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Planning A Home Spa Treat

Woman enjoying a bath

Here’s the scenario.  It’s weekend 1 of Coachella.  Your bestie is there and so is your significant other.  Apparently, his friend only had one extra ticket.  The clubs and bars are empty and the thought of watching a movie alone seems kind of sad when you think of all your friends partying and watching Guns and Roses under the stars.  What can you do?

How about a home spa?  Sure, why not?  I mean you deserve some pampering and your boyfriend is not about to do it for you.  You’ve got the time, you just need a few ingredients.

What does it take to get you in the mood?  A little music?  A glass of bubbly?  A little incense?  Whatever your idea is of a relaxing mood, this is your time to create it.Lower the lights and slip into your robe.

Facial Stem
Heat up a  pot of hot, not boiling water.  It will open your pores and get them ready to receive treatment.  Add some essential oils or fresh herbs, and breathe in deep.  Put a towel over your head to trap the steam and let it work its magic for ten minutes.

Body and Face Scrub
Exfoliate your face and body with your favorite body scrub. You can get creative and make your own with salt, sugar, even coffee grounds. Massage into damp skin to help diminish those pesky blackheads.

Hair Mask
Time to give your hair some love.  It is your crowning glory, after all.   Apply any oil or hair mask that you love and wrap your hair in a towel.  Let soak.

Fill up the tub and throw in some almond or lavender oil.  Get out those floating candles and find a place to set that drink.  Turn up that music. Maybe some bathtub Karaoke? Belt it out with Adele!  Axl who?  Coachella what?

Quick Rinse
Give your hair and body a quick refreshing rinse.

Facial Mask
What would your spa day be without a proper facial mask?  If you are bold enough and DIY is your thing, fresh mashed strawberries are an option.  The little seeds act as exfoliants and it smells yummy.

Foot Wrap
It has been said that the nicest thing one person can do for another is massage their feet, so why not  be nice to yourself.  Rub your favorite foot cream int your feet and put plastic map around them.  Pop a wet towel into the microwave to warm it up and wrap it around your feet for 10-15 minutes.

You are having a dream. Your boyfriend has just returned from Coachella.  You walk in the room.  You’re face is glowing, your hair falls in perfect waves around your milky shoulders.  You smell of fresh strawberries.  Your boyfriend falls to his knees at the sight of your beauty.  You walk past him on your freshly wrapped feet.  You get into a limo where Axl and Slash are waiting with a bottle of champagne.  Let the fun begin.

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Indulge – Top Spas in Palm Desert

Woman receiving massage treatment at a spaSpas aren’t just places of pure bliss and pampering. They are designed to address a range of issues and problems using life enhancement programs. So for all you businessmen and women, moms and dads on the go and extra busy youngsters, an afternoon at the spa might be an afternoon well spent, especially when you have all sorts of beauty and skin treatments to choose from. The top spas in Palm Desert, California ensure that their guests have the very best of everything when it comes to getting pampered. So whether you want a deep tissue massage or a mud bath, there is always something just right for you in Palm Desert.

All About Massage

All About Massage boasts of being the winner in the Best of the Valley Awards offered by Desert Magazine for 2 straight years. As the name suggests, this parlor is all about massages – from deep tissue massages and aromatherapy to hot stone massages, shiatsu and pregnancy massages, All About Massage has it all. You can also find the spa offering Thai, Swedish, medical and sports massages as well as reiki, reflexology and acupressure.  The average sessions run for intervals of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

Spa Esmerelda

Spa Esmerelda is a luxury spa located in the Renaissance Esmerelda Resort  & Spa in Indian Wells. It greets its guests with glass corridors, marble floorings and the peaceful sounds of a stone fountain. Some of the most popular therapies at the spa include body wraps, slimming treatments, couple chocolate massages and detoxifying body wraps.

Agua Serena Spa

The Agua Serena Spa is often referred to as a 30000 sq. ft. floating paradise inside the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. This unique spa offers its patrons with specialty treatment rooms, sauna, 18 private massages to choose from, Swiss showers, plunge pools, steam, state of the art locker rooms, a wide range of treatments that include traditional massages as well as progressive therapeutic services and outdoor gardens.

Marriott’s Desert Springs Resort & Spa

The Marriot’s Desert Springs Resort & Spa is considered to be the Godzilla when it comes to spas in Palm Spring. The resort is home to a 30000 sq. ft. spa that consists of a 54 station cardio gym, full service salon, world class aerobic walking classes, jogging paths, a whirlpool, a swimming pool and hot and cold plunge pools. The shrimp stuffed artichoke found at the Spa Bistro is a must have.

The Well Spa

The Well Spa is a household name in Palm Springs. It has been around for generations and has been treating its patrons for as long as the locals can remember. Today, this historic spa is located in the Miramonte Resort Watsu and is famous for its Vichy showers that are located on tables built from Acadia cedar dating back 100 years and wine baths. The Well Spa also offers a number of wellness classes such as hydro-yo-chi classes, fitness classes, yoga and tai-chi.

Vine Vera Palm Desert

If you find yourself desiring to look younger while being pampered at the same time, check out Vine Vera. Vine Vera Resveratrol Skincare offers products back with the anti-aging power of the cutting edge ingredient Resveratrol. Turn back aging by years with a complimentary facial at the luxury location on El Paseo Drive. It not only offers facials in a comfortable and sumptuous environment, but also boasts of a private VIP room to offer high end clientele privacy as well as extra plush full length loungers.

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The Perfect Home Spa Experience Product From Vine Vera

Get The Home Spa Experience in Your Home With The VineVera Nail Kit

The Vine Vera Nail Kit - Vine Vera Skin Care

Everyone is on the go these days; especially during the summer. This is usually the season where people get ready for vacations and other activities. With so much to do it is hard for some to find time to pamper themselves and take care of their skin and body in order to look their best. So what’s a person to do when they don’t have time to go to the spa? Vine Vera Skin Care answers the call and allows everyone to enjoy some at home type spa routines for much needed pampering from the comfort of their home. The VineVera Nail Kit gives you the benefits of a manicure without going to the salon. This will mean more time for you to spend with family and friends and for you to enjoy doing other things. The VineVera Nail Kit has all of the tools needed to give your nails a shining, smooth and glowing look. The kit comes with a 3-step buffer as well as a nail file, the unique Resveratrol hand & body lotion and cuticle oil. All of these combine to give you the best looking nails without leaving your home. What really makes this an awesome buy is the Resveratrol lotion which helps to hydrate your skin as it stimulates collagen synthesis into your hands. The results are dazzling, smoother and younger looking hands. Vine Vera lets your hands get VIP spa and salon treatment right from the comfort of your home.

You can check out the entire article which reviewed and recommended three products here 3 Beauty Products to Get the Spa Experience at Home for further insight.


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