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Poolside Fashion For Summer 2017

The scene. A sparkling pool area filled with beautiful sunbathers. The focus, a sharply dressed man, handsome man by the pool looking appreciatively from his lounge chair sipping a gin and tonic. You emerge from the pool in slow motion, the water glistening on your skin and slowly walk to an empty lounge chair. The man excuses himself and walks over. The rest, as they say, is history.

The summer season is newly upon us and that means its time to think about how you’re going to make a splash this year in poolside fashion. Here’s a small preview.

Tie Neck Deep Front
Do retro glamour in the one piece. Cut to the naval to reveal more or crisscross for a more modest look, and tie at the neck with a big pussycat bow. Try the Salinas Tie Neck Deep Front Swimsuit with a big floppy hat for a pinup vibe.

Woman in retro swimsuit

Topshop Sprinkles Frill Bardot Top and Bottom
If the waves are not cooperating, this is sure to stir things up a little. Super feminine with a white ruffled bardot top patterned with black sprinkles and a white on black contrasting bottom, these pieces can be worn together or mix matched for some customizable creations. Also, great for complementing the smaller bust.

Shade and Shore Halter Bikini Top and Bottom
They say there’s something for everyone, and this bikini may be just that thing. This Target Shade and Shore Line bikini offers size selections ranging from 32 A to 38DDD and comes in a push up or bandeau style. It’s bright tribal pattern is also right on trend for 2017.

Triangl Gigi Bikini
It may be crocheted, but it definitely doesn’t look like anything your Grandma would make. In bright yellow, this eeny meeny teeny weeny bikini screams summer fun.

Print swimsuit

Printed Waves Swimsuit
It’s all about quality when it comes to the Maria Hoffman Printed Waves Swimsuit. Its high cut sides, low cut back, and digital stained glass print may exude pleasure, but the SPF 50 treated fabric talks business for the serious swimmer.

Bettini’s Strappy Halter Top and Cheeky Bottom

This one combines the old and the new with a traditional vintage, gingham print on an ultra modern design. Check out this strappy, sexy take on the halter lace up with this two piece style of the season.

Marrakesh Cutout Top and Puka Puka Briefs
With the high neck and sturdy design of a sports suit and the daring cutouts of a high glamour gown, you can’t miss with this Mikoh Style. This suit combines elegance and sexiness in a navy two piece with a little peekaboo on the hips and neckline.

One-piece swimsuit

The Alix Nautilus Convertible

How about a convertible this summer? The Alix Nautilus Convertible swimsuit is for the girl who just can’t seem to make up her mind. Swimming with the parents? Go one piece by buttoning the high rise bottom to the bandeau top. Looking to make a big splash? Leave the bottom off for a traditional bikini.

Convertible One Piece Swimsuit
So, we’ve all been there, We want to wear a strapless number for an even tan, but when we get in the water, we find the neckline at out waste line. Well, the Ted Baker Layaya Convertible one piece solves that problem with a built in halter neck to anticipate all your wardrobe malfunctions.

What are you doing for poolside fashion in 2017? Let us know your ideas for your water side wardrobe!


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Waterpark Swim Attire

Woman wearing a one-piece

Visiting the local waterpark to enjoy some fun in the sun with the children is a summertime staple. If you plan to partake in any rides or attractions, it is important to wear the appropriate swimwear so that you feel comfortable and confident all day long. Even simply watching and running around after your kids can be a lot of work, so comfort is key when there is a wealth of activities that your little ones can get into.

Traditional One-Piece Swimsuits
One-piece swimsuits will offer the most comfort and coverage for those who like to ride the waterpark’s most adventurous rides. The 1950’s style halter is a trendy option to this classic form and they come in cute prints and patterns. For the more active woman, a sports-style one-piece is a great option and usually comes in styles with thinner straps that minimize tan lines. Another fashionable one-piece option is the monokini. The connecting piece along the middle of the torso will help keep everything in place while allowing your skin more space to soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

Woman wearing a tankini

Relax in a Two-Piece
If you’re not willing to let go of the bikini, or you won’t be partaking in any of the waterpark’s activities, there are several styles that will still allow you to have comfort and confidence to move around the park. The tankini is a great option for women who have small kids on the go, but still want the option to show off their mid-section. Flip up the bottom of your top while you soak up the sun (with an appropriate SPF and moisturizer of course) and flip it down when you are playing with the kids in the wave pool. The latest bikini trend is cropped style tops and high waist bottoms. This style offers similar comfort and coverage of one-piece swimsuits, but will add a bit of sex appeal to the overall look. Traditional halter style bikini tops are also a good option if you love the look of a completely bare mid-section. Try going with a style that has thicker neck straps and underwires to ensure you stay secure throughout the day.

Cover Up!
Keep your head covered with a fashionable hat to shield your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the sun. Wide or narrow-brimmed hats are the trendiest options and offer varying protection from the sun. A wider brimmed hat has the ability to cover parts of your neck and shoulders while a small brimmed hat may only cover your eyes and the top part of your face.

What you wear over your swimwear is important to consider as well. A dress is great for throwing over top of a swimsuit, but if the waterpark is part of a larger amusement park, you may want to consider a pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. A change of clothes will help you stay comfortable on your ride home or if there are any attractions you plan to visit or ride after you leave the waterpark.

On Your Feet
While flip flops are a no brainer for most waterparks, you may want to think about the kind you bring. If you plan to shower in one of the park’s bath houses, remember to bring a pair of plastic flip flops to avoid showering barefooted. Bring a pair of socks and sneakers if you plan to walk around after visiting the waterpark.

On Your List
Make a list of all the things you might need to bring with you to the waterpark so that your day is fun and not fraught with wardrobe malfunctions or dangerous and uncomfortable sunburns.

  1. Comfortable swimsuit
  2. Flip Flops (bring plastic ones to wear if you need to shower afterward)
  3. Dress, shorts, or t-shirt for a cover-up
  4. Hat and sunglasses
  5. Sun block (bring varying SPF’s for different skin types, but at least an SPF 30)
  6. Socks and sneakers (if you plan to walk around another portion of the amusement park)
  7. Change of clothes (if you plan to walk around another portion of the amusement park)
  8. Towels (if your local waterpark does not provide them)
  9. Water (to stay hydrated)

Have fun!

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