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Try These Hair Colors Before Summer Ends

best friends happy about their hair colour

Summer is a great time to dye your hair. Why? Because summer is bucket list time, time to cross off all those things you want to do before you kick it, and you know dying your hair every color under the sun takes up several places on that list. So, what’s it going to be this year, hologram pink? Gray matter? Violet hour? If you still haven’t made up your mind, here are some of the hottest color picks by celebrity hair stylists this season, but you better act quickly, summer won’t last long, and your roots are showing!

Neutral Blonde
If you’ve seen Nicole Kidman lately, you may notice that her skin tone is noticeably close to her hair color. That’s the neutral or nude blonde effect at work. It’s good for a subtle look, keeping the fun in blonde without the brassiness. Works great with peach-toned makeup for a natural radiance.

Cool Blonde
Cool blonde is a great way to play up those highlights and undertones. Says colorist Gion Vincent, “A lot of the new words you will be hearing when it comes to blonde this season are creamy ginger, creamy platinum ash, and smoke taupe.” Cool blonde is also a great way for loyal brunettes to get in on the blonde action.

Honey Blonde
Oh, honey. If you want to get an idea of what honey blonde looks like in action, check out Beyonce. Color consultant Tracey Cunningham says, “Baby lights weaved throughout the hair will lighten and brighten without losing dimension,” so it can handle summertime exposure to sun and chlorine like a pro. But do you really need more to recommend it thanBeyonce?

Strawberry Blond
The name alone makes you want to try this color at least once in your life. Strawberry blond is somewhat easier to wear than most traditional blondes because of its natural appearance as a highlight in most other hair colors. Says Cunningham, “The balance of red and blonde achieved through highlights and a gloss is perfect for a natural redhead of a blonde looking to experiment with a new shade of red.”

vine vera Try These Hair Colors Before Summer End

Always a head turner, platinum is one of the more glamorous options for blondes this summer. Just remember to stop by the pharmacy to stock up on some chlorine removing shampoo when you’re picking up the touch up formulas.

Defined Highlights
The definition may be the definition of hair color this summer. Colorist Chase Kusero says, “This season it’s about dimensional color. Really warm mixed with neutrals and a lot of reflective colors and not blended, but defined placement and definition.”

Peach is the new black this summer, or should we say the new blonde? Always a great summer color, Kusero says, “It looks especially good on bronze and sun-kissed skin, plus adds warmth to any skin tone.”

Tell us what your thinking interns of hair color this year? We want to know what dye to try before we die!

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Summer Sun Dress Styles To Look For

Vine Vera summer dress
For every red-blooded American “hot mess on a hot day, ” the sundress is truly a godsend. While our grandmothers sweated it out in flower-printed shirts, wrap around skirts, and unwieldy loafers, with the ever-present shirt tail flopping our awkwardly somewhere, we pull a ready-to-go outfit effortlessly from our closet, strap on some sandals, and leave the house looking sexy and confident. Since Lily Pulitzer first introduced the sundress to America in 1966 with the motto, “Everything is possible with sunshine and a little pink dress,” it seems almost unthinkable that any woman survived summer without one. Here are some variations on a classic style.

Creating Summer Outfits
Sundresses can be extremely versatile in going from day to night with a few basic changes. Just start out with a cute sundress in a basic color. For a casual look, add some practical sandals and a few choice necklaces. For the night, trade the sandals for some studded heels and throw on a leather jacket and you’re set.

For a day out with friends, booties can liven up a casual outfit, and a pair of heels and light sequined jacket can be added for date night.

Vine Vera Lace dress

Florals, Laces, And Linens
The floral sundress is an absolute wardrobe staple and great for daytime wear. You can go light by pairing it with sandals or make it boho chic with a pair of suede or cowboy boots.

Lace dresses are perfect for special occasions and parties. If you’re looking for something to wear to a wedding or cocktail party, lace embellishments are a great summer look.

Loose comfortable linen dresses are not just for the beach. Simple lines and closures are key to these elegant and casual summer time options.

Vine Vera maxi dress

Maxi Dresses
Long gowns are no longer just for evening wear. Maxi summer dresses can be great on the beach, or even for a day of shopping. They flatter every height and body shape, so you can’t go wrong.

Maxi dresses come in a series of styles. There are strapless, v-neck, backless, and halter maxis, maxis with side slits, maxis with graphic prints, bold prints, ruffles, layers and lace. In considering what maxi is right for you, consider your personal style, the part of your figure you want to call attention to ( or away from) and the occasion you are looking to wear it to. You may want to channel your modern boho princess, or go for a long sexy halter.

Vine Vera Vintage summer dress

Vintage Summer Dresses
Vintage summer dresses tend to be more fitted and may have less of the “throw on” appeal than most sun dresses, but are well worth the sacrifice considering the fashionability. Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor with cinched waists, padded tops and flared skirts. Off shoulder looks are a common feature of the vintage summer dress, as are bright prints and colors. Halter looks also often fall into the vintage category.

Vine vera sequin dress

Clubwear Summer Dress
Just because it’s called a “sundress” doesn’t mean you can’t wear it at night. Try a sequined club dress with a halter top or super sexy strapless number tight-fitting number with a sweetheart bodice. Looking for something more free-flowing? Try a loose sequined dress in silver with some drapy necklaces or go for a sexy cut out with geometric print.

What’s new in your closet this summer? Let us know how you are effortlessly beating the heat and looking chic, We love to hear from you!

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40+ Summer Fashion – Vine Vera Reviews

Mature woman enjoying the summers.

Summer is here, which generally means it’s time for skimpier outfits that cover less in order to deal with the heat. That’s all well and good, and there are a host of fun, cute outfit opportunities that the summer months usher in. That said, some of us may be a bit hesitant to rock styles meant for the younger crowd, or perhaps aren’t keen on showing too much skin, much as the blistering heat outside seems to mandate it.

It can be hard to figure out how to deal with this conundrum, but you’re not out of luck! Vine Vera is here to show you how to make summer fashion work for you no matter your age with these great tips and tricks.

Woman wearing a maxi skirt riding a bike.


Go for Light, Flowy Fabrics if You Want to Cover Up
For those of you fabulous forty-somethings and up who may be shy about showing skin for whatever reason, be it flab, cellulite, scars, stretch marks or whatever else, fear not. It’s true that short sleeves and shorter shorts are one possible response to increasing temperatures, but they’re hardly the only way to keep cool.

Long skirts and tops can actually be quite cool if they’re loose, flowy, and of a light, breathable material. Look for thinner fabrics that billow when they move; this means you’ll still feel air moving against your skin even if you’re covered head to toe.

Elegant, long maxi skirts with lighter-weight fabrics can be paired with equally lightweight blouses in coordinated colors for a very feminine casual look, or you can match a light, short-sleeved button up with loose slacks or a tighter (but not too tight) skirt for a more professional look.

Woman wearing a light cardigan and jeans.

Try the Basic T-shirt and Jeans, but Make it Special
For a casual, yet mature look, you can opt for the ubiquitous t-shirt and jeans look, but keep two things in mind: the jeans should be fitted and in good condition (no distressed, hole-ey jeans), and the t-shirt should be “special” in some way. Basically, this just means that the shirt should be something other than a plain, solid color tee. Look for interesting designs on graphic tees, or get one with a catchy saying printed on the front. This idea is one way to keep feeling young, since the basic tee plus jeans combo works decently well for all ages.

As a variation on this, you can throw a light cardigan over the tee for a mature, casual yet elegant look, but just be careful and try to find the lightest weight cardigan possible. Generally, layers just make you more likely to heat up and sweat like crazy, but you can pull off a simple cardigan over a tee if you get a lightweight and loose-fitting cardigan.

Mature woman enjoying the outdoors

Don’t be Afraid to Be Yourself!
More importantly than anything else on this list, just remember to be true to yourself and dress in a way that makes you happy. The rules here are good guidelines or rules of thumb, but ultimately, if you’re young at heart and want to rock the latest styles, or if you’re self-conscious about your body, but want to show skin anyway, go for it! In the end, it’s your body, and the ideas here are just that: ideas.

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