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Frills and Flash For Denim

woman in denim skirt

Ah, the 1980’s. Trashy was the look. Over the top lace and crinolines, ladylike beads, slinky jewelry; big hair and bigger hair bows paired with motorcycle belts, dangerous boots, and the proper amount of exposed flesh, and over it all, a denim jacket. Denim; the material of the worker, the perfect foil for the extremely feminine. It has been bedazzled, acid washed, ripped, and patched, beaded, and trimmed in lace, but it always carries that boyish message that contrasts with the super girly, and we never seem to run out of ways to wear it. If you’re looking for some new ways to be creative with denim, here are some ways of bringing your jeans into the millennium.

Reinvent Old Jeans As A Miniskirt

  1. Mark the length you want your skirt to be and cut off the excess.
  2. Cut the inseam along the legs and crotch so that the legs are open.
  3. Cut a patch out of the excess fabric.
  4. Sew the patch to the skirt to cover the gap left by the inseam.

woman sewing denim

Alternative Method

  1. Mark the length you want your length to be on the inseam. Using a ruler and chalk, create a line you’ll cut across.
  2. Cut the excess length off the pants and cut along inseam to open each leg.
  3. Cut two squares of fabric from excess leg pieces. These will serve to fill in the triangular gaps between the legs.
  4. Sew or glue squares onto the underside go the skirt, to fill the gaps.

Uneven Hem (Tiered Hem)
This is that really cool look in which the hem on the front panel of your jeans is slightly higher than the back. Great for showing off a really cool pair of sandals.

  1. Cut off original hem of pants.
  2. Mark off two inches.
  3. Cut across the front panel of jeans, leaving back panel 2 inches longer.
  4. Fray newly cut hems, pulling strings out for style.

Fringed hem

Fringed Hem
For that hippy beachy look. Think Tom Hanks in “Castaway.”

  1. Cut off original hem of pants.
  2. Make a straight line 3 inches from the bottom.
  3. Marked finger width spaces, as if you were in elementary school, trying to space your letters, using vertical lines.
  4. Cut along vertical lines and shake to a make fringe.

Racer Stripes
This will give you a sporty racing stripe down each leg

  1. Mark one inch to the left to the outer seam and one inch to the right.
  2. Apply painters tape from the top to the bottom of the pants along the marks you have just made, leaving the seam exposed.
  3. Pour bleach into a bowl.
  4. Apply bleach between pieces of tape, wait for color to remove.

denim skirt and yellow purse

Let us know how your dressing up your denim this year and let us know if you tried any of our suggestions!

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Build A Great Spring Trip Ensemble

Spring is the perfect time for weekend getaways at the beach, pool or nature. Whether you’re going with your girlfriends, mom or significant other, here’re a few recommendations to pack into your suitcase for a stylish escape.

denim jacket

The Denim Jacket
Rugged enough to withstand a little rough and tumble, jean jackets are a spring trip staple, and also a key part of any summer wardrobe. Check out the new light wash from Levi’s denim jacket with an embroidered slogan on the back for a little extra dash of cool.

The Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket is getting some well-earned attention. This year, we’re loving the bagginess and the shine. Pair it with a shirt dress, bandana, and Nike trainers to bring out your inner tomboy.

Overall Dungarees
Overall dungarees are the perfect field day look. Wear them Taylor-Swift tight or Jared-Leto baggy. Pick up a pair from Top Shop and layer them over a peasant blouse to go feminine, or put them over an edgy mesh top for some bad girl fashion.

leather backpack

Leather Backpack
You never know what you’ll need for a field trip, and a backpack will give you a little more mobility than a standard purse. A sleek leather mini one from Whistles stores your necessities perfectly without looking clunky.

Star Cuffs
Whatever you’re wearing, you can’t of wrong with these gold star hair accessories and ear cuffs from Tada and Toy. It will bring a little of the night sky into your everyday and is a great signature alternative to the temporary tattoo.

Baseball Jersey
If you like donning your man’s clothing, the baseball jersey is for you. Make it your own by wearing it open over shorts or close it up and wear it as a dress. Look for the one from Majestic Athletic with the Brooklyn logo.

Plaid Shirt
We all know the importance of layers when our field days become field nights. Bring along a super comfy plaid shirt and tie it around your waist grunge style for a practical fashion statement.


Stretch Playsuit
Nothing could be better for running around on a field trip than grayey marl stretch playsuit from Silence and Noise. You’ll love this comfy one piece with hints of lace and tapered legs. Dress up with some flowery sunglasses for outdoor excursions.

Shirt Dress
Shirt dresses are a great mixture of cute and sporty and an ideal choice for your field trip. Go mod in a Fred Perry T-shirt dress paired with some cool Doc Martens or reflective trainers.

Logo Shirt
Dare to go bold with some fresh patterned logo shirts or jumpsuits. Pair with some cool sunnies and you’re ready to roll.

What are you wearing for your spring field trip? Let us know if these looks are working for you or if you’ve got a few of your own to share.

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Fashion Tips for Mom – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman with shopping bags.

Being a Mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling yet time consuming job. It can be very easy to neglect yourself when you are running around taking care of your children. Unfortunately, your style is one of the first things that tends to get pushed aside. Not to worry though, you can get your style back in a snap with these Mommy fashion tips from Vine Vera Skincare.

On the top of any Mom’s style list should be comfort. This is extremely important when you are always on the go. However, being comfortable does not have to equate to sweatpants and sneakers. Your style does not have to be compromised in order to maintain comfort. The first and most versatile piece that any Mom should have in their wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. Find yourself a jean that has stretch in it, that way it will be able to move with your body all day long. Choose a dark wash in a straight leg style. It will look more put together than a lighter wash jean. A good pair of flats are also must for every Mom. They are practical yet chic. They should be comfortable enough to wear all day while you perform your tasks both inside and outside of the home.

Mom's Fashion

A classic white button-down is another good item to have in your closet. It allows you to look composed without having to put much effort forward. You can tuck it into jeans or a simple black pencil skirt and you have yourself an easy and polished look. You can add a quick statement necklace to bring your own personal touch to the outfit. A nice pair of sunglasses can be a life saver when you are in a hurry. Just slip them on and no one will know that you are running on four hours of sleep! They will cover a multitude of sins such as puffy eyes and dark circles. A cardigan is the perfect item to throw on when the weather is on the chillier side. They are great to have when you are picking up the children or running errands. Cardigans are wonderful for layering as well. You can change up a whole outfit just by adding this item.

Maybe the most important key piece to have is a large handbag or tote. This will hold everything that you need for the day. A larger purse is best because you will be able to fit many items in it. It will be able to securely fit all your day to day essentials, plus hold your children’s toys. It is ideal to find one that comes in a sturdy and durable material such as leather. As an added bonus, leather is water resistant so any spills will not ruin the quality of the bag.

Following these tips will help you to step up your Mommy fashion game while still having plenty of time to take care of the most important people in your life. They will allow you to be the most fashionable Mom you can be!

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Fashion Update: Learn How to Cuff Your Jeans Right – Vine Vera Reviews

Spring is here and summer is dawning, and with that, cute, cuffed jeans are totally in – not to mention, they look adorable. Cuffing your jeans can add a whole new look to an old, tired pair of jeans. By cuffing your jeans too high, you risk your jeans looking more like a capri than a pair of jeans with cuffs. If you cuff them to low, you are risking looking as though you are wearing carpenter pants. So, how exactly does someone master the perfect cuff? Join Vine Vera as we school you on the best looks for cuffing your jeans – and how to do it yourself. It’s not hard, it’s fun to try, and is one of the main looks you should opt for this season.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans
Choosing the right style and fit of jeans is important to getting the perfect cuff. Opt for a pair of skinny jeans, as these work the best for cuffing. The style of skinnies you choose is up to you and your personal preference.

A woman wearing blue jeans, lying on the floor in a white background.

Choose the Look You Love
Choose the type of cuff look you love, or one that suits your outfit or the things you need to do. If you want to spend the day grocery shopping or hanging out with friends, imperfect cuffs are right for you as they are more casual. If you want to wear your jeans to work for a Friday dress-down day, you might need a bit more of a dressy cuff. Below, we will detail a few different cuff looks you can opt for to get the look you want.

Perfectly Imperfect Cuffs
This look is fun, trendy, and casual – and super stylish to boot. Here’s how you get the perfectly imperfect cuff:

  1. Fold the bottom of the pants cuff up about 4 inches.
  2. Roll the cuff’s bottom piece down a bit, then fold up again until the bottom seam of the pants leg meets the top of the cuff.
  3. Jostle the cuff around a bit to give it a messy look.
  4. You’re all finished and ready to go! You can wear this look with any type of shoes you want, such as sandals, gladiator sandals, pumps, heels, or ankle boots.

Prim and Proper Cuff
When you have a pair of jeans you want to cuff with a style that’s fit for even the office or a lunch meeting, you can get this look by doing the following:

  1. Grasp the bottom portion of the bottom of the jeans, fold the side over and when the jeans are tight against your leg, fold the pant leg up.
  2. Repeat the fold up process again, once more on top of that if you want a higher leg.
  3. This style is suitable for jeans, dress pants, or chino type pants.

Low Cuffs
Low sitting cuffs are one of the most stylish looks in cuffs this season. Really skinny or form fitting pants look fabulous in this look – and it’s also the most simple cuff style to accomplish.

  1. Fold the pants upwards as high as the bottom seam goes – it will only be less than a half an inch or so that you need to fold over.
  2. You’re set – this look is classy, chic and stylish –all while appearing super casual.

Give one of these cute, stylish looks a try this spring, summer, or all year round – and give your pants a totally new look that’s classy and stylish. Vine Vera hopes you enjoyed this article, and it’s been a helpful tool in helping you build your personal style.

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Secrets to Looking More Like a “Fashion Girl” – Vine Vera Reviews

In life, there are those who get fashion, and there are some who just don’t. Vine Vera would like to take a look today at what we call the “Fashion Girl”, the girl who seems to always look stunning and seamlessly masters every fashion trend – no matter what. Want to know how you can get the look? VineVera reviews the types of items you should have in your closet to be the ever intriguing fashionista on your block.

Woman in a fashionable multi-colored dress.

Don’t Play By the Rules
Fashion Girls aren’t afraid to delve into the weird, the unknown, and the uncharted territory in terms of patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix the two to find a combination of colors, patterns, and textures that is all your own. Forget what you’ve heard, and try something new, exciting, and different.

Woman wearing red colored heels.

Opt for Simplistic Styles
There are certain staple items every girl should have hanging in her closet, or tucked away in her dresser drawers. Some of those items are tees of solid colors and styles to fit your mood for any particular day, tanks of the same, and black slacks or dress pants. These are a must have in order to get dressed in a hurry and when all else fails. Classic solid colored heels or pumps are always a must have as well.

Rock the Tuck
This style is exceptionally fashion forward – tucking your shirt half in, half out has been embraced by Fashion Girls everywhere for its simplistic ability to change the entire look of an outfit while looking classy, stylish, and chic. Don’t be afraid to tuck different areas of your shirt in, while letting the rest hang out. Tucks don’t just apply to the front of the shirt – or even all of it – any longer. Rock the tuck!

Beautiful woman in fashionable layered clothing.

Layer Your Look
Just because you have a little black dress hanging in your closet, doesn’t mean it has to be reserved for a special night out – on the contrary, you can layer this dress with a short sleeved white collared shirt to obtain a casual look out of something you never imagined pairing together. The same goes for other shirts, tanks, and dresses. Layer your look to see which looks you love – you never know what your new favorite combo might be until you experiment and try them out! 

Woman in a red colored dress and red belt with a white and red hat.

Add a Belt
Most Fashion Girls have a large belt collection. Why? Well, belts can add that perfect accessory to any outfit, all without being too over the top. You can add them to anything, from dresses, to skirts, to jeans, shorts, and more. Belts can accentuate a small waist and add more hip definition, and also downplay larger hips by the size of the belts used. They can be bright and colorful, or more subtle depending on the look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to wear a belt and really accent your outfit.

Woman wearing blue jeans and a blue and white striped top.

Dressy Jeans
Dressing up your favorite pair of jeans is always a Fashion Girl thing to do. Vine Vera suggests pairing a cute pair of jeans with a dressy blouse, adding a nice necklace, some bracelets, and a cute handbag with a pair of pumps to really play up the jean look, resulting in a dressy casual look. Perfect for a lunch date, work on a Friday, or out shopping with friends.

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