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Spring and Summer Colors For Lips, Hair, and Nails

When makeup first became widely available in the twenties, the color palette was limited. Powders were cream and ivory, lips were almost invariably some shade of red, and smoky eyes were de rigeur. Woe to those who couldn’t carry it off. True summers had to choose from the same palettes as dark autumns, bright winters were confined to the same choices as light springs, and soft autumns were offered the same options as soft summers. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems as if we can’t walk into Sephora without emerging an hour later finally having determined that the Plum Attraction was more flattering than the #61 Wine.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re having trouble navigating through the color options, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Check out the colors trending for spring and summer 2017 for lips, hair, and nails.

Vivid lips were on display on the 2017 spring runways. Textures ranged from the glittery, (Fendi) to the matte, (Giambattista Valli, and Jason Wu), and of course Carolina Herrera and Chanel brought the high gloss. Jason Wu make up artists created a sporty fluorescent look by layering a cherry with a matte orange. Valentino and Cushnie et Ochs chose semi matte shades ranging from electric pink to ruby. And, if your partial to the ultra shine, take a cue form the Kenzo and Simone Rocha runway with some eye catching shine. If your looking for some hot colors for your lips this season, look for:

  • Poppy Pink or Fuschia – Nothing says spring like a fushia lip.
  • Deep Berry – If you’re aiming to bring some drama into the spring, you can’t go wrong with a deep berry.
  • Bright Purple – Try some violet and twilight hues to recall the warm summer sunset.
  • Hot Red – There is always a call for a good strong red. Use it to spice up your 2017 spring summer pout.

Hair Color

Bronze ombre

Bronze Ombre
If you have dark hair and not much time to spend on upkeep, celebrity colorist David Adams advises going two or three complementary shades lighter. He describes this look as an ombre 2.0 “blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends and around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize maintenance.”

Warm Honey
Faithful brunettes who want to lighten up a touch might consider adding some natural amber to honey highlights to soften their natural color.

Baby Blonde
Already convinced that blondes have more fun? Think about going blonder. Stylist Sharon Dorram recommends lightening up with “strategically placed baby blond highlights around the face and crown.”

Creamy Blonde
If you don’t mind frequent trips to the colorist, a creamy platinum may be for you. Check out the look on Jennifer Lawrence for celebrity inspo.

Nail Polish

yellow nail polish

Sunflower Yellow
You’ll be seeing a lot of sunflower hello on nails this season. Check out versions form Essie, OPI and Christian Louboutin.

Valentine Pink
Taking break from red? Bright pink is a great alternative. Nails Inc. and Dior are both offering up takes on vibrant pink. FYI: Valentine pink was also spotted popping up the runways of Moshino, Fendi, and Valentino.

Tropical Green
Nothing says spring quite like green. Straight from the D and G runways, the earth friendly shade is currently available from both Essie and OPI.

Salmon Pink
For a more neutral approach to pink, try a salmon for the office and the beach.

Hope this clears things up! What colors are you sporting for spring and summer 2017? Let us know! We want your fabulous input!


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The Power Behind The Red Lip

“You know a woman means business when she puts on red lipstick.” This quote from famous fashionista Elizabeth Middleton could not be more true. Nothing speaks drama quite like a good coat of red lipstick. After all, haven’t all the best seduction scenes in movies been instigated by women in red lipstick? One can only imagine how much less impactful the characters of Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) in Pulp Fiction or Jessica Rabbit in “Who Shot Roger Rabbit?” would have been if they had chose a rosy pink.

Red is the color of passion, the color of blood and when a woman puts it on one of her most erotic body parts, it is bound to cause a stir, and over the years it certainly has.

Woman with red lipstick
Early Civilizations
Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that red lipstick got off to a rocky start. Most of the earliest red lipsticks contained ingredients that could easily kill you. The first documented red lipstick (Sumeria , 2500 BC) was made from white lead and pulverized red rocks and Cleopatra famously achieved her red lips by crushing beetles and ants to get the right shade of blood and used fish scales to achieve a shiny texture.

Although the 1500’s saw the advent of red lipstick made of herbal based dyes, apparently no one told Queen Elizabeth I about them. The queen, who adopted red lipstick as part of her signature look, looked so youthful in her makeup, that medieval Europeans began to believe red lipstick could ward off death.They found out how wrong they were when Elizabeth apparently died from the white lead in her favorite cosmetic.

1700’s and 1800’s
After the queen’s passing, red lipstick became less morally favorable. In 1770, British Parliament, declared that women who wore brightly- hued lipstick were seductresses and would be punished with annulment of their marriages and accusations of witchcraft; declaring red lipstick reserved for prostitutes. The more liberal French, however, disagreed, encouraging red lipstick for the upper class, while prostitutes and peasants were traditionally bare faced. This did little to change the minds of the British whose Queen Victoria declared red lipstick impolite making it unfashionable in the 1800’s. They were suitably shocked when French movie star Sarah Bernhardt began habitually applying her red lipstick in public.

Woman applying lipstick
By the 1900’s, as Bernhardt’s reputation as an independent glamorous women began to grow, so too did the popularity of what she referred to as her “love pen.” Add that to the fact that lipstick was now being made with castor oil and beeswax, and a new trend was born. In 1915, the first metal tube of red lipstick was manufactured. Red lipstick became the fashion choice of suffragettes in New York and was gaining traction with cosmetic companies such as Elizabeth Arden Max Factor and Chanel. Arden, in fact, took the opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the emerging cosmetic trend by handing tubes of the stuff out to the marching suffragettes herself. Old Hollywood starlets, Clara Bow and Greta Garbo increased the desire for red lips by modeling them on the silver screen, and by the 1940’s, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rita Hayworth were all donning the ruby cosmetic.

The rest, as they say is history. While purples, blues and blacks have all been modeled to varying degrees of success, it seems that nothing has outlasted or outdone the classic. Just look at fashion and pop icons like Gwen Stefani and Rihanna for proof. Nothing seems to hold the inimitable glamor and power of a good red lipstick.

So what does red lipstick mean to you? Let us know! We love to hear it!

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Why We Love Nude Lips

Woman with nude lipstick
If you go back, way back, before the days of Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum, before the days of Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr, back to when Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were mere sparks in the eyes of their parents, there was Twiggy.

In the 1960’s, Twiggy was the Princess of All That Was Mod, the epitome of fashion in knee-high platform boots, psychedelic stockings, velvet miniskirts, and fur Nehru jackets. Girls risked life and limb to emulate her signature look in clothes as well as makeup. Twiggy set a new standard for eyewear, taking thick black liquid eyeliner and never-ending black lashes to new levels. And to make sure the eyes were the focus, lips were designated a less prevalent role. In keeping with the fashion, some women applied foundation to their lips to make them blend in with the skin on their face, while the modest of the mod daringly employed white lipstick for a similar effect. A makeup tip advised women to, “Embrace the beauty of the subtle 1960’s with a warm, nude lipstick. For a little more pizzazz, chose a metallic finish. Skip lip liner for a less defined lip shape.”

Times may have changed, but when something’s not broken, why fix it? Now, in 2016, the nude lipstick look is still serving us well. Here are some more modern ways to achieve it.

Slight exfoliation is the key to prepping lips for the nude look. Follow that by dabbing on a rich balm and letting it soak in while you do the rest of your make-up, blotting off the excess before you continue. If you are going to use a creamy, opaque lipstick, apply a little foundation around the outside of the lips and over the lipline using a damp sponge. This will give you a canvas that will ensure your lipstick will last. If you prefer a sheer look, skip the foundation.

Woman applying lip linerLiner
Some things never change. Cosmeticians are still advising us to skip the lipliner. Celebrity cosmetician Deborah Nasrat says, “When I am creating a sheer, nude lip, I try to avoid using lip liner.” If you are worried about keeping the color from leaking, she advises a reverse liner outside the hipline

Look for a palette with some beiges, browns, and pinks. Nasrat says, “People always ask me what nudes my clients are wearing, but honestly, its always more than one.” If you have a fair to medium skin tone, look for light pinks and golds, while brown based and caramel neutrals will favor a medium or deep complexion.

Skin Tones

  • Pale to Fair (think Gwyneth Paltrow or Sophie Turner): If your complexion is fair, you will probably find rosy shades of pink to be most flattering, but you may want to experiment with some creamy beige tones, providing they have a pink undertone that is just slightly darker than your complexion. Keep the undertone cool to neutral.
  • Medium (think Jessica Alba and Lea Michelle): If your skin has a medium or olive tone, consider yourself a swinger. Nasrat says, “Those with medium or olive skin tones can really go either way.” Medium toned skin can sport both cool and warm tones, so play the field!
  • Dark to Deep (think Samira Wiley or Lupita Nyong’o): Nasrat goes for warm golden browns for her darker skinned celebrity clients, steering away from anything too beige or cool. “Golden browns look rich and luscious on darker skin tones,” she says.

If you are thinking of going nude this season, we would love to hear of your bold adventures. Please chime in with your comments and suggestions!

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Makeup to Make You Look Younger

As you age, your skin changes significantly and the types of products you have always used and trusted may not be working as well for you. You change your skin care, so it makes sense that you would also change your makeup products to suit your specific needs while aging. The tips below focus on makeup for the whole face that will help you look younger.

Liquid foundation

Liquid Foundation and Application
One of the best ways to make yourself look younger is to find the proper foundation and liquids are your best bet. Although mineral powder foundations like Bare Minerals are wonderful, they also have a tendency to settle into fine lines and pores, which only exaggerates the very things you want to hide. You also want to be careful when you select the coverage level of your foundation. Celebrity makeup artist and Creative Director of Makeup for Lancome suggests using foundation the way it’s meant to be used because chances are you’re making a few mistakes that can age you. Foundation, says Eldridge, is only meant to even out your skin, it is not supposed to hide every imperfection and flaw that you have and caking foundation on for higher coverage draws attention to areas you want to hide. Use your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer to even your skin, then go in and conceal spots and areas where you need a bit of extra coverage.

Makeup artists definitely recommend not using powder foundations on aging skin (as we already mentioned) but what about setting your foundation and concealer? The trick to keeping your skin looking younger is to use a minimal amount of powder to set your makeup. Loose, translucent powders are often excellent for this purpose because they don’t add any additional color so you avoid cakiness, but they do help your makeup last longer. An additional trick by makeup guru Wayne Goss is to use setting powder only where you need it. For many women this is the t-zone, where oil tends to collect, and under the eyes. Not putting powder in unnecessary places helps to avoid highlighting dry patches and creates a much more natural finish to your makeup.

Woman applying concealer.

Choosing Concealers
It seems pretty economical to have a concealer that covers everything, but chances are that isn’t realistic to achieve skin that looks radiant and younger. One of the best ways to look younger is to brighten up your under eye area and there are tons of brightening concealers for this purpose. However, using a brightening concealer on blemishes of age spots often doesn’t work. For maximum anti-aging results, you’ll want to select a concealer that is the color of your skin for blemishes, sun spots or redness and a concealer that is meant to brighten your under eye area.

Eyeshadow, Liner and Mascara
Before you grab eyeshadow, make sure you are applying a primer, particularly if any part of your eyelid already shows some fine lines or wrinkling. Putting on eyeshadow without a primer will only increase the odds of your eyeshadow settling into wrinkles and creasing. Also, if you’ve been putting eye cream on your lids to add extra moisture before makeup, stop because this only makes your eye makeup (including liner and mascara) more likely to slips, slide and melt off of your eyes. If you thought aging meant sticking to matte eyeshadows only, we’ve got good news. A touch of shimmer (not chunky glitter) is actually very flattering because it brings some light to the face. Even though you’ve sworn by black eyeliner your entire life, as you age the color can appear too harsh. Switch to a dark chocolate brown eyeliner for the same dramatic impact without the harshness. Waterproof formulas pretty guarantee that your mascara stays put all day, but it can be drying. Use regular mascara and seal with a waterproof topcoat, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius.

Woman applying lipstick.

Lipstick, Gloss and Liner
As you age you will notice fine lines surrounding your mouth and your lips will become lined as well. There are a few ways that you can help your lips look luscious and defined while making sure you aren’t exaggerating any wrinkles or dryness. First, get in the habit of using a great lip balm, like Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy, to make sure your lips are always hydrated. Next, remember that really vibrant colors and deep, dark colors often have a tendency to bleed and settle into the fine lines around your mouth. You can help combat this by using an invisible lip liner, which helps form a barrier to keep your lip color on your lips. Another reason you may want to stick to more muted hues is that your lips loose fullness as you age and darker colors make your lips appear smaller. Glosses are your best friend to adding dimension and plumpness to your lips while also smoothing over any fine lines or wrinkles.

Radiant skin isn’t only for the young, though it may be a bit harder to achieve as you age. A solid skin care routine and the right makeup products and application can leave you looking young, healthy and absolutely radiant. Use our makeup tips that make you look younger to put your best face forward!

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Vine Vera Brings You Five Lipstick Shades to Try – VineVera Reviews

Various colors of dripping lipstick shadesFall is here, and it’s time to delve into the wonderful, colorful world of autumn colors and looks. This year, there are some incredible color schemes to choose from in terms of clothes and makeup. Vine Vera is here to provide you with some tips on choosing the coolest shades (no pun intended!) for fall 2014.

#1: Nudes

Nude lips are a forever classic, and can work with any skin tone. While the color isn’t vibrant and flashy, nude colors are exceptionally versatile and go with any outfit. The look is clean and classy, and can work for any time of day or night. Nude shades offer a subtle look while dressing up your lips for work, or even for a night out with friends. There are various nude shades to fit any skin tone, and they vary in depth to give you the perfect look you are going for.

#2: Rich Reds

Rich, vibrant red lipsticks come in various shades, and are absolutely perfect for fall. From subtle candy apple reds, to rich, deep merlot tones, there are many color shades to choose from. Our pick this fall is cherry red because we love the vibrancy and brightness of this gorgeous hue.

#3: Peachy Hues

While peach shades aren’t typically thought to be associated with fall, a dark apricot color is a fantastic variation to wean out of the summer months’ colors and to move forward into fall. If you aren’t quite ready for fall just yet, and are longing for the summer days with peaches and pinks, try a dark peach hue on for size.

#4: Berry tones

Like peach, berry tones aren’t normally thought about when it comes to fall color schemes. This year, Fall Fashion Week rocked the berry tones in a big way, and that’s why we give you the go-ahead to indulge in a sweet and flirty berry tone for all of your fall fashions. There are color variations from light mauve shades to more rich and lustrous tones like dusty pink rose and everything in between. We love them all! Give some different berry shades a try, and find your favorite.

#5: Brown Hues

Last but not least, we have just got to add brown and tan tones on this list! What would fall be without a rich brown lip shade? From cocoa to brown sugar to brownish-pink hues, one thing’s for sure – brown is a clever, quick addition to any fall outfit and can tie your entire outfit together in a snap.

Let Vine Vera know more about your favorite lipstick shades using the comment’s box below.

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