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Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Vine vera banner presents Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Fashion world sophisticates know the value of swapping out their wardrobes each season. The savvy fashionista does not want it to appear that she can’t tell winter white from summer white, or spring boots from fall ones. However, lately, designers are changing things up. Now, if done the right way, summer and winter clothes can be worn together, but how can you make it obvious that you have purposely worn your sandals over your socks, and have not just walked out of the house to take out the garbage?If you’re looking to get some extra life out of your summer wardrobe, here are some ways you can make your summer fashions work in the cooler weather.

Socks Over Sandals
This is a trend popping up all over the runways. Athletic socks worn under high-end pumps, knee highs sticking out of the tops of boots and even thigh high or full on stockings worn under open toes. It adds a great touch to the layering look and provides a little extra warmth on a cool day.

Sundresses Over (Under) Sweaters
This can be a rather waif -like look. Pull a light floral sundress over a turtleneck, or layer a pullover over one your favorite strappy summer dresses. Add on some combat or cowboy boots with a pair of woolen socks sticking over the top to complete the urban chic style.

Vine vera banner presents Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Shorts With Long Sleeves
If you want to show your legs off in the winter without the fussiness of a skirt. shorts and long sleeves make a killer fashion combo. Pull a flannel over denim shorts and a tee to create a grunge look, or even pair tailored shorts with a button front for a casual look. Wear opaque stockings to keep your legs warm, and you’re ready to rock.

Kimonos are both fashionable and functional. They add a touch of hippy chic to an outfit while adding an extra layer of warmth. Kimonos are also a quick way to convert a bare shouldered look into something a bit more work casual and make an ethereal addition to elegant dresses and gowns.

vine vera Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Scarves can be appropriated to suit almost any look. From rock and rollers to theater goers, the scarf has been making great additions to wardrobes both summer and winter for years. Wind a glittery gauzy scarf around your neck over a tank top in place of a necklace to make a dignified fashion statement, and top with a blazer for a warm summer night.

Go biker chic with motorcycle boots and denim cutoffs, or rock some knee high platforms with satin disco shorts. Combat boots can make a great pairing with a sequined mini and band shirt, or punk them out with a tartan school girl skirt.

Slip Dresses
Lingerie worn as clothes makes a great “I just woke up like this” statement in the warm or cold weather. To make your slip dress work as a late night look in the winter, top it with a motorcycle jacket, heavy sweater, or fur, and add some textured stockings and killer heels. For the daytime, try pairing your slip or slip dress with a sweatshirt or sweater and boots.

Are you making your summer wardrobe last into winter? Let us know what improbable pairings are working for you.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing a Suit – Vine Vera Reviews

Well dressed gentleman in a suitA suit can really make a gent look sophisticated, smart and savvy. But wearing a suit is not always easy. There are all sorts of things that you need to know in order to wear a suit properly. Vine Vera helps men find out all they need to know about suit wearing essentials with the help of this gentleman’s guide to wearing a suit. Remember, looking effortlessly good takes a lot of effort. You need to pay attention to these rules to ensure that you get noticed in your personal and your professional life.

The Jacket

  • The Button Rule – One of the things that you need to learn in order to wear a jacket properly is the “never, sometimes and always” rule that applies to jacket buttons. The bottom button of your jacket should never be buttoned up. The middle button of your jacket should always be buttoned up. The top button of your jacket can be buttoned sometimes.
  • Single breasted suit Vs double breasted suit – A single breasted suit is the most common type of suit worn by men these days. It offers men with a variety of options when it comes to colors and patterns and can easily be dressed up with a peak lapel. On the other hand, a double breasted suit is a statement in itself. This means that you need to stay away from thick pinstripes and loud patterns and ensure that your jacket is always buttoned, even while you’re sitting.

The Pocket Square

Another problem that most men come across when they wear a suit is folding the pocket square. To fold your pocket square, lay it flat and pinch the middle as you pick up the pocket square. Tuck the sides to create a diamond. This might take a few attempts, but it is easy enough to perfect. Once this is done, use one hand to hold the pocket square while you close the sides with the other. Finally, place the bottom of the pocket square in your suit pocket.

The Shirt

Make sure that you always purchase a fitted dress shirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or not, drowning your shirt in material is a strict no while wearing a suit. The key to finding a fitting dress shirt is to know your arm length and your neck size.

The Tie

  • The tie knot – All you need to know is how to make the four-in-hand tie knot. For the perfect finishing touch, add a dimple in your tie knot.
  • The tie bar – Tie bars must always be worn between the third and fourth button holes of your shirt.
  • The tie length – The bottom tip of the tie should always touch the belt line.

The Trousers

The trousers form the base of your entire look. They should sit just below your navel, at the top of the hip bone. Your aim is to have some sort of drape on the trousers, without making it appear to be loose or large. The four drapes usually seen on trousers include the Full Break, the Half Break, the Quarter Break and the No Break.

The Footwear

A formal shoe is a must for all suits. Brown shoes are an ideal way to make the suit look less formal. Always make sure that your socks complement or match your trousers. This helps to lengthen the appearance of your legs. Things like sneakers or trainers are strictly prohibited when wearing a suit.

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