Vine Vera’s Guide to Easy Fall Entertaining

Fall tablescape with candles and pumpkinIf you’re planning to throw a party this fall, throw a proper party. Don’t expect your guests to come and cook, work or help out. Make sure that you prepare everything beforehand and give yourself enough time to ensure that your party is a whopping success. With the right direction and guidance, you could end up boasting of throwing the best fall party in the neighborhood. This guide to easy fall entertaining helps you to understand what to do and what not to do to ensure that your fall party ranks among the very best this season.


Selecting the theme

Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions for any fall party. The theme could be something as simple as selecting a color and using it all throughout. If you’re not sure on which theme to settle on, simply think of the fall season to shortlist a theme. Most people associate fall with golden brilliance, falling leaves, breathtaking sunsets and sheaves of wheat. Such themes can be easy to implement and they can also be used all through the year. Irrespective of what you choose, make sure that you thread the theme all through the event.


Doing the decor

Having a theme and creating the perfect tabletop is great, but don’t end up compromising on your decor. Personalize your dinnerware by painting small designs using edible paint on them. This helps you to add some flavor to the event and also give it a much needed personal touch. You can also add some color to your napkins and mix and match with alternating patterns.

Decor for fall entertaining - pumpkins and acorns

Finalizing the centerpiece

The centerpiece is one of the most important things for any fall party. While designing your centerpiece, you need to again look at the season for inspiration. Match your color palette with fall florals and add natural elements such as dried fall leaves, feathers and dried wheat. Candles and lanterns also add to the ambience of the area.


Focus on the food

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of time or money to get it right when it comes to food. Make sure that you keep it simple when it comes to the decors and the recipes so that you don’t have to spend too much of time in the kitchen and have time to entertain your guests. Plan for individual portion sizes while designing the menu. This makes things simple for you and your guests. There are a number of ways to display food items – you can  use sticks, serving spoons, towers and trays. Remember, the food item should come as one or two bites per item. Your main course should be simple and filling and some hearty sides are a must as well. Here is a small list of dishes that your guests would love to have at the ideal fall party.

  • Salad – Kale and Citrus Salad
  • Soup – Squash Soup
  • Appetizers – Fried Rice Balls with a Cheesy Center, Cheddar and Hard Cider Fondue, Rosemary Chips, Shrimp Puffs or Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Main Dishes – Beef Tenderloin or Pork Meatballs
  • Desserts – Apple Tart, Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream or Chocolade Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

 Foods for fall entertaining

Selecting the Drinks

Instead of serving your guests with a signature beverage, try and stick to the basics. A “Make Your Own Cocktail” theme also does wonders when it comes to drinks. It adds that element of fun and increases the social element of your party. Pick your favorite spirit as the base and inspire your guests to create cocktails around the base by adding elements such as fresh fruits, herbs, fruit juices and sodas. This is also known to be a great conversation starter for your guests. If you’re looking to keep things simple, simply go for the Pear Brandy Cocktail. It matches the mood, the decor as well as the season.


Things to Remember

Here are a few tips that you must remember while deciding on the perfect fall party for your guests.

  • Setting – The fall weather can be unpredictable. An outdoor party might be an amazing idea to celebrate the great outdoors for one last time before the chilly winters, but make sure that you have an indoor back-up in case of sudden changes in the weather.
  • Theme – Creating a theme for your fall party is extremely exciting. Irrespective of what you create, make sure that you use it as a guide for all your decisions – right from inviting your guest invitations to the party favors.
  • Centerpiece – You don’t have to spend a bomb to create the perfect centerpiece. Things like dried wheat, candles, lanterns, bouquet of roses and feathers can be used to create the perfect centerpiece.
  • Appetizers – Make sure that you welcome your guests with rustic appetizers when they arrive. Having the right kind of appetizers helps you to set the mood for the party. Don’t forget to pair your cocktails along with the appetizers.
  • Party Favors – Your party favors should always be something cost effective, consumable as well as useful. One of the best ideas for party favors are caramel apples. They don’t look cheap and go a long way in creating an impression as well.

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