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Makeup Tips To Keep You Selfie Ready

It used to be that you had to look your best because you never knew when a photo op would come up. You might be out at a nightclub, or a party, when suddenly someone with a camera would pop up looking to take your picture, so you had to ensure you were always photo-ready. Now, with the advent of the selfie, things have changed. These days, you never know when you might pop up wanting to take a picture of yourself. Just when you least expect it, there you’ll be with the selfie stick, ready to click away. That’s why you always need to be prepared for the occasion with the proper makeup. Here are some great expert selfie makeup tips.

Woman taking a selfie

Selfie Analysis
According to Courtney Rubin, author of “Makeup for the Selfie Generation,” “Most makeup companies have products that play with light, offering photo finishes or airbrush effects that claim to make wearers camera ready. But a handful of brands are beginning to design and tweak their wares to stand up to the specific challenges of phone photography–among them, that a flash can make foundation look white, or that in daylight selfies, cool colors can look warmer.

In preparation for his book, “#beautiful” makeup artist and lead makeup artist for “Project Runway,” Luis Casco analyzed about 8,000 selfies of 26 women of various ages and ethnicities to find the best makeup application for a good selfie.

Here are some tips from Mr. Casco

  1. Since dry flaky lips commonly plague selfies, Mr. casco suggests using a lip exfoliator before applying lip product.
  2. Mr. Casco also recommends mixing shades of eyeliner to create effects. He notes that a touch of purple can make brown eyes appear clearer and that a hint of gold “makes the eyes twinkle.”
  3. To get the most flattering shot, lift the camera to a 45-degree angle to sharpen the jaw line and make eyes look wider. Casco notes this is particularly helpful in avoiding a raccoon eye effect while wearing dark eye makeup. The trick is to bring the chin down and the camera up.
  4. To avoid pale skin in the daylight, Mr. Casco recommends products that contour the face without looking caked on. He suggests CC creams that blend easily and are not obviously pigmented for a natural healthy radiance.
  5. When taking a selfie at night with a flash, a real life shimmer can translate to oily skin on camera. Casco suggests a translucent powder to make skin feel soft and extra blotting sheets to absorb oil, particularly in the T-zone.

Woman taking selfie

Selfie Ready Foundations
Another way of avoiding the oily sheen associated with selfies is by choosing a mattifying foundation with oil absorbing features.

Stand Out Eyes
When it comes to eyes, the best thing to do is to keep it basic. While bold and theatrical looks can be great, they often don’t photograph well without proper lighting. For photo ready eyes, prime with black mascara, nude shadow, and a bit of a cat eye.

Whiter Teeth
For a quick tooth whitener, munching on some raw veggies can actually help remove stains from teeth. If your looking for a cosmetic solution, stained teeth can be concealed by wearing a bright lip color with blue undertones.

Bold Lips
If your selfies are looking washed out, it may be time to turn up your lipstick a few shades. Look for high-pigment formulas which tend to last longer than other shades and be sure to take your skin tone into account when choosing a color.

How do you keep selfie-ready? Let us know your favorite ways of alway ensuring an image you will be proud to display!


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Vine Vera on How to Enrich Your Life with Photography

Young woman with professional  digital camera taking photographsA number of youngsters from all walks of life have begun to take up photography as a major hobby during their spare time. Vine Vera has discovered that photography isn’t just about movies and glorious careers. It is also about an emerging trend to find creative ways to engage one’s self during their free time. In fact, Vine Vera Skincare believes that the creativity which comes along with photography is one of the main reasons why people are taking to the lens every time they get a chance to spend some free time with the camera. 

Most people pick  up a camera at a very basic age, irrespective of how simple that camera might have been. And like all photography enthusiasts, anyone who is interested in photography keeps snapping and recording those little moments of their everyday lives. As one begins to grow older, the camera adventures become more about activities, events, the surrounding environment and friends. Finally, when one gets married and has kids, the interest changes towards preserving and storing those precious moments as a family. 

Apart from filling up a personal void in most people, photography also offers people with an opportunity to explore their senses, earn part time income, experience unique things and look at them differently – things that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for photography. 

Using a smart to take photos during the evening on a light up streetWhat makes the concept of photography even more exciting is that the ability to preserve moments for time eternal without interpretations and words is an attraction that very few can manage to resist. This article from Vine Vera tries to help you explore the various ways in which you can enrich your life with photography. 

Explore the world without any distraction

Switch off your TV, shut down your PC and go for a walk. A walk with photography to accompany you is something that you would really look forward to. It offers you with a myriad of photo taking opportunities and you can be content with doing it once every week. The secret is to ensure that you don’t set high standards. Your primary goal should be to walk and see the world around you. Your secondary goal should be to click pictures.

Get inspired by beautiful pictures and make life changing decisions

Photography isn’t only about clicking beautiful pictures. It is also about checking out beautiful clicks taken by others. All you need to do is open your favorite travel magazine and you would find all sorts of beautiful clicks which have been taken by others. These magazines include some pictures that can simply blow you away. Get inspired by these pictures and make that life changing decision to travel to the destination depicted in the photo.

Do things that make you uncomfortable

Stand on the edge of a cliff and click the vistas below. You’re never sure if it’s the awe of the breathtaking natural beauty that takes your breath away or your fear of heights. But, the moment you capture that image on film is going to completely change your life. It shall remind you to brace yourself for difficult decisions and help you to find inspiration when there is none.

Appreciate the fact that you’re blessed

Most of us always have a problem with who we are, what we have and what we do. That is, until we take up photography. Photography gives you access to various people and situations and shows you more about life. It is an ideal way to get to know strangers, learn their story and discover their problems. This might just help you become more compassionate and appreciate how blessed you really are.

Experience the different seasons to their fullest

They say that one of the best ways to explore and experience the various seasons offered to us by Mother Nature is to look at the changing seasons with your camera. Your camera can make you experience the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons and capture their beauty in a way that you have never seen before.

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