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Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They’re Gone

It’s summer and it’s that ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk” type of weather. Your friends are sending you selfies and texts from their exotic vacation spots while you lie on the couch in front of the air conditioner trying to keep your hair from frizzing. What’s a girl to do? Her nails!

It may be the dog days of summer, but that’s no excuse for letting your nails go! Put on the air conditioner and get out that polish! And do it soon, because the colors of summer may not be around for too long. Here are some of the best summer colors you simply have to have!

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

MikhailPopov / Shutterstock.com

Candy Crush
With all the fireworks of summer, its always a great idea to glitter bomb your nails. Get those nails looking just as hot as the weather with some multi-color glitter nail polish. Finish the look with some eye catching rings on every finger top and bottom.

Cake Pop
Nails that look like ten cake pops! What could be better? This pink pastel color will look great against your skin and while making a super feminine statement that can complement your inner lady or provide a contrast to your tomboy side.

Floss Gloss
Summer nail polish doesn’t have to be bright. Try a neutral palm tree color. It will work like color correcting concealer to tone down summer weathered hands, and look great while doing it.

Electric Orange
Anything starting with the word electric has to be great for summer. Besides, since your not doing tans anymore, you need something to give you color. Orange is a great cheery summer color and will provide a great contrast to your more expected pinks and reds.

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

Imcsike / Shutterstock.com

Coral is always a great classy choice for all of your cosmetics and summer fashion. Its really on trend this 2017 and is guaranteed to fully complement your entire summer wardrobe. The pinky peach color is a great way to keep things lively, and you can always add a glitter topcoat for a little extra kick.

There will always be a place for classic red in every nail polish collection. No matter the season, red will always make a strong, sexy feminine statement. You can never go wrong with red.

Subtle Grey
Every once in a while, it is a good idea to take it down a notch. With all the summer colors heating things up, you may want to cool off with a nice subtle grey. Look for the color in matte finish to keep it fun and bright.

Sweet Almond
They say variety is the spice of life, and if you’re always looking to change things up, this may be the color for you. Sweet almond is somewhere between gray and lilac, but there is nothing boring or sleepy about this light purple. Definitely a color for the ages.

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

MaxkateUSA / Shutterstock.com

Nothing like going nude in the summer. If its the barer the better, try this neutral on for size. It’s summer in a bottle.

What are you putting on your nails this summer? Drop us a line and let us know how your nailing your nails in the midst of all the heat.


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Fashion and Style For The Full Figured Woman

If the average US women is 162.9 pounds, and wears a size 14, how did fashion brands and retailers ever get the idea that anyone over a size 10 could not be fashionable? Flemish Painter Peter Paul Rubens would have been horrified with the dimensions of the average runway model and the Venus de Milo would probably have been rejected by standard modeling agencies.

Marilyn Monroe

stockelements / Shutterstock.com

Marilyn Monroe was certainly not waif -like, and Superwoman Lynda Carter was never shy about her curves. Rock and roll’s Queen sang the praises of the “Fat Bottomed Girls” in the 1970’s and even U2 had to admit that “Big Girls Are Best.”

So, why should it be that fuller figures are not accepted in the fashion world? Well, if Full Figured Fashion Week is anything to go by, things are changing. Here’s some expert style and fashion advice for the full figured woman.

Work To Play
According to Lawrence Zarian, a.k.a. the Fashion Guy, a white tailored French cuff shirt and a brick red sweater duster are must haves for every day fashion. These pieces can be worn separately, or paired with neutral colored boot cut slacks and a thick belt for waist line definition.


The Icon Collection
Inspired by the runways of Fashion Week Milan, Paris, and London, the Icon Collection offers sophisticated women more savvy fashion choices. Try some black harem waist pants with a grey off the shoulder top for a touch of elegance; pair with a riding coat and signature jewelry pieces. Zarian ensures that harem pants can be a great look for fuller figured women, as long as it is balanced with a full cut top. The riding coat will lend the illusion of a sleek silhouette. See Jennifer Hudson modeling her new harem pants for inspiration!

Mad Women
Although the finale is behind us, the influence of the TV show “Mad Men” is still very much alive. The character of Joan Holloway, portrayed by Christina Hendricks, combines curvy with vintage in the hit show, putting the pencil skirt and skinny belt back on the list of “must have” items.

Christina Hendricks

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Pair your classic tweed pencil skirt with an electric blue light weight sweater; something with a ribbed waistline can be very flattering. Top with a leather jacket for a modern twist on this 60’s look and grab a croc bag to complete it.

Beyond the Workplace
If you’ve got a dinner date planned after your nine to five shirt is over, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go home and change. You can wear your turtle green key-hole neck dress with your faux leather belt topped by a cardigan for a chic workplace look, and strip off the cardigan and belt before dinner. Grab your croc bag and you’re good to go.

No female wardrobe should be without the little black dress, regardless of size.


A black drape front dress is a great sexy look, and don’t forget to show off those shoulders. As for jewelry, Zarian says, “The hottest trend right now is to double up on your cuffs and bump it with bohemian pieces.” He recommends a back smoothing bra for a smooth, shapely look.

What other items do you think belong in the full figured wardrobe? Let us know your version of sexy!

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Styles That Work For Sophisticated Urbanites

When you hear the term “sophisticated urbanite”, what comes to mind? Gunmetal eyeglasses, shopping-and-meatballs at Ikea, an Emanuel Duca sterling silver necklace? According to the Urban Dictionary, a sophisticated urbanite is someone who is “urban and city-ish, but still sophisticated, with an impeccable sense of taste. No one ever questions their fashion choices.”
But what exactly earns you the title? If your goal is to become a sophisticated urbanite, Vine Vera shares the must-have brands for your ascent to glamour.

Urban girl with hat

Givenchy’s elite designer houses have just released a fashion line catering to lovers of street wear, called Resort Wear. Men’s fashion choices give relief from suits with black bomber jackets, loud prints, ski hats, and athletic sneakers. Ladies may prefer to try the platform lace up booties over-knee highs with a short black mini. Sweat pants, trench coats, and leather jackets round out the collection.

Patricia Manfield
Italian designer Patricia Manfield is known for her sporty and sleek street looks. She brings new meaning to athleisure with a tennis outfit and matching, “Tennis, Anyone?” logo sweatshirt paired with dress shoes and a bomber and she can also do a mean maxi dress.

Karl Kani
Look for the Karl Kani hip-hop fashion line to make a comeback in 2017. Carl Williams started the line at the age of 16 and went on to receive the “Urban Fashion Pioneer Award” in 2002. Look for women’s sports bras, leggings, cropped cameos, and long sleeved shirts for the modern lady. Men can expect logo hoodies, snapbacks, caps, and bucket hats.

Girl leaning against wall

Alternatives to Skinny Jeans
Lose the skinny jeans? Perish the thought! They look great on everyone, go with everything, and always hit the fashion mark. However, every once in a while, we need to get the skinny on the unskinny. Here are some alternatives you may be seeing in the near future.

Demi-Boot Jeans
Featuring a flared bottom cropped above the ankle, these give you the opportunity to show off some really killer shoes. Try it with some lace up boots like Kate Bosworth did!

Rolled Up Jeans
If you still favor a vintage look, you can roll up any kind of jeans and look great, It’s comfort meets chic with a designer bag and cool boots.

Girl in denim jeans

Slit Cigarette Jeans
If tight is the way you roll, cigarette jeans are a great look for great legs. You can rock these everyday for some casual class.

Denim Overalls
Seventies baggy or modern body hugging denim, overalls are always a crowd pleaser. Easy to coordinate with classic white tees, button fronts, or turtlenecks.

Two Toned Jeans
Look out for this trend in the next couple of months. Wear them as an understated alternative to prints.

Have you been designated the term “urban sophisticate” yet? Let us know what you’re rocking this year!

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Beauty Prep For Valentine’s Day

You actually talked your boyfriend into getting tickets to “Fifty Shades Darker” on Valentine’s Day. You are so excited. That Christian Gray is so bad! No wonder Anastasia Steele can’t help herself! Ok, so maybe you had to do a little arm-bending to get your guy to go with, but you think that once he sees the movie, he’ll change his tune. One thing is for sure, though. You’re going to have to look your best. You’ve got Rita Ora and Dakota Johnson to compete with. Spoken for or looking for, you’ve got to look great on Valentine’s Day. If you’re searching for ways to make sure you’re red hot on the big day, here are some tips on beauty prep.

Woman taking bath
Shower or Bath
Let your pre V-Day pampering start with a shower of bath. Kill two birds with one stone by applying vitamin E oil or a moisture mask before you step in. The steam will help the moisture penetrate your skin, and while you’re at it, you may want to put some whitening strips on those teeth. If you feel bloated, try adding some Epsom salt to your bath. The magnesium in the salt will help to draw excess fluids and toxins from your body. Add two cups to the bath water and sit for ten minutes.

Treat your skin to exfoliating gloves and a gentle scrub to rev up circulation. Don’t forget your hands and feet, you may be doing some touching later on.

Ok, so maybe this is a less glamorous part of the process, but a necessary one. Post exfoliation is the best time for de-fuzzing because you’ve just removed dead skin cells for a closer shave. Use a moisturizing shave cream for extra softness.

Ah! The scent of a woman. The next step is to start layering on the fragrance. Start with a moisturizing body wash followed by a body creme and perfume with the same scent to get the full effect.

Mani/ Pedi
A crucial part of beauty prep, the mani /pedi should begin with some good cuticle oil applied to your finger and toenails. After pushing back your cuticles, apply your favorite therapeutic moisturizer to your feet and hands and then pick your shade. Rita Ora Red of Dakota Johnson pink? It’s up to you!

Woman with curled hair
Now for your crowning glory. Try long loose curls for long hair. or a deep side part with bangs swept to the side for shorter hair or a bob. Remember, the focus is easy touchable hair, so try and stick with a soft look.

Prime your skin with an illuminating primer followed by foundation for a glowing, dewy base. Follow up with a pink- toned blush. A gray- toned palette is best for smoky eyes. Apply the darkest color near your lash line, lightening gradually as your move up. (Fifty shades, anyone?) Rim your top and bottom lashes with a black liner and two coats of black mascara. For a softer look, sweep a pale color across the lids and a soft brown liner under and over your eyes. Finish with two coats of brown mascara.

Make sure your lips are kissable by exfoliating with a cotton swab and baking soda. Next apply a red, pink, or nude gloss. This will soften the look of the lips once the color is applied. Spray perfume in all the right spots, and you’re set to go!

Did it work? We want the full report! Let us know about your Valentines Day success.

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Great Fashion Looks For Men

The suit, a set of garments made from the same cloth, the universal staple of men’s fashion. The words tend to conjure up a relatively conservative image, that is, the bland uniform of the businessman in the workplace. However, one has only to looks at the frock coat of the Victorian era and the full dress tails of the 1920’s to realize this is not always the case. Indeed, in retrospect, it would appear that there was a lot more in play the evolution of men’s fashion than we tend to give credit for.

They say, what comes around goes around, and the carefully knotted neckties of old would eventually reappear on the necks of the Rolling Stones in the 1970’s and Prince in the 1980’s. The suit no longer singularly defines men’s fashion and the spirit of creativity runs rampant in the latest designs. This was no more evident anywhere than on the runways of Paris, Milan and London for Men’s Fashion Week 2017.

Man with 70s style
Did someone say Rolling Stones? While Burberry brought the green wool knee length toggle, Roberto Cavalli showed off his bowl cut model in a flouncy print silk shirt with knotted scarf attached paired with bell-bottom jeans and sneakers. Gucci dress pairs up with velvet pants, dress shoes and bomber jacket with celestial appliqué.

Extra Long Sleeves
Extra long sleeves were on display for both men and women for this year’s fashion week. Maison Margiela’s long sleeved cream turtleneck’s sleeves stretched way past the cuffs of the khaki jacket worn over it. Raf Simons’ herringbone jacket was duck taped at the elbows, punk rock style, to show off the finger gracing sweater beneath it, and Prada offered this own black and white printed jacket with cuffs extending way past the wrist.

The military style will always have a place in fashion. Alexander McQueen showed off his fitted belted peacoat with gold buttons, while Burberry offered a looser fit version with red trimmed lapels. On display from Balmain, a show-stopping bolero with stretch skintight velvet pants.

Puffa Jacket
Another hit with ladies and men alike this year, there were a fair share of puffa jackets on the runway this year. Ami went with a fitted purple puffa worn incongruously over an oversized suit, Raf Simons favored oversize versions in slick black vinyl and two tone blue.

Man with chekered shirt

From the grunge to the mod, checks always make a fashion statement. From Bottega Veneta comes a flannel style jacket, while Valentino takes an entirely different approach. with head to toe black and white plaid. Lou Dalton goes casual in his checked jacket thrown loosely over an oversized, khaki shirt and baggy pants.

Burberry bundled up on the runway with his caped silver fur while Fendi went for a brown hip length fur. Dolce and Gabbana went full length with their brown bear coat worn over tight- fitting work pants and combat boots.

What are your favorite men’s looks for the new year? Fur? Puffa? Plaid? Let us know!

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Keeping Your Wardrobe In Great Condition

woman in a neatly arranged closet
It may not surprise you that a survey done at the University of Missouri revealed that millennials can’t do laundry or sew clothes as well as their parents and grandparents. According to the study, in generations from the Baby Boomers on, clothing care has been gradually on its way to becoming a lost art. It seems that technology progressed so far that millennials recognize the clothes iron more as a tool to heat up cold pizza rather than get wrinkles out of clothes, or perhaps they are just hoping to authenticate the “distressed” look. The truth is that millennials find it easier to throw out and replace clothing than care for and repair them, and this has resulted a huge increase in textile waste. Here’s how you can keep your wardrobe in great condition.

Pay Attention to Laundering
You know that tag on the neck of your shirt? That’s where you find your clothes laundering instructions. If you hate to hand wash and line dry, don’t buy clothes requiring special care. Make looking at care instructions a part of the shopping process. Remember, even a cheap piece of clothing can end up costing you more in the end if you end up ruining it.

Practice Good Hygiene
Of course, it may seem like a no brainer, but wearing deodorant, showering, and proper underwear can all help to keep clothes in better condition. Also, if you’re going somewhere where you know things are going to get messy, don’t wear an expensive lace dress, and don’t wear white pants if you know you are going to be sitting outside.

woman sewing
Learn How to do Basic Repairs
Even if you’re really careful with your clothes, buttons can pop off and shirt sleeves can fray. You can buy a basic sewing kit for just a few dollars and there are plenty of online videos that can teach you about everything from hemming to zipper repair.

Dress After Doing Your Hair and Makeup
Women’s clothing is often more prone to damage than men’s because of the likelihood of cosmetics to fade and stain garments. Do hair and makeup before dressing and then wear a robe to apply things like bronzer and loose shadow. Hairspray can also fade clothes, so try wrapping a towel around your shoulders before that final spritz.

Develop Good Storage Habits
Of course bleary eyed late night partying is not exactly conducive to good clothing maintenance, but leaving clothes misshapen can lead to damage in a few months. For best results, fold sweaters on a shelf, zip zippers and button buttons before putting clothes away and invest in good hangers. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders on your clothes. Hangars with plush or wooden arms help clothes keep their shape. Also, try not to store clothes too close together, as that can cause wrinkling and fading of fabrics. If you are short on room, you may want to look into storage solutions.

If you’re a millennial and are working on a way to save the environment, you may want to focus on conserving your clothing first. Let us know what you think! Will you be making some changes?

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Are You Ready For WorkLeisure?

woman looking at wardrobe
The movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is a veritable cornucopia of high- end fashion in the workplace. From the moment Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) steps out of her car, the viewer can see her foot ensconced in the later Prada red suede pumps, and it doesn’t end there. The camera works its way up to reveal a deep, purple Temperley cashmere and statement jewelry. Assistant Emily Blunt is not to be outdone in a Helmut Lang Tux jacket. If you’re working in the offices of a high end fashion designer with an Anna Winteresque boss, you may not have much opportunity to wear relaxing clothing, but the rest of us may be able to cut corners. With the rise of athleisure, there is a temptation to wear yoga pants to work, but, it should be clear that you know the difference between the workplace and the gym. Welcome to work leisure.

What is WorkLeisure?
In a nutshell, work leisure refers to athleisure that is business casual and can be worn all day, so you don’t really have to change in between coming home from work and vegging out in front of the t.v. WorkLeisure uses sweat-wicking, comfortable material and works them into business appropriate pieces that can also work for weekend activities. Companies jumping on the work leisure bandwagon include Lululemon, UnderArmour (UAS line), Bandier, Carbon38 and Kit and Ace.

What does WorkLeisure Look Like?
If you’re ready to cash in your formal business wear at a consignment shop and replace them with workleisure pieces, here’s an idea of what your new wardrobe may contain:

  1. UAS Women’s Varsity Blazer: This black “scuba woven jacket” is form fitting with accented pockets, a closed breast and high color. It is part of the new Underarmour work leisure line, UAS, and looks fabulous over leggings or tight skirts.
  2. Kit and Ace Laidback Brushed Dress: Advertised with the slogan, “Dressed in Ten Minutes of Less,” this piece is the definition of a no brainer. The doublestack turtleneck dress is made from modal, viscose and cashmere, and features a loose “boyfriend” fit.
  3. Olympia Siren Neo Pencil Skirt: If you’re looking for a sleek silhouette that’s easy to pair, this Olympia pencil skirt is a great piece for your wardrobe. No slouch on quality either, the skirt features detailing like a support band and moisture wicking fabric, guaranteed to look fabulous from all angles.
  4. A Day Made It T-shirt: This light and breathable shirt is a new take on the old silk tee. It drapes well and can make a great topper for anything from shorts to tailored pants. With its laser cut hem, this shirt is quick drying, wrinkle free, moisture wicked, and even UV resistant. How’s that for all in one?
  5. Tory Sport Merino Casual Graphic Sweater: From the Tory Sport Line by Tory Burch, this sweater’s boxy graphics are made with a blend of merino wool and COOLMAX yarn, designed to regulate your body temperature while keeping moisture away from the skin. Its unique triangular pattern is created with the use of a special punch needle to give dimension and texture to your everyday work apparel.

If the work leisure lines inspire you, let us know how you got creative with it. What do you think of the work leisure line? Passing trend or the look of tomorrow’s workplace? Let us know!

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