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Easy Date Night Outfits

When done well, date night can be quite the exciting endeavor. But there’s one particular moment many of us know all too well that’s inevitably a part of every date night, and inevitably the part that’s the most difficult and strenuous for many of us. That moment is when you find yourself standing in front of the closet wondering what on earth you’re going to wear.

For some, that moment might come well in advance, as you leisurely browse your options with plenty of time to spare, and for others, it will be a rushed last-minute affair. But invariably, even if you don’t have the looming threat of being late nipping at your heels, it’s going to be a tough choice, which is why Vine Vera is here with a list of cute, fun, pretty, yet conveniently quick-and-easy date night outfit ideas.

Maxi dress and bracelet.

Maxi Dress and Statement Bracelet
An attractive, well-fitting maxi dress is always an excellent choice for when you need convenience and gorgeousness in the same package. No need to coordinate when your outfit is one-piece; just slip it on and be done. Maxi dresses come in incredible amounts of variety, colors, and patterns, so you’re not likely to run out of options any time soon. To keep your jewelry hassle-free and equally gorgeous, go with a statement piece; we recommend a chunky or art deco inspired statement bracelet, but you can also go for a statement necklace or even a statement ring; the whole point of statement pieces is that they can be worn on their own because they’re noticeable and catch the eye, so you won’t spend ages coordinating your jewelry.

Sweater and skirt.

Sweater and Skirt
There are so many different ways to pull off a sweater and skirt combo, we wrote a whole separate article about it. This one does require a bit of coordination, but it’s really as simple as matching a single sweater with a single skirt. There are a few ways to go about this, but for the easiest option that’s still stunning as ever, get the skirt and sweater in matching colors and throw a contrasting color belt around your waist. Complete the look with a crossbody bag in the same color of the belt, and you’re good to go.

Jeans and t-shirt.

Jeans and T-Shirt…Taken to the Next Level
At first thought, the simple jeans and shirt combo probably sounds more fitting for a casual walk around the neighborhood or a grocery run than a date night. However, this combo can be taken to the next level and be made into the perfect date night ensemble. Just replace the simple tee with a fun, flirty, casual but refined flowy blouse, and pair with some sleek, stylish skinny jeans and leather ballerina flats or platform heels.

Floral dress

Floral Dress
You can get a floral-print dress to match just about any color preference, personality, or personal sense of style these days. Pick one in a flattering cut, and keep the jewelry minimalistic here; some hoops or oval earrings and a few bangles on one arm should do the trick.


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