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You Can Be A Happy Working Mom

Woman working with toddler

Help Wanted. The STEM (science, technology.engineering, and mathematics) field is looking for a few good women. While women today make up half the workforce, there is a noticeable dearth of ladies in the STEM fields, and of the ladies intrepid enough to venture into these more scientific pursuits, very few remain beyond a certain age. Why? They leave to become mommies. Now nobody is knocking mommyhood, it’s an admirable pursuit, and definitely not one that should be done away with anytime soon, but we need girls in STEM. In fact, we need women to have a powerful voice in all areas of influence, and that means we need more working mommies. In that spirit, here are some tips for keeping ladies productive in more than one way.

Share and Share Alike
A family who shares is a family who cares, that’s why your family needs to share the chores. If you’re going to be working eight hours a day at a job, you certainly can’t be doing more work when you come home. Assigning the kids a few daily chores will not only lighten your load, it will also teach them a lesson about the value of responsibility.

Mom working with dad and kid in background

Reach Out
If you’re looking to take some weight off your shoulders, try and form a support network with other parents in your neighborhood. That way, you can trade off on bringing the kids to school and picking them up from soccer practice.

Scale Back
Forget about FOMO. Keep it simple by doing less. If the kids have too many outside commitments, scale back on a few. According to Parent’s Magazine, two extracurricular activities are more than enough to keep kids happy. Career expert Eve Tahmincioglu says, “At the beginning of the school year, find out what school field trips are being planned and then choose maybe two that you’ll chaperone.”

Schedule “Me Time”
The only way to truly maintain for sanity is to set aside some time for yourself. Even as little as a half hour can make a big difference. You’ll find yourself feeling more balanced and less resentful about all the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. If thirty minutes seems too ambitious, try breaking it up. Take ten-minute breaks to meditate or take a quick walk around the block.

Couple spending time together

Schedule “Us Time”
Make sure to take a few nights to reconnect with your spouse. If you can’t find time for a weekly date night, there are alternatives. Tahmincioglu says, “After the kids go to sleep is a good time to spend some quality time together.” Whatever the activity, just make sure that you are doing it in a way in which the focus remains on one another.

Keep A List
Keeping a list will help you to prioritize and stay focused. Just jot down what needs to be done over the next few days, and don’t make it too demanding. Motherboard spokesmom Maureen Petrosky says, “I find lots of moms are sunk before they even get started for the day by placing too many demands on yourself. I always say at the end o the day, if we got nothing else done besides keeping everyone alive, it was a great day.”

Are you a working Mom? How do you keep everyone happy, most importantly yourself? Let us know! We need more like you out there!


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Awesome Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Family playing a board game.

If you have kids, it can be rather challenging to find a way to entertain the family at once. It turns out that engaging the attentions and interests of a varied group of individuals with different ages, tastes, and personalities is a difficult task. Who would have guessed?

In all seriousness, Vine Vera knows how worrying it can be to always be stressing over how best to have quality time with the whole family that you can actually enjoy. You know it’s important for you family to come together and be happy to spend time with each other, but how can you manage that without things devolving into chaos? It might seem like an impossible task at times, but it can be done, and Vine Vera is here to help, with a list of awesome, fun games that the whole family can easily enjoy together.

Kids playing hide and seek.

This is a fun one for when you get tired of normal hide-and-seek. Choose one person to be “it.” Whoever’s “it” has to go hide, and everyone else is going to try to find them (so basically the opposite of standard-issue hide-and-seek). The first person to find whoever is hiding has to squeeze into the hiding spot next to them and hide too, and whoever finds them has to do the same thing, and so on, until the last person figures out where everyone is hiding.

Child holding a yellow sheet of paper.

Who Am I?
Give every member of the family, including yourself, a bunch of disposable, peel-off name tags—three to five would work well, just remember that however many name tags each person gets is how many “rounds” of the game you can play in total—and instruct them to write the name of a fictional character on the name tag. You can also use historical figures or celebrities, but try to make sure nobody picks a name that no one else will have heard of, because this take the fun out of the game.

Once everyone’s written a few names, gather them all into a bag, bowl, etc. and mix them all up. Close your eyes and pick name tags from the container for each family member one at a time. Don’t let the person that you’re picking for see the name (it’s okay if other people see it), and stick the nametag on their forehead. When it gets to your turn, hand the container to someone else to pick yours and put it on your forehead.

Now, you all walk around talking with each other and asking other people questions about who you are, to try and guess what name is on your forehead, but you can’t ask what your own name tag says, and you can’t tell anyone else what theirs says unless they guessed it correctly.

Child looking through a tyre in an obstacle course.

Obstacle Course
For an active, outdoor game, grab a bunch of random items to make an obstacle course and compete to have the best time. Use things like hula hoops, jump ropes, and other miscellaneous toys to set up the course, and make rules for each segment. For example, maybe you have to hop on one foot next to the jump rope, or crawl on all fours through a hula hoop (which can be held up by someone who’s turn it’s not). Get creative and take turns with other families designing different courses for tons of fun!

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Vine Vera’s Tips to Cope With Your Family This Holiday Season – Vine Vera Reviews

Stressful dealing with family during the holidays

You dread it every year: visiting with the family during the stressful holiday season. For some, it only means an hour or two, but for others, they are forced to deal with the visiting aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and parents who are, how should we put this…less than pleasant to spend too much time with. This is where Vine Vera steps in! We want to offer you some advice on how to cope with your family gatherings this Holiday season, and help you maintain your sanity in the meantime.

Keep Visits Short and Sweet
For those who have the luxury of physically driving to a relative’s house this season and then leaving anytime they choose, you have one up on the rest of us! By keeping the visits short, pleasant, and friendly, you might actually be able to enjoy your time – and that’s all we all want, isn’t it? Stay as long as it takes to catch up, maybe have some coffee and a piece of pie, or even dinner, and then make your announcement to leave. It’s always best to make an early exit, rather than to say something you might regret.

Be Pleasant
Maybe the visit with Aunt Mildred is enough to make you want to put your head through the wall. Just because she is driving you insane, doesn’t mean you need to act like it! Don’t let her know she’s driving you nuts. Simply be polite, pleasant, and don’t respond to catty remarks or snide questions. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, simply say so in a nice manner. There’s no need to get fiery or act irrational. Simply smile and say, ‘Bless your heart!” and watch how quick the tables can turn around.

Keep Separate Quarters
If you are having relatives stay with you – or worse, are invited to stay with relatives and you just can’t say no – try your best to keep a separate space in which you can escape to where they aren’t. It needs to be a space they respect, such as your bedroom or even a bathroom, where you won’t be bothered and can get away from it all. Go ahead, let it out – nobody can see you cry in the bathroom!

Find Ways to Entertain
Whether it’s a long movie or a trip out of the house with the family, find ways to keep everyone entertained and busy. Sometimes, too much talking leads to too many questions leads to frustration. Do you get our jist? The more occupied you all stay, the less likely there is to be a family feud. Board games are fun to play in large groups, as is taking a liesurley walk in a nearby park, or even taking the family out for dinner or a movie. Whatever you plan, make sure it gives you at least a while of relief and enjoyment!

Vine Vera gets how difficult it can be to cope with family visits during the holidays. We hope these tips help you to make it through…until next year!

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