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Fashionable Maternity Swimwear For Summer

vine vera banner presents Fashionable Maternity Swimwear For Summer

Summer is here! Time for the beach, the rays, the parties oh, the very stressful task of picking out the perfect bathing suit. It is not difficult to find an attractive bathing suit, and you certainly don’t have to be concerned with finding one that is suitable for the office, yet, the mere skimpiness of the piece may make it difficult to work with, especially if you’re not exactly in the supermodel category, and this year, there is a rather big body issue to take into account. You’re pregnant. That means that, while most years your biggest concern may have been Brazilian or full cut, this year you have a whole different set of considerations to deal with. But, worry not, when it comes to choosing maternity swimsuits, there are a whole lot of people who have already “been there, done that,” and they have a lot of advice for first-time mothers hitting the water this year. Here are some things you might want to know about fashionable maternity swimwear, so you and baby can hang ten this summer without a care.

First Trimester
The first trimester is usually assumed to be the easiest of the three when it comes to clothing options, and bathing suit choices are no exception. Most women can wear almost any suit in their drawer and be ok with it, and this may well be the case for you.

The thing to take into consideration during your first trimester is that you probably won’t look pregnant, but of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not. You may find your tummy starting to soften and your bust area, hips, and behind starting to expand, so it may be a good idea to try on that swimwear before you accept any beach or pool party invites.

If you do decide to go maternity wear for the first trimester, a tankini is probably the best choice. It will cover a soft middle and the halter top will provide support for the bust area. Plus, the tankini may be a good investment, as it will probably get you through part of the second trimester, as well.

vine vera banner presents Fashionable Maternity Swimwear For Summer

Second Trimester
In your second trimester, you should be basking in your pregnancy. You’ll have achieved that little round baby belly that everyone associates with a time of excitement and expectations, and you start getting little smiles and nods of approval from complete strangers. At this time, many women opt for a bikini. However, if you go this route, it is important to go with a maternity bikini, as maternity swimwear will give you that added support in the bust and under the belly, that’s so crucial at this time.

Another thing to be taken into account when choosing the bikini style is that it hides very little, and this includes stretch marks, as well as the “line Negra,” which is a dark line running from the belly button to the pubic bone that some women get during pregnancy. If either of these is a factor for you, you may want to stick with a tankini option.

When choosing a swimsuit for the second trimester, it is important to keep in mind that this will be the time in which your belly will experience a great deal of growth and it is important that you get a suit that will accommodate this growth. Make sure to read the label on your swimsuit to make sure it is made with a blend of fabric able to stretch as you grow, and/or, it features a set of adjustable ties that can be loosened or tightened accordingly.

Third Trimester
Coming down the home stretch, pregnant women may find themselves on a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to what to expect when you’re expecting. You may start this trimester with the ideal size manageable baby bump and end up feeling as big as a house. However, this is no excuse to skip the pool. In fact, swimming is a great way to relieve the discomfort of carrying a bigger belly,

The bikini associated with the third tA bikini is still an option in the third trimester, but the maternity design becomes crucial at this stage. You may want to choose one with a skirted bottom for additional support and coverage.The tankini is also still in the running and may be preferable to the bikini at this point because tankinis are usually fitted bellow the belly, making it more flattering to a pregnant stomach.

As for onesies, these are typically avoided. It just seems impossible to make a maternity swimsuit designed for all body types and the constraints of the onesie seem to make it harder to get the right coverage in the right places in a flattering manner.

Are you expecting? Have your expectations already come to fruition? Let us know your picks for the best and most comfortable maternity bathing suits. We love to hear from you!

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Summer Fashion Expressions

Woman sunbathing

Every generation has brought a new summer fashion icon.  Grace Kelly brought us the iconic 1950’s cat eye sunglasses  and scarf doubling as headband, while Sophia Loren modeled the sweetheart neckline.  The 60’s brought us sex kitten Brigitte Bardot looking so very hippy chic in her wide brimmed sunhat  and floral sarong.  In the Studio 54 Days of disco, Bianca Jagger let loose in her gold spandex with  plunging neckline and Bo Derek emerged from the ocean in  the movie “Ten”, shocking the world  with their first taste of cornrows and a  naked look one piece swimsuit.  The eighties saw the off the shoulder style of Madonna and Flashdance, while in the 90’s we discovered Pamela Anderson and the babes of Baywatch with their high cut one pieces.  Carrie Bradshaw sported the naked slip. And what style on this list have we not revisited?  Have we not seen Taylor Swift going high style in her own vintage swimsuit  in Hyannis Port or Lindsay Lohan peering coyly  from under her  modern sunhat?

Summer fashions have surely come a long way, but one thing seems to never have changed.  It is a time to go minimal.  It is a time for less makeup, less hair, and less clothes.  So Let’s talk about how we can make the most of the very least.

Woman in a bikini with a topknot hairstyle

What do you do when you’ve just come from a dip in the ocean and need to get your hair in some kind of semblance of normalcy?  If you wait until your hair is half dry, it will have the perfect texture for a sexy twist.  Easier to do than braids; just remember to bring bobby pins. And then there’s the topknot.  How’s that for a no brainer in the summer?  Hair up and away and very flattering to the cheekbones.  You may want to secure it with your fave hairspray.  Want one more no sweat solution for messy hair?  The hairband hides a multitude of sins.  From perspiration at the hairline to frizz, you’ll want to have one of these on hand at all times in the heat.

Sweat Control
Apply deodorant before going to bed.  Compounds that block sweat glands have time to be absorbed by your skin and no white streaks on your clothes! And how about investing in some bust dust?  Gotta love this!  Great for keeping embarrassing sweat from your cleavage.  It’s about time someone did something about this! Some absorbent soles for your shoes and for set to go!  So go out and shine, or go out and don’t shine!  Either way, you’ll be a star!

Woman sitting by the pool

Whether it be from perspiration or a quick dip in the pool,  moisture factor is to be taken into consideration in the summer.  The key word when it comes to makeup is waterproof.  You may want to consider abandoning blended loose powdery shadows in favor of a waterproof shadow crayon.  Available in bright colors, easy to apply and won’t smudge or smear after a run on the beach.  Just the thing, don’tcha think?   Or how about eyebrows?  Often not given the attention they deserve, eyebrows are a very important facial component and no one wants  to worry about  out of control brow pencil making a mad dash down your face.  Quell your worries with a clear wax pencil.  It will seal your brows and keep them shapely and lovely.  Last, but in no way least, is primer.  An alternative to regular face powder, primer works like a blotting pad on your face, keeping your makeup in place and avoiding shine.  The A listers swear by it!

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Men’s Guide to Summer Style – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is a great time for every guy to flaunt his favorite styles in the freedom that comes with warmer weather. Summer is a great time for all kinds of social outings from the pool to the beach to an afternoon barbecue in the backyard. Plus, summer nights are fantastic for romantic dates, whether you’re single and looking, or want to keep the romance alive with your special someone.

So men, if you’re at all interested in dressing well and showing the world how sharp, classy and dependable you are,listen up, because Vine Vera is about to give you some killer fashion tips to stay in style and turn some heads this summer season.

Guy wearing a polo shirt and jeans.

Get it Fitted
Baggy and loose can work with some style directions, but if you’ve taken an interest in dressing well and want to flaunt a sharper style, ill-fitting clothes just won’t do. You’ll want some versatile items, like a polo shirt and flat-front shorts, that actually fit your frame. Whether you get them altered at a tailor or are just really good or really lucky (or, if we’re being honest, probably a little of both) at finding the perfect fit for you at the store, make sure it hangs just right on your frame before you wear it out for all to see.

For polos, you want the seam of the sleeve to fall right at the outer edge of your shoulder. The body of the shirt should be just tight enough to give a hint at a trim silhouette, but not tight enough to hug your body overmuch. The tail should fall just about halfway down the crotch of your pants; if it covers the crotch seam completely, it will look over-sized and baggy, and if it’s at the top of the crotch, it will look way too small, even if it doesn’t show any midriff.

For shorts, get a pair that fits your waistline just right, and with legs that stop anywhere from right at the knees to a couple inches above them. The overall fit should be snug, but not form-fitting.

Man deciding on what to wear

Get it in Multiple Colors
Let’s face it: for men’s casual wear, there’s not a huge selection of options in terms of styles and types of garments available. Instead, today’s well-dressed man will have multiple sets of a handful of staples, in ever so slightly different styles and colors. You’d be amazed at the difference and impact that a dark green pair of shorts can have vs. a somewhat lighter verdant green. Even if everything else in the outfit is kept identical, changing up a single item for something with a different color, pattern, or design can make a huge difference as to the overall impression the outfit carries. As such, whenever you find an article of clothing you like and that fits you well, it’s a good idea to get a couple of them in different colors or patterns.

Man wearing a stylish linen shirt in his backyard.

Snag a Well-Fitting Linen Shirt
Casual summer style tends to err on the casual side of comfort vs. visual appeal, but if you want to look good without overdressing, there’s nothing like a quality linen shirt that lets you be classy even when you’re dressed casually. Like everything else, get a few in different colors to add even more versatility to your wardrobe. Also, just keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily, but that’s kind of part of the style; you only need to bother with ironing if you’ve got stiffly-creased wrinkles that won’t come out otherwise.

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Vine Vera Guide to Men’s Summer Style

Whether you like it or not, time seems to come to a standstill when those cool and chilly winter months arrive. Normally, most of us can hardly wait for the summer sun to shine bright once again so that we can get back to our lives, enjoy those alluring beaches and spend more time in the outdoor cafes and amid mother nature. But in our haste to welcome the summers, most of us forget to take a peek at our wardrobes. Looking the way you did a few years ago certainly doesn’t help in drawing good things your way. Irrespective of whether you’re willing to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, there’s always something that can be done about your looks and your summer style. So if you’re still planning to wear those same old tees and shorts along those dreadful flip-flops, you really need to check out the Vine Vera Guide to Men’s Summer Style. This unique guide introduces the 5 S’s of Summer Style that help you to pick and choose the perfect summer look.


Young man in striped shirtYou probably love the way your summer Tees feel, but you really need to make sure that they don’t look dull. Wearing T-shirts that offer no sense of style whatsoever is not necessary. There are a number of T-shirts that offer a great sense of style. All you need to know is what to look for.

  1. Striped T-Shirts – If you plan to express the way you look with something more than solid colors, stripes might just be the ideal solution. They offer an excellent balance between looking conservative and over the top and also allow you to separate yourself from the rest. Talking about stripes, the nautical look is just perfect for the summer months.  The nautical look is an excellent style to try out, and the ones with blue and white stripes or the ones with anchor patterns should be your main focus.
  2. V-necks – V-necks are a must have for all you body builders. There can be no better way of flaunting that chest work you’ve been working on at the gym all through the winter. And what better time to flaunt your chest than the summers? Moreover, V-necks are never going to go out of style and they can be worn with almost all sorts of pants.
  3. Red – Red might be the color of love, but it is also the color on the runways this season. Having a red colored tee is a must for all you style conscious men out there. Whether you’re on the lookout for sharp tailoring or casual wear, red is always one of the best choices that you’re likely to have. It is ideal for someone who exudes confidence and is comfortable with his skin care routine.
  4. Short-sleeve button downs – Short-sleeve button downs are one of the best summertime casual business wear options available in the market. Remember, the secret of flaunting that perfect looking short-sleeve button down is to find one that fits your body just right. It should hug your torso and also offer a trim cut. The same goes for your biceps – you’d definitely want to show them to the world.


Young attractive guy in patterned trunksLet’s move over to the one piece of clothing where most men seem to be predisposed to getting it wrong – shorts. You might wonder how something with so little clothing could end up being a fashion disaster. Well, it seems that the excessive heat of the summers makes most people forget about any sense of fashion that they would normally have at any other time in the year. Remember, if you’re still sporting those big and baggy board shorts of yesteryears, you need to rush off to the nearest clothing store. Immediately. Don’t think twice before trading off those board shorts for something slightly shorter.

  1. Patterned trunks – A more formal occasion might require a buttoned down style, but when you’re visiting the beach, you really need something bold, something refreshingly different. Patterned trunks can go a long way in allowing you to stand out in the crowd.
  2. Chino shorts – Chinos offer a simple toned down look that comes across as neat and crispy. With above the knee being the way forward this summer, chinos are the way to go. There are a number of styles to choose from – baggy 80s, floral prints, surfers delights – whatever you think suits you best.
  3. Tailored and well cut shorts –  Tailored and well cut shorts can give you a refined look in the summer heat. They are an ideal for those semi formal affairs and also offer a range of styles and colors to choose from.
  4. Just say no to cargo shorts – The problem with cargos is that they are baggy and bulky. Both styles are a big no this summer and these regular style khaki pants won’t get you any marks with the women either.


Young man in wayfarer sunglassesBold, brash, super fresh and playful – these are the things to go for when it comes to choosing your shades. They say that there is a sunglass for every season and every budget. So remember to make a statement with that perfect looking sunglass this summer.

  1. Matte framed – Whether you like flashy stuff or whether you prefer for something more casual, the matte framed sunglasses are likely to blow you away. They are known to hold true to your look irrespective of their color and the no-gloss, no-transparency and no-shine factor also helps to enhance your looks. Vibrant reds and classic blacks are the way to go this summer.
  2. Wayfarers – From Bob Dylan to Sammy Davis Jr., the Wayfarer has found itself on the face of many a celebrity.  The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is considered to be a foolproof method of looking good during the summers. They consist of polarized UV 400 polycarbonate lenses, matte black plastic frames and light-gray shades. Above all, the Wayfarer is considered to be a style that America has endured since ages.
  3. Aviators – Aviators are known to offer one of the most versatile frames in the market and make you look good in front of a well tanned crowd as well. Moreover, there are a range of aviator styles and colors to choose from, and finding something to match your look is quite simple.


Fashionable young man walking the run way in kedsWhat guy doesn’t like shoes? Most men keep looking for reasons to add another pair of loafers, sneakers or formals to their overflowing collections. However, despite their love for shoes and classic footwear, most men wouldn’t think twice before venturing out in those god awful flip flops during the summers. Here are a few alternatives that should offer you with equal amounts of comfort and a much better style.

  1. Slip-on sneakers – You need to have something that’s easy to use and comfortable to wear during the summers. If not flip-flops, then what? Well, slip-on sneakers are an excellent idea. From high end labels such as Gucci and Jimmy Choo to more affordable brands such as Keds and SeaVees, finding slip-on sneakers to suit your style and your budget is easy.
  2. Boat shoes – It might be difficult to choose between boat shoes and loafers, but boat shoes are always the right way to go. Neither option is trendy, but boat shoes are known to be sportier and they can easily be worn with all sorts of clothes.
  3. Italian loafers – Italian loafers are an icon of timeless style and they have been around for generations. You can still sport these loafers happily without having to bother about these loafers “dampening” your style.


Young man applying moisturizerSkin Care is something that is catching up in a big way among men. Over the years, men have become more and more cosmopolitan in nature and taking care of the skin is not just limited to the ladies anymore. However, anyone who is serious about his skin care needs to understand that the same routine doesn’t work for all four seasons. Your summer skin care needs extra protection and care to help you maintain your younger looking skin. Here are a few must have skin care solutions for the summer months.

  1. Resveratrol Men’s Renewal Mask – The Vine Vera Resveratrol Men’s Renewal Mask contains a range of nutrients that can help men keep their skin soft, hydrated and youthful. All you need to do is apply the mask once a week and allow it to fight the blemishes and nourish your skin.
  2. Resveratrol Men’s Renewal Serum – The Vine Vera Resveratrol Men’s Renewal Mask  is best used in tandem with the Vine Vera Resveratrol Men’s Renewal Serum. Apply the serum on your face before shaving in order to avoid ingrown hairs.
  3. Resveratrol Men’s After Shave Balm – TheVine Vera Resveratrol Men’s After Shave Balm is a product that is ideal for men who prefer to ensure that they don’t suffer from razor bumps or after shave irritation. The exotic ingredients that the balm contains allow for moisturized and softer looking skin. You need to use the balm after shaving in order to soothe and hydrate the skin.
  4. SPF  – Don’t forget to wear sunscreen lotions or day creams that offer SPF protection every single day. You also need to ensure that you choose sunscreens that offer an SPF of 30. Those SPF 15 solutions won’t get you anywhere.


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