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Many women enjoy the overall good feeling they get when they see a sun kissed glow on their skin. Some women even become addicted to the process of tanning, and righteously proclaim themselves ‘Tanaholics’ or ‘Tanorexic’. In the summer months, they line the beaches in their bikinis, hoping for the chance to score some killer tan lines. When the winter months roll around, unless they’re located in warm locations such as Florida, Hawaii, or Southern California, they are left with few options to maintain their perfect tan. That’s when the privilege of sunless tanning comes into play to take the sun’s place for a while. Vine Vera brings you a guide on sunless tanning to ensure that your tan comes out beautiful and glowing.

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What is Sunless Tanning?

Sunless tanning is a tan obtained through use of means rather than the sun. There are three popular methods of tanning which require no sun whatsoever, and provide the customer or consumer with a great tan to last them through the winter months. Most of these methods will need to be repeated often to ensure the tan doesn’t fade.


Most Popular Method: Tanning Booths

First and foremost, the most popular method of sunless tanning is attained through use of UV lights in tanning booths. Tanning booths are capsules in which you can lay down or stand up while wearing protective eyewear to tan your skin through use of UV light bulbs. There are risks associated with tanning booths, just like there are with direct sunlight contact, so be sure this is something you are willing to deal with if, as an end result, you end up with problems resulting from this form of tanning.

There are special creams and lotions you can purchase for use at the tanning salon which provide different experiences. Some of them offer a bronzing effect, while others provide a heat sensation. Some feel tingly, and others feel like nothing at all. They usually smell fantastic, and come in a variety of scents. There are many designer label brands of tanning lotion, so be sure to look for your favorite.

Stand up tanning booths offer more room to move around for those who feel too enclosed by the typical lay-down booths. There are various time settings in which you can spend in a tanning booth, ranging from 10-20 minutes at a time. It is not recommended to tan more than once per day. Normally, a tan will be accumulated over the course of a week with daily tanning. You can maintain your tan by going to the tanning salon once per day, or every other day. Many tanning salons offer monthly subscriptions to their services based off of your desires and needs.


Method 2: Spray Tanning

Many women who are either impatient to wait for their tan, lead busy lifestyles, or who don’t want to deal with the harmful UV rays the typical tanning booths have to offer opt for spray tans. Spray tanning is done by literally having color sprayed onto your skin by a machine which passes over your body, blowing a tan colored product onto your skin much like a large airbrush gun. Results from spray tanning are typically seen within one day, and last longer than using a tanning booth. There are also products available at spray tan salons to maintain your spray tan after it has been completed.

beauty brushes and self tanning bronzer

Method 3: Sunless Tanning Products

Until recently, sunless tanning products weren’t as popular as tanning booths or spray tans due to the foul smell of the products and their ability to leave streaks and lines, causing the color to appear spotty and discolored. The products were also known to cause an orange tint to the skin, which was a dead giveaway as to the method and product used. Many women didn’t like dealing with these annoyances, and so they stayed away from these products. Now, there are many home tanning products which are odor free or nicely scented, very effective, don’t leave streaks, and also give a natural, even looking tan appearance.

These types of products usually come in either a lotion or foam form. They work the same, however the claim is that foam tanning products are more easily seen when applied to the skin, therefore enabling you to not miss any spots and be in control of what is applied to where.


Why use Sunless Tanning Products or Options?

Sunless tanning options give the woman something to hold her over until she is able to make it out into the sun in warm weather once more. Sometimes, even when it is warm out, women will choose to use sunless tanning rather than spend time in the sun. Some women enjoy the salon experience more, while others may be ashamed or self-conscious about certain aspects of their bodies and would rather complete their tanning regimen at home through the use of products. Whatever the case may be, tanning is an invigorating feeling, and there’s just something about having bronze skin that we as women all love.

What are your favorite tanning methods? Tell Vine Vera Skincare as you sound off below.


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