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Spring and Summer Colors For Lips, Hair, and Nails

When makeup first became widely available in the twenties, the color palette was limited. Powders were cream and ivory, lips were almost invariably some shade of red, and smoky eyes were de rigeur. Woe to those who couldn’t carry it off. True summers had to choose from the same palettes as dark autumns, bright winters were confined to the same choices as light springs, and soft autumns were offered the same options as soft summers. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems as if we can’t walk into Sephora without emerging an hour later finally having determined that the Plum Attraction was more flattering than the #61 Wine.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re having trouble navigating through the color options, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Check out the colors trending for spring and summer 2017 for lips, hair, and nails.

Vivid lips were on display on the 2017 spring runways. Textures ranged from the glittery, (Fendi) to the matte, (Giambattista Valli, and Jason Wu), and of course Carolina Herrera and Chanel brought the high gloss. Jason Wu make up artists created a sporty fluorescent look by layering a cherry with a matte orange. Valentino and Cushnie et Ochs chose semi matte shades ranging from electric pink to ruby. And, if your partial to the ultra shine, take a cue form the Kenzo and Simone Rocha runway with some eye catching shine. If your looking for some hot colors for your lips this season, look for:

  • Poppy Pink or Fuschia – Nothing says spring like a fushia lip.
  • Deep Berry – If you’re aiming to bring some drama into the spring, you can’t go wrong with a deep berry.
  • Bright Purple – Try some violet and twilight hues to recall the warm summer sunset.
  • Hot Red – There is always a call for a good strong red. Use it to spice up your 2017 spring summer pout.

Hair Color

Bronze ombre

Bronze Ombre
If you have dark hair and not much time to spend on upkeep, celebrity colorist David Adams advises going two or three complementary shades lighter. He describes this look as an ombre 2.0 “blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends and around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize maintenance.”

Warm Honey
Faithful brunettes who want to lighten up a touch might consider adding some natural amber to honey highlights to soften their natural color.

Baby Blonde
Already convinced that blondes have more fun? Think about going blonder. Stylist Sharon Dorram recommends lightening up with “strategically placed baby blond highlights around the face and crown.”

Creamy Blonde
If you don’t mind frequent trips to the colorist, a creamy platinum may be for you. Check out the look on Jennifer Lawrence for celebrity inspo.

Nail Polish

yellow nail polish

Sunflower Yellow
You’ll be seeing a lot of sunflower hello on nails this season. Check out versions form Essie, OPI and Christian Louboutin.

Valentine Pink
Taking break from red? Bright pink is a great alternative. Nails Inc. and Dior are both offering up takes on vibrant pink. FYI: Valentine pink was also spotted popping up the runways of Moshino, Fendi, and Valentino.

Tropical Green
Nothing says spring quite like green. Straight from the D and G runways, the earth friendly shade is currently available from both Essie and OPI.

Salmon Pink
For a more neutral approach to pink, try a salmon for the office and the beach.

Hope this clears things up! What colors are you sporting for spring and summer 2017? Let us know! We want your fabulous input!


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The Perfect Accent Pieces for Any Woman’s Wardrobe

A flash of a silver chain, the elegance of a well-placed belt, the glimpse of lace from under a flowing skirt. So fleeting, yet so effective. Why is it we still talk about the pearls Sienna Miller wore on the red carpet months after the event? The Henry Mendel necklace draped down the back of Thandie Newton’s gown at the Golden Globe Awards? Natalie Portman’s 1910 vintage earrings or Michelle William’s velvet choker?

Fashionistas know that it’s sometimes the small things that make the biggest statements. If you want to say so much by adding so little, here are some fashion accents you won’t want your wardrobe to be without.


Snazzy Loafers
If you’re looking to jazz up an outfit without compromising comfort, try adding some snazzy loafers. Think silver and gold metallics or flashy bold colors. If heels are more your speed, go for a pair with a little elevation. Isaac Mizrahi’s New York Kimmie loafers lend the perfect amount of height to complete a well tailored look.

Big Blowsy Scarf
If you want to make a statement, a big flowing scarf can be just the thing. Try something with a mixed pattern. The Loft Brocade Print Scarf features a combination of solids stripes and graphics in warm bold colors that will make any outfit memorable.

Woman carrying clutch

The Clutch
While shoulder bags and cross bodies can be fun and easy, when it comes to fashion, you can’t beat the clutch. The bold and most classic of all purses and handbags, the clutch completes an outfit without interfering with sleek lines and tailored cuts. When it comes to clutches, its all about color and detail. Olivia and Joy’s green Gallery Clutch brings on the edge with gold studding and elegant closure.

The Silk Scarf
One of the most versatile pieces, the silk scarf offers a host of fashion possibilites. Tie it in a bow around the collar of a button front for some mod appeal, tie it to your purse, or wear it as a turban to channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor.

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless Gloves
They sure worked for Madonna in the eighties! Fingerless gloves add just the right amount of bad girl to any outfit, plus you can still text! Leather, lace, or wool, wrist length or sleeve, fingerless gloves can capture any style from punk to sporty to glam.

Drop Earrings
A glimpse of a strategically placed shining stone can never go wrong, especially if its near your face. Baroque earrings, costume or real, will make any woman sparkle. Pick up some beautiful Bon Voyage stunners in vintage blue and green to make your eyes pop.

What accents do you think no wardrobe should be without? Let us know how you make your fashion statements!


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Show Off Your Couple Style

When couples with style come to mind, few can compete with fashion icons, Sonny and Cher. Be it Nehru jackets, bell-bottoms, straight bangs, or platforms, this couple rocked it, and nothing was off the table, with little separating “his” from “hers.”

A couple that shops together stays together, as they say, and if you’re lucky enough to share a passion for fashion with your significant other, it can be a great bonding experience and garner a lot of second looks from passersby.

If you’re looking for couple fashion inspiration, here’re a few ways to show off your inner Barbie and Ken.

Why Couple Style Is In

For a while, the image of a couple with matching outfits brought forth images of matching sweatsuits and retirement communities. However, all that seems to be changing. Even Drake and Rhianna, whose relationship status is still up in the air, were rocking the twin look at several paparazzi-worthy events. So why the sudden acceptance?

Couple style with sunglasses

One thing that may explain the fashion resurgence is the movement toward the blurring of gender lines in today’s fashions. Designers like J.W. Anderson employ male runway models that are just likely to wear makeup and skirts as their female counterparts. Another reason might be the onset of the digital age: dressing alike makes it seem like you’ve got a follower in real life.

If you and your mate want to look more fashionably compatible, here are a few suggestions.

Black and white stripes
If you want to spice up a casual date, you might want to try his and her black and white striped shirts. Hers can be black on white, his white on black. Complete her look with a mini or pencil skirt, while he can stick to shorts or trousers.

Suspenders are a great way to show couple solidarity. You can wear jeans or pants in contrasting or matching colors and add extra pizzazz with a scarf knotted at the neck or a wool cap for an “Oliver Twist” look.

Justin and Selena
Even if the couple didn’t survive, the fashion legacy lives on. Who could forget the images of Selena’s red silk dress complemented by Justin’s red pocket hanky?

Matching Suits
If you want to put the “power” in “power couple” try matching pinstriped tailored suits. Layer over black turtlenecks or button fronts.

Couple style

Movie Attire
For trips to the movies, keep it casual. Guys can pair some nice khakis with a button down or polo. Ladies can dress down to match your man with some boyfriend jeans, and match button-downs or tees with flats, or dress it up with printed pants, a solid top, and heels.

Dinner and Dancing
If am upscale restaurant and lounge is on the agenda, guys can stick with a business casual look. Think nice slacks, a shirt, and blazer jacket. Ladies can go for a bit more of the glitz and glam with a beaded LBD, killer heels, and some shiny accessories.

Sporting Events
If you’re looking for a great way to connect as a couple, you can show off your style at a sporting event. Guys can just stick to jeans and team jersey, and girls can do pretty much the same thing, or feminize with skinny jeans, tank, and heels. Team baseball caps are a great touch for either guy or gal.

So what do you do to show your couple style? Let us know how the two of you coordinate!

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Spring Denim Must Haves

Denim has proven to be a vastly popular choice over the years, so much so that it can now be worn at virtually any place and at any time. Blue jeans themselves will never go out of style and a good pair of denim is able to pull off any accompanying outfit imaginable. Saying that, every now and again some switches are necessary and some vintage inspiration may be in order, or a former seasonal must-have may be ready to be tossed. There is definitely a reason why this versatile blue fabric has been set as a near-permanent fashion trend.  Regardless of how other trends are changing, denim is able to adapt and evolve with the times.

Woman wearing denim shorts

Denim Shorts
Perfect for when the weather becomes warmer, denim shorts are most certainly in this spring. These shorts pair well with crop tops and are perfect for individuals who don’t like to expose too much midriff. Some rise right to below the belly button and somehow manage not to deter from your overall figure. They’re also extremely comfortable too, giving you that extra room to move your legs and thighs.  Low-rise denim shorts are also a great choice and go perfectly with graphic t-shirts or an off-the-shoulder blouse.

Classic high-rise vintage fits seem to be in this spring. Cuts that hail back to the 90s are making a strong comeback and if you think you’re already set in the high-rise department, see if you can find even higher waisted styles. Jeans from designer Vetement are an ideal choice as they manage to make an old classic look timeless.

Raw Hems
Raw hems are stylish. That unfinished look is definitely a denim trend that will be sticking around and is actually far less commonly worn. Either done as a straight-leg or cropped flare this style is perfect for standing out in the crowd as more finished looks seem to be dominating the market.

Ankle crops

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Ankle Crops
Unlike traditional skinny jeans the ankle crop shows off an often ignored part of your leg and additionally allows the wearer to showcase their footwear more prominently. If you choose to wear ankle crops, remember short socks or no socks are preferable as well as of course a stylish pair of shoes that match.

Denim on Denim
The double denim look is a perfect choice for when you don’t want to overthink things. Although you can try wearing tighter fits, a more trendy look for this spring would be looser denim tops and jeans. You could try an over-sized long-line jacket and swap the skinnies over for a cropped, flared-hem pair.

Personalized Denim
One of the biggest must-haves for denim is not just in the style of the fabric but also its personalization. You can try anything from embroidery to patches and pins. Many mainstream brands have adopted this trend as it allows customers to make the clothing truly their own. Themed patches are also fashionable so if you’re looking to give your old pair of jeans a face lift, now is definitely the time.

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Flower Power and Spring Fashion

Flowers… they are so beautiful and so classic… it’s no wonder they’ve stuck around the fashion scene for so long. But not all flowers are created equal. So how should you be sporting your flowers this spring? We consulted fashion experts to find out.

The symbol of the flowers became prevalent in fashion in the 1960’s. Style experts explain that the structure of a flower is emblematic of peace and love, the message conveyed during the hippie movement. Floral patterns were seen on tops, worn on patches, and even worn in the hair.

woman with floral crown

Andy Warhol capitalized on this, taking flower power to a whole new level. Fashion writer Anne Slowey points out his ability to add pop art and psychedelia to the botanical look. She recommends that women who fear looking too childish or suburban while sporting flowers channel their inner Warhol by adding playful bracelets and chunky sandals to the look.

Other designers that added tongue and cheek (or should we say, tongue and chic?) to the flowery look, include Derek Lam who channeled 40’s glamour girls with a dash of disco resulting in big bold prints and Carmen Miranda-esque kitsch. Marc Jacobs opts for tropical prints recalling the dancehall dresses of the swing era. Karl Lagerfield combines poppies with flounce sleeves on baby doll dresses.

A super feminine dress is also great for showing off your florals. This spring, lengths are getting longer and the floral prints are getting darker. Funky Forty Fashions recommends pairing long dresses with a high heel to maintain the look of height.

Shorter lengths and lighter colors are a fun way to go floral too! Team up looks like these with a fun hat. Go barefoot or sport pretty sandals or a chunky heel.

This spring florals can be found anywhere. Skirts, pants, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, scarves, dresses and tees. They are even popping up on makeup packaging and clothes pins. Fendi uses them, not only in his fashions, but even in his spring campaign where giant flowers are the photo backdrop. He uses his florals with leathers and textures.


Flower power fashions really took hold in 2015 and stayed strong in 2016. Fashion trends for 2017 show flowers still holding strong. New York Fashion Week featured spring designs with oversized flower crowns like those in American Fashion Designer Michael Costello’s collection. Costello’s theme was ‘midnight botanical bash’ and he featured models strutting on the runway rocking glittering head pieces “featuring blooming roses dipped in glitter, seas of violets and shimmering orchids,” reports Fox News Magazine.

So it seems like florals might live on in the form of crowns for 2017. Fashion expert Samantha Brown offers, “To take this trend from the runway consider the scale of the flowers and the context of the events. Crowns are relevant when they work the right way, oversized for evening events and music festivals.”

So what about you? Are you a fan of florals? How will you be sporting yours? Are you ready for the floral crown? Let us know about your floral faves in the comments section below.

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Showing Off Your Cleavage

Some women have no qualms about wearing impossibly low-cut tops and baring it all for everyone to see, but many are more reserved when it comes to cleavage. Showing off cleavage can make you feel incredibly feminine and sexy, but if you expose too much, you may also feel a bit uncomfortable. Below, find out some tricks to tastefully showing off your cleavage.

Lace dress

Try Lace
For those who want to be very modest, a lace top can be the perfect fit. Looking for a lace-yoked shirt or a top with a sheer panel is one of the most conservative ways you can show off your cleavage. Wearing clothing such as this is less about blatantly baring your breasts and more about hinting at the cleavage underneath these thin fabrics.

Use Some Accessories
Adding a few accessories to your upper half can be a great way to call attention to your cleavage without having to show too much off. You can wear any type of jewelry that you like from dainty and delicate to chunky statement pieces. Experts recommend that if you want to show off your cleavage, try a necklace that reaches the very top of your cleavage (or as close as you can get) and to find a necklace that sparkles. Anytime your necklace catches the light, your cleavage will get the attention you want.

Button up blouse

Wear a Button Up Blouse
Button ups are an easy and customizable way for your to show off your cleavage. These tops can take you easily from the office to the evening by adjusting a few buttons here and there. Pair your button up with a lacy silk camisole for added femininity or just choose a bra with great support to help you display your cleavage in a tasteful manner.

Balance Your Skin With Fabric
If you are wearing a shirt that is low-cut, it’s important to balance out the amount of skin you show with fabric. For instance, if you are wearing a top that has a very low scoop or square neckline, be sure to pair with more fabric elsewhere. You want to draw attention to your cleavage, while keeping the rest of your look subtle and covered. Low-cut tops with sleeves are perfect for achieving this look, but you can also pair a short-sleeved top with more conservative bottoms like a midi or maxi skirt.

Plunging neckline

Try a Plunging Neckline
This is for the most daring and adventurous ladies that want to show off their cleavage. Plunging necklines are a staple on the red carpet, but you can definitely work the look yourself by following a few rules. First, this look is very dramatic, so pick the right occasion to rock a plunging neckline. New Year’s Eve parties or a glam girls’ night out are perfect occasions for this dress. Work? Not so much. Also, be sure to remember the earlier rule about balancing out your neckline with fabric. Some celebrities wear dresses with plunging necklines that are floor-length and have long sleeves.

No matter what size you are working with, there are ways for your to tastefully show off your cleavage. Remember that when showing off your cleavage, you want to focus on that area of your body only, so keep the rest of your clothing simple and modest for the most modern look.

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Showing Off Your Curves

Sometimes you want to be ultra-feminine and really flaunt the curves you’ve got. Whether you’re full of natural curves or you want to create the illusion, there are fashionable spring items that you can wear to achieve this. It doesn’t matter what your size or body shape is, there are ways that you can show off your curves. Fashion is all about personal expression and when you want to be alluring and girly, try playing with the following pieces of clothing.

Woman wearing a crop top

Crop Tops
Crop tops have made a major return in the fashion world and these tops are a perfect choice for when you want to accentuate your curves. Crop tops are perhaps most flattering to those who have an hourglass figure, but anybody can rock a crop top with some confidence. Don’t assume that crop tops are only for 20-year-old supermodels, body types of all sizes can make the crop top work for them. Pair a crop top with a flowing maxi skirt for a flirty, feminine look or grab your skinnies and a lightweight cardigan for a more conservative outfit.

Ruffles dress

Tops, dresses or skirts – anything with ruffles is your friend when you are looking to accentuate your curves. In addition to being great at helping you show off curves, ruffles create interest by enhancing what you’ve already got. If you have more of a rectangle shaped body, then wearing ruffles can create the illusion of curves.

Jessica Biel

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Wide-Legged Trousers
Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts and closets, but wide-legged trousers are a major trend for spring. These pants are super versatile; they can be dressed up or dressed down and they come in so many styles. These pants add volume to the bottom half of your body, which highlights your waist and balances you if you have broad shoulders. To really enhance your curves, pair wide-legged trousers with a tucked in cami and add a statement belt to your waist.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes
Vertical stripes naturally make the eyes focus up and down, and horizontal stripes do the exact opposite. Horizontal stripes draw the eyes to the sides of your body, and they can help to enhance your natural curves, or to create curves if you have a more athletic body type. Spring 2016 runways were full of stripes in a wide variety of clothing items. A striped top is one of the easiest ways to incorporate some stripes into your spring wardrobe, but designers featured elegant gowns, casual dresses and flowing maxi skirts for spring 2016.

Maximizing your curves is all about feeling confident and beautiful no matter what shape or size your body is. Spring 2016 featured so many styles that are perfect for showing off and creating curves. Play with different colors, textures and outfit combinations to find the pieces that make you feel and look amazing.

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