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Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They’re Gone

It’s summer and it’s that ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk” type of weather. Your friends are sending you selfies and texts from their exotic vacation spots while you lie on the couch in front of the air conditioner trying to keep your hair from frizzing. What’s a girl to do? Her nails!

It may be the dog days of summer, but that’s no excuse for letting your nails go! Put on the air conditioner and get out that polish! And do it soon, because the colors of summer may not be around for too long. Here are some of the best summer colors you simply have to have!

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

MikhailPopov / Shutterstock.com

Candy Crush
With all the fireworks of summer, its always a great idea to glitter bomb your nails. Get those nails looking just as hot as the weather with some multi-color glitter nail polish. Finish the look with some eye catching rings on every finger top and bottom.

Cake Pop
Nails that look like ten cake pops! What could be better? This pink pastel color will look great against your skin and while making a super feminine statement that can complement your inner lady or provide a contrast to your tomboy side.

Floss Gloss
Summer nail polish doesn’t have to be bright. Try a neutral palm tree color. It will work like color correcting concealer to tone down summer weathered hands, and look great while doing it.

Electric Orange
Anything starting with the word electric has to be great for summer. Besides, since your not doing tans anymore, you need something to give you color. Orange is a great cheery summer color and will provide a great contrast to your more expected pinks and reds.

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

Imcsike / Shutterstock.com

Coral is always a great classy choice for all of your cosmetics and summer fashion. Its really on trend this 2017 and is guaranteed to fully complement your entire summer wardrobe. The pinky peach color is a great way to keep things lively, and you can always add a glitter topcoat for a little extra kick.

There will always be a place for classic red in every nail polish collection. No matter the season, red will always make a strong, sexy feminine statement. You can never go wrong with red.

Subtle Grey
Every once in a while, it is a good idea to take it down a notch. With all the summer colors heating things up, you may want to cool off with a nice subtle grey. Look for the color in matte finish to keep it fun and bright.

Sweet Almond
They say variety is the spice of life, and if you’re always looking to change things up, this may be the color for you. Sweet almond is somewhere between gray and lilac, but there is nothing boring or sleepy about this light purple. Definitely a color for the ages.

Grab These Summer Nail Polish Colors Before They're Gone

MaxkateUSA / Shutterstock.com

Nothing like going nude in the summer. If its the barer the better, try this neutral on for size. It’s summer in a bottle.

What are you putting on your nails this summer? Drop us a line and let us know how your nailing your nails in the midst of all the heat.

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Mani Pedi Tips for Summer – Vine Vera Reviews

Painting your nails is always a blast. There’s a whole rainbow of colors available, and no shortage of more complex nail art ideas for the more creatively inclined.

And summer is here! What better time to think about nail color and art then now, when you’ll be wearing sandals to the store and maybe heading barefoot to the beach or pool? Summer is a great time to show off awesome manis and pedis while all of your nails are exposed. Colder seasons bring with them a necessity for more covering footwear, eliminating your toenails from the roster, and winter may even require gloves, which covers all ten of them up! Take advantage of the warmer season and follow Vine Vera’s tips for manicure and pedicure tips this summer.

Woman with beautifully manicured and pedicured nails.

Remember the Basics!
No matter how simple or complex you want to go with your nail art endeavors, there are a few standby rules you should remember every time you paint your own nails (and if you’re getting a professional manicure, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’re adhering to these steps when relevant). First off, when dealing with standard polish, always use a base coat. The oils that naturally occur in our nail beds can give polish a hard time trying to stick, and a basecoat will give it something to bind to other than the oily bed, and make it less likely to chip, extending the “lifespan” of your manis and pedis. Further, use multiple coats of color for thinner polishes, and give every coat at least ten minutes to dry before applying the next (to this end, basecoats and topcoats count as coats of polish as well), or you’ll risk bubbles. Finally, always finish with a topcoat, the harder-drying the better, to seal in and protect your now-gorgeous nails from weathering.

Woman with freshly manicured and pedicured nails.

Use Complementary Colors
One of the best parts of summer allowing you to expose and show-off your pedicures in addition to manicures is that you can have fun with contrast and complementary colors, painting your toenails one color and coordinating them with differently-colored fingernails. You can go for sharp, bold contrast if you want a fun and attention-grabbing look, and try such ideas as black with white, blue with orange, or any other two colors opposite each other on the color wheel (like red and green or yellow and purple). You can also try more subdued differences, or have fun with themed color choices. One such fun theme could be turquoise or aqua-colored fingernails with tan toenails, to evoke beach-themed imagery and the contrast of the sand and sea found on the shoreline.

Woman enjoying a manicure and pedicure in a spa.

Follow your Natural Curve
You may have struggled before deciding whether your hands and feet look better with squared or rounded nails. If you’ve ever stared at your own nails, file in hand, unsure of how to proceed, just follow this one tip: check the shape of the base of your nailbeds, where nail meets cuticle. For some people, it will be very rounded, and for others, a bit more angular. To the best of your ability, file the ends of your nails to match the curvature or angularity of your nailbeds’ base for the best look.

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