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Quick Fixes For Fashion Slip Ups

Quick Fixes For Fashion Slip UpsQuick Fixes For Fashion Slip Ups

Let’s be honest. You’re a bit of a clothing snob. When you see your friends and coworkers with a dab of foundation on their clothing, or a streak of deodorant, you feel a bit superior. You yourself would never let such a fashion flub go undetected – and then you do. Oh, the horror! Looking in the mirror at lunchtime only to realize you’ve spent the earlier part of the day with a stuck zipper, and you have the rest of the day to walk around helplessly displaying it. What will everyone think? Worry not! Help is here. Although the realization that you have already exposed yourself to some public humiliation may be upsetting, there are ways to do damage control. Here are some of the best tricks for fixing small wardrobe malfunctions that can put a big damper on your day.

Sweat Stains
Ah, the unsightly pit stains. Not only can sweat ruin your daily look, it turns yellow when it dries, and that can mean some long term damage- or so you thought. Soak the item in a solution of warm water and vinegar. Treat stains with a paste made of salt, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Let dry, and your white shirt will be reborn and ready to be sweated in again!

Stuck Zippers
No one wants to hear ‘XYZ’ in the middle of the day and not be able to correct the problem. If you find yourself with a zipper that refuses to budge, try using a soap or window cleaner to ease it along. If the teeth of the zipper have become misaligned, try straightening them out with a pair of pliers.

vine vera Quick Fixes For Fashion Slip Ups

Foundation Stains
The transfer of makeup to clothes is easily done, and now it can be easily fixed. The first rule: don’t wet the stain, or you will have crushed any hope of rescue. Blot, do not rub, the stain with a dry paper. If that fails, try adding baby powder or talcum powder. White-Out can work on small stains. SImply cover the stain with the fluid and scrape it off. The foundation should be gone with the White-Out.

Deodorant Streaks
If its white, its sweat, if its dark, its deodorant. A damp washcloth or rag can remove deodorant stains, as can a wipe with nylons or a beauty sponge.

Painful Sandals
They felt so comfortable in the store! You can stretch out leather sandals by putting on a pair of thick socks and walking around the house with them to keep blisters to a minimum.

A Faulty Hem
Got a droopy hemline? Double stick tape to the rescue. Just tear off a piece and use it to secure the problem until you can get to a needle and thread.

Skip The Dressing Room
If the person in the dressing room before you seems like they’ve laid down tracks for the night, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo testing out the jeans you want to buy. Wrap the waistline around your neck. If it meets comfortably in the back, the jeans will fit your waist.

Do you have any tricks for fixing midday malfunctions? Let us know how your meet your unexpected fashion challenges to get through the day looking cool and collected.

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Hoodies In The Hood

vine vera banner presnets Hoodies In The Hood

Some fashion ideas vanish rather quickly. Legwarmers, for instance, are not likely to be seen on any runways anytime soon, and it would seem unlikely that any there’ll be too many requests for mullets at upscale salons in the near future. Other fashion trends never seem to die. There may be variations on the themes, but there always seems to be some incarnation of certain clothing items in any given year. Leggings, for instance, are not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon, every wardrobe will always have a little black dress, and no one will ever get beef for wearing a hoodie.

The hoodie’s distinctive blend of attitude and comfort have made it a staple of the western wardrobe, appropriate for everyone from children to soccer moms, to sullen teens, to rappers, to celebrities. Make no mistake, however, the hoodie has a lot more to it than just a warm sweatshirt with a hood. Here’s a look at the rebellious roots of what came to be a rather conservative clothing piece.

Birth of the Hoodie
The hood was first added to sweatshirts, by Champion Products in the 1930’s as a practical means of protecting laborers and athletes from the elements. The early incarnations of the item were designed to protect employees in cold storage wear houses and tree surgeons working through the winter to reinforce the warmth of their long underwear. At the same time, Champion was working with high schools to determine their clothing needs and began manufacturing double thick hooded sweatshirts to protect track and football athletes from the cold weather. The garment made the transition into a fashion statement when athletes began to give their gear to their girlfriends.

The Seventies
When the mid-seventies saw the emergence of hip hop culture, the hoodie began to make its subcultural connections. Early graffiti writer, Eric “Deal” Felisbert, remembers the hoodie popping up on the streets of New York around 1975. “The people that wore them were all people who were sort of looked up to, in the context of the street,” he says, recalling that graffiti artists wore hoodies to keep a low profile, while break dancers wore them to keep warm.

vine vera banner presnets Hoodies In The Hood

The Stick up Kids
The deal also remembers the stick-up kids, a group of what were essentially muggers who hung around the nightclub. Says Deal, “They might be sort of scheming on somebody within the crowd that had some sort of clothing or a gold chain…that they’re interested in. They’re probably just gonna wear the hood just slightly over their head and so that way, early on, people can’t remember their faces.”

The Eighties
The eighties brought a new breed of hoodie wearer to national attention. Skateboarders became the new rebellious wearers of the hooded sweatshirt, often trespassing into empty swimming pools in search of riding terrain. Skaters began to reject the mainstream culture, gravitating to hardcore and punk. Says Rolling Stone contributor David Browne, “Suddenly you have this darker, more violent sub culture merging with the remains of the skateboard crowd. The whole outsider thing really kicked in at that moment.”

The Nineties
One could say the hoodie ‘arrived’ in the nineties, with the classic cover of the 1993 album “Enter the Wu Tang” featuring the grim depiction of the hooded sweatshirt. It was then that designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger began to take note, finding their fashion inspiration from the streets. The hoodie had officially come full circle, uniting urban style with youth culture, consolidating itself as the fabric of western culture, and symbol of rebellion.

What do you think of hoodies? Rebellious trend? Wardrobe staple? Or both? Let us know what your hoodie means to you!

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Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Vine vera banner presents Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Fashion world sophisticates know the value of swapping out their wardrobes each season. The savvy fashionista does not want it to appear that she can’t tell winter white from summer white, or spring boots from fall ones. However, lately, designers are changing things up. Now, if done the right way, summer and winter clothes can be worn together, but how can you make it obvious that you have purposely worn your sandals over your socks, and have not just walked out of the house to take out the garbage?If you’re looking to get some extra life out of your summer wardrobe, here are some ways you can make your summer fashions work in the cooler weather.

Socks Over Sandals
This is a trend popping up all over the runways. Athletic socks worn under high-end pumps, knee highs sticking out of the tops of boots and even thigh high or full on stockings worn under open toes. It adds a great touch to the layering look and provides a little extra warmth on a cool day.

Sundresses Over (Under) Sweaters
This can be a rather waif -like look. Pull a light floral sundress over a turtleneck, or layer a pullover over one your favorite strappy summer dresses. Add on some combat or cowboy boots with a pair of woolen socks sticking over the top to complete the urban chic style.

Vine vera banner presents Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Shorts With Long Sleeves
If you want to show your legs off in the winter without the fussiness of a skirt. shorts and long sleeves make a killer fashion combo. Pull a flannel over denim shorts and a tee to create a grunge look, or even pair tailored shorts with a button front for a casual look. Wear opaque stockings to keep your legs warm, and you’re ready to rock.

Kimonos are both fashionable and functional. They add a touch of hippy chic to an outfit while adding an extra layer of warmth. Kimonos are also a quick way to convert a bare shouldered look into something a bit more work casual and make an ethereal addition to elegant dresses and gowns.

vine vera Summer Style That Works In Cool Weather

Scarves can be appropriated to suit almost any look. From rock and rollers to theater goers, the scarf has been making great additions to wardrobes both summer and winter for years. Wind a glittery gauzy scarf around your neck over a tank top in place of a necklace to make a dignified fashion statement, and top with a blazer for a warm summer night.

Go biker chic with motorcycle boots and denim cutoffs, or rock some knee high platforms with satin disco shorts. Combat boots can make a great pairing with a sequined mini and band shirt, or punk them out with a tartan school girl skirt.

Slip Dresses
Lingerie worn as clothes makes a great “I just woke up like this” statement in the warm or cold weather. To make your slip dress work as a late night look in the winter, top it with a motorcycle jacket, heavy sweater, or fur, and add some textured stockings and killer heels. For the daytime, try pairing your slip or slip dress with a sweatshirt or sweater and boots.

Are you making your summer wardrobe last into winter? Let us know what improbable pairings are working for you.

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Fun Looks To Try This Weekend

vine vera banner presents Fun Looks To Try This WeekendIt’s the weekend. You know the street is the real runway. Its time to bring it. You’ve got to live these next two days like a shoot from Vogue Magazine. Rock that poppy colored lipstick, use that dayglo shadow, pump up the volume on your hair and get funky with your nails. If you’re looking for some ideas to get your fashion freak on this weekend, look no further. Here are some fun weekend fashion ideas for ending the week in the right way.

Western Wear
Howdy, partner. If you’ve been doing your fashion homework, you may have noticed a little western style revival going on. The Fall and 2017 and 2018 fashion houses have been incorporating a little of the wild west into their fashion lines, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t too. But don’t pick up the lasso just yet. Remember, you don’t want to go full on cowgirl here. A plaid shirt here, a bolo tie there, some cowboy boots, or embroidered jeans should be enough to send the message.

Bell Bottoms
We know you’re reluctant to part with your skinny jeans, but if you saw Gigi Hadid getting out of her limo in her two piece hot pink skintight leather moto jacket and bellbottom ensemble, you may want to start rethinking your game. So what are the rules for rocking these high fashion flares? Keep shirts to crop length or cinched waist, and get the most from the leg lengthening potential with some block heels or mules, although Converse will also do the trick for a more carefree vibe. Just make sure to keep the toe of the shoe interesting.

Statement Socks
Socks are one of the less expensive ways of making a fashion statement. You may have seen the ultra feminine Prada feather hemmed skirt, paired with knee high soccer socks, or the Gucci’s cruise outing featuring the controversial glittery socks printed with the GG logo. Just pull em high, wear them over tights with metallic pumps or even loafers. Valentino even had his models sliding their striped socks under their T-strap sandals.

vine vera banner presents Fun Looks To Try This Weekend

The Going Out Top
Otherwise known as the “Carrie Bradshaw,” the going out top refers to the tube tops, lingerie inspired camisoles, and embellished halter tops of the 2000’s which now seem to be enjoying a resurgence. However, resist the creative urge to reinvent; according to Vogue Market Editor Chelsea Zalopany, it is still a piece best paired with jeans. Although it has undergone controversy for its underwear as outerwear reputation, Zalopany says, “I think just accept and own that the noughties did it right. There’s no shame in an oldie but goodie.”

The Vintage T
The vintage T may just be “the” urban wardrobe statement, which is why it can create such a great foil to the ultra classy, ultra feminine clothing pieces. While you can’t go wrong with a vintage T and denim, with the right touches, the T can be transformed to meet almost any fashion situation. They can be dressed up with a sheer skirt and jacket, placed under a blazer for a power brunch, or paired with a pencil skirt for an out of the box take on an old classic.

Let us know what you’re wearing this weekend! We love to hear it!

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Add Some Sparkle To Your Wardrobe

vine vera banner presents Add Some Sparkle To Your Wardrobe

There you are looking through the racks at your favorite clothing store for something a bit unusual, something that speaks to you a little more than all of the other stuff. Then, you see it, a few hangers down. Of course, it speaks to you- it sparkles. Every woman is drawn to glittery things! You walk over and pull it off the rack. You love it; the only problem is: how are you going to wear it without looking like you’re going to a bar mitzvah? If you have some sparkly clothes in your wardrobe that are waiting for the right occasion, your wait may be over. Here are some ways you can take sparkle to the streets.

Keep it Classy
A higher neckline is a quick way to earn a few sophistication points when you’re bringing the bling. Avoid revealing necklines on all -over sparkle dresses, and finish your look with black accessories to tone it down a bit.

A Glittery Jacket
The glitter says “fun” the jacket says “style.” Drape a glittery metallic jacket over your shoulders to add a little sparkle without overdoing it.

Sparkly Accents
A twinkle here, a glimmer there. Glittery accessories and accents are always eye-catching and subtle. Try a shiny belt or waistband, or a jeweled neckline to add some fun to a casual look.

Patent Leather
Here’s a no- sequin way to shine. Patent leather boots and jackets always make a statement. A patent moto jacket or knee high boots are great ways to complete your look, day or night.

vine vera banner presents Add Some Sparkle To Your Wardrobe

Shiny Shoes and Clutch
A shiny bag and clutch are just what you need to take your LBD from day time to night time. Grab a mirrored clutch or rock some killer stilettos to jazz up your all black ensemble.

Darker Metallics
Pewters and coppers tend to look a little more classic than silvers and golds. Show a little skin with a dark gold sequin top paired with a black leather mini for a toned down upgrade.

Shiny metallic necklaces, big glittering earrings, and cocktail rings all contribute to the sparkle factor of an outfit without going overboard. Keep your jewelry box well stocked to keep shine within reach.

Prints don’t call for over accessorizing, which makes them ideal for wearing embellishment free, for a more streamlined, less cluttered sparkle.

Nudes with sparkles
The nude look is in. Try a nude fabric with sequins and a higher neck to keep the party stylish. Pair with some glitter heels and you’re set.

How are you bringing your sparkle this year? Let us know how you keep it fun without going overboard.

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Keeping Your Wardrobe In Great Condition

woman in a neatly arranged closet
It may not surprise you that a survey done at the University of Missouri revealed that millennials can’t do laundry or sew clothes as well as their parents and grandparents. According to the study, in generations from the Baby Boomers on, clothing care has been gradually on its way to becoming a lost art. It seems that technology progressed so far that millennials recognize the clothes iron more as a tool to heat up cold pizza rather than get wrinkles out of clothes, or perhaps they are just hoping to authenticate the “distressed” look. The truth is that millennials find it easier to throw out and replace clothing than care for and repair them, and this has resulted a huge increase in textile waste. Here’s how you can keep your wardrobe in great condition.

Pay Attention to Laundering
You know that tag on the neck of your shirt? That’s where you find your clothes laundering instructions. If you hate to hand wash and line dry, don’t buy clothes requiring special care. Make looking at care instructions a part of the shopping process. Remember, even a cheap piece of clothing can end up costing you more in the end if you end up ruining it.

Practice Good Hygiene
Of course, it may seem like a no brainer, but wearing deodorant, showering, and proper underwear can all help to keep clothes in better condition. Also, if you’re going somewhere where you know things are going to get messy, don’t wear an expensive lace dress, and don’t wear white pants if you know you are going to be sitting outside.

woman sewing
Learn How to do Basic Repairs
Even if you’re really careful with your clothes, buttons can pop off and shirt sleeves can fray. You can buy a basic sewing kit for just a few dollars and there are plenty of online videos that can teach you about everything from hemming to zipper repair.

Dress After Doing Your Hair and Makeup
Women’s clothing is often more prone to damage than men’s because of the likelihood of cosmetics to fade and stain garments. Do hair and makeup before dressing and then wear a robe to apply things like bronzer and loose shadow. Hairspray can also fade clothes, so try wrapping a towel around your shoulders before that final spritz.

Develop Good Storage Habits
Of course bleary eyed late night partying is not exactly conducive to good clothing maintenance, but leaving clothes misshapen can lead to damage in a few months. For best results, fold sweaters on a shelf, zip zippers and button buttons before putting clothes away and invest in good hangers. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders on your clothes. Hangars with plush or wooden arms help clothes keep their shape. Also, try not to store clothes too close together, as that can cause wrinkling and fading of fabrics. If you are short on room, you may want to look into storage solutions.

If you’re a millennial and are working on a way to save the environment, you may want to focus on conserving your clothing first. Let us know what you think! Will you be making some changes?

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The Minimalist Closet

Woman thinking what to wear

Spring cleaning can inspire you to take a close look at the items you own and think about whether or not you really want / need them. If you’re dreading rotating your closet from winter to spring because of the sheer volume of clothing, it’s time to consider building a minimalist closet. The idea behind a minimalist closet is simple: your wardrobe contains only pieces that fit and flatter you and that are practical for your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how to put together a minimalist closet that makes sense for you and that keeps your clutter to a minimum.

Know What you Have and What you Want
The first thing you want to do in crafting a minimalist closet is to take a good look at everything that you already have. After you’ve taken inventory, make a list of things that you really like about your wardrobe and things that you aren’t so thrilled with. Next, consider what you really want out of a minimalist closet. Are you looking to make your look more professional? Do you want to reduce your dry cleaning bill? If you’re super busy, do you want clothes that can transition seamlessly from day to night? Thinking about what your closet goals are will help you determine what you should be getting rid of and what you should be keeping.

Define Your Personal Style
Part of the reason it seems overwhelming for many women to pare down a closet into a minimalist one is that they own tons of clothing because they haven’t pinpointed a style that suits them. The problem with this is that your clothes don’t give you options so much as a huge source of stress over what to wear. If you don’t already have a clear sense of what you want your personal style to be, start a Pinterest board and name it Style Inspiration. Spend a few weeks pinning things that really attract you and then go back and look at all of the common threads. Is it a casual board or does it look like boardroom attire? Are there feminine, frilly components or do you gravitate towards more edgy selections? Whatever these common threads are, they will help you to know what you want to have in your wardrobe when you reduce its size.

Woman decluttering her wardrobe

Clear the Clutter
This is perhaps the hardest part of creating a minimalist closet, particularly if you already own an insane amount of clothing. Carve out some time where you will be uninterrupted and divide your clothing among three separate piles: Keep, Donate and Needs Repair. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or flatter you or that is obviously out of place with the style you’re trying to cultivate. If you can’t bear the thought of parting with some of your clothes, place them in a suitcase or a box for a month or two. If you miss them terribly, put them back into your closet, but if you get along fine without them, it’s time to say goodbye.

Build Your Closet
You don’t need to run out and replace everything you tossed; in fact doing so is the exact opposite of what your minimalist closet is all about. Instead, focus on quality items in coordinating colors so that the clothes you do choose to keep can be as versatile as possible. A classic capsule wardrobe contains three to four pairs of shoes, two pairs of well-fitting denim, two pairs of trousers, two blazers, two skirts, two dresses, three to four t-shirts, three sweaters (bonus if one is cashmere!) and two coats (one winter, one spring). See how these pieces work for you and reassess your closet in a few months to make sure that you really love and wear every piece you’ve chosen.

A minimalist closet isn’t about building the most expensive wardrobe, it’s about creating a closet full of items that you wear and that you feel good in. Keeping your clothing to a minimum takes a lot of stress out of getting ready in the morning, after all, if everything coordinates nicely you can’t really go wrong. Another bonus about your minimalist closet? It makes next year’s spring cleaning so much easier!

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Rotating Your Wardrobe

Woman choosing a dress

As winter ends and spring begins, many people can be found cleaning out their homes and one important area of this spring cleaning is the closet. Rotating your wardrobe is a great way to keep your clothing organized and to keep your closet from being overstuffed with clothes and shoes. With the official start of spring just a few days away, it’s time to start taking winter clothes out of your closet, storing them and replacing them with your spring favorites. Check out our tips below to learn how to efficiently rotate your wardrobe for spring.

Schedule Time
Rotating your closet isn’t something that you can accomplish in a single hour, it’s a serious time investment. Pick a time where you have several hours free from any distractions or interruptions and take care of rotating your wardrobe at this time. If you aren’t able to complete it all in a single go, schedule an hour or two each day for several consecutive days until you are done.

Find a Workplace
Once you have found the time to rotate your wardrobe, it’s time to designate a workspace. Look for a flat surface that is free of any clutter. You will be sorting clothes, folding and organizing, so you want to choose a work area that has enough room and that is not too far from your closet. A freshly made bed or the top of a dresser are both areas that could be an ideal workspace. Keep a line to your closet clear as well so that you have easy access to it when you’re moving clothes in and out of it.

Choose Your Storage Area
If you don’t already have a designated area for storing your clothes, now is the time to find a spot. Choose a location that is out of your daily line of sight, but that is easily accessible in case you need to grab something quickly. If you do already have an area that you use for storing clothes, be sure that everything is neat and organized before you add your winter clothes to the area. Do any organizing or cleaning necessary before putting winter clothes away and pulling out your spring clothes.

Get Storage Containers
A proper clothing container is one that will keep your items free from dust, dirt, bugs and fuzz while they are in storage. Additionally, you want to be sure that your container is able to keep moisture away from your clothes to keep them clean and fresh. Airtight zipper garment bags are a perfect storage method, but if you don’t have space for hanging these bags, large containers work as well. If you’re desperate to get your clothing organized but don’t have any storage containers on hand, sturdy garbage bags will work, but try to move the items within the bags to proper containers as soon as you are able.

Start Rotating
With all of the prep work out of the way, it’s time to actually tackle your wardrobe. Start with one drawer or one side of your closet so that you know where you are in the process. Separate items into piles: donation clothes, clothes that need to be washed, clothing that needs repair and items of clothing that are ready for storage as is. If you already have a storage system for rotating your wardrobe, simply empty your spring containers and place the winter clothes into them as you go. Continue this process until you have sorted through all of your clothing. Next, wash and repair any items of clothing that you intend to store and then place them in your containers. Place your containers in the designated storage, and before taking your clothing to a donation site, give it a quick wash and be sure that you aren’t giving anything away that is too worn out or damaged.

Even though rotating your wardrobe may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, it can make a huge difference in your closet. Once you’ve gotten your storage system in place, rotating your wardrobe as the seasons change becomes quicker and easier. Rotating your wardrobe is not only a great way to stay organized, but it’s also excellent for maximizing the amount of space you have in your closet and cutting down on clutter, which can make getting dressed more difficult. Begin your spring cleaning with your closet by rotating your clothes.

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Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

Looking through a well organized wardrobeStanding before the closet, your mind drifting back and forth between a million different outfit combinations, unsure which one to go with. You feel paralyzed, debilitated by too many options. Generally, choice is good, but too much is paralyzing, and you can’t decide for the life of you what to wear today.

Does the above scenario sound familiar at all? If so, you’re certainly not the only one. It can be all too common to accumulate clothes overtime, until you have way too many and are debilitated by too many choices. If you have too few multitasking items in your wardrobe (pieces that can be paired with multiple other pieces to create various outfit combinations), or just too much in general, it can get overwhelming.

Which is why today, Vine Vera would like to help you learn how to make your wardrobe work for you. We’ll show you how to whip your closet into shape so that instead of debilitating excess, you’ll be greeted every morning with coordinated, simple, easy, well-organized bliss.

First thing’s first, you need to get things sorted before you can really give your closet the makeover it desperately needs. Start by putting things into categories such as professional attire, casual wear, loungewear, etc. Just don’t make too many categories; three or four is plenty. Once you’ve grouped everything together by category, sort things in order of color. Throughout this whole process, you will likely encounter several items you forgot you had. If you haven’t worn something in months, and you don’t want to wear it now, get rid of it. There’s no reason to hold onto something if you don’t love it and aren’t going to use it.

Now, with everything laid out before you, examine each category, and consider the following questions:

  • Do I have more items than I realistically need in this category?
  • Do I realistically intend to wear every item in this category at some point?

Then, you’ll probably weed out a few items you don’t need, and a few more besides that you’re uncertain about. For the items that you’re uncertain about, try them on. If they don’t make you feel amazing in them, get rid of them!

Take a good, long look at your wardrobe. With everything sorted into categories and thinned out now, you should start to be able to see various possibilities and combinations. Try to look at different combinations of items and see the possible outfits they could make. With your wardrobe more streamlined now, this should be easier to do than before.

In the future, when you buy new clothes, think carefully about whether you need them or not. Then think again, about whether you really need them or not. Further, as you add clothes overtime, don’t be afraid to get rid of old items you don’t need or want to wear anymore! Try to keep your wardrobe limited to things you actually like and will actually use. Finally, whenever you buy new items, aim for things that can easily combine with others to make a variety of outfits, so you can have lots of possible combinations with a small pool of garments.

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Runway Trend in Real Life: Lace Up Flats – Vine Vera Reviews

Lace Up Flats

Fashion designers and consumers alike anxiously await fashion shows with each coming season’s approach, just begging for the next look at the next big thing in clothing. Style has inspired many real life trends in which people have taken and made their own, adding their own ideas and flair. Vine Vera Skincare brings you one of the real life trends found on runways this season – lace up flats. With the many different styles and colors abounding, and with spring finally here, now is the time to update your closet with some of the newest must have shoes for spring.

Ballerina Lace Up Flats
Ballerina lace up flats have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and seem to be here to stay – at least for a while. They look feminine, elegant, and dramatic paired with a frilly skirt, dress, or even a pair of sailor shorts. The gorgeous chiffon-like ribbons used to lace the shoes up the leg look absolutely fantastic and classy. Whatever you choose to pair them with, it’s best to stick with basic colors in ballet flats, such as light pink, tan, or black, which not only looks the most natural – but you can wear them with more outfits and get more use out of them as well. 

Sandal Lace Up Flats
Sandal lace up flats are all the rage right now. Sandals have always been a popular spring and summer staple, but these take the typical pretty sandals of the warmer months, and turn them into something sexy and spectacular. Generally, there is a shoelace like material in which to tie sandal lace up flats with – but you may find a ribbon of some sort with this style. With so many colors and styles to choose from, these sandals can tie an outfit together (literally) even without accessories. They look great with anything, from shorts, dresses, capris, rompers, or skirts.

Ankle Tie Flats
This style can be quite similar to the sandal lace up flat look – but the ankle tie flats are different in that they are usually based off of other styles such as oxfords, and sometimes sandals, but don’t tie up past the ankle. The ankle tie flats seem to pair very well with pants of any style due to the low tying look, and there are ample styles to choose from. VineVera loves the look of ankle tie flats in stiletto form, and we think these types of flats are one of our favorites for their versatility.

Moccasin Lace Up Flats
Moccasin lace up flats take these traditional Native American styled shoes to a whole new level. You can find them in traditional tan and brown colors with suede or leather ties, or even in more fashionable color schemes with varying lace up materials. This is one of the trendiest looks for the spring and summer 2015 season. Find them with or without tassles, and with or without beads. This style is truly based on personal preference.

These are just a few of the lace up flat styles we at Vine Vera are in love with, and we hope to have shed some light on this hot off the runway trend so that you can implement the style into your wardrobe update for spring.

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