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Summer Gingham Style

Woman in gingham outfit

Bridget Bardot was married in a pink Gingham dress, Taylor Swift wore a vintage gingham bikini to hobnob with the Kennedys at the Cape, and Shirley Temple will be eternally embedded in the public memory wearing a gingham dress. How is it that the original “French Sex Kitten” was able to wear the same pattern as “America’s Sweetheart,” both with tremendous success? It is true that gingham denotes innocence. When worn by a sex symbol, it becomes a study, in contrast, a link between innocence and sexuality, the good girl being naughty. When worn by a child, the connotation is a little more direct. But what if you are neither? Is there a way for the sensible woman to wear gingham without looking like a giant toddler? Read on to find out how to pull off a timeless look.

How To Wear Gingham
There’s no denying gingham is big this summer, and of course, if it’s on trend, you want it in your closet. However, it may not be that practical for everyday wear. According to Yahoo Style’s editor in chief, Joe Zee, “I think when you see something on the runway, I always call that sort of fashion trends on steroids. It’s really such an amplified version of what you see. But take a little bit of it and don’t be scared. ” Here are some of Zee’s recommendations for sophisticated denim wearing:

  • Look for sophisticated silhouettes and structured, clean lines. “Because,” as Zee says, “if it becomes too casual, it can look like a weekend picnic dress, and I think –that’s not what you want. I think it’s about that contrast.”
  • Do gingham in neutral. Says Zee, “You should try to, maybe, do it in a very sort of core neutral color – black and white gingham I love. You know, I think you want to stay away maybe from the blue and white, because it feels too picnic, too costume.”
  • Keep your gingham up to date. Don’t make it look as if you’re recycling your gingham from the 1950’s, and, if you are, it may be time for a trip to Goodwill.

Woman in gingham top

Gingham Looks

  • Swimsuits
    If you’re looking to get sexy at the beach or for just some lazing around the pool, try some gingham swim wear. You’ll want to show off a little with a gingham bikini bottom and off the shoulder tee or halter top for some seaside style
  • Bras
    Don’t know if you’ll want to keep this inside your shirt. Try an elastic trim gingham bra top with some Daisy Dukes for a 4th of July barbecue and bring the fireworks.
  • Dress
    Gingham can also be done preppy style. Try a short-sleeved number with a generously full skirt for some mod style sixties vintage.
  • Sunglasses
    No one will suspect you were being naughty last night if you show up with a pair of gingham sunglasses covering your eyes.
  • Cardholder
    Just think of how savvy you’ll look when you pull out your gingham cardholder when you’re asked for your Beauty Insider card at your favorite makeup store. You’ll be the envy of the cue.
  • A-line Two Piece
    Modernize your gingham look by pairing a sexy tank with a wraparound style ruffles skirt with an asymmetrical hem. The gold buttons and bows on the straps complete the picture for some added irresistibility.
  • Clutch
    If you’re doing your gingham in moderation this summer, you may want to jazz up your solids with a statement gingham clutch, Look for something in a red and white check due out from “Opening Ceremony” this summer.

How are you wearing your gingham this summer? Let us know how you’re making a splash in his classic material.

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Protecting Your Skin at Work

Woman looking out of the window

Many of us are well aware of the havoc that our modern world wreaks on our skin.  We have heard countless warnings and admonitions cautioning us to pile on the sunscreen, abandon our cell phones and protect our skin against the elements.  Indeed, protecting the skin has become a priority when going to the beach or engaging in an outdoor activity, but, what if your job includes exposure to skin-damaging elements on a regular basis?  Skin issues affect more workers on a daily basis than you may realize and you may be among them!  Are you or any of your loved ones on this list?  If so, take heed!

Farmers and Landscapers
You may have guessed that farmers and landscapers are at risk for sun damage, but did you also know that the pesticides used in most agricultural production is a leading cause of melanoma?

Truck and Taxi Drivers
While the glass in most vehicles blocks out UVB rays, it does not filter UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply.  A study done by the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that a 69-year-old who had been driving a taxi for 25 years had  a shocking amount of damage on the side of his face that faced the window of his car, while the other was noticeably less effected.

Pilots and Flight Attendants
A study by JAMA Aviation reveals that UV radiation is worse at an elevation of 30,000 feet, an altitude commonly experienced by airplane workers.

Woman looking in a pocket mirror at work

Those bursts of sunlight that make their ways into an office building in the early evening may be more damaging than you think and so can that dry indoor air.

Despite getting 6-8 times the average dose of UV rays, only 14% of postal workers admit to wearing sunscreen during their 5-hour shift. Construction workers and roofers face more intense sun damage because of reflections off building surfaces. Welders face exposure to chemicals which may lead to rashes and allergic reactions as well as UV exposure from the oil, grease, and solvents that are associated with the job.

Keeping Safe
The warmer, longer days may have kept you extra-vigilant during the summer months, but don’t let the gentle fall breeze sway you off your skin protection game. Here are a few things you can do to keep your skin safe at work.

  1. Wear gloves, aprons, and protective clothing to keep skin away from oils, greases and chemicals.
  2. Wear clean clothes to work and remove oil or chemical soaked clothes right after work.
  3. Protect your hands with petroleum jelly, lotion or cream.
  4. Educate yourself about the best ways to get dangerous materials off of skin and how to get medical help if you do come into contact with these materials.
  5. Do not drink, eat, or smoke in your work area.
  6. If you work outdoors, apply sunscreen several times a day, wear sunglasses a wide-brimmed hat and long sleeves.

Whether your job requires you to work outdoors, or you’re getting exposed to those tiny bursts of sunlight and dry indoor air, these tips will help you protect your skin while at work. Remember, protecting your skin doesn’t interfere with your performance, it only ends up enhancing it because you know you’re taking care of yourself!

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New in Ladies Golf Style

The first women’s golf tournament was held in Scotland in the early 19th century. As women have grown into the game and showcased their talent, the kind of clothing they wear has become increasingly important, not just from a comfortability point of view but also a stylistic one. From golf-skirts to skorts and shorts, the women’s golf apparel industry is continually evolving and becoming increasingly more customizable for women themselves. Female golf professionals such as Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie have shown that looking good on the golf course is not reserved just for the pros but is for every woman on the course and in the clubhouse.

Woman wearing a golf top

The Golf Top
It used to be so that women generally only wore polo tops on the golf course. Today, a trip to your local golf shop will reveal a vast variety of different styles and colors. There are short sleeves, no sleeves, cap sleeves, or long sleeves. We’re even seeing deep and wide v-necks available from some designers. Women can now also coordinate their coloring and choose from patterned and plain to solid bold colors.

The Skort
The skort is essentially a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts – it works as a short skirt with a pair of shorts concealed beneath. It’s seen as one of the most functional and comfortable pieces of clothing ever made. Although it made its first appearance in the 1960s – at that time it was more of a practical choice rather than a stylistic one, but today it has been remolded into one of the most attractive and fashionable items of women’s golf apparel. Choose from a variety of colors, lengths and patterns, this one is certainly going to stay in style for a long while to come.

Woman wearing golf cap

The Golf Cap
This is a must-have accessory of today as the golf hat or cap serves more than one function. True, it keeps the sun out of your face, but it also works neatly to help keep hair tied back in place. Some women even use their visors as a way of storing spare tees.

Many designers today have successfully combined performance with fashion to create entire ranges of women’s golf shoes that can accommodate all tastes. Some shoes are even designed to be worn both on and off the course. When selecting shoes that are right for you, you should first think about comfort, durability and traction, and only then should you see what style and coloring tickle your fancy best.

Woman wearing sunglasses

The classic look of sunglasses clipped above a woman’s cap or visor is still in and is an excellent way of ensuring you have your sunglasses when you need them. Today women in golf are sporting all kinds of glasses from different brands in a variety of different styles. There is a vast range of female sunglasses of numerous different colors and lens types that can be coordinated with the rest of your clothing to give you that cool and tidy look.

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Fashion Tips for Mom – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman with shopping bags.

Being a Mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling yet time consuming job. It can be very easy to neglect yourself when you are running around taking care of your children. Unfortunately, your style is one of the first things that tends to get pushed aside. Not to worry though, you can get your style back in a snap with these Mommy fashion tips from Vine Vera Skincare.

On the top of any Mom’s style list should be comfort. This is extremely important when you are always on the go. However, being comfortable does not have to equate to sweatpants and sneakers. Your style does not have to be compromised in order to maintain comfort. The first and most versatile piece that any Mom should have in their wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. Find yourself a jean that has stretch in it, that way it will be able to move with your body all day long. Choose a dark wash in a straight leg style. It will look more put together than a lighter wash jean. A good pair of flats are also must for every Mom. They are practical yet chic. They should be comfortable enough to wear all day while you perform your tasks both inside and outside of the home.

Mom's Fashion

A classic white button-down is another good item to have in your closet. It allows you to look composed without having to put much effort forward. You can tuck it into jeans or a simple black pencil skirt and you have yourself an easy and polished look. You can add a quick statement necklace to bring your own personal touch to the outfit. A nice pair of sunglasses can be a life saver when you are in a hurry. Just slip them on and no one will know that you are running on four hours of sleep! They will cover a multitude of sins such as puffy eyes and dark circles. A cardigan is the perfect item to throw on when the weather is on the chillier side. They are great to have when you are picking up the children or running errands. Cardigans are wonderful for layering as well. You can change up a whole outfit just by adding this item.

Maybe the most important key piece to have is a large handbag or tote. This will hold everything that you need for the day. A larger purse is best because you will be able to fit many items in it. It will be able to securely fit all your day to day essentials, plus hold your children’s toys. It is ideal to find one that comes in a sturdy and durable material such as leather. As an added bonus, leather is water resistant so any spills will not ruin the quality of the bag.

Following these tips will help you to step up your Mommy fashion game while still having plenty of time to take care of the most important people in your life. They will allow you to be the most fashionable Mom you can be!

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