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10 Ways to Add More Sophistication to Your Look

Creating your personal style can be fun and exciting, but you’re often faced with moments where you’re expected to create looks that are elegant and smart. You might already be putting plenty of effort into ensuring that your outfit is as stylish as possible, but there are a few small touches that will add some instant sophistication to your look.

Woman carrying a handbag

A Single Handbag  
A stylish handbag always makes a fashion statement, unless it is paired with a shabby tote bag at the same time. While you may think that you have plenty to carry, it is likely that you can cut this down to an amount that will fit in your handbag, allowing it to once again shine as part of your outfit.

Keeping It Tucked In 
No matter how hard you may try to tuck in a shirt, it is unlikely to look quite as neat a few hours later. To keep your outfit looking sleek, invest in a couple of stylish bodysuits, whether they look like casual tops or button-up blouses, and wear these whenever you want to go for a tucked in style.

Pair Your Pants and Shoes Together 
Pants that are too long end up dragging on the ground, and not only does this dirty and damage the pants themselves, but it also instantly makes your look seem so much scruffier. However, when wearing heels, your pants need to be longer than if you were in flats, which makes it quite difficult to choose a pant length. While sticking to skinny or straight-leg styles is an option, as these are more versatile, those who want to invest in a pair of trendy flares or wide-legged pants should decide what sort of shoes they are going to be worn with beforehand, and then try them on with shoes of that heel height, so that you can find the perfect length.

Woman checking fit

Check the Fit  
No matter how much you may fall in love with a garment in the store changing room, if it does not fit your body perfectly, then put it back. A classy and elegant outfit is one that does not need to be constantly adjusted, so make sure that all of your clothes work well with your body, both when it is active as well as still.

Streamline Your Outfit  
VPL, otherwise known as visible panty line, is never a good look, but, fortunately, this is an easy issue to avoid. From ensuring that your underwear fits perfectly, to opting for seamless versions, to giving shapewear a try, there are a variety of effective options out there when it comes to streamlining your outfit.

Re-Lace Your Shoes  
After a number of wears, your shoelaces will end up twisting, and will not be lying flat against your shoes any more. While this is not really that big of a deal on a day-to-day basis, it will definitely keep your outfit from looking well-polished, so spend a few minutes re-lacing those shoes if you have an important occasion coming up.

Woman with a ponytail

A Tidy Hairstyle  
When in a rush, it is often all too easy to quickly pull hair back into a messy bun or ponytail, or even one of those bun-ponytail hybrids. This may not matter if you are just spending the day around the house, but, if you have anything else planned, whether this may be a meeting at work or drinks with friends, spend a couple of minutes tidying up your hairstyle. This will leave others with a much better impression of you, as messy, two-second hairstyles can often make it seem as though you just cannot be bothered.

Put That Hair Tie Away
Keeping your hair tie on your wrist may be convenient, but it will always detract from your overall look. If you do not have a handbag or pocket to put it in, it may be worth purchasing a decorative hair tie that can also pass off as a bracelet.

Woman using a steamer

Invest in a Steamer 
Ironing can often leave clothes with long creases, and this is quite the fashion faux-pas. Investing in a home steamer, of which there are models available to suit just about every budget, and giving your outfit a quick steam before dressing will immediately freshen up your outfit.

From small bits of fluff to floating pet hairs, an outfit can often end up looking quite shabby before you have even stepped out of the front door. Keeping a lint roller by your front door, whether outside or inside your house, will give you the opportunity to quickly de-lint before heading out into the world.

While each of these changes may not make a huge difference on their own, they are extremely powerful when combined, and will give your look that extra level of elegance. Even if you do not have time to do this each and every day, this is a great checklist to keep on hand for when you are needing your outfit to exude even more sophistication.

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