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Spring and Summer Colors For Lips, Hair, and Nails

When makeup first became widely available in the twenties, the color palette was limited. Powders were cream and ivory, lips were almost invariably some shade of red, and smoky eyes were de rigeur. Woe to those who couldn’t carry it off. True summers had to choose from the same palettes as dark autumns, bright winters were confined to the same choices as light springs, and soft autumns were offered the same options as soft summers. Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems as if we can’t walk into Sephora without emerging an hour later finally having determined that the Plum Attraction was more flattering than the #61 Wine.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re having trouble navigating through the color options, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Check out the colors trending for spring and summer 2017 for lips, hair, and nails.

Vivid lips were on display on the 2017 spring runways. Textures ranged from the glittery, (Fendi) to the matte, (Giambattista Valli, and Jason Wu), and of course Carolina Herrera and Chanel brought the high gloss. Jason Wu make up artists created a sporty fluorescent look by layering a cherry with a matte orange. Valentino and Cushnie et Ochs chose semi matte shades ranging from electric pink to ruby. And, if your partial to the ultra shine, take a cue form the Kenzo and Simone Rocha runway with some eye catching shine. If your looking for some hot colors for your lips this season, look for:

  • Poppy Pink or Fuschia – Nothing says spring like a fushia lip.
  • Deep Berry – If you’re aiming to bring some drama into the spring, you can’t go wrong with a deep berry.
  • Bright Purple – Try some violet and twilight hues to recall the warm summer sunset.
  • Hot Red – There is always a call for a good strong red. Use it to spice up your 2017 spring summer pout.

Hair Color

Bronze ombre

Bronze Ombre
If you have dark hair and not much time to spend on upkeep, celebrity colorist David Adams advises going two or three complementary shades lighter. He describes this look as an ombre 2.0 “blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends and around the face, which keeps color away from new growth to minimize maintenance.”

Warm Honey
Faithful brunettes who want to lighten up a touch might consider adding some natural amber to honey highlights to soften their natural color.

Baby Blonde
Already convinced that blondes have more fun? Think about going blonder. Stylist Sharon Dorram recommends lightening up with “strategically placed baby blond highlights around the face and crown.”

Creamy Blonde
If you don’t mind frequent trips to the colorist, a creamy platinum may be for you. Check out the look on Jennifer Lawrence for celebrity inspo.

Nail Polish

yellow nail polish

Sunflower Yellow
You’ll be seeing a lot of sunflower hello on nails this season. Check out versions form Essie, OPI and Christian Louboutin.

Valentine Pink
Taking break from red? Bright pink is a great alternative. Nails Inc. and Dior are both offering up takes on vibrant pink. FYI: Valentine pink was also spotted popping up the runways of Moshino, Fendi, and Valentino.

Tropical Green
Nothing says spring quite like green. Straight from the D and G runways, the earth friendly shade is currently available from both Essie and OPI.

Salmon Pink
For a more neutral approach to pink, try a salmon for the office and the beach.

Hope this clears things up! What colors are you sporting for spring and summer 2017? Let us know! We want your fabulous input!


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Hair Transformations for Fall

The changing over of the seasons is an excellent opportunity to refresh your overall look. As the weather changes, you’re often forced to alter your wardrobe due to climbing or plummeting temperatures, so it really does make the perfect time to change things up by changing more than just the length of your sleeves and the weight of the fabric you wear.

Fall in particular is a fun opportunity for style makeovers; with the crisp and cool—but not bitter cold—air prevalent in fall, you’ll find many options at your disposal, since a wider range of clothing choices, owing to the fact that the intermediate temperatures mean both somewhat warm and somewhat cool clothing options will feel comfortable in this season.

But changing your wardrobe isn’t all you can do this fall! Think about it; if you’re going to go to the effort to change your look for the changing seasons, why stop at just clothes? Use it as an excuse to give your hair a massive transformation that will have strangers turning heads in awe and friends doing a double take when they see you. When combined with a wardrobe overhaul, a hair transformation can really cement your new look, and Vine Vera, of course, has a few ideas on how to make it happen.


Cut It!
Nothing says “daring” or “transformative” like getting a brand new haircut, especially in a style you’ve never tried. Tired of the hassles of long hair and all the work that goes into it? Try a cute bob, a bold pixie cut, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Alternately, get a weave—or extensions—and make it longer! If you tried short hair and it didn’t work out for you (or maybe it did, but you’re just ready to go back), don’t wait forever for it to grow! Get a weave or extensions to get the long, gorgeous hair you desire.

Hair coloring

Color It!
Do you want to elicit that double-take reaction we mentioned in spades? Go for a really dramatic change and dye your hair. If you want it to be especially appropriate for the fall season, think blonde, red, or red-orange, to mimic the yellows, red, and oranges you’re likely to see on all the trees around this time.

Want to be even more dramatic? Go for a non-natural color like blue, purple, green, etc. You’re never too old to have fun with your hair! That said, do think carefully before going this route; it’s definitely a bold choice, so be sure you really want it and don’t do it on a whim.

Curling hair.

Re-Texture It!
Tired of your plain, flat, straight hair? Get a perm and go curly! Tired of the hassles of dealing with curly or wavy hair? Think about getting it permanently straightened. In this day and age, we’re not necessarily stuck with what we’re born with, and lots of techniques exist to alter the texture of your hair, which can be a fun change. Do keep in mind, though, that while texture changes can be permanent on your existing hair, your roots will grow back as whatever you have naturally.

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Beauty Trends We Wish Would Go Away – Vine Vera Reviews

Every season we see different beauty trends come and go. You see people bravely trying to rock certain looks on the street, sometimes successfully, and sometimes not so successfully. Do you enjoy trying new beauty trends? Are there some trends that you wish would go away? Remember in the 90’s the look of a nude lip with a dark brown lip liner? That was not a good look on anyone, yet people wore it proudly for many years. Here are some other trends in beauty that need to take a hike for good.

Woman plucking her eyebrows.

Over plucked Brows
Here’s the deal, over plucking your brows makes you look older. Plus, when you over pluck or wax them too much, eventually they will stop grow back. Then you have to pencil them in everyday for the rest of your life or risk looking brow less.

Heroin chic style.

Heroin Chic
This look is the excessively smoky eyes, with bare skin and even barer lips usually on extremely thin women, made famous by Kate Moss. It’s not attractive. There is nothing attractive about people who do heroin. We are appalled that an entire beauty trend was named after their look.

Woman with ridiculous looking nails.

Nail Ridiculousness
Do we really need to have 3-D decals, and sparkly glitter with rhinestones upon rhinestones all over our nails? Especially for an adult? How much of a statement do you need to make with your nails? It’s just too much. Let’s go back to classic reds, pinks, mauves or even a nice “griege”. Or just buff your nails to a healthy high shine, and move on. Nails that are long enough for that much embellishment must get in the way of daily life!

Woman with heavy makeup and strong contouring.

Strong Contouring
This doesn’t work in real life. You can absolutely see where people attempt to contour with the variety of ready-made palettes on the market. Strong contour is meant for people getting their photograph professionally taken or for night time events where lighting is dimmer. Unless you are walking the red carpet, or getting some editorial work done we suggest easing up on the contouring.

Woman with pink hair in a park.

Pink, Purple, or Turquoise Hair Color
Bright, rainbow or other unnatural colored hair won’t work in the corporate world. This is not a look that says professional or well put together so unless you are looking for a lot of attention it is probably best to avoid the bright, crazy hair colors.

Woman with sallow looking skin due to overuse of spray tans.

Over Spray Tanned
You feel thinner when tan, right? That’s the idea, but many people aren’t getting spray tanned with the right tones and often end up looking “orangey” or too sallow. It’s not complimentary, a more natural skin tone will look better with your makeup, clothing, and hair color. If you are a fair, then own it and stop the overdone spray tanning.

Woman with a cat eye look.

Overdone Cat Eye 
Sure a cat eye can be fun for a nighttime look. A small, delicate flick looks cute for daytime also. However, a thick line of black liquid liner is very heavy for day and can look aging. We recommend a more soft color like a nice shimmery brown, with a tiny flick for day. Leave the seriously feline eye for a night out.

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Coloring Your Hair for the First Time – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman with beautifully colored short hair.

When it comes to coloring your hair for the very first time, you may be a bit nervous, very excited, and kind of unsure of what to expect.  Browsing through magazines and seeing different styles, getting gray hair, or just wanting a change can all factor into the how’s and why’s of changing your hair color – but regardless of your reasoning, Vine Vera has some tips to help you achieve a perfect look for your first hair coloring.

Beautiful woman with long colored hair.

Choose a Color that Complements Your Skin and Eyes
One of the worst things you can do when it comes to coloring your hair is to opt for a color you love, rather than a color you love that also looks good with your skin tone and eye color. As it is with fashion, just because you love a style doesn’t mean it will work well for you. As an example, if you love platinum blonde yet have very light skin, the color could make you look completely washed out and unhealthy. Rather than choosing a color that won’t boost your beauty and may make your skin look dull, be sure to ask for advice from a professional on the colors that will work well with the tone of your skin and its undertones. You will also want something that makes your eyes pop as well.

Opt for a Semi-Permanent Color
When you dye your hair for the first time, it can be a bit of a shock. If you for some reason don’t like the color, or it isn’t as true as you would have liked it to be, opting for a semi-permanent will ensure you can fix it, dye it again soon, or change it if you don’t quite care for the color. If you decide you love it, and Vine Vera hopes you do, you can then opt for a permanent color the next time you go in for your touch up appointment. From there, you will simply need to maintain the color.

Woman gets her hair colored at a salon.

Opt for Professional Styling Services
To avoid any let downs or unhappy end results, you will want to seek the assistance of a professional color stylist. Choose a reputable salon and schedule an appointment ahead of time with  a master stylist who can help you choose the best color, best hue and tell you why they believe that color would look great on you. They won’t steer you wrong, so be sure to opt for their advice before undergoing any sort of color treatments.

Ask Questions
Naturally, you will have things you want to know before getting any type of color done. Some good questions to ask are:

  • “How long will this color last?”
  • “How can I get the most out of my color?”
  • “What products should I use to maintain my color, and which should I stay away from?”
  • “When should I come in for a touch up?”
  • “Are there any possible side effects to the dye?”
  • “Would this color work well with my skin?”

The beautiful thing about dying your hair is that it’s never really permanent, and you can change it any time you want to after a few weeks’ worth of time. Your hair will need at least that long when it comes to repairing itself from the damage of dyeing the hair to safely dye it again. Vine Vera wishes you all the best in getting your first color change, and we hope this article has helped to answer some questions you may have had before now.

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Vine Vera on Autumn Hair Colors – VineVera Reviews

Young woman with autumn leaves and dark hair colorChoosing a new hair color for autumn is always a fun, exciting experience. As it would seem, throughout the year, changing your hair color to accommodate the season only makes sense. As the seasons change, so do the many seasons of our hair. During the summer months, most women love to highlight or lighten their hair and go for a beach wave look. During the winter, most seem to go a bit darker. Spring is sort of in between that dark and light phase, so it’s great to meet somewhere in the middle. As for autumn hair, going back towards a darker color is generally the rule of thumb. Autumn is the time to break out the fun fall accessories, and all of the fantastic gear that goes along with it, like hats, scarves, boots and more. When it comes time to create a new ‘do, opting for any of the below colors is a surefire way to look your absolute best this autumn.

Golden Brown

When coming off of the lightened summer tresses, it’s a good idea to go gradual. Opting for a golden brown look if you had lightened blonde or dark blonde hair doesn’t cause too much of a shock to the system, and will look great without being over the top.

Light Brown

Light brown can be pulled off by virtually any woman, no matter her skin color. It’s very versatile, and subtle.

Chestnut Brown

For those of you who are willing to go all the way brown, a nice chestnut brown offers a warm effect with some subtle golden hues. It’s a gorgeous color and able to be pulled off by almost anyone.

Reddish Brown

Reddish brown colors are perfect for fall. Not everyone can pull this off, though, so be sure to get sound advice from your favorite hairstylist before making the change.


Yet another color in the red spectrum, burgundy is a gorgeous, full bodied color that provides overall coverage, and invites a warm, yet autumn-like, feeling. This color is great to wear all throughout the autumn and winter months.

Au Natural

If you’re not feeling the hair dying trend this fall – no worries! Going au natural is a fantastic option. Ensuring you have shiny, luxurious and soft hair will allow it to look its best as well. Why not opt for a hair straightener to give you the luxury look you desire and the shine that is incomparable to other brands? Whatever option you go for, be sure it’s a color you will want to stick with for at least a little while as to not over process your hair with another color. Also, make sure it’s a good color match and comparable with your skin and eyes. When in doubt, the internet is a great tool and there are many hair color samples available to view on different skin types. Also, asking your stylist for their expert opinion is usually a great idea – they wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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