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Fashion For Work, Play and Travel

The modern woman wears many hats, and for each hat, there should be a number of corresponding outfits to suit the situation. After all, it would be a fashion fans pas to wear your party dress when donning your work hat or your power suit when we are wearing your party hat: mistakes in line with wearing white after labor day or wearing black panties under white pants. That is why it is so important that we have separate outfits for work, play, and travel. Here are some ideas for outfits to go with each of your many dimensions.


Work outfit

For a tailored work look, you want to emphasize a strong silhouette, adding structured accessories. Consider an all white look with a Banana Republic top and matching tailored slacks. Add metal cuffs to the wrists with a matching statement ring. Add a classy neutral clutch with coordinating Manolo Blahnik pumps.

When it comes to suits, you can mismatch separates or keep your pieces together. Try Diane Furstenberg blazer with matching pants in a beautiful ochre tone. Layer it it with a silky button down blouse and some cat eye sun glasses for a power look. Finish with a geometrical Proenza Schouler Clutch, delicate choker and showstopping Calvin Klein sandals.


Woman in sequin dress

For women, the ultimate playtime clothing would have to be the party dress. You can’t go wrong with black sequins, and Ashish is the name in sequined dresses. Match with killer heels.

If you’re looking for a more demure classic approach, you may want to try a Lanvin. Try a one shoulder design with a structured ruffle and figure hugging pencil skirt in a neutral beige. Add a colorful clutch for a color contrast.

If you want to wear your yoga pants all day long, fashionistas say, “Go ahead!” Invest in pieces which combine fashion with function., like Vie Active’s compression tights with moisture wicking performance. Accessorize with a pair of sleek sunglasses and a structured leather jacket to keep things classy.


Woman in trench coat

Mixed Prints
Travel clothing can be tricky. You need to be comfortable and practical, yet you need to arrive ready to make a statement, and running through airports in stiletto heels may not be the best idea. One way of maintaining comfort and style while traveling is by sticking to soft fabrics and bold prints. Why not go for an Alberta Ferretti multicolored printed shirt with blue and white multi patterned pants? Add a panama hat for an add of mystery and keep the jewelry to a minimum. Complete your look with Robert Vivier patent flats and brightly colored Globe Trotter suitcases to complement your color scheme.

Add and air of intrigue with a gray transparent Maison Martin Margiela trench coat. Layer over a white shirt and tailored slacks and pack the rest of your fashions in a Bettega Venteta suitcase.

What are your go to looks for work travel and play? Let us know how you dress for all your adventures!

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2017 Prom Styles Teens Will Love

Girl sitting on steps

Anyone who has ever been to prom night knows that it is not about what you do at the prom, it’s about what goes on after. In fact, from the way proms are portrayed in American culture, it might be disappointing if your prom night turned out anything less than a version of “American Graffiti,” complete with cruising, drinking, crashing, and fumbling around in the backseat. Of course, we all know that, however we end up spending this right of passage, it will end up memorialized in selfies and Instagrams, so what you wear will be just as important as what you do while you are wearing it. Here are some 2017 prom styles that will ensure your dress, as well as your night, will go down in history.

The High Halter Neck Line
If you want to steal the show at the prom this year, try a high halter neckline, low cut down the bustline to the navel. Not for the faint of heart, try a long Jovani fitted ensemble in a creamy white or midnight blue with strategically placed see-through lace and glittering beads.

Short and Flirty
Just because its formal doesn’t mean it can’t be short. Why not be bold in a short taffeta dress? Try a Sherri Hill with high halter neck and beaded bodice flaring into a pleated skater skirt.

Woman in short dress

If you want to be very on trend this year, go for a two-piece gown with midriff exposing top and fitted skirt. You can pull off a Primavera Couture dress with a bead embellished crop showcasing a high neckline and hip hugging jersey skirt with a matching belt or an A- line skirt for a classic silhouette.

Mermaid dress with tulle skirt
For something sexy and classy, don a dreamy Morilee strapless mermaid dress. Complete with a floral embroidered dotted bodice, this figure hugger flares daintily into a tulle skirt above the knee.

Long and slinky
You can never of wrong with something long, slinky, and shiny. A classic version by Sherri Hill features a v-neckline and thin straps with a long train to make a stunning entrance. The iridescent sequins in alternating linear patterns will guarantee a glittering evening.

Teen couple

Ball Gown
Of course, there is no girl who has not wanted to dress up like a princess at one point in her life, and why not use prom night to take advantage? Go ultra feminine in a jewel embellished bodice with a multi- tiered organza full-length skirt. Try a pretty pastel for a true Cinderella look.

A line
Channel your inner Scarlet O’Hara with a traditional Tiffany prom dress with a plunging v- neckline. Dainty straps complement a lavishly embroidered bodice and the satin A- line even features side pockets for quick cell phone access.

How was your prom night? Or, more importantly, what did you wear? Let us know1

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A Bra for Every Outfit

A Bra for Every Outfit


Picture this: you go hunting for the perfect dress for that special outing you’ve had planned for ages, and the search is arduous and fraught with frustrations, but ultimately, you succeed! There’s just one problem…when you get home and put it on to gawk at yourself in front of the mirror, none of your bras work. This is particularly common with backless and strapless numbers; even if you already have a backless or strapless bra, just enough of it might still peek through if the particular top you picked is different enough.┬áSo today, we’re going to talk about some bras that will let you dress how you want without the bra itself ruining the look.

None at All
To be sure, this won’t work for everyone, but we’d like to include it as a shout out to anyone with relatively small breasts who might be self-conscious about their smaller-than-average status. Don’t despair; breasts of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and being a bit smaller has distinct advantages! If you have around an A or a small B cup, you might not really need the support of a bra that larger-breasted people need. So try wearing that new top without a bra at all. Problem solved!

Convertible Bras
Convertible bras are ideal when compared to standard and strapless bras because you can adjust as needed between standard, strapless, and one-shoulder configurations. This is especially useful if you’re wearing something like a one-shoulder dress, for which you don’t really need a totally strapless bra. Better support is always good, and while a good strapless bra still offers support, it can only go so far. Even just the one strap can make a big difference.

Racer-Back Bras
If your top itself has a racer-back configuration, this bra is an obvious choice. To be fair, it’s fairly limited, but it’s totally essential when you’re wearing it with that kind of top, because any other bra will stick out in odd ways and look funny. If you ever want to wear racer-back tops or dresses, you’ll want one of these bras in your arsenal.

If your outfit shows some cleavage, this is the way you want to go. Bralettes offer good support while keeping coverage just revealing enough to show off that cleavage.

If strapless is what you need, a bandeu is a good direction to go. These tight loops of fabric aren’t quite like the conventional idea of a bra, but they hold the girls in place quite well while letting you wear that sleeveless, strapless number with confidence.

Tank Tops and Camisoles
Not a bra, strictly speaking, but if you’re wearing translucent sheer fabric on your top that would be a bit too revealing for your taste with the bra totally visible, along with a lot of skin, a well-fitting tank top or camisole in the right color can do wonders. If it fits well enough and you’re relatively small-chested, it can even take the place of a bra, offering some support and nipple protection. If you need more support than that, though, just wear it over the bra and you’ll be fine.

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