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Summer Sun Dress Styles To Look For

Vine Vera summer dress
For every red-blooded American “hot mess on a hot day, ” the sundress is truly a godsend. While our grandmothers sweated it out in flower-printed shirts, wrap around skirts, and unwieldy loafers, with the ever-present shirt tail flopping our awkwardly somewhere, we pull a ready-to-go outfit effortlessly from our closet, strap on some sandals, and leave the house looking sexy and confident. Since Lily Pulitzer first introduced the sundress to America in 1966 with the motto, “Everything is possible with sunshine and a little pink dress,” it seems almost unthinkable that any woman survived summer without one. Here are some variations on a classic style.

Creating Summer Outfits
Sundresses can be extremely versatile in going from day to night with a few basic changes. Just start out with a cute sundress in a basic color. For a casual look, add some practical sandals and a few choice necklaces. For the night, trade the sandals for some studded heels and throw on a leather jacket and you’re set.

For a day out with friends, booties can liven up a casual outfit, and a pair of heels and light sequined jacket can be added for date night.

Vine Vera Lace dress

Florals, Laces, And Linens
The floral sundress is an absolute wardrobe staple and great for daytime wear. You can go light by pairing it with sandals or make it boho chic with a pair of suede or cowboy boots.

Lace dresses are perfect for special occasions and parties. If you’re looking for something to wear to a wedding or cocktail party, lace embellishments are a great summer look.

Loose comfortable linen dresses are not just for the beach. Simple lines and closures are key to these elegant and casual summer time options.

Vine Vera maxi dress

Maxi Dresses
Long gowns are no longer just for evening wear. Maxi summer dresses can be great on the beach, or even for a day of shopping. They flatter every height and body shape, so you can’t go wrong.

Maxi dresses come in a series of styles. There are strapless, v-neck, backless, and halter maxis, maxis with side slits, maxis with graphic prints, bold prints, ruffles, layers and lace. In considering what maxi is right for you, consider your personal style, the part of your figure you want to call attention to ( or away from) and the occasion you are looking to wear it to. You may want to channel your modern boho princess, or go for a long sexy halter.

Vine Vera Vintage summer dress

Vintage Summer Dresses
Vintage summer dresses tend to be more fitted and may have less of the “throw on” appeal than most sun dresses, but are well worth the sacrifice considering the fashionability. Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor with cinched waists, padded tops and flared skirts. Off shoulder looks are a common feature of the vintage summer dress, as are bright prints and colors. Halter looks also often fall into the vintage category.

Vine vera sequin dress

Clubwear Summer Dress
Just because it’s called a “sundress” doesn’t mean you can’t wear it at night. Try a sequined club dress with a halter top or super sexy strapless number tight-fitting number with a sweetheart bodice. Looking for something more free-flowing? Try a loose sequined dress in silver with some drapy necklaces or go for a sexy cut out with geometric print.

What’s new in your closet this summer? Let us know how you are effortlessly beating the heat and looking chic, We love to hear from you!

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Creating A Timeless Summer Wardrobe

Sometimes it seems as if the phrase “summer fashion” is a contradiction in terms. After all, it seems that to most of us, summer is more about what you’re not wearing than what you are wearing or paying the largest amount of money for the smallest amount of material. However, a good fashionista knows that style knows no seasons and no amount of heat is a good excuse for looking shabby. So, with that in mind, here is a look at making the most out of the least.

Woman in yellow dress

The Canary Yellow Dress
Sure, we’ve all heard of the LBD, but what about the LYD. Sundresses are an absolute summer staple, and yellow is bound to look fabulous in any cut. So inch up those hems and buckle up those sandals and go yellow!

The Shorts Suit
The shorts suit is a summer favorite. The sleek coordination says “fashion” while the shorts say summer “fun.” Try it on for a study in contrasts and a break from the traditional evening or sundress.

Woman in crop top

Crop Tops
Firm abs are all the rage these days, and if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Remember, though, balance is the key here. Keep it classy by saving the bareness for above the belly button and go for a little more material below the waistline.

The Head Scarf
Go for some instant boho with the head scarf. You can wear this in a multitude of ways: leave hair down and wrap all the way around, rock star style, or use it to hold back hair for a more classic look. It will jazz up any outfit, no matter how small.

Woman with shades and red lips

Bright Shades, Bright Lips
We all know the importance of UV protection on sunny days, we can’t help it if looking great comes with the territory! Spice up your shady lady look with some bright lips for a little summer fun.

Embroidery and appliqué have made their mark on winter fashion, and it looks like their going to be just as popular this summer. Try some floral patches on your denim cutoffs for some casual rock fest hippie style.

Woman in lace top

Lace is a great way for making a fashion statement while wearing the least amount of clothing. Layer it over a slip or under a button-down shirt, or pair a lace skirt with a graphic tee for an out of the box look.

Mixed Prints
Have some fun experimenting with light checks and pastels, or stripes with florals. Think of one print as a solid, and take it from there. The possibilities are endless,

How are you dressing (or undressing) this summer? Let us know how you’re looking hot and keeping cool!

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Spring and Summer Colors For Lips, Hair, and Nails

When makeup first became widely available in the twenties, the color palette was limited. Powders were cream and ivory, lips were almost invariably some shade of red, and smoky eyes were de rigeur. Woe to those who couldn’t carry it off. True summers had to choose from the same palettes as dark autumns, bright winters were confined to the same choices as light springs, and soft autumns were offered the same options as soft summers. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems as if we can’t walk into Sephora without emerging an hour later finally having determined that the Plum Attraction was more flattering than the #61 Wine.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re having trouble navigating through the color options, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Check out the colors trending for spring and summer 2017 for lips, hair, and nails.

Vivid lips were on display on the 2017 spring runways. Textures ranged from the glittery, (Fendi) to the matte, (Giambattista Valli, and Jason Wu), and of course Carolina Herrera and Chanel brought the high gloss. Jason Wu make up artists created a sporty fluorescent look by layering a cherry with a matte orange. Valentino and Cushnie et Ochs chose semi matte shades ranging from electric pink to ruby. And, if your partial to the ultra shine, take a cue form the Kenzo and Simone Rocha runway with some eye catching shine. If your looking for some hot colors for your lips this season, look for:

  • Poppy Pink or Fuschia – Nothing says spring like a fushia lip.
  • Deep Berry – If you’re aiming to bring some drama into the spring, you can’t go wrong with a deep berry.
  • Bright Purple – Try some violet and twilight hues to recall the warm summer sunset.
  • Hot Red – There is always a call for a good strong red. Use it to spice up your 2017 spring summer pout.

Hair Color

Bronze ombre

Bronze Ombre
If you have dark hair and not much time to spend on upkeep, celebrity colorist David Adams advises going two or three complementary shades lighter. He describes this look as an ombre 2.0 “blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends and around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize maintenance.”

Warm Honey
Faithful brunettes who want to lighten up a touch might consider adding some natural amber to honey highlights to soften their natural color.

Baby Blonde
Already convinced that blondes have more fun? Think about going blonder. Stylist Sharon Dorram recommends lightening up with “strategically placed baby blond highlights around the face and crown.”

Creamy Blonde
If you don’t mind frequent trips to the colorist, a creamy platinum may be for you. Check out the look on Jennifer Lawrence for celebrity inspo.

Nail Polish

yellow nail polish

Sunflower Yellow
You’ll be seeing a lot of sunflower hello on nails this season. Check out versions form Essie, OPI and Christian Louboutin.

Valentine Pink
Taking break from red? Bright pink is a great alternative. Nails Inc. and Dior are both offering up takes on vibrant pink. FYI: Valentine pink was also spotted popping up the runways of Moshino, Fendi, and Valentino.

Tropical Green
Nothing says spring quite like green. Straight from the D and G runways, the earth friendly shade is currently available from both Essie and OPI.

Salmon Pink
For a more neutral approach to pink, try a salmon for the office and the beach.

Hope this clears things up! What colors are you sporting for spring and summer 2017? Let us know! We want your fabulous input!

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Summer Fashion Expressions

Woman sunbathing

Every generation has brought a new summer fashion icon.  Grace Kelly brought us the iconic 1950’s cat eye sunglasses  and scarf doubling as headband, while Sophia Loren modeled the sweetheart neckline.  The 60’s brought us sex kitten Brigitte Bardot looking so very hippy chic in her wide brimmed sunhat  and floral sarong.  In the Studio 54 Days of disco, Bianca Jagger let loose in her gold spandex with  plunging neckline and Bo Derek emerged from the ocean in  the movie “Ten”, shocking the world  with their first taste of cornrows and a  naked look one piece swimsuit.  The eighties saw the off the shoulder style of Madonna and Flashdance, while in the 90’s we discovered Pamela Anderson and the babes of Baywatch with their high cut one pieces.  Carrie Bradshaw sported the naked slip. And what style on this list have we not revisited?  Have we not seen Taylor Swift going high style in her own vintage swimsuit  in Hyannis Port or Lindsay Lohan peering coyly  from under her  modern sunhat?

Summer fashions have surely come a long way, but one thing seems to never have changed.  It is a time to go minimal.  It is a time for less makeup, less hair, and less clothes.  So Let’s talk about how we can make the most of the very least.

Woman in a bikini with a topknot hairstyle

What do you do when you’ve just come from a dip in the ocean and need to get your hair in some kind of semblance of normalcy?  If you wait until your hair is half dry, it will have the perfect texture for a sexy twist.  Easier to do than braids; just remember to bring bobby pins. And then there’s the topknot.  How’s that for a no brainer in the summer?  Hair up and away and very flattering to the cheekbones.  You may want to secure it with your fave hairspray.  Want one more no sweat solution for messy hair?  The hairband hides a multitude of sins.  From perspiration at the hairline to frizz, you’ll want to have one of these on hand at all times in the heat.

Sweat Control
Apply deodorant before going to bed.  Compounds that block sweat glands have time to be absorbed by your skin and no white streaks on your clothes! And how about investing in some bust dust?  Gotta love this!  Great for keeping embarrassing sweat from your cleavage.  It’s about time someone did something about this! Some absorbent soles for your shoes and for set to go!  So go out and shine, or go out and don’t shine!  Either way, you’ll be a star!

Woman sitting by the pool

Whether it be from perspiration or a quick dip in the pool,  moisture factor is to be taken into consideration in the summer.  The key word when it comes to makeup is waterproof.  You may want to consider abandoning blended loose powdery shadows in favor of a waterproof shadow crayon.  Available in bright colors, easy to apply and won’t smudge or smear after a run on the beach.  Just the thing, don’tcha think?   Or how about eyebrows?  Often not given the attention they deserve, eyebrows are a very important facial component and no one wants  to worry about  out of control brow pencil making a mad dash down your face.  Quell your worries with a clear wax pencil.  It will seal your brows and keep them shapely and lovely.  Last, but in no way least, is primer.  An alternative to regular face powder, primer works like a blotting pad on your face, keeping your makeup in place and avoiding shine.  The A listers swear by it!

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40+ Summer Fashion – Vine Vera Reviews

Mature woman enjoying the summers.

Summer is here, which generally means it’s time for skimpier outfits that cover less in order to deal with the heat. That’s all well and good, and there are a host of fun, cute outfit opportunities that the summer months usher in. That said, some of us may be a bit hesitant to rock styles meant for the younger crowd, or perhaps aren’t keen on showing too much skin, much as the blistering heat outside seems to mandate it.

It can be hard to figure out how to deal with this conundrum, but you’re not out of luck! Vine Vera is here to show you how to make summer fashion work for you no matter your age with these great tips and tricks.

Woman wearing a maxi skirt riding a bike.


Go for Light, Flowy Fabrics if You Want to Cover Up
For those of you fabulous forty-somethings and up who may be shy about showing skin for whatever reason, be it flab, cellulite, scars, stretch marks or whatever else, fear not. It’s true that short sleeves and shorter shorts are one possible response to increasing temperatures, but they’re hardly the only way to keep cool.

Long skirts and tops can actually be quite cool if they’re loose, flowy, and of a light, breathable material. Look for thinner fabrics that billow when they move; this means you’ll still feel air moving against your skin even if you’re covered head to toe.

Elegant, long maxi skirts with lighter-weight fabrics can be paired with equally lightweight blouses in coordinated colors for a very feminine casual look, or you can match a light, short-sleeved button up with loose slacks or a tighter (but not too tight) skirt for a more professional look.

Woman wearing a light cardigan and jeans.

Try the Basic T-shirt and Jeans, but Make it Special
For a casual, yet mature look, you can opt for the ubiquitous t-shirt and jeans look, but keep two things in mind: the jeans should be fitted and in good condition (no distressed, hole-ey jeans), and the t-shirt should be “special” in some way. Basically, this just means that the shirt should be something other than a plain, solid color tee. Look for interesting designs on graphic tees, or get one with a catchy saying printed on the front. This idea is one way to keep feeling young, since the basic tee plus jeans combo works decently well for all ages.

As a variation on this, you can throw a light cardigan over the tee for a mature, casual yet elegant look, but just be careful and try to find the lightest weight cardigan possible. Generally, layers just make you more likely to heat up and sweat like crazy, but you can pull off a simple cardigan over a tee if you get a lightweight and loose-fitting cardigan.

Mature woman enjoying the outdoors

Don’t be Afraid to Be Yourself!
More importantly than anything else on this list, just remember to be true to yourself and dress in a way that makes you happy. The rules here are good guidelines or rules of thumb, but ultimately, if you’re young at heart and want to rock the latest styles, or if you’re self-conscious about your body, but want to show skin anyway, go for it! In the end, it’s your body, and the ideas here are just that: ideas.

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