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Beauty Products That Can Be Used All Year Around

woman applying moisturizer

The changing of the seasons can be nice. With each season comes new opportunities, and a time for new beginnings; however changing seasons can also be a time of great upheaval. A new season means a new wardrobe, new cosmetics, and a whole new lineup of cable television shows that we need to adjust our schedules, too. It’s nice to know there are a few things we can count on all year around. Here are a few staples of the beauty routine which don’t require seasonal adjustment, or resetting our Tivos.

Even though sunscreen is often thought of as a product intended for use in the summer, you probably know that it is crucial to use sunscreen in all season. Although UV rays are less intense in the cooler weather, the general rule is: if there’s sun, there should be sunscreen. Look for broadband sunscreen, which provides protection against both UVA and UVB light, with an SPF of at least fifteen to avoid skin damage, sunburns, aging, and skin cancer.

Although the reasons for moisturizer may differ from season to season, it is always a crucial component of the beauty routine. Summer heat and sunlight can dry skin, and winter’s low humidity levels and and dry air can rob skin of moisture, making moisturizer a must 360 days of the year. Omitting moisturizer can lead to deeper wrinkles later on, leading to low levels of chronic inflammation that eventually result in a breakdown of collagen and accelerated aging.

woman applying lip balm

Lip Balm
You may think of chapped lips as a winter only condition, but the truth is, lips can get dry and scaly at any time of year. Use a good lip balm, high in emollients. Look for petrolatum on the label, to lock in moisture, and dimethicone to seal off splits and cracks. Apply early in the day and often throughout, and keep a tube with you for frequent reapplication.

Primer is a beauty must-have that makes foundation and face makeup go on smoother or stay on longer, and can be a life saver in all types of weather. Extreme temperatures, wind, tearing eyes, perspiration, and traveling can all take a toll on makeup application. According to celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Schlipp, “No matter what the weather is like outside, this step (primer application) will save you a lot of time and effort.” Schlipp also recommends primers to help smooth fine lines, and conceal wrinkles and large pores. She recommends a green primer to help color correct redness from rosacea and acne.

Just because you put away your swim suit, it doesn’t mean you have to turn off your glow. Keep your summer edge with a light bronzer for fall to keep a natural sun kissed glow. Use with a highlighter to keep your face radiant all year long.

What skin products are you using 360 days this year? Let us know which products you just can’t live without, no matter what season we’re in.

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Gardening in the Fall

Woman picking up fall leaves

Eating fresh, ripe, locally grown fruit and vegetables or using them in cooking is a fantastic feeling, and everything tends to taste better when it’s allowed to ripen fully before harvest rather than ripening on a truck in transit.

But you know what’s even better? Growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables, picking them yourself, and enjoying the freshest, crispest taste with the satisfaction of knowing you grew them yourself. On that subject, fall is a fantastic time to garden, and you can reap a bountiful harvest from your own backyard before the bitter cold of winter sets in. If you’re intrigued by now (as you should be), keep reading, for we are going to give you some helpful tips to get your fall garden started, and run you through the best things to plant this season.

So You Want to Plant a Fall Garden?
Before you begin, there are a few things to consider. The first is that only some plants—that is, more cold-hardy ones—are fit for a fall garden, but more on that later. The second is that fall gardens merit special, frost-conscious practices. You need to watch the weather and be aware of when cold fronts are coming, and how low the temperature will dip. A mild frost is generally short-lived, and drops just below 32 degrees F, while a hard frost lasts for at least 4 hours and dips below 20 degrees. We’ll give specifics for each plant we recommend, and for those we recommend covering, you’ll want to use sheets of non-woven polyester to carefully drape over your garden rows when needed.

Herb garden

There’s nothing quite like seasoning your food with homegrown herbs. The herbs best suited for the fall season are parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, lavender, cilantro, and mint. Note that mints—such as peppermint and spearmint—are aggressive and perennial; they practically live forever and they will choke out your other plants if you let them; we recommend planting mint plants in pots for this reason, with one plant per pot. For that matter, herbs, in general, are very friendly to pots, and with the exception of the mints (which, by the way, you can keep around all year and perpetually harvest), the rest can be planted together in the same container, which can make your life much easier. Herbs do not typically need to be covered, but if a hard frost lasting for at least four hours rolls in, cover them or take potted herbs inside.

Onions are relatively easy to grow. You can tell they’re ripe when the tops begin to yellow. Mild frosts are fine, hard frosts should be okay, but cover just in case.

Snap Peas
A delicious addition to any salad or a tasty snack on their own, snap peas can be harvested pretty much whenever. Can generally survive any frost, but cover during a hard frost lasting longer than 4 hours, just in case.

Lettuce garden

Lettuce is an ideal cool-weather crop, and in fact, can only really be grown in cool weather. You can pick leaves for use at any time when they look big enough, just carefully snap them off while leaving the “bud” of the plant intact to unfurl more leaves later. Fine in light frost, cover in hard frost.

You need to harvest broccoli when the head looks mature but before it flowers. If you start to see any of the tiny buds opening up or see tiny yellow petals coming from them, harvest immediately and don’t eat the opened ones. Broccoli can withstand most hard frosts.

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Vine Vera Helps You Triumph Over Your Winter Beauty Problems – VineVera Reviews

Young woman outdoors in the snowy winter contemplates skincareThe winter doldrums can have you down in the dumps in psychological terms, but your winter beauty problems can wreak havoc in a whole different way. Stress induced by winter beauty problems doesn’t need to have a place in your life. Vine Vera is here to the rescue with some ideas as to how you can overcome your winter beauty maladies once and for all.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

We can’t stress the importance of moisturizing your skin from head to toe enough. Many skin and beauty problems can be eliminated by proper moisturizing of the skin. Find a good facial and body cream and be sure to use them on a daily basis. Keep a good hand cream handy at all times to combat those bouts of dry skin throughout the day. Having a heater on in your home or office can also cause the skin to dry out, and during these cold months, that’s almost a necessity.


Drink More Water

This correlates with the moisturizing tip, but we feel it must be said. Be sure to drink enough water every day for overall health – 8-12 glasses is typically normal of what one would require to be properly hydrated. This won’t only help your skin, but it will also improve organ function, hair health, and boost your immune system by cleaning your body of toxins.


Pale Skin

When you are faced with the malady of pale winter skin, and you don’t feel as vibrant as you did in the days of summer, there are ways to combat that issue by subscribing to a tanning salon, getting a spray tan, or using a home tanning spray or lotion. You could also intensify your look and give temporary color to your skin by using a bronzing palette and dusting it on with a kabuki brush on your face, chest and neck area to give you a boost of glowing color.


Dry, Brittle Nails

Dry nails can become brittle, cracked, and ridged during the winter months. You can combat this by applying cuticle oil to the nail and cuticle every day, one to two times per day, or using olive oil as a substitute for cuticle oil. Simply rub some into the nail and nail bed. If you need to, get a buffing block and buff the ridges out of your nails gently to restore a smooth, healthy look.


Chapped Lips

Using lip balm isn’t always enough to combat dry, chapped lips. Some people get chapped lips so bad during the winter months that they crack and bleed. Other times, they get flaky and burn. Wind burn and sun burned lips are also possible, even in the winter. There are some things you can do aside from using lip balm on your lips, such as applying a natural oil such as olive oil, vitamin E oil, or cocoa butter to your lips. You could also use facial moisturizer on your lips, as long as it’s a gentle moisturizer. Another home remedy is to apply milk to the lips to offer a cooling sensation, and the proteins in the milk help to soothe the burn. As a last resort, use Vaseline on your lips to give your lips a healthy feel and promote and aid in healing.

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Vine Vera on Makeup Trends for Winter – VineVera Reviews

Vine-Vera-Winter-Makeup-TipsWhat’s more fun than sipping hot chocolate by the fire, or watching Holiday movies on repeat? Winter cosmetic and makeup trends, of course!

Winter makeup trends are officially here, and with the latest trends comes some vintage inspired looks, as well as neutral color schemes and other exciting new concepts. Vine Vera has uncovered the latest trends and would like to unveil them to our readers today.

70’s Inspired Hues

The look of the 70’s is back with a vengeance – at least, it is in terms of eye shadow palettes and lip colors. Funky browns of all shades, greys, and taupe colors are making a huge comeback – and the bolder, the better with this look. Pair a neutral brown and even a metallic highlighter, such as a pearl color, together for the eyes, and accent with berry or brown lip colors. Bronzer is also a plus this winter season as it looks fabulous to give your skin the glow it’s lost due to the season change.

Bigger Brows and Lashes

Bigger eyebrows are the new thing, and longer, thicker eye lashes are also very much trending. Whether you opt for using a great mascara that enables your lashes to look more lush and plump, such as Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara, or Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes, or even opt for a good pair of falsies – bigger is definitely better this season. To give your eyebrows a thicker appearance, in case you are one of the many women with thin brows or sparse brows, simply obtain a good eyebrow powder and gel, and if you aren’t certain of your hand being as steady as it should, there are stencils which could help you achieve the thicker brow look you are going for. Be sure to keep the eyebrow powder shade equivalent to or darker than the current color of your hair. Never go lighter, or it can make you look washed out.

Glowing, Luminous Skin

Fresh faced and luminous is the look for your overall facial skin this season. Ramp up your glowing look by using a good cleanser and moisturizer, and you might even want to opt for diamond or gold infused products to help get the luminescent glow you desire. A highlighting powder can get the job done in a pinch. Be sure to use a laminating foundation, whether it be cream based or liquid, to give your cheeks and eye area the glow they need.

Neon Eyeliner

Neon eyeliner shades or electric hues are also very much in this winter. Give your eyes a bright pop of color and draw the attention to your eye area by using a daring color such as neon blue, neon pink, purples, and even neon greens. The brighter, the better. You can pair neon colors with vibrantly contrasting eye shadow colors and a bright lip color that is in season to give yourself a truly trendy look.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and daring, and experiment with new looks and colors. Have fun while doing it – after all, application is half the fun!

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