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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother and daughter

Ask your mother what she wants for Mother’s Day this year, and she’ll most likely try and talk you out of getting her anything. You’re bound to hear, “Oh, you know I don’t like you spending all your money on me,” or, “You’re the best gift anyone could ever give me.” Anyone with a mother knows better than to take either of these responses seriously. Of course you have to get your mother something on Mother’s Day. That’s what the day is all about! So, since your Mom’s not likely to come clean about what she really wants, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

Mini Library Shelf
If Mom’s a reader, get her a little library shelf to make her reading nook a little cozier. Think along the lines of something with a cedar wood shelving system to keep her favorite goods in arm’s reach with titles on display.

happiness planner

Happiness Planner
Here’s a gift with a bit of sentiment. Since Mom spends so much of her time making sure everyone else is happy, why not give her something to let her know she’s appreciated? Give her a notebook with some daily and weekly goal setting exercises, and little bits of advice to help her focus on the positive while planning her weekly activities. Rose gold pen included.

Wine Bottle Chiller / Ice Mold
Here’s a fun idea for the Mom who likes to party. You can fill the milk with citrus slices, water and flowers or herbs to create a personalized beautiful chiller for frozen beverages. House guests will make a fuss.

Faux Leather Tote
You know Mom always needs an extra bag to bring over all the tchotchkes she picks up for you. Give her something ultra feminine in a neutral color as an alternative to her black standby.

Mother and daughter eating ice cream

Sundae Best Taster
Did you grow up eating a lot of Mom’s ice cream creations? If so, this may be right up her alley. She’ll get hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, peanut butter squares, drunken monkey banana rum jam, espresso cookies and cocktail cherries. Just make sure you don’t eat it before you can get it to her.

Hamilton: The Revolution, by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy Carter
Your Mom always talks about how good looking that Lin-Manuel Miranda is; why not give her his book? She’ll pore over every one of the 300 pages, complete with photos from the production, footnotes by Miranda himself, and exclusive email and notes from the cast.

Personal Embosser
Your Mom will find endless uses for this tool. A great addition to a classy workplace, a customizable embosser will allow mom to put her seal of approval on recipe cards, gift tags, stationary, and more.

breakfast tray

Breakfast Tray
What better than a new tray to serve that Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? Think about an artful yellow acrylic piece with a built-in flower vase, so you can add a little bloom to the setting!

Let us know what you’re getting your Mom this Mother’s Day! And, if you’re a Mom, give us a hint!


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Mother’s Day Brunch Spots

Mother and daughter

Mother’s day is an important day to show your mom just how much she means to you. This can be done a number of ways, of course, and what you end up going with should largely depend on your mother’s disposition, personality, and interests. One popular (and for good reason) option is brunch. The word “brunch” derives, of course, from a portmanteau of “lunch” and “breakfast,” owing to the fact that it’s a meal taking place about halfway between the traditional times for breakfast and lunch. Alternately, it’s an early lunch, or perhaps a late breakfast?

Either way, this late-morning time makes it ideal for a leisurely start to a day for mom; no rush to get out the door right away for breakfast, but at the same time, the first meal of the day isn’t so late as for anyone to go hungry. That said, you might consider having a small snack for mom (and everyone else) to munch on first thing in the morning. Something light, maybe a favorite coffee cake or other pastry.

At any rate, deciding to do brunch for mother’s’ day is all well and good, but you of course also need to know where to have it. Let’s talk about that.

Make a Restaurant Reservation
We say “reservation” because, well, mother’s day is a crowded time. You might need to make the reservation well in advance. As for what restaurant you go to specifically, well, that should depend almost entirely on mom’s tastes. Your mother, like everyone on the planet, is unique, after all, and an individual, so a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best. Our advice? Ask her. Well in advance, find out what her favorite restaurant is, if you don’t already know, and take her there when the day comes. The restaurant option is good for outgoing or extroverted moms.

Park Picnic Brunch
Another option, of course, is the classic park picnic. This allows you to prepare some of mom’s favorites and munch on them in a more scenic location. If the weather’s nice, this can be a great way to enjoy good food, the company of family, and a pretty park landscape. It also gives antsy kids something to do so that mom doesn’t have to get antsy herself when she’s supposed to be relaxing. Great for nature-loving moms.

Take-Out and Eat at Home
Alternatively, why not beat the lines? Who wants to deal with the horrific holiday crowds anyway? Order out, either from somewhere that delivers or by having a family member (other than mom, obviously, her job today is just to relax) go get it and bring it back. Have a delicious restaurant-quality meal in the comfort and safety of your own home. Especially good for introverted or socially anxious moms.

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Beauty Lessons Learned from Mom

Mothers know best, is what they say. My mom and I really can’t help but share beauty secrets every now and then. Moms, after all, have gone through the same phases, body changes, and what not that young girls are going through. You can think of your mom as your fairy godmother when it comes to beauty tricks that would most likely work for you.

Since you and your mom share the same genes and specific traits, there are some beauty tips which would particularly apply to you, being your mother’s daughter. This is especially true for skin tips. Trying out products or remedies which have been tried and tested by your mom may be the key to achieving the beauty you so desire.

Little girl putting pink lipstick all over her face.

Back to Basics

When I was younger, body scrubs, moisturizers, and the many different bottles and tubes of products on my mom’s bathroom vanity made no sense to me, but she made me understand why she uses several products—both natural and store-bought, to maintain her beauty.

One of my most favorite tricks that my mom taught me about natural beauty is how to use lemons properly. I loved preparing lemonade when I was a kid and seeing how interested I was in lemons, my mom taught me how to use it for beauty purposes.

Since my skin tends to be somewhat sensitive, my mom advised me to dilute the lemon juice in some water. Splashing some cold lemon water also helps reduce the overall oil production from my face. She used to apply some lemon juice every once in a while on my scars when the scabs were gone, and over time, the scars faded. When used for my face to address acne scars, she always reminded me to apply a moisturizer with SPF as well since lemon juice made the skin photosensitive.

I also used to have really dry hair, and instead of buying expensive hot oil treatments, we made use of natural oils at home such as olive oil and virgin coconut oil. We would just pop them in the oven for a few seconds to heat them up and she applied the oil on my hair and scalp.

When it comes to makeup, my mom taught me the difference between warm red lipsticks and cool red lipsticks. She advised me to use warm colors because my skin has a yellow undertone to it. She also advised me to use tinted lip balm to keep my lips moisturized during the winter months.

Mother Hugging Her Daughter and Smiling

Deciding for Yourself

A word of advice though, as much as your mom may know a lot of beauty secrets, there are also some which may not be entirely true or safe to practice. These include brushing your hair with a hundred strokes before sleeping each night—this leads to split ends, or that popping your pimples will make them go away faster—yikes, not at all! Since you now have a lot of resources to look for beauty advice, it would also be wise to check the scientific basis of the beauty tips your mom has shared with you from her treasure trove of secrets.

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