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Choosing A Bathing Suit That Is Perfect For Your Body

It’s time for the big reveal. You’ve spent the last six months blissfully unaware of everything that was going on from the neck down, delivering your favorite foods to your mouth with a devil may care attitude, keeping the lights low in the bathroom, living in leisure and now the days of reckoning have come.

Three women running on a beach

It’s summer and that means its time to come out of hiding. Time to don that bathing suit, and shed the baggies. But, have no fear. If you don’t feel up to snuff, there’s a bathing suit for that. Here are some bathing suits to suit every body type.

For a Slimmer Bottom
If you carry most of your weight in your derriere, you need to add a little extra oomph to your top. Look for simple bikini bottoms in solid colors paired with some molded cups on top for added volume and lift.

Boyish Figure
If you’re looking for a suit to add some curve to your figure, utilize design and pattern. A two piece with bold stripes and ruffles on top will add dimension to your bust and hips while showing off your lovely legs and flat stomach.

Hourglass Shape
Ladies with hourglass shapes need a suit that will play up curves without overpowering your frame. You can wear a bikini with a bold floral print to add some color while letting your body take center stage.

Pear wrapped with a measurement tape

Pear Shaped Body
Learn to love your lower half. Bikini bottoms tend to cut into your thighs and hips, making them bulge. Try a one piece with a V-neck or halter top and high cut bottoms. Suits with a little padding or detail on the top will help balance your figure. Patterns like slimming stripes or polka dots can work wonders.

Small Chest
Need an extra lift on top without the discomfort of underwire? Flatter your upper body with a full coverage top, with a supportive band beneath the bust and halter straps. You’ll feel confident and comfortable, without sacrificing style.

Petite women often have the extra challenge of finding something that fits them snugly. The solution? Adjustable bottoms. String bikinis allow you to cinch the sides so you can adjust accordingly. You’ll be surprised just how flattering these can be to your figure.

Women in vintage swimming suit on a float in a swimming pool.

Vintage Suits with Coverage
Some situations are a win- win. The resurgence of the retro bathing suit means that you can be stylish while covering a little more area.

Try a one-piece with cut-outs or look for a bikini with a full sized bottom.

What kind of suit works best for your body? Let us know what you’re wearing to the beach this year! And have fun on the beach


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Skin Care Tips For Every Body Part

When it comes to skin care, our faces usually get the most amount of attention. After all, our faces are usually the focal parts of our bodies, and the most exposed. However, one only needs to look at Michelle Obama’s arms, Heidi Klum’s legs, and Cameron Diaz’s back to know that the other body parts can speak multitudes. And besides, if you’re going to show off that rose tattoo on your neck, or the unicorn on your shoulder blade, you better make sure that the skin surrounding it is up to snuff.

Whether it’s providing the canvas for a new tattoo, or emulating your favorite celebrity, the skin on all parts of our body needs equal and individual care and you need to know how to provide it. Read on to learn how to pamper your skin from head to toe.

Woman who takes care of her skin
Let’s start at the top. The most basic elements of facial care are protection and hydration. That means making sure your skin has a strong moisture barrier and limited exposure to damaging free radicals. Moisturizer and SPF is an absolute necessity. A moisturizer with a built in SPF of 15 or higher packs a great one two punch, or use products separately to keep your face well protected. The thin skin around your eyes may require extra care. Cosmetic physician Dr. Monica Bandaker suggests eye creams which contain caffeine which minimizes dark circles under the eyes by constricting blood vessels and brightening skin.

If faces are the number one skin priority, the neck has to be a close second. To avoid signs of aging on your neck, always apply sunscreen. Although neck creams tend to be stronger than facial creams, you may choose to use a facial cream containing retinol to avoid purchasing separate products. Bonadaker says that retinoic acids are “the most studied group of active ingredients for the skin to increase cell turnover, shrink pores, brighten skin, and correct acne.”

Believe it or not, ears are one of the three most likely areas to be affected by skin cancer, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Don’t neglect them when you’re slathering on the sunscreen.

Arms and Legs
When it comes to alligator skin, the arms and legs are the most commonly affected areas. Moisturizer to the rescue. Banadaker suggests, “creams containing uric acid, which help with the exfoliation of the top dead layer of skin.”

Woman with clean hair
Although most of us think dandruff when it comes to scalp related skin problems, it is also a common area for skin cancer to develop. Since slathering hair with sunscreen is not an option, a hat is the best bet for scalp protection. As for the dryness, choose moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and choose lukewarm water over hot when you rinse.

If bacne is the bane of your existence, perspiration is probably at the root of the problem. Dried sweat clogs pores and leads to breakouts. Make sure to avoid letting sweat dry on your body after a workout and apply an exfoliant to help keep skin blemish free.

If you want to post selfies of your manicured nails or fabulous rings, you need to be sure to keep your hands in prime conditions. Wear rubber gloves when using harsh cleansers and apply moisturizer nightly. Thick petroleum creams, such as vaseline, are especially potent healers of dry hands.

How do you make sure all the parts of your body stay beautiful? Let us know your all over pampering techniques!

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Makeup Tips to Help You Look Bright And Healthy

Woman with healthy skin
Perhaps the movie, “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” is one of the best examples of how not to apply makeup. The legendary film tells the story of a pathological former child star (Jane, played by Bette Davis) who imprisons her wheelchair bound sister (Blanche, played by Joan Crawford) in their upstairs bedroom, after which Jane gradually descends into madness. Rock star Alice Cooper credits Davis’ Baby Jane look as inspiration for his ghoulish visage saying, “In the movie, Bette wears disgusting caked makeup smeared on her face with deep, dark eyeliner. She look horrific and creepy because she put on traditional makeup thickly and badly.”

While it worked for Alice, the Baby Jane look is probably not what most of us are going for, especially if you are on the right side of 40. If you are aiming for the more rejuvenated appearance you may want to take some advice from Yves Saint Laurent makeup artist Emilio Benedetti.

The Face

  1. Once a woman hits middle age, she may want to tone down your makeup and save more experimental and daring looks for special occasions. The first and most important step is ensuring the skin’s texture is primed for makeup. Be sure your skin is plumped and moisturized to give yourself the most workable surface.
  2. Avoid powders. Powder foundations can cake and make wrinkles and lines appear even deeper. Dewy looks reflect light off your face and bring a more healthful appearance than an ultra matte look. However, if you are deadset on a slightly matte affect, it can be achieved by lightly sweeping powder across your chin, forehead and nose.
  3. When it comes to color palettes, look for nudes or colors that are close to your own skin tone. Pinkish beige and golden hues can provide rosiness to make skin look younger.
  4. Use a light- colored blush. Go for a subtle pink shade for bright, healthy look.

Woman with natural makeup
The Eyes

  1. When it comes to shadows, think champagne. A blush or pink champagne will make your peepers pop without adding too much color. Try to stay away from eyeliners that smudge, as they tend to make eyes look tired. Go for liquid liner instead of kohl.
  2. Every woman knows the importance of good eyebrows. Benedetti advises us to channel Cara Delevingne when we are thinking brows. He reminds us that, although it may require work, the time spent maintaining structured eyebrows is never ill-spent and reminds us that thin eyebrows can add years to your appearance.

Woman smiling
The Mouth
Benedetti advises abandoning the lip liner and warns against a highly defined mouth as looking too severe. A little color and a hint of gloss should do the trick. Avoid frosted, shimmery lipstick which reflects light and can make you look older. Sheer lipstick will keep your lips looking youthful and plump. Also, when applying gloss, start at the center of your lips to avoid feathering.

Let us know what you think! Is toning down the way to go? We love to hear from you!

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Clean Up Your Diet For Better Skin

One can hardly deny the popularity of emojis these days. It seems like there must be an emoji for every feeling we can possibly express and , if there is not, development is surely in the works. There’s the traditional smiling face, the smiling face with tears of joy, the face savoring delicious food, the kissing face, the flushed face; the list goes on. But what about the “dairy face”, the “wine face”, the “sugar face” and the “gluten face?”

Doctor and skincare specialist Nigma Talib abides by the theory that what we eat and drink has a direct impact on our complexions. The naturopathic doctor to celebrities such as Sienna Miller and makeup artist Charlotte Tilsbury says, “The second a patient walks into my clinic, I can immediately tell the sort of foods they tend to over-eat just by checking how their skin is aging.” She claims the most damaging food groups are gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol with each taking its toll on the face in its own signature way.

Woman drinking wine


Wine Face
Wine face is usually characterized by droopy eyelids, enlarged pores, feathery lines across the cheeks, lines or redness between the eyes and reddish nose and cheeks and deep nasolabial folds (lines running from nose to mouth). The dehydrating effects of the alcohol are responsible for the lines and wrinkles while the high amount of sugar in alcohol damages the collagen, causing the droopy eyelids and enlarged pores. Talib advises those who are beginning to exhibit the symptoms of the wine face to practice the 80/20 rule, which dictates abstinence for 80 percent of the time and indulgence for 20. She also suggests choosing wines with lower sugar like sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, pinot noir or merlot.

Sugar Face
If you can’t keep your hand out of the cookie jar, you may be showing the signs of sugar face. Typical symptoms include a gaunt look to the face, sagging beneath the eyes, painful pustular spots, a pasty facial hue, and lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Sugar causes glycation, a process in which glucose attaches itself to the collagen in your skin and makes the fibers inflexible and rigid causing the skin to sag. It also causes blood vessels around the face to constrict because the cortisol in the body is being diverted into more important tasks. This results in a lack of circulation to the face, causing it to look dull. On top of that, sugar also affects fat distribution, so the face loses the fat that normally keeps it plump. The solution to sugar face? No surprise! Cut out the cakes, fruit juices, carbs and processed food.

woman eating burger
Dairy Face

If you have swollen eyelids, white spots and bumps on the chin and dark circles beneath the eyes, you may have a dairy face. This probably means that your body is struggling to digest dairy products. The result could be a release of inflammatory chemicals which cause puffy eyelids, bags under the eyes and dark circles. Just a glass of milk can contain a cocktail of chemicals capable of disrupting the balance of your hormones. This can result in an overgrowth of bacteria trapping skin cells which blocks up the pores. Talib’s advice? Take a 3 -week break from dairy. You may never go back!

Gluten Face
If you are not gluten friendly, you may notice dark pigmentation around your chin and puffy red cheeks. Gluten is a protein that can increase inflammation in the face and leave it looking red and swollen. It can also affect pigmentation cells in the skin because of the toll it takes on your immune system. The only cure for this, no more gluten. Cut it out of your diet and watch your cheekbones reappear!

So turn your emoji from Sugar Face into Happy Face with this sage advice. Let us know what your new emoji face looks like. We love to get your comments!

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Keeping Psoriasis Under Wraps

It certainly wouldn’t seem like anyone could make psoriasis look glamorous, but if anyone has managed to pull it off, it would have to be Kim Kardashian. It seems that even Kris Jenner’s genes aren’t without flaws. A recent episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” showed Kim rolling up her designer jeans to reveal an angry rash on her shapely legs, leaving the viewing audience on the edge of their seats with anticipation over whether a flawed Kim will show up for the Sketchers ad campaign she is set to appear in. Spoiler alert: Kim pulls it off like a pro with the help of a good make-up artist and a positive spirit. If Kim can pull it off, so can you.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder which causes the skin to break out in red flaky patches. It begins with a type of white blood cells, known as T-cells, which function to protect the body from disease and infection. If these cells are triggered mistakenly, they can cause the immune system to react, leading to the symptoms of psoriasis. Although there is no cure for the disorder, there are many ways to camouflage the symptoms.

Woman in light clothing
Wear Light-Colored Clothing
Dark colored clothing tends to draw attention to psoriasis plaques, whereas light colors blend in, making them less noticeable. If you just can’t stay away from darker tones, try to top them with a pastel jacket or sweater.

Loosen Scaling
While emerged in a warm bath, take a loofah and gently rub affected areas to loosen the top layer of scaling. Cleansing with salicylic acid will give you a double edge. Not only will it help slough off the scales, but it will also prep the skin to better absorb moisturizers and topical cream.

Use a Petroleum Based Moisturizer
Pop a stick in your purse before you go out for the day for on the go relief. You will find that constant applications will begin to bring about desirable lasting results.

Concealer and Foundation
Concealer and foundation can hide a multitude of sins, but be careful to avoid applying over cracked and bleeding lesions, which may become irritated by makeup.

Spend Time In the Sun
Take about 10 minutes to get your daily dose of D. You may also want to talk to your dermatologist about phototherapy, both of which can be beneficial to your condition.

Wear Accessories
Your jewels and scarves can be functional as well as lovely, A shiny necklace will provide a nice distraction from plaques and will complete your head to toe look.

Avoid Irritating Ingredients
Scan your product labels for alcohol and fragrance; both of which can exacerbate your symptoms. Also, try to find products that multitask. Using moisturizers with built in sunscreen will cut down on your product use in general, and decrease your risk of exposing your skin to harmful ingredients.

Remove Makeup Gently
Look for mild creams. Also, avoid harsh facial scrubs.

If you suffer from psoriasis, we hope these tips are helpful. Let us know how you deal with it. We love to get your comments and suggestions!

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How Exercise Affects Your Skin

Women exercising
It all started with two groups of mice, as often is the case with science, in a laboratory far, far away in Ontario at a school called McMaster University. One rodent group was put through a daily high paced exercise routine of running through treadmills and hamster wheels and the other was allowed to sit on the couch all day watching Seinfeld re-runs. Only kidding, but you get the idea; they remained sedentary. It may come as little surprise that the more active group retained healthy brains, muscles and hearts while the others, grew demented, frail, graying, bald, and ill and it had nothing to do with the Seinfeld re-runs.

Enter humans. The scientists decided to back this study by gathering 29 female and males human specimen ranging in age from 20- 84. Like the rodents, about half of the participants were kept physically active while the other half exercised for less than an hour per week. Each was asked to reveal a buttock for examination. Said Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, professor of pediatrics and exercise science at McMaster said, “We wanted to examine skin that had not been frequently exposed to the sun.”

After the skin was biopsied, the results showed that the men and women over 40 who exercised had healthier and thinner stratum corneums and a thicker layer of dermis in their skin. In translation, their skin was closer in resemblance to 20 and 30-year-olds than their lazier counterparts, even those over age 65. Although the effect of exercise on your skin is not completely clear, levels of substances called myokines, which are set off by working the muscles, are released in much greater quantities in participants after exercise. It is suspected that this is what lead to the observed differences in skin quality.

Other experts have weighed in on exercise’s impact on the dermis, and not necessarily only the parts under your bloomers, and here’s what they had to say.

Exercise and Complexion
Celebrity trainer Dalton Wong believes that exercise can tone your skin in the same way it tones your muscles. Wong says, “As we age, our skin naturally loses its plumping, youthful layer of fat. But if you exercise the right way, you can build up muscle which gives that same volumizing effect…. it’s the lean muscle mass that sits just under the surface which can create lifted, taut looking skin.”

Wong recommends you focus on resistance training, including pushups, lunges, and planking for elimination of cellulite and toning of muscles and skin. He advises a circuit routine including three to four sets of activities involving weight bearing with two to four-minute intervals of cardio repeated four times. Wong also warns that doing cardio excessively can actually cause skin to lose elasticity, especially if you are under or overweight. Running long distances places stress on the body, releasing excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes inflammation and breaks down collagen, resulting in sagging and wrinkling.

Woman staying hydrated
Sweating regulates body temperature and eliminates toxins. Increased blood flow helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Increasing water intake will help in flushing out the toxins and oils that can clog pores and contribute to breakouts of acne.

As Wong tells celeb client J.Law, “No one can work out if they’re not properly hydrated – it makes your skin look better, too. Conversely, if you’re training without drinking enough water, you’ll damage your skin pretty quickly.” How can you tell if you’re dehydrated? If the skin on the back of your hand does not spring back after you pinch it, drink some water. If its good enough for J.Law……

Are you a natural beauty? Let us know what your think. What has exercise done to or for your skin?

We’d love to hear it.

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Skin Safety On The Hiking Trail

Girlfriend and boyfriend hiking

You think he might be a keeper.  Your nights of clubbing and endless bars may soon be over.  This guy has his stuff together.  Good job, good looks, no girlfriend (as far as you can see) and he has invited you to go…. camping?  You’re dying to be alone with this guy, but when you open your closet, there are platforms and sequins for as far as the eye can see.  What would Hiker Barbie do?  After checking out some options, you compromise on skintight skinny jeans rolled up to reveal hiking boots, a down jacket,  ski hat- oh, and a really cute backpack with all your nice undies in it for later that night.  All set?  Wrong?  You forgot to shop for your skin products.

Unfortunately, just being in nature does not guarantee, in fact, quite often, the opposite is true.  Mother Nature can be wicked. Make sure your skin is prepared!

Bug Repellent
Maybe the bugs you are used to are more of the cockroach variety, but nature does have quite a few different insects in her apartment and they are hungry for your blood. (Cue horror movie music.) You’re going to need bug repellent.  If the health of your skin is a main concern, you probably want to choose a natural repellent.  Your skin gets enough toxins on a daily basis.  You don’t need more in your bug repellent.

Stay Hydrated by Eating
While drinking water is a great way to keep hydrated, much of that H2O will come out in your sweat.  Fruits and vegetables are cellular structured to hydrate you for longer time periods and provide additional nutrients for your skin,  Remember to pack fruits and veggies if you are concerned about rehydrating your body and keeping your  skin healthy and glowing.

Sunblock and a Hat
Sunblock should be in the picture any time you’re spending an extended time outdoors, and if you are hiking, you are going to be doing just that.  Use water resistant sunblock which will stay on the skin for a longer time and will not be diluted by sweat.  The UV rays of the sun can break down collagen, creation age spots and sun spots.  Make sure you have some form  of sun protection lotion in your back pack and reapply every two hours.  A wide brimmed hat is also recommended.

Wash Your Face After Hiking
After coming back from a long hike, your skin is likely to be a melange of layers of sunblock and bug repellent, mixed with dirt, sweat and air pollution.  Make sure to clean up with a face wash and moisturizer.

If you are a regular hiker, you should be aware of how exposure to the environment can affect your skin.  You may want to check out serums and creams specialized to fight the effects of  radical damage and pollution.

Good luck on your hike and make sure you engage in safe skin practices!

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