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Step Up Your Glam With Press On Nails

vine vera presents Step Up Your Glam With Press On Nails

If you’ve seen the bejeweled, pierced, diamond studded, stiletto, glittered, floral patterned, plaid, William and Kate-themed, striped, French, ombre, reverse French, reverse ombre, rhinestoned, tribal, and Lady Gaga gone gaga manicures out there, you may be suffering from manicure envy. Do you ever want to return to a simpler time? A time when fancy nails were no further than your closest pharmacy? Press-On Nails may not be the latest in high-end fashion, but why go high, when you can go low? Just tell your friends it’s the “White Trash Manicure.” Besides, think of how much fun you’ll have gluing them on your little sister! If you want to amp up your mani on the cheap, here’s all you need to know about how to get the instant urban glamour of the Press On Nail.


  • Full cover glue- on acrylic nails. The one hundred nail pack will give you enough for several applications with back up. Square nails are slightly more versatile because they can be shaped into rounded or pointed edges, whereas you can’t file the rounded ones into squares.
  •  Nail glue
  •  Metal Nail File
  •  Nail clippers
  •  Nail polish color du jour
  •  Top coat
  • Polish remover
  • Cotton Swabs

vine vera presents Step Up Your Glam With Press On Nails


  • Experiment with the different sizes to see which fits each finger best, and line them up to correspond with your fingers. If you look at the back of the nail, you will see a tiny number which indicates the size of the nail. You may want to record the sizes in order so you will know which ones to use next time.
  •  Make sure your nails are clean and free of polish. Squeeze a tiny amount of glue on the center of you real nail and spread it using the tip of the bottle.
  •  Squeeze a bit of glue on the bottom of the fake nail, spreading it so that the glue covers approximately the same area as the size of your natural nail.
  • Press the fake nail to your real nail and hold for about five seconds. Nail glue is super strong, so err on the side of caution, using less rather than more. It’s simpler to reglue nails than get it off your fingers.
  •  Glue until all your fingers are covered. Expect the nails to look rather unnatural at this point.
  •  Cut file nails to the desired shape. For an oval shape, use clippers to trim away corners. For square nails, use clippers to cut nails straight across to your desired length.
  •  Use the metallic file to file nails into smooth shapes, running a file over nails in one direction. Avoid using a back and forth motion.
  • Paint nails in color of choice as you would with naturals nails. You will find polish dries much more quickly than it does on real nails and has a more opaque finish. Top with a Topcoat, and clean up any extra polish using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Give polish ample time to dry before using your hands.

What do you think of Press On nails? Are you willing to give them a go? Have you? Let us know how it went.

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Beauty Trends We Wish Would Go Away – Vine Vera Reviews

Every season we see different beauty trends come and go. You see people bravely trying to rock certain looks on the street, sometimes successfully, and sometimes not so successfully. Do you enjoy trying new beauty trends? Are there some trends that you wish would go away? Remember in the 90’s the look of a nude lip with a dark brown lip liner? That was not a good look on anyone, yet people wore it proudly for many years. Here are some other trends in beauty that need to take a hike for good.

Woman plucking her eyebrows.

Over plucked Brows
Here’s the deal, over plucking your brows makes you look older. Plus, when you over pluck or wax them too much, eventually they will stop grow back. Then you have to pencil them in everyday for the rest of your life or risk looking brow less.

Heroin chic style.

Heroin Chic
This look is the excessively smoky eyes, with bare skin and even barer lips usually on extremely thin women, made famous by Kate Moss. It’s not attractive. There is nothing attractive about people who do heroin. We are appalled that an entire beauty trend was named after their look.

Woman with ridiculous looking nails.

Nail Ridiculousness
Do we really need to have 3-D decals, and sparkly glitter with rhinestones upon rhinestones all over our nails? Especially for an adult? How much of a statement do you need to make with your nails? It’s just too much. Let’s go back to classic reds, pinks, mauves or even a nice “griege”. Or just buff your nails to a healthy high shine, and move on. Nails that are long enough for that much embellishment must get in the way of daily life!

Woman with heavy makeup and strong contouring.

Strong Contouring
This doesn’t work in real life. You can absolutely see where people attempt to contour with the variety of ready-made palettes on the market. Strong contour is meant for people getting their photograph professionally taken or for night time events where lighting is dimmer. Unless you are walking the red carpet, or getting some editorial work done we suggest easing up on the contouring.

Woman with pink hair in a park.

Pink, Purple, or Turquoise Hair Color
Bright, rainbow or other unnatural colored hair won’t work in the corporate world. This is not a look that says professional or well put together so unless you are looking for a lot of attention it is probably best to avoid the bright, crazy hair colors.

Woman with sallow looking skin due to overuse of spray tans.

Over Spray Tanned
You feel thinner when tan, right? That’s the idea, but many people aren’t getting spray tanned with the right tones and often end up looking “orangey” or too sallow. It’s not complimentary, a more natural skin tone will look better with your makeup, clothing, and hair color. If you are a fair, then own it and stop the overdone spray tanning.

Woman with a cat eye look.

Overdone Cat Eye 
Sure a cat eye can be fun for a nighttime look. A small, delicate flick looks cute for daytime also. However, a thick line of black liquid liner is very heavy for day and can look aging. We recommend a more soft color like a nice shimmery brown, with a tiny flick for day. Leave the seriously feline eye for a night out.

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