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Summer Fashion That Keeps You Looking Sophisticated and Put Together

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “hot mess” is “when one’s thoughts and appearance are in a state of disarray, but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness and beauty.” Summertime conditions the likes of heat and humidity may make “hot mess” the best look you can hope for. However, there are some situations in which hot mess is simply not cutting it.

So what can you do when you absolutely need to look sophisticated, even though the weather conditions seem determined to defeat you? Here are a few ideas for looking put together even in the deadliest of the summer heat.

The Shirtdress
The shirtdress is a lightweight choice that epitomizes summer office fashion. Go for a neutral color and play around with accessories. A colorful scarf or brightly colored purse will help you to own the look.

white blazer

The White Blazer
A summer office atmosphere demands the accessibility to a light blazer for quick removal or cover. White is the perfect choice for summer weather with a touch of class. Pair it with skirts, dresses, trousers, or layer it over the hottest colors of the season.

Tribal Prints
Not just for rock festivals, tribal prints can be perfect for the workplace, as long as they are done right. Style your prints with neutral colors in coordinated tones to keep it office appropriate.

Light Colored Accessories
Even if your committed to wearing black, you can lighten the look with the right choice of accessories. Try some gold tone jewelry or a beige leather handbag to subtract from the heaviness of dark colors.

colorful outfits

Tropical Colors
Why not add a splash of the tropics to your office? Your enthusiasm will be contagious. Be bold in bright greens and turquoise blues, just keep a navy blazer handy in case you’re feeling too conspicuous.

The Linen Dress
Linen is a great breathable fabric that works well for professionals. A classic linen summer dress can be an easy office choice. Accessorize with sunglasses, belts, and even funky sandals.

Colorful Accessories
If you want to keep things lively, think about accessorizing with some bold colors and styles. Consider bright green pumps with tailored trousers and an electric blue purse. Add a bright yellow lightweight scarf and you’re set!

floral prints

Floral Prints
What office couldn’t use a few flowers? Keep your florals from looking too girly by pairing with solid colors in a refined palette. Stick with simple structures over frills.

Pastel Dress
What about a solid pastel colored dress? If you go for a structured design, you can keep it professional, especially if you incorporate some darker or neutral colored accessories, like a nude belt or pumps.

Straight Leg Trousers
Straight leg trousers look professional in every weather, and the light weight and loose fit is an added bonus in the sticky summer heat. Top with a tapered blouse and keep the sunhat handy if you’re planning to venture outdoors.

What are you wearing to the office this summer? Let us know how you keep it sophisticated when the thermometer says “hot mess.”

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Build A Great Spring Trip Ensemble

Spring is the perfect time for weekend getaways at the beach, pool or nature. Whether you’re going with your girlfriends, mom or significant other, here’re a few recommendations to pack into your suitcase for a stylish escape.

denim jacket

The Denim Jacket
Rugged enough to withstand a little rough and tumble, jean jackets are a spring trip staple, and also a key part of any summer wardrobe. Check out the new light wash from Levi’s denim jacket with an embroidered slogan on the back for a little extra dash of cool.

The Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket is getting some well-earned attention. This year, we’re loving the bagginess and the shine. Pair it with a shirt dress, bandana, and Nike trainers to bring out your inner tomboy.

Overall Dungarees
Overall dungarees are the perfect field day look. Wear them Taylor-Swift tight or Jared-Leto baggy. Pick up a pair from Top Shop and layer them over a peasant blouse to go feminine, or put them over an edgy mesh top for some bad girl fashion.

leather backpack

Leather Backpack
You never know what you’ll need for a field trip, and a backpack will give you a little more mobility than a standard purse. A sleek leather mini one from Whistles stores your necessities perfectly without looking clunky.

Star Cuffs
Whatever you’re wearing, you can’t of wrong with these gold star hair accessories and ear cuffs from Tada and Toy. It will bring a little of the night sky into your everyday and is a great signature alternative to the temporary tattoo.

Baseball Jersey
If you like donning your man’s clothing, the baseball jersey is for you. Make it your own by wearing it open over shorts or close it up and wear it as a dress. Look for the one from Majestic Athletic with the Brooklyn logo.

Plaid Shirt
We all know the importance of layers when our field days become field nights. Bring along a super comfy plaid shirt and tie it around your waist grunge style for a practical fashion statement.


Stretch Playsuit
Nothing could be better for running around on a field trip than grayey marl stretch playsuit from Silence and Noise. You’ll love this comfy one piece with hints of lace and tapered legs. Dress up with some flowery sunglasses for outdoor excursions.

Shirt Dress
Shirt dresses are a great mixture of cute and sporty and an ideal choice for your field trip. Go mod in a Fred Perry T-shirt dress paired with some cool Doc Martens or reflective trainers.

Logo Shirt
Dare to go bold with some fresh patterned logo shirts or jumpsuits. Pair with some cool sunnies and you’re ready to roll.

What are you wearing for your spring field trip? Let us know if these looks are working for you or if you’ve got a few of your own to share.

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Spring and Summer Colors For Lips, Hair, and Nails

When makeup first became widely available in the twenties, the color palette was limited. Powders were cream and ivory, lips were almost invariably some shade of red, and smoky eyes were de rigeur. Woe to those who couldn’t carry it off. True summers had to choose from the same palettes as dark autumns, bright winters were confined to the same choices as light springs, and soft autumns were offered the same options as soft summers. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems as if we can’t walk into Sephora without emerging an hour later finally having determined that the Plum Attraction was more flattering than the #61 Wine.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re having trouble navigating through the color options, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Check out the colors trending for spring and summer 2017 for lips, hair, and nails.

Vivid lips were on display on the 2017 spring runways. Textures ranged from the glittery, (Fendi) to the matte, (Giambattista Valli, and Jason Wu), and of course Carolina Herrera and Chanel brought the high gloss. Jason Wu make up artists created a sporty fluorescent look by layering a cherry with a matte orange. Valentino and Cushnie et Ochs chose semi matte shades ranging from electric pink to ruby. And, if your partial to the ultra shine, take a cue form the Kenzo and Simone Rocha runway with some eye catching shine. If your looking for some hot colors for your lips this season, look for:

  • Poppy Pink or Fuschia – Nothing says spring like a fushia lip.
  • Deep Berry – If you’re aiming to bring some drama into the spring, you can’t go wrong with a deep berry.
  • Bright Purple – Try some violet and twilight hues to recall the warm summer sunset.
  • Hot Red – There is always a call for a good strong red. Use it to spice up your 2017 spring summer pout.

Hair Color

Bronze ombre

Bronze Ombre
If you have dark hair and not much time to spend on upkeep, celebrity colorist David Adams advises going two or three complementary shades lighter. He describes this look as an ombre 2.0 “blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends and around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize maintenance.”

Warm Honey
Faithful brunettes who want to lighten up a touch might consider adding some natural amber to honey highlights to soften their natural color.

Baby Blonde
Already convinced that blondes have more fun? Think about going blonder. Stylist Sharon Dorram recommends lightening up with “strategically placed baby blond highlights around the face and crown.”

Creamy Blonde
If you don’t mind frequent trips to the colorist, a creamy platinum may be for you. Check out the look on Jennifer Lawrence for celebrity inspo.

Nail Polish

yellow nail polish

Sunflower Yellow
You’ll be seeing a lot of sunflower hello on nails this season. Check out versions form Essie, OPI and Christian Louboutin.

Valentine Pink
Taking break from red? Bright pink is a great alternative. Nails Inc. and Dior are both offering up takes on vibrant pink. FYI: Valentine pink was also spotted popping up the runways of Moshino, Fendi, and Valentino.

Tropical Green
Nothing says spring quite like green. Straight from the D and G runways, the earth friendly shade is currently available from both Essie and OPI.

Salmon Pink
For a more neutral approach to pink, try a salmon for the office and the beach.

Hope this clears things up! What colors are you sporting for spring and summer 2017? Let us know! We want your fabulous input!

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Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

fall fashion with leaves background

Oh, the transition between the summer and the fall. The longer days, the return to school, and the return to real clothes. Time to take those pieces of fabric that were passing for clothing for the last three months and swap them for the heavy artillery. Time to schlep the heavy musty sweaters and boots up from the basement and put the crop tops and sandals away. But, before you fashionistas toss the last pair of hot pants into the storage room, think twice. You can put your summer clothes to better use!

Take a tip a page from the book of Brooklyn Decker who covered her Katie Emilio wrap dress with a blazer or Alexa Chung who wore opaque tights under her black shorts. Rachel Bilson topped her hot pink lightweight Isabel Marant pants with a boyfriend blazer, and while Rosie Huntington-Whitely chose to wear her Elizabeth and Hames trousers with a tee shirt, Olivia Palermo winterized the look by adding a sweater to her Daryl Ks. If you want to rock the looks of the celebs, here are a few fashion ideas you may want to try.

Maxi Dress
Ah, the ease of the maxi dress! One piece of clothing and done, the perfect marriage of comfort and fashion, gone with the shorter days and darker nights. But wait! that maxi can do double duty! Put a long shirt under or a country club style cardigan over for a fall fashion statement. For best results, keep your waistline defined to avoid getting lost in layers.

tights under skirt

What could be easier? A pair of textured or patterned tights under you short shorts or summer skirts and with some motorcycle or cowboy boots just screams autumn fashion!

Layering is functional as well as fashionable. Layered clothing looks great and allows you to adjust your temperature. When it comes to layering,the general rule is long over lean. This will keep the bulkiness factor to a minimum. Try longer tops, tanks, or even skirts over skinny jeans and leggings. Complete the look with a jacket, pair of boots, scarf and hoop earrings for that urban chic.

The Jacket
Nothing says, “I am cool,” quite like a really awesome jacket. When choosing a fall jacket, consider a vintage military jacket with a cinched waist over skinny jeans or a classic bad girl motorcycle jacket. For a summer winter combo, try a leather jacket over a summer dress. A good blazer can class up an outfit on a cool summer night and who can deny the sophisticated allure of the trench coat? Just ask Marlene Deitrich.

The Boots
The importance of boots in the autumn cannot be overstated. Experiment with varying heights. Knee high boots can be worn with summer outfits and lend an edge to your cutoffs and slinky dresses Over the knee boots can be worn with an oversize sweater. Pair booties with a straight-laced cardigan and skirt to add a more daring dimension to your look.

If you’re still in summer mode, your wardrobe probably features a large pastel and neon color component. If you want to extend the wear on a lightly colored piece, try pairing it with the jewel tones of autumn. Try a rust colored sweater over a peach dress and add some statement jewelry and earthy beads with a light scarf.

The emphasis for this fall will be on reinvention. Be creative. Experiment with putting together unconventional looks. Don’t put away your sandals, just put them under your jeans. Add a little color and a little warmth and save a little green.

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Sporting Summer Clogs

Denim clogs

Most of us would probably associate clogs with the fashions of the 1970’s. Surely Elton John sported a pair or two and if we lifted the hems of Sonny and Cher’s bellbottoms, perhaps we would get a glimpse of these fashion must-haves.  Clogs, as we know them, have evolved greatly from the originals.  Although popularized by the Dutch, the exact origin of clogs is not known, but it seems as though people have been wearing clogs for about 850 years . The original clogs were made completely of wood.  Why would anyone wear wooden shoes?  Besides being an environmental no no, (The poor trees!)  they don’t seem like the most comfortable option, not very flexible, you would think.  Well, it seems that the Dutch peasants spent a good amount of time working in the mud and these shoes were the best option for foot protection. Although most of those primitive clogs were eventually burned for firewood, clogs have made quite a few appearances in history.  Clogs made a resurgence after WW2 when leather shoes became scarce and almost every Dutch village had its own wooden shoe maker, but the shoes came back most fabulously in the early 1970’s.  At that time clogs were identified as sling back shoes with a thick heel and sole made of wood with leather or suede front straps.  Often featuring buckles and studs, they were a fashion must have for every aspiring “Charlie’s Angel.”  Spotted recently on  icons like Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Watts, it seems that clogs have earned a permanent place in the world of style.

The Shoes Our Mothers Warned Us About
So what is it about clogs that make them so desirable?  Well, clogs are edgy.  They are definitely not delicate and definitely not conventional, yet the height is  so flattering to the leg.  After all, some outfits just cry out for heels, but tough heels.  There is both a manliness and a femininity to them, which embraced the androgynous culture of the seventies and the anything goes freedom of today.

Clogs In the Summer
Clogs may be the shoes of the juxtaposition.  Not only do they combine distinctly male characteristics of the work shoe with the femininity of the heel, they also make a great contrast for the skimpy outfits.  They beg us to be daring.  Pair them with a floral mini or cutoff jeans, or experiment with bikini tops and slip on dresses.  Light clothes, heavy shoes, can you dig?

Comfy Clogs
So, as much as you may love clogs, we probably can’t deny that there is another reason mother recommended we did not  wear them.  “You’ll fall off them and twist your ankle.”  The mantra of all mothers trying to make well-meant attempts at saving their daughters lives, and probably having much the opposite effect.  Well, we can’t guarantee complete safety,  there are a bunch of companies that are now making a sort of sandal clog, that is a clog with a buckle.  While still maintaining their edge, they manage to provide a little more walking stability, holding your foot in place more securely.   Dansko and Top Shop both have versions.  So now you have no excuses.  Get out there with Kate Moss and Sara Jessica Parker and sport those summer clogs!

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Summer Fashion Expressions

Woman sunbathing

Every generation has brought a new summer fashion icon.  Grace Kelly brought us the iconic 1950’s cat eye sunglasses  and scarf doubling as headband, while Sophia Loren modeled the sweetheart neckline.  The 60’s brought us sex kitten Brigitte Bardot looking so very hippy chic in her wide brimmed sunhat  and floral sarong.  In the Studio 54 Days of disco, Bianca Jagger let loose in her gold spandex with  plunging neckline and Bo Derek emerged from the ocean in  the movie “Ten”, shocking the world  with their first taste of cornrows and a  naked look one piece swimsuit.  The eighties saw the off the shoulder style of Madonna and Flashdance, while in the 90’s we discovered Pamela Anderson and the babes of Baywatch with their high cut one pieces.  Carrie Bradshaw sported the naked slip. And what style on this list have we not revisited?  Have we not seen Taylor Swift going high style in her own vintage swimsuit  in Hyannis Port or Lindsay Lohan peering coyly  from under her  modern sunhat?

Summer fashions have surely come a long way, but one thing seems to never have changed.  It is a time to go minimal.  It is a time for less makeup, less hair, and less clothes.  So Let’s talk about how we can make the most of the very least.

Woman in a bikini with a topknot hairstyle

What do you do when you’ve just come from a dip in the ocean and need to get your hair in some kind of semblance of normalcy?  If you wait until your hair is half dry, it will have the perfect texture for a sexy twist.  Easier to do than braids; just remember to bring bobby pins. And then there’s the topknot.  How’s that for a no brainer in the summer?  Hair up and away and very flattering to the cheekbones.  You may want to secure it with your fave hairspray.  Want one more no sweat solution for messy hair?  The hairband hides a multitude of sins.  From perspiration at the hairline to frizz, you’ll want to have one of these on hand at all times in the heat.

Sweat Control
Apply deodorant before going to bed.  Compounds that block sweat glands have time to be absorbed by your skin and no white streaks on your clothes! And how about investing in some bust dust?  Gotta love this!  Great for keeping embarrassing sweat from your cleavage.  It’s about time someone did something about this! Some absorbent soles for your shoes and for set to go!  So go out and shine, or go out and don’t shine!  Either way, you’ll be a star!

Woman sitting by the pool

Whether it be from perspiration or a quick dip in the pool,  moisture factor is to be taken into consideration in the summer.  The key word when it comes to makeup is waterproof.  You may want to consider abandoning blended loose powdery shadows in favor of a waterproof shadow crayon.  Available in bright colors, easy to apply and won’t smudge or smear after a run on the beach.  Just the thing, don’tcha think?   Or how about eyebrows?  Often not given the attention they deserve, eyebrows are a very important facial component and no one wants  to worry about  out of control brow pencil making a mad dash down your face.  Quell your worries with a clear wax pencil.  It will seal your brows and keep them shapely and lovely.  Last, but in no way least, is primer.  An alternative to regular face powder, primer works like a blotting pad on your face, keeping your makeup in place and avoiding shine.  The A listers swear by it!

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Barely There Summer Makeup

Natural makeup look

With summer upon us, every woman strives to look natural and fresh, which means a look that is minimal in approach and a ‘natural face’ that leaves it as bare as possible but retains your beauty aesthetic. Armed with the necessary information and the right tools, women can now forego all of the extras when it comes to makeup and still have a healthy, beautiful glow that resonates.

Preparing Your Skin for Minimal Look
In order to achieve that great look, your skin will have to be properly prepped to optimize the final result. Exfoliation is an absolute must, and it is imperative to choose a great cleanser that leaves skin glowing. In addition, a weekly face mask can also remove any of the additional toxins that are on your face.

Woman applying mascara

The Eyes Have It
Now that your face has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped, the eyes are the next features that need attention. For the barely there look, only a bit of makeup is necessary to put your best face forward. For your eye makeup to last and leave an impression, apply a bit of mascara as well as primer under your eyes. That, in addition to a bit on the brow line and your lids, should be sufficient enough for a minimal yet glam look!

86 the Foundation
Going for the ‘almost natural, barely there’ look for summer means going without certain aspects of makeup and that means foregoing foundation. In order to keep a face that is lighter and free of extras, skipping the foundation is probably the best way to maintain a light, refined look.

Concealer Is Your Friend
Looking flawless is all about enhancing your best attributes and minimizing the rest. For many women, learning how to best achieve this dynamic takes some time and research, but in the end is worth it. Using concealer for any pimples or small imperfections is the best way to help you feel confident even while wearing the bare minimum of makeup during the summer months.

Woman moisturizing her skin

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!
The best skin care involves maintaining a consistently moisturized base and when your skin is at its healthiest, it feels hydrated, which should come immediately after a clean and exfoliation regimen. Once you find the right moisturizer for your skin type, you are well on your way towards a great summer look.

May The Force Be With You
No one will know your skin better than you and it is important to follow the path to beauty that specifically works for you instead of what someone else you know may be using. Since your skin is a canvas, it is up to you to take into consideration how you paint it and present it to the world. The most important thing to remember for summer makeup is to keep it light and breezy, but always with enough to keep you feeling as beautiful as ever.

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