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Wine Tourism

Closeup of grapes growing in a vineyard

There’s a lot to love about wine, and Vine Vera tends to stress that fact a lot. Not only is wine richly flavorful, incredibly varied and good for your body and skin (in moderation, mind you; consistently, regularly, and excessively exceeding one glass a day for women, two for men, can actually accomplish the opposite, in addition to ruining your liver), but it can bring people together at social events, complete the perfect meal, and add a touch of class to pretty much any event.

But wine’s accolades don’t stop there. Besides tasking great, possessing great variety, going great with food, and bringing people together, wine also has a certain proclivity—or at least a growing trend is making it so that it does—to inspire breathtaking and adventurous travel. Allow us to explain….

Wine Tourism: The Adventurous Side of Wine
A practice that’s been growing in popularity lately is the concept of “wine tourism.” The idea here is one you’re likely familiar with, but we’ll explain anyway just to make sure we all start on the same page here.

Wine tourism essentially means travelling for the sake of trying delicious, fine wines from the source of where they’re made. It typically involves going to an area with a high concentration of vineyards—more often than not a famous or at least relatively well-known wine region—and visiting several of said wineries, taking tours of them and sampling their wines right there at the source, hopefully taking a bottle or three home with you for later.

A New Way to Experience Wine
At its core, wine tourism is basically just a fun way to get more out of your favorite beverage. It’s already true that a really good glass of wine is more of an experience than a simple drink, and wine tourism is essentially the logical extension of that thought. When you engage in wine tourism, you’re going on a trip specifically to enjoy fine wine, and in a way, the new places, atmospheres, and vistas you immerse yourself in in the process can only—figuratively speaking—improve the taste of the multiple cups of wine you’ll assuredly be sipping throughout the trip.

About More Than Just the Wine
All that said, while wine tourism is most certainly a superb way to experience good wine, it’s a little more than just that. Travelling for wine alone can be incredibly enjoyable, but it’s not really just wine alone. Think of it this way, the wine is fantastic, and will assuredly be the focal point of the adventure you’ll be embarking upon, but also provides an excellent “excuse” to get out there and see the world. Wandering the streets of Venice and taking an iconic gondola ride, tasting fresh mountain air and gazing upon stunning arrays of rocky terrain and verdant hillscapes, wandering awestruck through ancient ruins, marveling at museums, even spending a day at a nearby amusement park because your quest for fine wine tasting has brought you to the area—all these things and more can happen spontaneously on a wine tourism trip. When you add that in with the reason you’re there in the first place: the wine, you’ve got quite a delightful vacation in store for you if you decide to give wine tourism a go.


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Top Vineyards

Wine is not just a drink. Many people consider wine to be a major hobby or a passion. If you really want to enjoy the perfect sensory experience that wine has to offer, you need to go directly to its very source. There is no hard and fast rule on the wine regions to go to or the wineries to explore. Each country has its own set of vineyards and you can find beautiful, exotic and charming vineyards all around the globe. Moreover, there are many vineyards that include beautiful hotels which offer their guests with the perfect way to experience life at a vineyard. Here is a list of the top vineyards in the world.

The modern winery of Marques de RiscalMarques de Riscal, Alava, Spain Whether you like it or you despise it, this Frank Gehry masterpiece is considered to be one of the best vineyards and wineries in the world. It consists of a hotel that could be termed as borderline surreal and its titanium wave roof might make it seem like an art Deco piece, but it does nothing to diminish the breathtaking beauty offered by the Riojan vineyards. The hotel also offers gorgeous views of the vineyards and guests are also allowed to try out one of the wines at the beautiful rooftop lounge. The bedrooms are known to boast of all modern amenities and are extremely luxurious as well.

Casa Silva, Colchagua Valley, Chile The estate of Casa Silva is located in the Colchagua Valley close to the San Fernando town in Chile. The estate itself is steeped in old world traditions and history. Accommodations are offered in an authentic old world house and the restaurant, located in one of the three barrel rooms, is known to offer some of the best food in Chile. However, what truly makes Casa Silva special is its breathtaking vineyard. Guests are offered with stunning natural surroundings and are allowed to explore the area on carriage rides. They can also visit the cellar, known to be one of the oldest cellars in Chile, as well as the adjacent vineyards. Some of the most exciting things to do at the Casa Silva include cycling, rodeo demonstrations, swimming, wine tasting and enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty on offer.

Vineyards in Cinque Terre, ItalyBuranco Vineyard, Cinque Terre, Italy Most people don’t wish to talk about their experiences at the Buranco Vineyard as they don’t want this untouched paradise to appear on the international tourist map. The Buranco Vineyard is considered to be one of the Italian viticulture gems and is famous for producing exquisite wines. Two of the most famous wines produced by the Buranco vineyard include the DOC and the sciacchetra,  a dessert wine that is known to rank at the very top for wines grown in mountainside vineyards. The Buranco vineyard is not just known for its beautiful vine plantations and exotic mountainside views. It is also famous as the home to an ancient olive grove that boasts of specimens which date back centuries. Tourists can also purchase wines, honey, liqueurs and oils from Biranco and get it shipped directly to their home.

Delaire Graff Estate, The Winelands, South Africa The Delaire Graff Estate is located on the highest crest along the Helshoogte Mountain Pass and is known to link Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the two wine regions in the area. It consists of 10 cottages with each cottage boasting of its own infinity pool. Each cottage also provides tourists with exceptional views of the vineyard, tasteful decors, rich interiors and exquisite contemporary art. Guided walks to the vineyard, cellar tours with the winemaker and wine tastings ensure that guests are offered with an unforgettable experience. Other activities include golf, hiking, exploring Franschhoek’s Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, walking, horse riding, trout fishing, hot air ballooning and exploring the Bonheur Crocodile Farm.

Boat speeding down River Douro surrounded by valley of vineyardsQuinta do Infantado, Portugal The Quinta do Infantado is considered to be one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. The district in which the Quinta do Infantado is located is known to have some of the best ports where old world manual methods are employed even today because of the rugged terrains. The feeling of exploring this traditional vineyard and checking out its traditional forms of wine making along with uncorking a fresh bottle of wine from the vineyard simply cannot be described in words.

Hentley Farm Wines, Barossa Valley, Australia Most people have been made aware of the breathtaking beauty that the Barossa Valley has to offer by the recently concluded Masterchef Australia. Known to be one of the best wine regions in the world, the Barossa Valley is home to approximately 100 wineries and 600 grape plantations. Its main draw is the surreal food and wine experience and the entire area is undoubtedly a foodie’s delight. Among all its vineyards and wineries, the Hentley Farm Wines is considered to be the most famous. It definitely offers guests with the best cellar door experience in the valley and is known to boast of a magnificent selection of wines. It also allows its members to plant a part of its vineyard and share cheese and wine with the owners.

Dezaley Vineyards on the banks of Lake Geneva, SwitzerlandThe Dezaley Vineyards, Switzerland The Dezaley Vineyards is considered to be the most picturesque vineyard in Europe. It boasts of a magnificent location and overlooks the exotic Lake Geneva. It is said that the grapes that grow at the Dezaley Vineyards are considered to be among the luckiest on the planet because they are blessed by the sun from three different angles – the sun’s rays, the sun’s reflection off the lake and the sun’s reflection off the stone walls. The vineyard is also known to be a treat for visitors and a trip to the Dezaley Vineyards is a must while in Switzerland.

Cape Lodge, Margaret River, Australia Cape Lodge is considered to be one of the finest lodges in the world. It boasts of occupying an idyllic location on the very edge of a private lake and in the midst of a 40 acre vineyard and natural forest. The lodge is famous for its exquisite decors, beautiful views, luxurious surroundings and majestic settings. The presence of a wide range of wines makes things even more exciting and the exciting surf beaches and coastlines located closeby ensure that there is never a shortage of things to do.

Gaspereau Winery, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia is considered to be one of the most beautiful delights and natural wonders on the planet. It is also famous for its exotic wineries. The Gaspereau Winery is one of the best and most picturesque wineries in Nova Scotia. It produces a range of Canada classics with the Maple Wine being the most famous. What makes a trip to this winery truly special is the fresh mountain air and the gorgeous backdrop.

Lake Chelan Winery on the banks of the lakeLake Chelan Vineyards, Washington, United States The Lake Chelan Vineyards is considered to be one of the most beautiful vineyards and wineries in the United States. It is particularly famous for its magnificent selection of wines and heavenly cuisines. The vineyard itself is considered to be extremely beautiful and tourists can easily spend a day checking out the gorgeous views and tasting the exquisite wines and dishes.

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