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Build A Great Spring Trip Ensemble

Spring is the perfect time for weekend getaways at the beach, pool or nature. Whether you’re going with your girlfriends, mom or significant other, here’re a few recommendations to pack into your suitcase for a stylish escape.

denim jacket

The Denim Jacket
Rugged enough to withstand a little rough and tumble, jean jackets are a spring trip staple, and also a key part of any summer wardrobe. Check out the new light wash from Levi’s denim jacket with an embroidered slogan on the back for a little extra dash of cool.

The Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket is getting some well-earned attention. This year, we’re loving the bagginess and the shine. Pair it with a shirt dress, bandana, and Nike trainers to bring out your inner tomboy.

Overall Dungarees
Overall dungarees are the perfect field day look. Wear them Taylor-Swift tight or Jared-Leto baggy. Pick up a pair from Top Shop and layer them over a peasant blouse to go feminine, or put them over an edgy mesh top for some bad girl fashion.

leather backpack

Leather Backpack
You never know what you’ll need for a field trip, and a backpack will give you a little more mobility than a standard purse. A sleek leather mini one from Whistles stores your necessities perfectly without looking clunky.

Star Cuffs
Whatever you’re wearing, you can’t of wrong with these gold star hair accessories and ear cuffs from Tada and Toy. It will bring a little of the night sky into your everyday and is a great signature alternative to the temporary tattoo.

Baseball Jersey
If you like donning your man’s clothing, the baseball jersey is for you. Make it your own by wearing it open over shorts or close it up and wear it as a dress. Look for the one from Majestic Athletic with the Brooklyn logo.

Plaid Shirt
We all know the importance of layers when our field days become field nights. Bring along a super comfy plaid shirt and tie it around your waist grunge style for a practical fashion statement.


Stretch Playsuit
Nothing could be better for running around on a field trip than grayey marl stretch playsuit from Silence and Noise. You’ll love this comfy one piece with hints of lace and tapered legs. Dress up with some flowery sunglasses for outdoor excursions.

Shirt Dress
Shirt dresses are a great mixture of cute and sporty and an ideal choice for your field trip. Go mod in a Fred Perry T-shirt dress paired with some cool Doc Martens or reflective trainers.

Logo Shirt
Dare to go bold with some fresh patterned logo shirts or jumpsuits. Pair with some cool sunnies and you’re ready to roll.

What are you wearing for your spring field trip? Let us know if these looks are working for you or if you’ve got a few of your own to share.

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Accessories That Make Your Shirt Dress Look Chic

What is it about the shirt dress that is so appealing? Is it because the image of a woman wearing a men’s shirt conjures postcoital images? After all, doesn’t the emergence of a woman wearing a shirt belonging to her male partner from a bedroom indicate an omitted sex scene? Was it Jane Fonda emerging from an interrupted six days from a suite at the Plaza Hotel in “Barefoot in the Park” that made the style so desirable?

Woman in shirt dress

A “shirtdress” is a dress which borrows details of a man’s shirt such as a button front, collar, or cuffed sleeves. Because they are usually but without a seam at the waist, they often rely on a belt for definition. However, when it comes to accessorizing a shirtwaist, there are vast options for additions.

History of the Shirt Dress
Shirtdresses became fashionable in the 1950’s when Christian Dior launched his “New Look” line of couture designs. These early versions featured a full skirt supported by a crinoline. They were often characterized by a notched collar and elbow length cuffed sleeves. The T-shirt dress is a variation on the original shirtdress and first gained popularity in the 1960’s.

Accessories for the Shirt Dress

The greatest accessory for emphasizing the female waist, the belt is a crucial component in shirtdress fashion. Belts are available in chain, ribbon, beaded, or leather styles and complement a multitude of outfits. They are especially important in completing the look of a shirtdress because, in many cases, they are the only way to define the waist as most shirt dresses feature no seam at the waistline. Consider a bow belt for an ultra feminine look.


Hats, fascinators, shoes, and bags. They can change your look from day to night. Whether you choose a baseball cap or elaborate fascinator, sneakers or stiletto pumps, a shirtdress can take them all on. You can use a shirtdress as a light jacket in the summer over a pretty summer dress, Keep it fun and casual with high top sneakers and incorporate feminine accessories to remain stylish.

There are several options when it comes to layering your shirtdress. You can keep it open and add an underskirt that hits right above or below the hemline to vary the fullness of the skirt. You can also use it as a jacket and experiment with proportions underneath or over. For a real head turner, consider a bustier underneath a flouncy, silky dress, adding tough rocker accessories like cowboy boots, chain belts and sunglasses.

Other Options
When it comes to shirtdress style, the options are almost unlimited. Button all the way up for a preppy look or all the way down for some sexy dishevelment. Belts can be made of any materials, and suitable shoe styles are endless. When choosing the ideal shirtdress, remember less is more. Try and avoid distracting ruffles and attached belts and make sure the buttons go all the way down. Extra touches will limit the versatility of the piece.

Woman in shirt

Also, you might want to take the following into consideration:

Don’t skimp on fabric. Make sure the garment is durable and breathable and that buttons and seams are well sewn. Look for a specimen that is easy to care for and will last a long time.

Make sure your shirtdress is comfortable and not too tight. Look for simplicity in style and make sure you feel great when you put it on and can wear it with confidence.

Make sure it will work with the pieces already in your closet. You don’t want your purchase to require more purchases.

Tell us about how you accessorize your shirtdress! We want to hear about your personal style!

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The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is an an article of clothing with a storied history that was originally popularized in the 1950s. It’s gone through many iterations since then and spawned variations like the T-shirt dress as well. With its button front and loose fit, it looks great on just about any body type, comes in lots of different styles and cuts, and can be accessorized for nearly endless looks.

Shirt Dress

What’s a Shirt Dress?
But before we get ahead of ourselves, a basic definition for the uninitiated: a shirt dress is, as the name would suggest, a dress that borrows elements from a formal button-up shirt. They often—though not always—feature collars, button fronts, and cuffed sleeves. The fabric often has a similar feel to a dress shirt, most often being made of cotton or silk, and there is usually no seam at the waist, meaning a belt is needed if a defined waist is desired.

History of the Shirt Dress
Historically, shirt dresses first saw a widespread appeal in the early 1950s. Christian Dior is credited with the popularization of the style, as it was part of his post-World War II “New Look” designs. This version was still a bit impractical as it necessitated the use of crinoline to hold up the full skirt, but it was the predecessor for the modern design.

The shirt dress continued to evolve, and by the 1960s, shirt dresses more like the predominant styles today could be seen, with the same button front, collar, and cuffed sleeves, but with a more sensible loose skirt, no crinoline necessary.

One variation that was first spawned in the 1960s was the T-shirt dress, which is pretty much what it says on the tin; an elongated t-shirt meant to be worn like a dress.

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress Styling Tips
The shirt dress is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing with many potential outfits possible. Generally, you’ll want to cinch up the waist with a complimentary belt to add definition to the otherwise loose, flowy nature of the dress, but it’s not necessarily a must, especially with something like a slim denim shirt dress, which can be a complete outfit with a simple hat, statement necklace, sneakers and a crossbody bag.

Adding a matching jacket and belt (the base color and color of the buttons/buckle/etc should match each other on the belt and jacket) can totally change the look, especially if you make the belt, jacket, purse, and shoes all matching, with the dress itself in a contrasting color for a nice visual “pop.”

Tights or leggings make shirt dresses an option in cooler weather too, and can be complimented with a matching scarf for a bit of flair. Another idea is to put a crop top in a contrasting color over your shirt dress to break up the somewhat baggy nature of the dress.

However you wear your shirt dresses, make sure to own it and make it your own. After all, trends are trends, but what really makes a style shine is the personal touches.

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