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Couture Looks To Master This Fall

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Couture. The Cruella de Ville makeup and hair surrounded by sumptuous fabrics, full gowns of tulle, voluminous collars, feathered hats, and embroidered gloves. So exquisitely beautiful, so ingeniously creative, so alarmingly expensive! Who doesn’t love couture? It may be the ultimate aesthetic expression of fashion, but when it comes to wearing it, not many of us have the occasion, nor bank accounts, to do so. However, if you eye the runways carefully, there may be bits and pieces of couture that can translate to the everyday. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating the most cutting edge styles into your look.

If you’re looking to do something a little experimental when it comes to makeup, you may want to take an eyeful of the ethereal look Pat McGrath created for Valentino, incorporating white eyeliner with a radiant skin for an otherworldly glow, or his quasi-bizarre lip look using transparent papers and foils to give a reflective finish.

For a natural look with a bit of sleaze, Tom Pecheux created a look of glowing, golden beauty for Elie Saab, combining shimmery lips and lids, with severe black liquid liner, while using rainbow eye makeup for his Chanel models.

Linda Cantello focused on eye makeup at Armani Prive using smoky metallic shadows with bold brows, leaving skin and lips fresh and natural, for a novel day time look.

Val Garland took a more colorful route when it came to lips, applying bold red poppy colors to each model’s pout at Giambattista Valli, and using a gloss. The skin was left flawless and brows impeccably groomed.

The more intrepid among us may want to try the look Peter Philips at Dior describes as “a savage natural beauty” adding intensity with brows brushed upward, Dewey skin, and lips touched with a hint of a tinted balm.

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Hair looks varied from wildly expressive to demure. At the mild end of things, Guido Palau styled his Valentino models hair in low slung ponytails with loose layers framing the face, as did James Pecis at Giambattista Valli.

For a rock festival feel, Orlando Pita at Elie Saab channeled the goddess look, with soft waves and a gold headband for some of his models, while others showed off mini braids.

Eugene Souleiman brought the edge at Maison Margiela decking out his models’ does with stenciled stars and foam like coatings, combined with highlighted skin and face jewelry.

Incorporating hats to the festivities were Armani Prive showing hair slicked to head, topped with dramatic veiled hats, while Sam McKnight created low looped ponytails worn under Chanel head toppers.

If you’re bringing elements of couture into your wardrobe this year, let us know what your borrowing and what you’re choosing to leave out from the world of high fashion. we love to know.

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The Best Spring Colors For Your Skin Tone

Colors can be very attractive, but as much as you like them in the makeup palette, they may not be the most flattering colors for you. So, in the spirit of saving you some heartache, and sparing you from unnecessary purchases, here’s the skinny on finding the right spring color for your skin tone.

Here’s The Deal
Your skin has undertones. They may not be very apparent, but they come out when you hold another color up to it. That’s why certain colors can make you look gorgeous and others can make you look like you’ve just eaten something disagreeable. To tell which colors best complement your skin tone, you need to first establish what your skin tone is. Take off your makeup and try a drape test to figure it out.

Cool skin tone

Are you on of the cool kids? If your hair is blonde, ash brown, dark brown, or black, and your skin has pink undertones, you are! Still not sure? Hold up some springy royal blues and bright pinks and basic blacks and whites to your face. Look good? You’re cool!

Light cool
If your hair has a light ashy tone, and your skin is pale with pink undertones, you may be cool light, or light cool. To make sure, hold up some light blues, pinks, and lavenders. If they flatter, you’re light cool.

If you’ve gone for strawberry blond tints and your skin tans well, it’s all about orange. If orange makes you look radiant, you’re getting warm.

Warm skin

Light Warm
If you’ve got a reddish tint but your skin is fair, or you have darker skin with a peachy glow, then oranges, greens and browns may be overwhelming. Try beachy spring corals, beiges and peaches instead. If they make your eyes pop, you’re a light warm.

Your Best Spring Colors
So now that you know what skin tone you have, here are a few colors you may want to include in your springtime wardrobe.

Cool tones, rejoice. Your color for the spring is a radiant orchid. Whether it be maxi dress, flirty sandals or blouses, be sure to include this standout jewel tone in your spring collection.


Soft Lavender
Light cool tones will want to find themselves draped in soft lavender this spring. Don a lavender sun dress for some fairy tale spring inspiration and make this pastel your signature color this season.

Cayenne Pink
Warm tones will find the yellow and orange undertones in coral pink great complements to your golden skin tones. A standout color on the spring fashion runways, cayenne pink is going to be huge this year, and it’s going to look terrific on you.

Woman in yellow dress

Lemon Yellow
When life hands you “lemon,” wear it! Nothing says spring quite like a warm, buttery yellow and it’s just the thing for light and warm tones this year. Light warms will do best with lighter desaturated yellow, while true warms can go for the bold canary colors. Get your yellow on in sunnies, skirts/ and platform heels for some fun in the sun this spring.

So which skin tone are you? Whether you’re cooling off or warming up for the spring, we want to hear all about you’re fashion adventures. Please keep us posted.

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Work Ready Hairstyles

Business woman with a beautiful ponytail working on her tab

You know the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,”  and today is a day for first impressions.  Maybe it’s a job interview or meeting a new client.  But, you’re a pro, you can do this.  You  did research on social media, you’ve  prepared what you’re going to say and anticipated key questions.  You’ve invested in a smart charcoal gray pantsuit with navy pumps and have applied some subtle makeup  with a hint of color on the cheeks and lips.  There’s only one problem.  Your hair looks like Don King’s.  Yes, you may be a pro at the office, queen of the photocopy machine, excellent on the Xcel, and the countess of accounting, but when it comes to hair, you’re admittedly hopeless.  But, have no fear,  here are some really easy hairstyle so you will be officially ready, no matter what your hair type!

Twist And Pin Bun For Long Hair.
You can do this with your hair wet after the gym, too!

  • Divide your hair equally into three sections.
  • Take the middle section, in the back of your head and twist it.  Keeping it twisted, roll it into a bun and pin it on  your neck.
  • Take the right section and repeat the twist and pin, securing the bun  to the right of the first one.
  • Do the same with the left section.  You should now have three mini buns at the nape of your neck.

Woman with a fishtail ponytail

The Fishtail Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair
Like A Braid But Easier!

  • Gather all your hair high on your head. Comb it smooth and secure with strong elastic.
  • Split ponytail in half.
  • Take a section of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right.
  •  Take a section from the right side and cross it over the left.
  • Continue until you are at the end of your hair.
  • Secure the end and then use your hands to fluff the braid out to make it look fuller.

The French Roll For Short Hair
This is a super easy and super glamorous look for short hair

  • Comb all your hair over to the left side.
  • Insert Bobby pins in an overlapping vertical line at the back of your head to keep it in place,  Your hair should now be pinned so that it falls over your left shoulder.
  • Pull the hair falling over your shoulder behind your head to the right so that it is on the right side of the pins.
  • Roll your hair so you now have a roll at the back of your neck.
  • Holding the roll in place with your hands,  push pins into the right side of the roll.
  • Tuck in ends and secure with pins.

Woman with a short updo

Short Updo
This is so cool with just a hint of retro

  • Spray on some dry shampoo to give hair texture.
  • Tease the hair on the top of your head. (Think Amy Winehouse)
  • When you have it at the desired height pin it so it stays slightly elevated.
  • Pin the sides of your hair back.
  • Gather the remaining hair off your neck, add pins and voila!  You’re the it girl!

You walk into the office with your smart hair swept up, you’re making perfect time.  Everyone looks at your do and thinks that if you can do that to your hair, you’re capable of anything.  You got this!

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Exfoliation for Your Scalp

You know that exfoliating your face is essential to healthy, glowing skin and you exfoliate your body to keep your skin soft and supple, but you’re probably ignoring a major area of your skin that needs exfoliation – your scalp. While you probably don’t care about getting a radiant, glowing scalp, exfoliation of your scalp does so much more than give the skin a glow. Check out why you need to exfoliate your scalp, how often you should do it to get the healthiest scalp and in turn, amazing hair.

Woman getting a massage

Why Exfoliate the Scalp?
It’s widely recognized that shampooing your scalp daily is not in the best interest of healthy hair, so dry shampoo has become an absolute must-have in many bathrooms. Dry shampoos are truly an essential hair product these days; they can be used when you want a little more sleep, after an intense gym session when you don’t have time to shampoo or to add some texture and body to your hair. However, dry shampoo and other styling products do come with some drawbacks: “The delicate acid mantle on your face is identical to your scalp, which is easily disrupted by products like dry shampoos, especially if the scalp and hair is not shampooed after frequent use,” notes Phyto National Educator, Christyn Nawrot.

Dr. Francesca Fusco, Clear Scalp and Hair dermatologist says, “think of it this way:  You’d never skip washing your face and you’d also never replace face cleansing with a wipe or a blot of a powdery sponge. If you scalp pores become clogged, it can contribute to a kind of scalp acne called folliculitis. This folliculitis can be bacterial or yeast in nature and if it goes without treatment can lead to increased shedding (i.e. flakes).”

Anabel Kingsley, a Philip Kingsley trichologist, simplifies why you need to exfoliate your scalp saying, “exfoliating the scalp removes dead skin cells and encourages healthy skin turnover, creating the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.”

How Often to Exfoliate?
Removing the dead skin cells and product buildup on your scalp can strengthen your hair and help you grow longer hair as well. When it comes to the number of times per week or month you should be exfoliating, experts differ in opinion. Some hair experts believe that exfoliating every other week is enough to keep your scalp free from product buildup, while others, like Kingsley, suggest using an exfoliating treatment every week to keep your scalp clear and healthy. If you are a person who skips shampoo for days at a time, you should consider exfoliating your scalp each week to ensure it is clean and healthy.

If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to use to exfoliate your scalp, you can put your facial care products down. You can look for shampoos or leave-in treatments that contain salicylic acid (yes, the same salicylic acid you may use on your face) to gently remove dead skin cells from the scalp. Other treatments, like the Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage, actually contain incredibly fine micro-scrubbers that you massage into your hair before rinsing. Phyto also offers exfoliating shampoos with two formulas – one for dry hair and one for oily hair. When you exfoliate your scalp, you keep your skin healthy allowing for better hair growth.

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Anti-Aging for Hair

When it comes to anti-aging, that ceaseless, sometimes bitter war between you and the encroaching signs of aging, its oh so satisfying when you’re winning, we often focus on the skin exclusively. I mean really, we mostly focus on the face, but sometimes we’ll think about the skin on other body parts too, and Vine Vera is pretty good about pointing out helpful advice for the areas that aren’t the face.

But what about anti-aging for a part of your body that doesn’t even have skin? Might sound silly, but there’s actually something to it. In case you haven’t caught on by now, we’re talking about your hair. While it doesn’t need the same kind of care as skin, your hair absolutely does change as you age, so any full, comprehensive anti-aging strategy should include the hair. As you grow older, your hair will thin if you don’t do anything about it, particularly after you hit menopause. The color will gradually drift towards gray, and the texture might even change, all telltale signs of age.

And as such, today, Vine Vera’s going to be throwing some of our very favorite hair-related anti-aging tips for your perusal.

Woman conditioning her hair.

Yes, nutrition can indeed affect the quality of your hair. If this surprises you, consider that just as nutrition affects the functioning of the majority of your body, including external parts like the skin, it’s only natural that your hair might be affected too.

Specifically, biotin, vitamin C, and keratin supplementation can help improve the quality of your hair. You can often find pills that contain a supplement of each of these things mixed together in a specialized “hair care” supplement. Do note, though, that this will only affect new hair growth, and not the hairs already on your head, but they can help the new growth to stay healthy, vigorous, and grow out longer and stay thicker.

As we mentioned, one major cause of hair thinning and degradation is hormonal in nature. Menopausal women often experience a rapid increase in the rate of hair thinning as they continue to age, and a lack of estrogen can negatively affect the texture of your hair, too. This can also happen to a lesser extent even if you’re pre-menopausal, because your hormone levels can change slightly with age even before menopause.

So whether you’re pre or post-menopausal, consider making an appointment with your doctor and discussing hormonal supplementation. Bringing your estrogen levels a bit higher and within a healthy range will not only help your hair, preventing or even reversing thinning, but it can also make your skin softer and decrease your pore size.

Coconut Oil

Natural oils, especially argan oil and coconut oil, can help you restore moisture and shine to rough, damaged, hair, and help prevent thinning and breakage. Try mixing a small dab into your conditioner, work some into your hair after you get out of the shower, or for intensive deep conditioning, warm some up a little, put on a very generous amount (seriously, make your hair as greasy as possible) at night, put a shower cap, wig cap. Or similar over it, and go to bed. The next morning, wash out the excess oil and your hair should be incredibly soft.

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Fixes for Out of Control Hair

Crazy out of control hairWhen it’s in good shape, hair can be just about the best thing ever. Gracefully adorning your head, accenting your best features, giving you an outlet to show your creativity when you’re in the mood for fun hairstyles. It can be your crown, a source of pride and confidence.

But when it’s misbehaving, hair can be just the opposite…unruly, out of control hair is like a weed growing form your head that makes you look silly and dull. It’s a source of dismay, and saps your confidence like a leech.

And that’s exactly why Vine Vera is going to show you how you can tame untamable hair, and conquer that out of control ‘do. Read on, and kiss that frizzled mess on your head goodbye.

Limit Shampoo
You’ve likely heard you’re supposed to wash your hair every single day, but you’ve heard wrong. Washing every day works for some people, especially people with particularly greasy and oily hair, but those among us with dry, curly, or fragile hair need not follow this “rule.” Instead, only use shampoo every other day, every third day, or even just every four days or so. You can even extend that out longer; the point is, don’t wash your hair if it doesn’t need it. Go without shampoo until you notice your scalp itches and/or your hair looks greasy. At that point, it’s time to wash.

On non-shampoo days, do still rinse your hair with warm water, and do still use conditioner; the whole point of avoiding constant shampooing is to allow your hair stay moisturized, and conditioner helps do exactly that.

Protect From Heat Damage
If you like to flat-iron your hair sometimes (or, for that matter, if you ever use a curling iron), you need to make sure your hair is protected from damage. Ironing your hair can not only dry it out, but it can cause long-lasting damage that will make your hair indefinitely frizzy. As such, spritz your hair with a heat-protectant spray formulated for flat ironing before you get to work.

Only Comb When Wet
If you have a problem with your hair getting out of control, you won’t want to ever brush or comb it when it’s dry. Instead, do that just after or even during your shower, when your hair is lubricated and isn’t going to end up ludicrously frizzy for the effort.

Don’t Towel Dry…or Blow Dry
Not towel-drying is easy enough to understand; rubbing a towel against your hair quite clearly roughs it up and can cause frizz and unruly-ness, but we can already imagine some of you recoiling at the thought of having to give up blow-drying. The thing is, if you have hair that tends to frizz up and get out of control, you’re not a great candidate for blow-drying, as doing so…well, dries out your hair, which causes frizz. Try just letting it air dry instead.

Now, if you rely on blow-drying and are getting a little scared by now, don’t worry: you can still blow-dry, but you need to set in on the lowest setting and do it very, very slowly.

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Curly Hair Mistakes

Curly hair is something most straight-haired girls are constantly saying that they wish they had. Curly girls know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. When you have curly hair, you have a unique set of styling and maintenance challenges. Here are some of the biggest curly hair mistakes and how to deal with them.

Woman with frizzy hair.

Perhaps the number one complaint, frizzy hair is a major issue for girls with curls. Sometimes it seems that no matter how you style your hair, you end up with more frizz than curl. First, try using a cotton T-shirt rather than a bath towel to dry your hair. It may sound, and feel, a little weird at first, but this can help eliminate frizz. Conventional curl wisdom suggests scrunching as you style to help shape curls, but this can increase the level of frizz in your hair. Instead, twirl curls around your fingers to help create structure. Lastly, skip traditional hair brushes. These only pull curls apart and add frizz to your look. Opt for a wide tooth comb and comb hair only when wet.

Woman with dry hair

Dry Hair
Curly hair is significantly drier than straight hair. Hair experts suggest to limit the amount of shampooing each week, but keep conditioning. Most curly hair girls can get away with only washing their hair twice per week. On the days that you do not need to shampoo, try the popular method of “co-washing.” Co-washing simply means that when you aren’t shampooing, you still wet your hair and use conditioner. This helps keep moisture in your curly hair. Additionally, you can use the steam generated from your shower to help your curls. Allow the steam to soak into your hair, which will help your curls stand up on their own without the need for as many drying styling products.

Woman flat ironing her hair.

Hair Tools with Heat
Hot tools are to be used with caution by all hair types, but particularly curly hair girls. However, allowing your curly hair to air dry completely can lead to more frizz. So what’s a girl to do? Make good use of the diffuser attachment that comes with your hairdryer. If yours doesn’t come with one, invest in one immediately. When drying your hair, try to avoid touching it with your fingers as much as possible and just use the diffuser. Flat irons are fun to use when you want to switch up your look. Be sure to spray a generous amount of heat protectant on your hair prior to using the iron on your hair. Also, take care to use an appropriate heat setting. A good guideline for heat setting is that if it is uncomfortable and burns your fingers, the iron is probably at a setting too high for your hair.

Woman applying hair oil.

Falling Flat
Your curls look beautiful when you leave the house in the morning, but an hour later they’ve fallen flat. There are few things you can do to combat this curly hair issue. First, curls tend to hold better on hair that has not been just washed. If you have just washed your hair, you can always use a bit of dry shampoo to add some texture. Next, find a good curl cream or mousse that works for you. The product you choose will be what works for you, there is no single perfect curl product. Unfortunately, this means a good amount of trial and error. Once you’ve applied the curl cream or mousse, add a tiny bit of hair oil to the ends of your hair only. This way you keep volume and curl at the top of your hair as opposed to weighing it down. To maintain volume, lift the roots of your hair with your fingers as you dry it. Some experts suggest using a combination of air drying (while lifting the roots with your fingers) and then finishing the style by using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. A good middle ground is to let it air dry 50% then use your hairdryer for the remaining 50%. Spray your hair generously with your favorite hairspray to help lock in the curl. Keep a travel size bottle of hairspray with your for emergency touch-ups.

Curly hair is awesome, even if it comes with some challenges. Embrace your curls and celebrate how amazing your hair looks.

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Hair Transformations for Fall

The changing over of the seasons is an excellent opportunity to refresh your overall look. As the weather changes, you’re often forced to alter your wardrobe due to climbing or plummeting temperatures, so it really does make the perfect time to change things up by changing more than just the length of your sleeves and the weight of the fabric you wear.

Fall in particular is a fun opportunity for style makeovers; with the crisp and cool—but not bitter cold—air prevalent in fall, you’ll find many options at your disposal, since a wider range of clothing choices, owing to the fact that the intermediate temperatures mean both somewhat warm and somewhat cool clothing options will feel comfortable in this season.

But changing your wardrobe isn’t all you can do this fall! Think about it; if you’re going to go to the effort to change your look for the changing seasons, why stop at just clothes? Use it as an excuse to give your hair a massive transformation that will have strangers turning heads in awe and friends doing a double take when they see you. When combined with a wardrobe overhaul, a hair transformation can really cement your new look, and Vine Vera, of course, has a few ideas on how to make it happen.


Cut It!
Nothing says “daring” or “transformative” like getting a brand new haircut, especially in a style you’ve never tried. Tired of the hassles of long hair and all the work that goes into it? Try a cute bob, a bold pixie cut, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Alternately, get a weave—or extensions—and make it longer! If you tried short hair and it didn’t work out for you (or maybe it did, but you’re just ready to go back), don’t wait forever for it to grow! Get a weave or extensions to get the long, gorgeous hair you desire.

Hair coloring

Color It!
Do you want to elicit that double-take reaction we mentioned in spades? Go for a really dramatic change and dye your hair. If you want it to be especially appropriate for the fall season, think blonde, red, or red-orange, to mimic the yellows, red, and oranges you’re likely to see on all the trees around this time.

Want to be even more dramatic? Go for a non-natural color like blue, purple, green, etc. You’re never too old to have fun with your hair! That said, do think carefully before going this route; it’s definitely a bold choice, so be sure you really want it and don’t do it on a whim.

Curling hair.

Re-Texture It!
Tired of your plain, flat, straight hair? Get a perm and go curly! Tired of the hassles of dealing with curly or wavy hair? Think about getting it permanently straightened. In this day and age, we’re not necessarily stuck with what we’re born with, and lots of techniques exist to alter the texture of your hair, which can be a fun change. Do keep in mind, though, that while texture changes can be permanent on your existing hair, your roots will grow back as whatever you have naturally.

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Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Vacation

Vacation is a time for a lot of things. Fun, novelty, relaxation, curiosity maybe…but generally, most people don’t picture spending hours taming their locks every day as being a quintessential part of the vacation experience. In fact, it takes a great deal of time away from enjoying all the new experiences, fun times, and relaxing pampering you’re on the vacation to do. That said, nobody wants to go around all day looking like a total slob who never touches their hair, with frizz and bed-head aplenty. So is there a happy medium? A way to stay looking good and fresh without spending hours on your hair and missing out on the actual vacation? Vine Vera thinks there is, which is why we’ve come up with several hairdos that are simple and attractive. These are perfect for vacation, but we’ll give you a hint: they’re also great for any ordinary day you’re running late or are just feeling lazy, but don’t want to look lazy.
Woman with a ponytail hairstyle in a park.

Simple Ponytail
No list of easy-but-good-looking hairstyles would be complete without this one. Do we even need to tell you how to do it? Just gather all your hair behind your head and secure with a hair tie. Vary the positioning of the ponytail for different effects. Low ponytails are simple and down-to-earth. High ponytails are fun and flirty. Side ponytails are cute and quirky. Adding a ribbon to the ponytail can add a playful, youthful element to your look.

Woman with a braided ponytail.

The Braid-and-Ponytail
Section off a big chunk of hair on one side of your head and braid it. Then gather all of your hair, including the braid, into a big, messy, low-lying ponytail, making sure the braid sits on top of the rest of the hair that you have tied up. And you’re done! This adds attractive interest to an otherwise extremely simple look and only takes a few minutes more.

Woman with a french braid hairstyle

French Braid
This one’s a classic for a reason. Just start at the top of your head and stop when you’re out of hair, going straight down the middle of your scalp. And done! Elegance in minutes.

Woman with a half-up hairstyle

Half-Up Styles
This one is more like a whole subcategory of simple hairstyles, because there’s a bunch of unique things you can do if you vary it a bit. The basic, quintessential half-up styles is the half-ponytail. For this, simply gather all the hair from the front half of your head and pull it behind. Gather it together so that all the hair that would normally fall in front of your ears or over your forehead is now pulled back tight, making the front of your head look like it’s in a ponytail, but the back falling free. Now, just secure it with a hair tie.

For a twisty half-up do, do the same as the above instructions, but twist the two clumps of gathered hair around several times before joining them, and then twist the joined clump several times before putting on the hair tie. For a braided version, just follow the basic half-ponytail steps, but when you get to the part where you’d apply the hair tie, braid it instead, and put the hair tie at the end of the braid. Now you have an elegant braid laying on top of a bed of “down” hair, which creates some neat visual interest. Mess around with half-up styles and see if you can find a variation all your own that you like!

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How Vitamin C Helps Hair – Vine Vera Reviews

Good hair is an important part of looking your best, as you’ve no doubt noticed and agonized over the fact that tangled, dry, splitting, or frizzy hair detracts from your overall appearance. Sadly, hair can be frustratingly difficult to care for at times, stubbornly retaining irritating issues regardless of how many products and techniques you try, and as such, you might be tempted to simply accept frizz, dryness, unruly behavior, or damage as a fact of life, and learn to live with it through a combination of resignation and quick fixes.

Fortunately for you, though, you don’t necessarily have to. As it turns out, the same multitasking miracle ingredient for skin care and general health and well-being also plays a seriously helpful role in keeping your hair glowing and healthy. That’s right: Vitamin C is as quintessential to hair-care as it is skin care. In light of this, Vine Vera decided it would be prudent to explain how and why vitamin C is so important for good hair, and how you can make it work for you.

Woman with beautiful hair having an orange.

Hair Growth and Damage Prevention
Consuming Vitamin C, whether through supplements, diet, or both (it’s recommended you take 500 mg daily for maximum benefit) can actually increase the amount of hair growth you’re able to achieve, in addition to — or more accurately, because of — the fact that vitamin C prevents free radicals (produced when your body metabolizes food) from damaging hair as it grows, meaning that while you have high blood levels of vitamin C, the new hair that comes out of your follicles will be stronger and less prone to breaking from the beginning. This will ensure that it is capable of reaching much greater lengths, since it will be far less likely to break before reaching its full potential.

Woman suffering from hair loss

Hair Loss and Thinning Prevention
Higher blood levels of vitamin C also prevents long-term hair loss and thinning. Vitamin C helps keep adrenal glands from getting fatigued, and adrenal gland fatigue is a major factor in hair loss with age. Vitamin C also helps regulate blood flow and strengthen and repair blood vessels, which—when concerning blood flow in the scalp specifically—results in thicker and stronger hair.

Woman discovering that she has gray hair

Prevents Graying
Yes, you read that right. In addition to all the other amazing hair-related benefits of vitamin C, it also happens to keep your hair from going gray! Vitamin C slows the aging process in the body as a whole, and of course, part of that process is going gray, so it stands to reason that this amazingly versatile vitamin would prevent that as well.

What Are You Waiting for?
Now that you’re aware of the benefits vitamin C holds for your luscious locks (and don’t forget that it’s beneficial for your health in general too!), you should be doing two things. first off, make sure you consume lots of vitamin C every day. You can use a supplement to achieve this, but eat as much vitamin C-rich foods — like citrus fruit and dark, leafy greens — as you can in addition to this.

Secondly, look for hair care products which contain vitamin C as an ingredient! After all, if it’s so beneficial to both your health and beauty when ingested, what do you think it can accomplish when applied to a targeted area like your hair?

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