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Tightening Skin After Pregnancy

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If you’ve recently had a baby and had hoped that your belly skin would go back to normal after 6 months or so, and it didn’t, you’re not alone. Many new mothers deal with sagging, unflattering belly skin after giving birth, and as frustrating as it is—and it can certainly be frustrating—there most definitely are ways to deal with it.

For one thing, generally all women gain weight during pregnancy, and it’s all too common to gain more than the recommended amount and end up with extra pounds after the pregnancy. And as if it weren’t hard enough to lose weight on its own, losing weight often leaves behind saggy skin that can feel nigh-impossible to vanquish, and it only gets worse as you age.

That said, if you’ve given birth and suffered the consequences on your skin, Vine Vera is here to help. Read on for some of our favorite tips for getting your skin back to where it was—or better—before pregnancy.

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Regular, Moderate Exercise and Nutrition > Fad Diets
Fad diets can be a tempting notion, and sometimes hard to resist, but do try your utmost to resist the urge. The problem with fad diets is that, if they work at all, they often cause you to lose way too much weight way too fast, and then inevitably gain it all back and then some when you can’t stand the diet anymore. And even if you don’t gain it all back, the fact that you lost it so fast is cause for concern, because it will make any sagging issues you already have so much worse.

Instead, lose the weight slowly and steadily through regular, moderate exercise and healthy, nutritious meals. You’ll be better able to keep it off, and you won’t have quite as much sagging skin to deal with after the fat is gone.

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Exfoliate That Belly
You’re almost undoubtedly familiar with how exfoliation works if you’ve been following Vine Vera for long or even if you simply have a fair amount of knowledge of skincare in general. As you likely are aware, the purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead and damaged skin cells to expose young skin underneath. Well, for the purposes of banishing belly sagging, forget all that, because the main reason you should exfoliate is to promote blood flow, which encourages healthy, elastic skin.

On that note, anything that increases blood flow (safely) can be beneficial to the stomach area. Body lotions with peppermint oil can do this nicely. Avoid topical analgesics like menthol or icy hot, because they aren’t meant for this kind of use and should only be used to soothe injuries and soreness.

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Use Collagen
Do we even need to say it? The benefits of collagen are difficult to enumerate briefly (we wrote an entire article just on what collagen can do for you!), but its main purpose is to increase skin elasticity, which is exactly what you need right now if you’re dealing with post-partum sag. So get a good body cream that contains collagen, and eat plenty of apples!

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