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Living Well From Your Suitcase

vine vera presents Living Well From Your Suitcase

James Bond; international spy. Always jet-setting across the country, tending to mysterious assignations and covert operations, complete with a full supply of weapons, infrared binoculars, microchip voice recorders, and knives that can be concealed in his cufflinks. You may wonder, where does he pack his three-piece suits? Living out of a suitcase can definitely be limiting. Luggage weight limits, different activities, and changeable weather are only part of the things that make packing for a trip challenging. However, if Bond can do it so can you. Here are some ways you can use your Bondlike powers to maximize your luggage capacity.

Mix and Match
One of the greatest challenges to suitcase living is finding a matching outfit. You may find the perfect sweater mercifully at the top of your bag, but the matching pants nowhere to be seen. Pack versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match. That way, not only will a coordinated outfit be easier to find, you will also have a variety of outfits to chose from using the same five or so pieces. A good rule of thumb is: if it can’t be a part of at least two different outfits, leave it out.

Color Scheme
A good way to make sure your clothes match is by sticking to the same general colors. Dark and neutrals tend to be the easiest to work with. Bring a lot of white, black. and gray and add in pops of color, like red or teal, to keep it interesting.

Dress Up or Down
Usually, trips require both dressy and casual outfits, some of which will require some on the spot wardrobe adjustment. Accessories are the answer. Bring outfits that can go either fancy or sporty with the addition or omission of different shoes and pieces of jewelry. Shoes are great outfit transformers. Skinny jeans can instantly go from day to night be swapping your tennis for some super spiked heels.

vine vera presents Living Well From Your Suitcase

Layers are both practical and fashionable, especially when you’re traveling. Weather is hard to anticipate and even seasonal averages are no guarantee. Layers are a crucial component to keeping comfortable while traveling. Make sure to throw in a few scarves, tanks to go under shirts, hoodies, hats and extra socks, that can be easily removed or added.

Packing is often something learned from mistakes. Begin with shoes and toiletries and be sure to multitask socks and underwear by using them to protect nice shoes and fragile jewelry. Shove the rest of the undies into crevices. Roll up your jeans, camisole, sweaters, and t-shirts for maximum space and minimal wrinkles, and put them in the suitcase next. Blouses and dress shirts should be folded minimally and placed on top. You may want also want to put the pajamas on the top for easy access after a tiring trip. Ironing spray is your best friend; it will eliminate wrinkles without the burden of a space-hogging, heavy iron.

Do you have any traveling tips for us? Be sure to take some time from your jet setting to make a few notes. We would love to hear from the experts.


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Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes

Woman in stripes, walking

The zebra is probably one of the more trendsetting of animals. Stripes have been making their way to the fashion runway ever since Coco Chanel introduced the Breton striped shirt, becoming a fashion statement for young sophisticates, and still worn today by such fashion icons from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton. Although the stripes of the zebra serve as a means of camouflaging the animal, they also serve as a means of identity. Apparently, zebras recognize one another by the slightly distinct striping pattern on their hide. If stripes are a means of self-expression in the animal kingdom, then there is no reason why they should not do the same for the fashion world. Here are some ways of earning your stripes this summer.

Stripes Trending 2017
In addition to lining (literally) spring runways this year, stripes have also taken their place as major contenders on the red carpet. Both Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery and Blackish’s Yara Shahadi cemented the rainbow striped dress as fashionable evening wear for the Hollywood crowd this year for a new take on A-list evening wear.

Milan fashion show 2017

andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

The runway has also seen no shortage of stripes this year. Altuzarra did a nautical inspired off the shoulder dress in primary red and blue capable of doubling as for day or night duties, depending on the accessories. Proenza Shouler showed its stripes in combination with a color block scheme on a knit dress. Miu Miu went mod with a striped shirt dress, while Fendi went daring with their striped crop top, seen modeled by Gwyneth Paltrow on the February edition of In Style Magazine. Menswear pieces are all the rage with pinstriped button down borrowed from your boyfriend looks. Look to Caroline Herrera for an elegant vertical white and black striped dress and check out Tommy Hilfiger striped maxi for a cool summer look.

Woman in colorful striped shirt

Wearing Stripes
While stripes may be a perfect for the runway, they can be a difficult look to pull off for the everyday. Here are some tips for wearing stripes this season:

  • Horizontal Stripes Don’t Increase Girth
    Studies show this is a myth, so ignore it.
  • Bold Stripes Equal Bold Looks
    If you don’t want to make big waves with your stripes, you may want to start with a more toned downed pinstripe before working your way to the wider look.
  • Go Neutral With Stripes
    Pair your striped skirt or jeans with a black colored top or vice versa.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative
    Black and white is classic but don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Go for rainbow stripes if your daring, or greys with reds for a more toned down contrast.
  • Mix Prints
    Stripes can look really great with florals or plaid. Think of them as a neutral piece and pair prints accordingly.

Woman posing with striped skirt

How are you showing your stripes this season? Let us know! We love to get your comments and suggestions.

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Showing Off Your Curves

Sometimes you want to be ultra-feminine and really flaunt the curves you’ve got. Whether you’re full of natural curves or you want to create the illusion, there are fashionable spring items that you can wear to achieve this. It doesn’t matter what your size or body shape is, there are ways that you can show off your curves. Fashion is all about personal expression and when you want to be alluring and girly, try playing with the following pieces of clothing.

Woman wearing a crop top

Crop Tops
Crop tops have made a major return in the fashion world and these tops are a perfect choice for when you want to accentuate your curves. Crop tops are perhaps most flattering to those who have an hourglass figure, but anybody can rock a crop top with some confidence. Don’t assume that crop tops are only for 20-year-old supermodels, body types of all sizes can make the crop top work for them. Pair a crop top with a flowing maxi skirt for a flirty, feminine look or grab your skinnies and a lightweight cardigan for a more conservative outfit.

Ruffles dress

Tops, dresses or skirts – anything with ruffles is your friend when you are looking to accentuate your curves. In addition to being great at helping you show off curves, ruffles create interest by enhancing what you’ve already got. If you have more of a rectangle shaped body, then wearing ruffles can create the illusion of curves.

Jessica Biel

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Wide-Legged Trousers
Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts and closets, but wide-legged trousers are a major trend for spring. These pants are super versatile; they can be dressed up or dressed down and they come in so many styles. These pants add volume to the bottom half of your body, which highlights your waist and balances you if you have broad shoulders. To really enhance your curves, pair wide-legged trousers with a tucked in cami and add a statement belt to your waist.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes
Vertical stripes naturally make the eyes focus up and down, and horizontal stripes do the exact opposite. Horizontal stripes draw the eyes to the sides of your body, and they can help to enhance your natural curves, or to create curves if you have a more athletic body type. Spring 2016 runways were full of stripes in a wide variety of clothing items. A striped top is one of the easiest ways to incorporate some stripes into your spring wardrobe, but designers featured elegant gowns, casual dresses and flowing maxi skirts for spring 2016.

Maximizing your curves is all about feeling confident and beautiful no matter what shape or size your body is. Spring 2016 featured so many styles that are perfect for showing off and creating curves. Play with different colors, textures and outfit combinations to find the pieces that make you feel and look amazing.

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