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Summer Wine List

friends drinking wine

Ah, sweet memories of summer. You and your significant other drinking wine slushies on the back porch watching the sun go down. You and your significant other drinking pineapple moscato sangria in bed watching the sun come up. You and your significant other drinking rose spritzers on the beach watching the sun go down again. Summer just wouldn’t be summer without wine. So, whether you’re barbecuing, throwing a little get-together, or just sipping for enjoyment, here are some of the wines you need to have on your summer wine list.

Rosés For Summer
When most people think of summer wines, rosés inevitably come up first. However, most wine aficionados would agree that any time can be a good time for any wine, and most who have had rosés in the winter would agree. As long as you pair the wine with a complementary dish, the weather kind of fades into the background. In fact, according to Allie Poindexter from Henrietta Red in Nashville, “During the summer months when there is a wider array of produce available, our menu gets lighter, with heavier items replaced by simple and seasonal offerings that pair will with subtler wines.'” Below are a few favorites that Poindexter says are, “all perfect for sipping on hot summer nights;” and she’s not necessarily limiting her selection to rosés:

Corvezzo Terre si Marca Prosecco, Veneto, Italy
Pondexter point sour that this prosecco, naturally fermented and made from organic grapes, may be a little different from what you expect from the typical sparking. Poindexter says its,”subtle effervescence and floral, funky quality…makes it the perfect pairing for cheese and charcuterie.”

Friends' get-together with wine

Christoph Hock Kalkspitz Pet Nat, Kamptal, Austria
Pet-nats are made using a traditional method of producing sparkling wine in which the wine is bottled without additives before the primary fermentation is finished. The result is an unfiltered naturally carbonated wine with a taste comparable to apple cider.

Pouillon And Fils Premier Cru Brut Rose, Champagne, France
This rose and sparkling wine combo is unique in that the Pouillon family grows their own organically farmed grapes; a process not normally used in the region. The result is a pleasurably drinkable wine perfect for summer nights.

Quinta do Montalto Medieval de Ourem Rose, Lisbon Portugal
Poindexter notes that, while the dark ruby color of this wine may not be typical of most roses, drinking the wine will clarify it as pure rose. “It drinks like a rose with lots of red berry fruit and a soaring acidity,” she says, “It has an interesting woodsy character, the result of being aged in chestnut barrels.

Mica Vinho Verde, Minho, Portugal
Made from biodynamic, organic grapes, Poindexter described this vinho verde as, “super light and drinkable, ” adding that it has a “pronounced mineralogy and a low ABV of 10 percent.” and is a “fantastic pairing for oysters and crudos.”

wine glasses clinking

Arndorfer Kamptal Vorgeschmack White, Niederosterreich, Austria
Poindexter informs, “Vorgeshmack means appetizer in German, and like an appetizer this wine is meant to be an introduction into the Arndorfer family vineyards.” Apparently, it’s an enticing one. The chef says, “Reisling lands fruitiness and dynamism while Gruner Veltliner brings florals and spice.”

What are you drinking this summer? Cocktails? Or are you more of a strict wine purist? Let us know!

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What Goes Well With Red

“Red, red wine, Go to my head, Make me forget that I, Still need her so.” These were the lyrics to “Red, Red Wine” as they were first written by Neil Diamond. Many GenXers will be more familiar with the UB40 edit which expanded to include lines such as, “Red, red wine, you make me feel so fine, You keep me rockin’ all of the time” and, “Red red wine, you make me feel so fine, Monkey pack him rizla pon the sweet dep line.”

Whether you prefer the more conventional Diamond version or the slightly more upbeat jams of UB40, one thing is clear, there are a lot of people who give red wine a lot of credit. If you are one of these people and are looking to incorporate red wine into your diet, remember, your tongue is your best judge of what goes well together, but dark to light is the general guideline. Red wines are normally served with heavier foods and are not usually paired with opening courses and appetizers. There are some food choices you may want to consider to complement your red wine choice.

1. Barbera
When Billy Joel sang, “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” he was probably drinking Barbera, the standard red wine found in Italian restaurants and pizza places. Its low tannins go well with tomatoes and the acidity is good for breaking down rich, fatty foods like salami and cheese.

Pouring a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

2. Cabernet Sauvignon
Known for its nobility, the medium or full bodied taste of Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with hearty dishes like roast beef lamb and coq au vin. Recipe suggestions include slow roast lamb with cinnamon, fennel and citrus and beef fillet.

3. Gamay
Tossing some meat on the barbie? Break out the Gamay. It goes well with veggies from the griddle or sardines and sausage. Store in the refrigerator one hour prior to opening and serve lightly chilled. Try it with a sizzling sausage salad or some spare ribs with barbecue sauce.

4. Merlot
Merlot is a traditional holiday staple. Serve it with your Christmas turkey, road chicken or duck or winter casseroles or just open it up for a Friday night dinner in front of the T.V.

Glass of Pinot Noir

5. Pinot Noir
Another holiday classic, Pinot Noir goes perfectly with roast turkey and lamb and also works well with mild, creamy soft cheeses.

6. Shiraz
Enjoy the full bodied taste of Shiraz in the winter with roasted veggies and grilled steak. Enjoy its hints of mocha and blackcurrants with herbed pork fillet.

7. Zinfandel
Bring on the Zin as a fabulous complement to sautéed field mushroom or succulent roast or braised venison. California’s historic wine, Zinfandel was immortalized by leading producer Joel Peterson who characterized it with the slogan, “no wimpy wines here.” Get tough with this American classic and bring some class to the party.

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Our Favorite Merlots

One of the best things about Merlot, besides its combination of robustness and approachability, and its ability to be paired with almost any food, is its incredible amount of variety that exists within the scope of various Merlot wines. Different climates and regions can produce very different tastes in this particular varietal—Merlot often referred to as a “chameleon” among wines because of this, since Merlot grown in various climates can mimic other varietals’ flavor profiles—meaning it’s quite versatile, and just because you’ve had a couple Merlots doesn’t mean you’ve anywhere near experienced all the wine has to offer.

On that note, Vine Vera has elected to, today, share with you some of our own favorite Merlots with you, so you yourself can experience everything the varietal has to offer.

Wine bottles in a row

From California
Beringer Vineyards: Beringer’s Napa Valley is above average in quality, giving you the usual taste profile of a rich Merlot with character. They also make a Merlot called Founders Estate that’s much simpler and more approachable, but still quite tasty.

Chateau St. Jean: This winery’s Merlot Sonoma County is very bold and well-rounded, with cherry notes being prominent, in addition to hints of more unusual flavors including herbs and even leather.

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Rodney Strong is world-class, and spans a great number of vineyards. Their Sonoma County Merlot boasts rather soft tannins, easy drinkability, and a very fruity profile.

From Washington
Chateau Ste. Michelle: Considered one of the top wineries in the stat of Washington, their Columbia Valley Merlot is produced from a blend of grapes from vineyards all over the valley. It’s light and fruity, making it very easy to drink, while still having the richness of any good Merlot.

Hogue Cellars: Incredibly inexpensive while maintaining quality, and managing to be above-average, Hogue’s Merlot is supple, well-defined, fruity, and a deep, balanced character overall.

From Toscana, Italy
Masseto: This 17-acre vineyard produces a merlot that has especially powerful fruit flavors, with blackberry and cherry featuring quite prominently. You’re also likely to pick up strong notes of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon. Tannins are quite soft and smooth, and the finish is smooth yet powerful and satisfying.

Messorio: This Merlot is very much characteristic of the varietal, and boasts all the hallmarks in strong, robust capacity. Soft but rich with a hugely complex flavor profile, this Merlot is not a wine you’re likely to soon forget.

From Bordeaux, France
92 Chateau Nenin Pomerol: Light in Character, yet still retains the opulence associated with a quality Merlot. Very fresh, with blackberry notes being the strongest here by far, with an overall very powerful, yet smooth flavor.

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Wine Faux Pas to Avoid

Drinking wine is usually a pretty enjoyable affair if you like the stuff (as many people do). Wine has a rich variety of flavor profiles available with the many varietals that exist. It goes great with food, a glass or two can give you a nice mild alcohol buzz, and hey, a glass a day of red wine is actually good for you! Not only good for your general health, but good for your skin, and good for aging well. It’s the reason Vine Vera uses resveratrol—one of the main ingredients that makes red wine good for you and your skin—in our own skincare collections, and themes many of those collections after various wine varietals, after all.

So yes, wine is pretty great, but ask yourself, do you know if you’re getting the most out of it? Are you being sure you actually savor and enjoy it, or are you falling into the trap of the various wine faux pas that can keep you from truly tasting your wine to its fullest? If you’re not sure, read on and find out, because we’re about to list some of the biggest wine faux pas, and how to avoid them.

Woman tasting red wine

Being Pretentious
It’s one thing to take your wine seriously and really savor it, but it’s quite another to put on unnecessary airs and scoff at people who don’t know all the right terms, or who don’t conform to arbitrary and snobbish rules (not to be confused with the rules on this list, which are intended to actually maximize your enjoyment of the wine). Being a snob towards someone who isn’t able to tell certain varietals apart, or uses their own descriptive language to describe the taste in a way that sounds “wrong” to you doesn’t actually help anyone. It just makes the other person feel bad and makes you look like a judgmental ass.

Red wine by the fire.

Heating Red Wine with A Radiator (or Any Other Fast Heating Method)
Unlike your average white, most red wines, with some exceptions, are better served at or just under room temperature, rather than excessively chilled. However, you will find that some methods of heating up red wine are better than others, and any method that changes the temperature too rapidly, like setting it on a radiator, is likely to damage the wine irreparably, taking away a lot of complexity and robustness from the flavor profile. It’s much better to just let the red wine gradually come closer to room temperature by setting it out on the counter an hour or so before you plan to open and drink it.

Woman holding a wine glass

Holding Wine Glasses by the Bowl
Now, to be clear, it would be very pretentious to “enforce” this rule on others, and it’s only a rule of thumb, which has exceptions. However, by and large, if you wine is served at a temperature that best suits that varietal, you want to do your best to make sure it stays at or around that temperature the whole time it’s in your glass, from the first sip to the last. Grasping the glass by the bowl will warm the wine over time, so don’t do it unless the wine was definitely served too cold.

Sangria pitcher

Putting Ice in Wine
This rule is not hard and fast, and you can break it if you feel the need. That said, especially if you paid a fair amount for the wine, icing it is just silly. It dilutes the carefully composed, balanced taste that comes with fine wine. If you want your wine cold, chill the bottle first; don’t add ice.

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All About the Zinfandel Grape

Zinfandel wine is a robust, flavorful, and easy to drink red wine with a unique, spice-accented flavor profile, that’s distinctly American in name and origin (well, origin of the wine itself, anyway; we’ll talk about the grapes and the plants that produce them in a moment). It also has a close cousin, which is—contrary to popular belief—made form the same grape; white zinfandel, a mellow yet complex rosé with a healthy dose of sweetness.

But other than the fact that it’s a popular American-born wine grape varietal that produces two well-loved classics in the wine world, how much do you really know about the zinfandel grape? Considering it has a rich and fascinating legacy and has inspired one of our resveratrol skincare collections, Vine Vera has decided to give this grape and its story a good, hard look.

Zinfandel grapes in a vineyard

Mysterious Origins
Zinfandel grape vines first popped up in the mid 19th century, called alternately Zinfandel and Zenfandal. It was popular in northern California because it actually thrived in the warm climate and sandy soil. It grew increasingly popular when the gold rush came into full swing, and the increased population that the gold rush brought to California gave wine-makers in the area continued business and ensured the survival of the varietal.

However, the weird thing about Zinfandel at the time was that no one knew where the hell it came from. It just sort of popped up in California without explanation. At the time, France was known to have an extensive and well-kept vine collections, but no one could find a match to Zinfandel within them. This was before the time of genome sequencing or DNA fingerprinting, so in the absence of effective technology to track down Zinfandel’s origin, various historians took a stab at the task.

Vineyard in Napa Valley, California

Solving the Mystery
One historian in particular, by the name of Charles L Sullivan, was able to figure out through extensive searching of records, that the Zinfandel vine was imported to the states in the 1820s from the Austrian Imperial Nursery. This was all that could be discovered at the time, though, and didn’t paint the full picture.

Just recently, in the early 1990s, DNA fingerprinting promised the potential to finally solve the mystery. It revealed that Zifandel was genetically identical to the Italian varietal Primativo, which was, as the time, somewhat obscure. This left some questions unanswered still, but eventually, it was discovered that Zinfandel and Primativo were also genetically identical to an almost unheard of and almost extinct Croatian varietal known as Crljenak Kastelanski, finally solving the mystery of Zin’s heritage, even if it didn’t quite answer how it got here (we will likely never know exactly how). It should be noted that despite the genetic identicalness, these three varietals have different flavor profiles by virtue of differences in vine vigor, cluster size and grape size.

Red and white wines

Zinfandel Today
Zinfandel has had many peaks and valleys in its popularity over the years, but today both red and “white” (actually pink) wines derived from the Zinfandel grape have a unique place in the wine world. Red Zinfandel in particular has a rich and robust profile while remaining fairly easy to drink, and pairs well with a variety of foods such as red meat, burgers, and even pizza! Old vine Zinfandel is especially prized and sought after, because older grape vines produce wines with more pronounced spice overtones.

So the next time you’re looking for a fun red wine with a taste as rich as it’s history, grab a bottle or three of the mysterious and uniquely American Zinfandel, and drink to good health!

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Trade Ladies Night for an Indulgent Girls’ Day

Do you feel like all you do is work? Is your appearance suffering from a lack of attention?  Are your nails starting to resemble claws of a large bird? Your hair looking like said birds nesting place?  Sounds to me like it’s time for you to call up a few of the girlfriends, get a great bottle of red wine, and have a Girls’ Day. Vine Vera has gathered up some fun suggestions for my favorite girls’ day activities.Start Girls' Day with a Relaxing Morning the Girls

Start your day with some great time at the nail salon, making sure you catch up on what the latest and greatest trends in nail art are.  If you prefer just a simple color, rather than flashy art on your nails, that’s great; you can be sure you’ll have a winner by selecting the color radiant orchid which won the Panton Color of the Year for 2014.  Whether, you choose some great art, or just a simple color you might even want to go a little wild and check out the stiletto nail shape, a new and vibrant option which brings your nails to a beautiful point.

Next stop, take some time to relax at a spa and really get that work stress off your back (pun intended).  I highly recommend a visit to a Vine Vera location. They have some of the most cutting edge age defying luxury skin care products.  After an expert consultation, you can purchase some Vine Vera products and replicate the spa experience at home.  Just make sure to lose yourself in the relaxation while enjoying their custom facial services. Enjoy the refreshing sensation of knowing that you’ve just been treated with products that are scientifically designed leave your skin looking younger.

On the agenda after the spa you and your ladies should definitely get a new hairdo to really bring out the new and refreshed you.  It’s time to give the seagulls a new place to nest and make your hair beautiful and fresh again. Start with another massage, this time for your scalp giving you that all over refreshed feeling. Spend Some Time Shopping with Your Ladies Follow the scalp massage up with a great hair mask to wake up your tired and worn out hair with essential oils and vitamins needed to make it strong and vibrant once again.  Check out a cool new style at a blowout bar or at one of those new braid bars that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Last, but certainly not least is some much needed shopping.  Update your wardrobe for spring with a great new outfit or two. Check out the mall or a cute little boutique area to get a styling new outfit to wow your friends, family and coworkers. Some hot styles for spring include pastels, wide leg pants, cropped jackets, tea length skirts, and still in fashion crop tops. I personally love the crop top and wide leg trouser combination because it is so flattering on so many people. Tea length can be a little tricky for to pull off, especially if you’re shorter.

To finish out the day, pop open that bottle of wine at a nice restaurant with your amazing gal pals. Now you should all be ready to take on the world.  With everyone sporting fresh new dos and  nails, and glowing skin along with their brand new outfits, you can call your Girls’ Day a fantastic success. Looking this good you may even have to go out to enjoy some nightlife! But I’ll have to save the nightlife tips for another blog post…Toast to Your Great Group of Girls

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Vine Vera Skin Care Reviews The Merlot Collection

 The Merlot Collection Review - Vine Vera Skin Care

When it comes to all natural skin care products which help to disrupt and reverse the aging outgrowth, Vine Vera continues to lead the pack. In this article, Vine Vera skin care reviews the merlot collection for those who may not know about it or simply want to know more. When most people hear about ‘The Merlot Collection’ they automatically think of wines. Although this written report is not about wine, Vine Vera cosmetics are enlaced with the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol which is found in Red wine. The Merlot collection was scientifically created and designed to keep your skin looking splendent, radiant and youthful. It has also been created to combat the aging process and assist in maintaining your skin looking younger as the years go by. The formation of this skin care line is to confront and fight every aspect of old age using natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins.
The Merlot collection remarkably removes oils and dirt buildup that are found on the surface of the skin. As the Resveratrol infused creams are used, they help to give you a younger & brighter looking complexion. At the same time these beauty products do not strip away any of the oils and moisture on the face. This is important as they are vital to maintaining healthy cells. The Vine Vera Skin Care Merlot Collection has been receiving a lot of positive press and many wonderful reviews in part because they do work.

Vine Vera Reviews The Vine Vera Merlot Collection 

One of the benefits of Resveratrol has been its proven effect on diminishing the appearance of aging. The entire Vine Vera Skin Care line is formulated and enriched with the magical ingredient. This is one of the reasons Vine Vera cosmetics are considered one of the top skin care products on the market today.

Gal Gadot & Vine Vera Skin Care

One of the problems most people face when it comes to skin care difficulties is wrinkles and fine lines. Also, the black circles around the eye area and black spots pose difficulties as well. The Vine Vera Merlot Collection has several products that focalize on these problem areas by hydrating and boosting moisture. The combination of vitamins, minerals, Resveratrol and scientific testing has led to this remarkable breakthrough. This may explain why the past few months has seen an increase in reports about the great benefits of Resveratrol in so many news outlets. Natural skin care products are the best way for someone to take care of their face and body. Vine Vera Skin Care knows this which is why their cosmetics are natural and will not harm your skin. This Vine Vera Skin Care Review of the Merlot Collection is done to demonstrate that you can receive professional skin care lines results from these beauty products without spending a lot of money. After all, there is no price on staying young forever.


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Behind The Scenes Look – Vine Vera with Gal Gadot Commercials

The Making Of The Vine Vera Commercials with Gal Gadot

Vine Vera Skin Care beauty products  have been receiving a lot of press behind their decision to make the gorgeous movie star and model Gal Gadot the face behind their cosmetics. A press release was announced for the behind the scenes video look at some of the commercials Vine Vera has been filming and producing with Gal Gadot. The social media world has been abuzz regarding the Vine Vera skin care line and their products. One of the reasons behind all the press is largely due to the company using Resveratrol in their beauty products. Resveratrol, which is found in red grapes as well as red wine, has been proven to work very well when it comes to reversing the aging process.

The Making of The Vine Vera Skin Care Commercials With Gal Gadot

Vine Vera is considered by many as a pioneer for infusing Resveratrol and other natural components to help people find the fountain of youth. Gal Gadot, who has a role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster ‘Fast & Furious 6″ film, is thrilled and honored to be chosen as the face behind the Vine Vera skin care line.  Below is the video featuring the beautiful model and actress as well as a behind the scenes look at the making of the commercials.

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