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Makeup Tips To Keep You Selfie Ready

It used to be that you had to look your best because you never knew when a photo op would come up. You might be out at a nightclub, or a party, when suddenly someone with a camera would pop up looking to take your picture, so you had to ensure you were always photo-ready. Now, with the advent of the selfie, things have changed. These days, you never know when you might pop up wanting to take a picture of yourself. Just when you least expect it, there you’ll be with the selfie stick, ready to click away. That’s why you always need to be prepared for the occasion with the proper makeup. Here are some great expert selfie makeup tips.

Woman taking a selfie

Selfie Analysis
According to Courtney Rubin, author of “Makeup for the Selfie Generation,” “Most makeup companies have products that play with light, offering photo finishes or airbrush effects that claim to make wearers camera ready. But a handful of brands are beginning to design and tweak their wares to stand up to the specific challenges of phone photography–among them, that a flash can make foundation look white, or that in daylight selfies, cool colors can look warmer.

In preparation for his book, “#beautiful” makeup artist and lead makeup artist for “Project Runway,” Luis Casco analyzed about 8,000 selfies of 26 women of various ages and ethnicities to find the best makeup application for a good selfie.

Here are some tips from Mr. Casco

  1. Since dry flaky lips commonly plague selfies, Mr. casco suggests using a lip exfoliator before applying lip product.
  2. Mr. Casco also recommends mixing shades of eyeliner to create effects. He notes that a touch of purple can make brown eyes appear clearer and that a hint of gold “makes the eyes twinkle.”
  3. To get the most flattering shot, lift the camera to a 45-degree angle to sharpen the jaw line and make eyes look wider. Casco notes this is particularly helpful in avoiding a raccoon eye effect while wearing dark eye makeup. The trick is to bring the chin down and the camera up.
  4. To avoid pale skin in the daylight, Mr. Casco recommends products that contour the face without looking caked on. He suggests CC creams that blend easily and are not obviously pigmented for a natural healthy radiance.
  5. When taking a selfie at night with a flash, a real life shimmer can translate to oily skin on camera. Casco suggests a translucent powder to make skin feel soft and extra blotting sheets to absorb oil, particularly in the T-zone.

Woman taking selfie

Selfie Ready Foundations
Another way of avoiding the oily sheen associated with selfies is by choosing a mattifying foundation with oil absorbing features.

Stand Out Eyes
When it comes to eyes, the best thing to do is to keep it basic. While bold and theatrical looks can be great, they often don’t photograph well without proper lighting. For photo ready eyes, prime with black mascara, nude shadow, and a bit of a cat eye.

Whiter Teeth
For a quick tooth whitener, munching on some raw veggies can actually help remove stains from teeth. If your looking for a cosmetic solution, stained teeth can be concealed by wearing a bright lip color with blue undertones.

Bold Lips
If your selfies are looking washed out, it may be time to turn up your lipstick a few shades. Look for high-pigment formulas which tend to last longer than other shades and be sure to take your skin tone into account when choosing a color.

How do you keep selfie-ready? Let us know your favorite ways of alway ensuring an image you will be proud to display!


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Timeless Age Defying Beauty Tips

Charlize Theron

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com

Ah, Hollywood’s timeless age-defying beauties! The women who have seen it all, done it all, and lived to tell about it, five marriages and ten grandchildren later. The Christie Brinkleys who proudly pose with their grown daughters on the beach with barely a discernible age difference to be found! The Jane Fondas who can still wear the psychedelic space bikinis from their Barbarella days! The Heidi Klums who can still play a mean guitar in their underwear! How do they do it? While that info may be known only to the stars themselves, there are some tips you can follow for achieving your own timeless age-defying beauty.


A high-quality primer will camouflage fine lines and prevent makeup from creasing. Try one with an SPF for sun protection and added anti-aging benefits. When it comes to foundation, pick one tailored to mature skin and apply with your fingers, using a moist makeup sponge to avoid a caked-on appearance. If foundation is not your thing, try a light concealer to hide under eye circles and blemishes. Concealer with yellow tones are best for balancing redness and brightening.

If you have noticed the color in your cheeks decreasing as a result of age, you may want to add some blusher. Creams have to benefit of allowing you to gradually increase color, while powders last longer. Bronzers and highlighters can also help to create a youthful look, but try to avoid glittery formulas. Instead, look for finely milled products that build up to create a light sheen.

Jane Fonda

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com

Eyes and Brows
Eyebrows grow sparse over time, so fuller brows can create a younger appearance, but try to avoid overdoing it with the brow pencil, which can look harsh. You’re better off gently filling out brows with a matching powder and blush for a subtle touch.

Spidery lashes will also add years. When it comes to mascara application, apply just one coat and then wiggle the brush at the lash base to add definition and volume.

If reading glasses are among your daily accessories, be aware that they can magnify eye makeup imperfections. Avoid this by trading in your severe liquid liner for a more forgiving, softer kohl pencil. In addition, be wary of bright eyeshadows which can smudge and smear during the day. this can be avoided by using a primer formulated for the eyes. Use a q-tip moistened with makeup remover to mop up the excess.

While strong lipstick can bring color to your face, it also tends to bleed into the fine lines around your mouth. You can prevent this by using a good lipliner around the corners of the mouth and cupid’s bow.

Although matte lipsticks are popular, glossy finishes tend to be more flattering and create the illusion of fuller lips. The best way to achieve a natural look is the find a shade of pink that matches the color of the inside of your bottom lip; your perfect neutral.

Halle Berry

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Daily Advice

Beauty Sleep
No matter what new products and procedures come out, it seems that sleep is always number one on the list of anti-agers. Try and get 8-10 hours every night. Also, try to sleep on your back or side with a pillow propped under your ear, as sleeping with your face against the pillows can cause “sleep lines” with may evolve into wrinkles.

Fruits and Veggies
Antioxidant-rich diets are a known component in the prevention of disease and premature aging. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene, which fight free radicals that attack cell membranes. They also protect the nervous system, the immune system, and prevent the brain from oxidative damage leading to memory loss.

How do you achieve your timeless beauty? We want in on your secrets! Let us know!

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Makeup Tips to Help You Look Bright And Healthy

Woman with healthy skin
Perhaps the movie, “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” is one of the best examples of how not to apply makeup. The legendary film tells the story of a pathological former child star (Jane, played by Bette Davis) who imprisons her wheelchair bound sister (Blanche, played by Joan Crawford) in their upstairs bedroom, after which Jane gradually descends into madness. Rock star Alice Cooper credits Davis’ Baby Jane look as inspiration for his ghoulish visage saying, “In the movie, Bette wears disgusting caked makeup smeared on her face with deep, dark eyeliner. She look horrific and creepy because she put on traditional makeup thickly and badly.”

While it worked for Alice, the Baby Jane look is probably not what most of us are going for, especially if you are on the right side of 40. If you are aiming for the more rejuvenated appearance you may want to take some advice from Yves Saint Laurent makeup artist Emilio Benedetti.

The Face

  1. Once a woman hits middle age, she may want to tone down your makeup and save more experimental and daring looks for special occasions. The first and most important step is ensuring the skin’s texture is primed for makeup. Be sure your skin is plumped and moisturized to give yourself the most workable surface.
  2. Avoid powders. Powder foundations can cake and make wrinkles and lines appear even deeper. Dewy looks reflect light off your face and bring a more healthful appearance than an ultra matte look. However, if you are deadset on a slightly matte affect, it can be achieved by lightly sweeping powder across your chin, forehead and nose.
  3. When it comes to color palettes, look for nudes or colors that are close to your own skin tone. Pinkish beige and golden hues can provide rosiness to make skin look younger.
  4. Use a light- colored blush. Go for a subtle pink shade for bright, healthy look.

Woman with natural makeup
The Eyes

  1. When it comes to shadows, think champagne. A blush or pink champagne will make your peepers pop without adding too much color. Try to stay away from eyeliners that smudge, as they tend to make eyes look tired. Go for liquid liner instead of kohl.
  2. Every woman knows the importance of good eyebrows. Benedetti advises us to channel Cara Delevingne when we are thinking brows. He reminds us that, although it may require work, the time spent maintaining structured eyebrows is never ill-spent and reminds us that thin eyebrows can add years to your appearance.

Woman smiling
The Mouth
Benedetti advises abandoning the lip liner and warns against a highly defined mouth as looking too severe. A little color and a hint of gloss should do the trick. Avoid frosted, shimmery lipstick which reflects light and can make you look older. Sheer lipstick will keep your lips looking youthful and plump. Also, when applying gloss, start at the center of your lips to avoid feathering.

Let us know what you think! Is toning down the way to go? We love to hear from you!

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Makeup That’s Natural and Romantic

Woman looking at herself in a mirror

Makeup can let us express so many different facets of our personalities. A vamped up vixen look is great for nights on the town, but a soft, romantic look works well for those spring or summer days, a first date, or it can even make a great everyday look. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to make that natural, romantic look work for you.

The first step is to start with a clean palette. You want to start with foundation and cover up. Start off with a light coverage foundation to even out skin tone and cover up pesky blemishes. Beauty writer Lori Conte recommends skipping heavy foundations. Opt instead for a sheer liquid foundation. Dab with a concealer only where necessary and set with translucent powder. Blot with a facial tissue to remove excess product.

To get a soft, dewy look for the skin, apply moisturizer before and after applying makeup. This will set your look and add a little glow. For maximum effect, pat a drop of moisturizer on your cheekbones, T-zone and chin.

Next, you want to go to the eye. The beauty experts at Every Girl recommends a smoky eye, adding drama but not going overboard with dark hues. They recommend starting with a neutral palette of golds, light browns and nudes. Even out lid color with a light shade and then add some intensity with some metallics. Blend with a Q-tip or your finger. Beauty vlogger Zang Autumn recommends blushed nude tones complemented by a softer brown liquid liner.

Woman applying lip liner

When applying liner, keep it simple and clean. Apply a thin layer in short strokes at the base of the lashes until you achieve the desired look. You can even extend a bit for a cat eye. Finish off with a few layers of mascara.

Next comes blush, and for that soft, romantic look, it’s all about a rosy flush. Beauty vlogger Melisa Beleli goes for a ginger blush, while Every Girl recommends a rosy pink. Either way, it’s all about adding just a hint of color in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks. Apply with a brush or fingertips, depending on the type of blush you’re using.

Finally, it’s time for the lips. Autumn uses a lip concealer to cover the lips, then adds a bright raspberry tone that she simply dabs on the inside of her lips to keep that bright tone in moderation. A bit of spreading with her fingertips, and viola! Every Girl recommends subtlety with their smoky eyed look, opting for a paler pink lipstick with just a hint of gloss.

To complement your look, style your hair in loose bohemian waves. Work volumizing mousse into hair and blow dry. Then wrap small sections of your hair in a curling iron, work towards the middle of the hair avoiding the roots. Then brush out and set with hairspray.

What do you do to get the soft, romantic look? Let us know in the comments section blow.

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When to Throw Your Beauty Products Away

Used cosmetics

It’s just about time for spring cleaning to commence and while you probably do a thorough job of cleaning out your closet, you may be neglecting one area completely: your beauty products. Beauty products do have a shelf life, but most of us keep all of our items because you never know when you might need that turquoise liner or neon orange lipstick. A good general rule to go by is if you don’t use a product at least once a month, and it isn’t designated for special occasions only, you should probably part with it. However, if you have a hard time discarding anything or knowing exactly when it’s time to clean out your cosmetics bag, check out the guidelines below to keep your makeup safe and your face clear.

Foundation and Face Products
Both liquid and powder foundations tend to have a shelf life of anywhere between one and two years. Powder foundations, whether loose or pressed, tend to last on the longer side and are often good for two years while liquid foundations may only last one depending on the formulation of the product. It can be so hard to part with the absolute perfect foundation because it can take forever to find it, but it’s important to let go of old products. If you start to notice an odd smell or the “tiger” like stripes that can occur on the inside of the bottle, chuck the foundation. “If the pigments are no longer uniform in a bottle, they’re certainly not going to be uniform when you put it on your skin,” says Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist. She continues saying that if you continue to use these foundations, “…you’re going to look patchy and blotchy, so the color just won’t be even.”

Your powder bronzers, blushes and highlighters, like powder foundations, last for about two years so you don’t have to worry about tossing these all the time. Cream or liquid blushes, bronzers or highlighters have a shelf life of about one year, but if you notice any smell or changes in the texture of the product, it’s best to throw it away and start a new product.

Powder eyeshadow

Eye Products
Powder eyeshadows in either loose or pressed form have a pretty long shelf life. Wilson says you can use these products pretty much until they crumble, but there are some caveats. If you’ve ever dipped a wet brush, finger or other applicators into a powder eyeshadow for a more intense pigment on the lid, you’ll want to get rid of these before they disappear. “While powdered eyeshadows do have preservatives, they’re not meant to be wet. The preservative system may not be strong enough to actually withstand that kind of a treatment,” advises Wilson. You can keep those palettes you invested in longer than some of your other makeup. Liquid, gel and cream eye products along with mascara should be used for about six months and then disposed of. After about the three-month mark, liquid eye products begin to gather bacteria that can cause eye irritation or infection.

Lip Products
Opened lip products, even if you just opened it to switch the color, shouldn’t stay in your collection for more than a year. This 12-month rule applies to any liners, lipsticks, glosses or lip treatments.

You may have glanced at your beauty products and seen a small image of a container and a number, but not realized what it meant. Many products come with this image and it indicates how long the product can safely be used. Paying attention to these can help keep your beauty products safe and effective. When it comes to spring cleaning, it can be hard to part with old favorites, but throwing away bad makeup makes space in your cosmetics collection for newer colors, formulas and products. Know when to throw your beauty products away to keep your skin, and body, healthy and happy.

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How to Get Flawless Looking Foundation

Some women are born with a naturally even, clear and flawless complexion, while others have to cheat the system just a little, which is why we have foundation. Foundation is probably the most important product in your makeup bag and unfortunately, it’s also the one that can be the trickiest and most confusing to use properly. You can achieve flawless looking foundation, all you need is a little bit of guidance from the experts and the right shade for your skin tone. Below, we’ve got six tips that will help you go from novice to pro when it comes to getting flawless looking foundation.

Woman choosing foundation color.

Pick the Right Color
Without a doubt, the most important trick to getting flawless foundation is picking the color that best matches your skin tone. You can follow every single tip and trick here but still end up looking like a hot mess if you are using a foundation that is either too light or too dark. Perhaps the easiest and most foolproof way to find your shade is by heading to your local beauty counter or Sephora to get matched. When you’re looking for a foundation in the drugstore, chances are that you will have to guess your proper shade since most foundations aren’t available to test in these establishments. If there are testers available, pick three shades you think will match and apply a small swatch to your cheek. Blend each one out a bit and the one that seems to disappear against your natural color is the one you want to grab.

Moisturize and Prime
In order to get a flawless finish from your foundation, you need to begin with the right products. The first step in any foundation routine is to moisturize. When your skin is well hydrated, your foundation will glide on far more easily and evenly, so you won’t have to worry as much about dry patches on your face. Next, use a primer. Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist, YouTube beauty guru and the official global creative director for Lancome, says that creating a base is the key to a flawless finish. It can work wonders for the overall complexion and also help your foundation to smooth more evenly. It also keeps makeup in place for longer.

Woman applying concealer.

Spot Conceal
When you use foundation only on your most troublesome areas and you don’t attempt to cover every spot or dark area on your face, you will be left with the need to conceal these areas. Remember, a foundation is meant to even out your complexion, not to conceal imperfections. It matters when you apply your concealer as well. “I always apply concealer after foundation, simply because once the foundation is on, you can really see the areas you need to highlight or conceal. If you apply before, it’s also likely to rub off when you apply your foundation,” advises Eldridge.

Less is More
One, if not the most, frequent mistakes women make with foundation is to use it as a coverall. Eldridge stresses that foundation is meant to even out the skin tone, not to conceal every tiny imperfection on your face. No matter what type of foundation you use, you want to avoid creating a mask-like effect by loading up too much foundation on your skin. Apply it where you need it most, usually the chin, nose area, mouth area and center of the forehead, and then blend it outward for the most even and natural look.

Blend, Blend and Blend Again
Blending is the secret to creating a flawless foundation look and you can never blend too much. As we stated above, dot foundation in the center of your face or the areas in which you really need it, and then blend outward towards the sides of your face. “If you really focus on these areas and blend out, the foundation will become thinner as it goes towards the hairline, which will help achieve a much more natural finish,” explains Eldridge.

Woman applying foundation.

Set the Foundation
Once you’ve evened everything out, blended to perfection and used concealer on problem areas, you want to be sure that your hard work lasts throughout the day. They most effective way to help your makeup last longer (next to primer) is to use a loose powder. You can find loose powders that are translucent, tinted to your skin tone or that are various colors designed to color correct your entire face, just be sure that you use a light hand when applying powder. If you don’t have very oily skin to begin with, you can probably just apply setting powder on your T-zone and leave the rest of your face as is. Setting sprays can be a great tool to keep makeup in place, but be sure to read the ingredients carefully. Many setting sprays are made using alcohol, which can end up drying your face out during your day.

Flawless looking foundation may seem like a lot of work and it will probably take some trial and error before your get it right, but the end result will be a naturally radiant face. Makeup is about personal expression and enhancing your natural beauty, and picking the right foundation and using the proper application techniques will help give you a natural yet flawless foundation look.

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Application Tips for Flawless Makeup

Woman getting makeup done.

Makeup can be so much fun to experiment with, but it can also be a source of frustration if you can’t seem to find products that work for your skin type or your needs. Before you start tossing all your products, consider these application tips for flawless looking makeup. The application technique you use is just as, if not more, important than the beauty products you buy, so a little knowledge about application techniques can go a long way.

Moisturize and Prime
All makeup artists and industry professionals agree that the most important step in your makeup routine is done before you even reach for your cosmetics. A good moisturizer is imperative for flawless looking skin because it will smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin so that if you do have any dry patches your foundation won’t end up exaggerating these areas. Moisturizers with ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid are excellent to use prior to makeup since these two ingredients not only add moisture, they also attract moisture which will help to keep your face from drying out during the day.

Woman applying foundation.

Pick the Right Foundation
Foundation exists to even out your complexion, not to cover every single imperfection on your face, and if you use it this way you will most likely continue to be disappointed no matter what foundation you use. The most important aspect of a flawless looking foundation is finding the right color. If you want to get the most accurate results, head to a beauty counter or Sephora and get matched by an expert. To test a foundation by yourself, swatch the color on your cheek, not your wrists. Your cheek is where the most uneven color is generally, and if foundation you choose blends seamlessly with your natural skin color, you’ve found the right shade.

Blend Foundation the Right Way
No matter what type of foundation you choose, the method of application is just as critical as the color you pick. It doesn’t matter if you use your fingers, a brush or a dampened sponge, you should always blend your foundation either down or sideways. Blending upward causes the foundation to be caught in your peach fuzz and can give the appearance that you have far more facial hair than you really do.

Woman applying white eyeliner

Lighten up
If you’ve sworn by black eyeliner and mascara your whole life, this tip is going to be a bit difficult to swallow, but it will seriously enhance your eyes and give your eyes a far more natural, flawless look. Because black is such an extreme color, it can really stand out as harsh and unflattering. Deep navy, deep plum, dark chocolate brown or slate gray eyeliners are far more soft looking, but they still provide the definition you’re looking for. A colored mascara can also bring out the naturally gorgeous color of your eyes, just avoid applying a super bright or pastel color all over your lashes. Again, colors like a dark brown, slate gray or a very deep burgundy will all still give your lashes major drama without looking too extreme.

Use Bronzer
Once you’ve got your foundation on, you want to add a bit of dimension and color back into your face and a matte bronzer is the perfect way to achieve this. Sweep bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally hit like your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Applying bronzer on your forehead has makes your forehead look less prominent, so if you already have a very small forehead, go easy on the bronzer here.

Application techniques make all the difference when it comes to achieving a flawless makeup look. Using the above tricks and tips will take your makeup game to the next level and help you get absolutely gorgeous results. Remember, makeup is all about personal expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment with tons of different techniques, formulas and colors!

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