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Dry Brushing For Overall Wellness

vine vera banner presents Dry Brushing For Overall Wellness

It’s always nice when you buy a new cosmetic product and it comes with a brush. Brushes are great for applying products for a professional finish, but we all know it’s really the product we care about, right? After all, we usually don’t buy that $20 dollar eyeliner because we have to have the brush. But what about if the brush is the product? Dry brushing may be the newest thing in skin exfoliation, detoxification, stress relief, and reduction of cellulite, and just think, you’ll never have to worry about running out of product again. Take a look at some of the benefits of dry brushing, how to do it, and what to look for in a good dry brush. You may never go back to lotion!

Good For Your Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is the part of your body in charge of eliminating cellular waste. When the lymphatic system becomes congested, waste and toxins build up causing inflammation and disease. Dry skin brushing decongests your lymphatic system, helping the skin release harmful toxins.

Exfoliation without the micro beads? Dry skin brushing helps to remove dead skin cells, opening clogged pores, and improving skin’s appearance for product- free exfoliation.

Promote Blood Circulation
If you’re looking to restore that healthy glow, the dry brushing of skin increases blood circulation to your skin, aiding in the elimination of metabolic waste.

Vine Vera Dry Brushing for Overall Wellness woman brushing.jpg

Reduces Cellulite
Summer is beach time, and you don’t need pesky cellulite deposits getting in the way of your perfect bikini body. Dry brushing may soften hard deposits of fat causing them to become more evenly distributed while removing toxins that break down connective tissue. While some believe the cellulite removing effect to be temporary, as a result of the skin’s immediate plumping reaction to the brushing, The Huffington Post reported dry brushing to be, “one of the more successful ways to smooth away less-than -perfect spots on your legs.”

Stress Relief
Dry brush away your stress! Dry brushing has been reported to be meditative, calming the mind and relieving stress. Some even compare it to a whole body massage!

How To Do It
Choose a high-quality brush with natural bristles and a long handle to get those hard to reach spots. Aim to dry brush onto two times a day, gradually working it into your daily routine. Always brush toward your heart, which is most effective for your lymphatic system and circulation. Start at your feet and work your way up, avoiding the delicate skin on your face, or any easily irritated areas. Keep the pressure you apply firm but gentle. Your skin may be pink afterward, but not red or irritated. An average session of dry brushing should last between two and 20 minutes.

Have you tried dry brushing? Let us know what you think? Is this the next big thing in skincare?


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Vine Vera on Menopause: The Benefits of Soy

Menopausal woman drinking soy milk for her healthSoy originated in Eastern China in or around 1100 B.C. Since that time, soy has become one of the major players in the import/export trade from various countries around the world – with the US topping the chart.

Soy has long been used in many medicinal practices and for food grade use. From bean form, to oil form and more, soy has made a lasting impression on the medical and health industries alike. You may be wondering about the benefits of soy for a menopausal diet. The good news is that soy has been proven to work to relieve menopause symptoms, and help you regain normalcy and quality of life.

Soy, when consumed in any form, has isoflavones.  Isoflavones are plant based phytoestrogens, which are plant based estrogen products that the body can use to mimic real estrogen. Because you can obtain them through healthy soy containing foods, this is the most beneficial way to get your estrogen supplement the natural way.

Estrogen is a major player in a woman’s body. Without it, everything goes haywire. During menopause, a woman is subjected to lower levels of the estrogen hormone, and higher levels of testosterone, the male hormone. Many women are not aware that the female anatomy also contains testosterone; however it is a fact that we as women have testosterone as well as men, just in a much lower concentration. When menopause arrives, the testosterone levels rise, which is generally problematic for most women.

Soy can help curb hot flashes due to its ability to provide a pseudo form of estrogen. The estrogen regulation is what allows your body to feel a sense of normalcy, and alleviate the intense heat the hot flashes bring.  Below, you can find a chart detailing the types of foods you can find soy in, and just how much is in each product.

Chart showing isoflavin content of various foods

Soy is also responsible for warding off osteoporosis, which usually develops around the time of menopause. The benefits of soy have been talked about in various magazines, publications, and medical articles for quite some time now.

They have also been getting increasingly popular in terms of mixed opinions from different sources. Some believe the phytoestrogens and isoflavones are capable of causing cancer, however, there is not enough evidence to support the claims.

Incorporating soy into your daily menopausal diet is something to consider. It’s estrogen in a very natural form will allow you to become a healthier, happier you – and ultimately, that’s all that really matters.

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