Vine Vera Reviews the Stylish Body Art Trends to Fall Back On

Woman sporting water color beauty marks

The Fall season is here to entertain us with cooler temperatures and natural beauty, and it is only fitting that we add to the breathtaking beauty by taking a peek at these stylish body art trends and choosing one that fits our style the best. And that’s not the only advantage of sporting these stylish body art trends. Vine Vera noticed people all over the fashion industry – from celebrities to models – sporting these body art trends here, there and everywhere. So, Vine Vera advises its customers to grab the latest trends with both hands before they’re too late.

Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos offer you with glints of gold and silver. The biggest advantage that flash tattoos have to offer isn’t that they’re temporary tattoos. The biggest advantage that they have to offer is that they’re almost like jewelry for your skin. And if you’re following major celebrities like Beyonce, you’d know that even they are taken in by this hot new trend. Flash tattoos are usually sold in packs of four and they offer you with all sorts of styles to choose from. The perfect treat for your body when you want to look really exotic.

3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos are another trend that has taken the world by the storm. From all sorts of grotesque images that one can possibly dream of to beautiful scenes, people can now sport almost everything under the sun on their skin. This tattoo uses a special ink which can create realistic shadows and provide you with amazing attention to details. The designs employed by 3D tattoos are usually simple, but the level of detailing makes them look stunning.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are very similar to the flash tattoo concept. These tattoos basically offer you with a variety of shiny gems that come in all sorts of options. You can draw out the perfect tattoo rings, statement designs or bracelets using shimmer jewelry tattoos. The advantage of buying shimmer jewelry tattoos is that you get a bunch of them in a single pack.

Mr. Kate Beauty Marks

Mr. Kate Beauty Marks is a trend that might seem to be childish, but it is strictly for adults. You can now use mix and match all sorts of water color designs and the faux ink helps you to change your look whenever you’re tired of the current one. 


If you’re in love with that tattly look, but are scared of a permanent commitment, the temporary tats that have recently entered the world of body art offer you with an ideal alternative. These tats are created by professional artists and they actually look like the real deal. The best part? No needles needed! A heads up for all of you suffering from sensitive skin – these tattoos are non-toxic.


Freckles made a huge introduction on runways across the world over the past couple of seasons. There was a time when you had to be lucky enough to have cute looking freckles, but now everyone can sport them for a short period of time, thanks to a freckle pencil that helps you draw those trendy spots. And you don’t have to worry about losing your flawless skin either.


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