), but overtime, sleeping without washing your face before bed leaves both makeup and dirt, clogging pores, contributing to acne and enlarging your pores, causing premature aging.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to drill a routine into your mind, so that when you think about going to bed, you’ll immediately think “I need to wash my face.” You can write notes to yourself in places you’re likely to see them, work it into another part of your nightly routine (for instance, when you brush your teeth for the night, also take that time to wash your face right after), or do whatever works for you, but one way or another, make sure you wash your face every night.

Woman sunbathing in a beach.

Skipping Sunscreen
While it’s generally pretty obvious that skipping sunscreen before heading out in the middle of a hot summer day will net you a nasty burn, and it’s at least a little easier to remember to apply every day in the hottest season, you’ll be jeopardizing your long-term skin health if you think you can skip safely when it’s cool out, or even when it’s overcast. Even on the cloudiest day you’ve ever seen, enough sunlight filters through the clouds to increase your chances of wrinkling early and getting skin cancer. You should wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day, and reapply every few hours.

Woman choosing beauty products in a beauty store

Don’t Give Up on New Products
It can be really frustrating when you blast your way through several products and nothing seems to be working for you, but don’t despair. Instead, allow, at minimum, eight weeks of trying a certain product to really fully see how it will affect your skin. Skin care ingredients take time to do their job, so throwing something out because it doesn’t give you results in a couple weeks can be a huge mistake, as it very well may have delivered on its promises if you gave it a bit more time. Patience really is a virtue here.


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