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Couture Looks To Master This Fall

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Couture. The Cruella de Ville makeup and hair surrounded by sumptuous fabrics, full gowns of tulle, voluminous collars, feathered hats, and embroidered gloves. So exquisitely beautiful, so ingeniously creative, so alarmingly expensive! Who doesn’t love couture? It may be the ultimate aesthetic expression of fashion, but when it comes to wearing it, not many of us have the occasion, nor bank accounts, to do so. However, if you eye the runways carefully, there may be bits and pieces of couture that can translate to the everyday. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating the most cutting edge styles into your look.

If you’re looking to do something a little experimental when it comes to makeup, you may want to take an eyeful of the ethereal look Pat McGrath created for Valentino, incorporating white eyeliner with a radiant skin for an otherworldly glow, or his quasi-bizarre lip look using transparent papers and foils to give a reflective finish.

For a natural look with a bit of sleaze, Tom Pecheux created a look of glowing, golden beauty for Elie Saab, combining shimmery lips and lids, with severe black liquid liner, while using rainbow eye makeup for his Chanel models.

Linda Cantello focused on eye makeup at Armani Prive using smoky metallic shadows with bold brows, leaving skin and lips fresh and natural, for a novel day time look.

Val Garland took a more colorful route when it came to lips, applying bold red poppy colors to each model’s pout at Giambattista Valli, and using a gloss. The skin was left flawless and brows impeccably groomed.

The more intrepid among us may want to try the look Peter Philips at Dior describes as “a savage natural beauty” adding intensity with brows brushed upward, Dewey skin, and lips touched with a hint of a tinted balm.

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Hair looks varied from wildly expressive to demure. At the mild end of things, Guido Palau styled his Valentino models hair in low slung ponytails with loose layers framing the face, as did James Pecis at Giambattista Valli.

For a rock festival feel, Orlando Pita at Elie Saab channeled the goddess look, with soft waves and a gold headband for some of his models, while others showed off mini braids.

Eugene Souleiman brought the edge at Maison Margiela decking out his models’ does with stenciled stars and foam like coatings, combined with highlighted skin and face jewelry.

Incorporating hats to the festivities were Armani Prive showing hair slicked to head, topped with dramatic veiled hats, while Sam McKnight created low looped ponytails worn under Chanel head toppers.

If you’re bringing elements of couture into your wardrobe this year, let us know what your borrowing and what you’re choosing to leave out from the world of high fashion. we love to know.


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Soft, Feminine Looks We Love For Fall

Stylish woman

The cooler weather is approaching, so get ready to get, “Gone With The Wind.” If you are channeling your inner Scarlet this fall, you may be on the right track. So make extra room for the frills in your closet, because this season is all about romance.

This fall is bringing velvet in every color and shape. Royal jewel tones of plum, russet and burnt sienna are just bursting out of the 2016 fall runway in Milan, London, New York, and Paris. While Alberta Ferretti offered up a belted louche pajama set, Preen debuted a ruched figure-hugging number. Designers were all about bringing velvet out of the evening wear category, incorporating it into turtlenecks, blazers, and even ankle boots.

Flowing Sleeves
The Rennaissance is back this fall in a big way with shapely sleeves billowing on everything from sweater to suit jackets. Rebecca Minkoff experimented with fluted sleeves on a black and white printed prairie dress, while Lemaire featured improbably paired peasant sleeves on a cinched military jacket.

Woman in ruffled dress
No matter how severe fashions become, it seems that girls will always have a special place for the ultra feminine. Ruffles and frills are an essential 2016 fall trend, most often seen on long sleeved pieces for extra elegance in the cooler weather. Salvatore Ferragamo showed off his tight fitting white ribbed turtle necked sweater dress with graduated ruffles starting below the waist while Stella McCartney combined vintage and high fashion with a hot pink over-sized loose waisted number, unpredictably tailored to fit tightly at the feet and ankles. If you have any doubt about this trend’s popularity this fall, you should know that Net-a-Porter, H and M, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have all mentioned frills in their 2016 newsletters, so get ahead this year and get your frills!

Over the Knee Boots
Scarlet O’Hara would definitely have completed her look with these if given the option. While Altuzarra experimented with black and white animal print and a stiletto heel, A.F. Vandervorst did his thigh skimmers with black velvet and platforms. Slouchy, tight, leather and fabric, these are a wardrobe essential for this coming season.

Do you think you’ll be going for the soft look this fall? Let us know what your buying this season. You are the fashion icon.

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Fashion Week Does Street Style

Fashion Week 2016

Sam Aronov / Shutterstock.com

“The best fashion show is definitely on the streets. It always has been and it always will be.” Those are the words of the late Bill Cunningham, known street fashion photographer for The New York Times. Although some high-end designers claim that street style is just, “not their focus,” there is no denying the influence of street style on high fashion. The safety pins, studs, and motorcycle jackets of punk rockers now adorn Coach and Prada purses. Runway models sport mohawks, black eyeliner and ripped jeans, and shirts with band logos. Chanel has come up with its own take on tattoos. In fact, it would be hardly a stretch to say that fashion week would not be complete without documenting the latest looks cropping up in backyards across the country.

2016 -2017 Seoul street fashion was dominated by designer face masks, well dressed toddlers, neo -punks, and #Twinning. Photographer’s cameras focused on Pink Lady style varsity bomber jackets, patent leather corsets, full-length pinstriped blazers and shirts bearing the image of Chewbacca. Mismatched thigh high stockings were paired with sneakers and creepers and children were dressed as mini me-s of their high fashion mamas.

Women in street style

Jan Zahradka / Shutterstock.com

Paris did not disappoint in this year’s Fashion Week. Tilda Swinton brought star power to the scene with a buzz cut and Haiden Ackerman full-length jacket, and Rihanna represented in a precariously placed flowing white Christian Dior embellished with silver. Cropped Miu-miu jackets were all the rage in velvet, plaid, and profusion of fur trim. Women sported raccoon style masks of eyeshadow color coordinated to match their over-sized blazers and men sported floral print baby dolls and Anthony Vacarello vinyl minis.

New York fashion week

Sam Aronov / Shutterstock.com

New York
Gucci dominated New York fashion week this year with women taking bits of Alessandro Michele’s madcap collection, pairing the designer logo bags and horse-bit slides with button downs, blue jeans, vintage and athletic wear. Improbable mixes popped up midtown, uptown, and downtown. The Big Apple was a show of appliqués embellished Gucci cardigans over vintage dresses, Gucci tortoiseshell glasses, lace dresses worn over classic black work pants, and vintage silk bomber jackets with tropical print dresses.

Of course, London made a splash, looking stylish in everything from sweatshirts with ripped jeans to chartreuse vinyl platform knee highs peeking out from under plaid dress coats. The bomber jacket seems to be a staple this year, worn fearlessly open to reveal an iridescent leather majorette style mini. Slinky fushia lace -trimmed lingerie tops were worn street style with rolled up jeans and loose fitting jackets, and appliqué embroidered pea jackets revealed school girl collard shirts.

Fashion Week Russia

Dmitry Abaza / Shutterstock.com

Moscow represented in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with an emphasis on athletic wear with elegant wool button down full-length coats. Cold weather fashion trends included bald tattooed heads peeking out of camouflage jackets with magenta fur trimmed hoods and layered looks were created throwing cropped vintage leather jackets over knitted sweaters and full-length skirts over black vinyl boots.

If you’re taking fashion to the street this year-kudos to you for brightening our day! We would love to hear how you do it! Drop a line and let us know!

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Highlighting Your Individuality This Fall

If you search social media, you will probably find a bunch of articles on how to be an individual. It seems that people are finally coming to the realization that true beauty is all about being yourself, which is great. But if we really want to express our individuality, do we really want to be reading an article to tell us how to do it?

Girlfriend, (or boyfriend,) you don’t need an article to tell you how to be yourself, honey, you were born with it! The last thing you want is for someone else to tell you how to be yourself! If you’re all about self-expression this fall, you have got to dare to be different and here are some inspiring ideas from the runway.

Woman with red lips
Oxblood Lips
If you’ve been watching the fall runways, you’ve seen a lot of dark, dramatic lips on the mouths of the Louis Vuitton and Dior models. Try the Rougue Dior in Poison with the Addict Ultra Gloss Bulle for the celebrity vampire look.

Finger Waves
Go for a little old Hollywood beauty by styling hair into finger waves. Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Jenny Packham and Opening Ceremony are all bringing a little Mae West and Jean Harlowe to the runways with vintage curls and lacquered fringes. Emulate the look of the Stella McCartney show by trying stylist Eugene Souleman’s take, paired with a ponytail, for a more casual version.

Glowing Skin
Luminous skin has never been out of fashion, but this season is taking it up a notch. Valentino artist Pat McGrath has added new depth to old skin by using iridescent powder on the eyelids and cheekbones, while Prabal Gurung and Gucci are riding high on the peachy trend.

Side Parts
Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Absurdity and anti-absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” This look has a little bit of both. The side part is among the tamer looks for the fall, as compared to the tousled center part of past seasons, Proenze Scholer combined the look with a neat ponytail while Celine and Jason Wu went for slicked waves held in place by a little product.

Woman with chignon tutorial
The Chignon
Talk about the silver screen. The chignon has always been a romantic classic for beauties from Elizabeth Taylor to Penelope Cruz. While Valentino played on a ballerina bun, Dior favored a Princess Leia look, and Erdem’s twists were adorned with brooches. However, it seemed that Guido Palau’s up- do’s on the Oscar de la Renta runways garnered the most attention with the backstage references to “soft 18th century paintings” heard often.

Real Hair
Is your hair bigger than you are? Well, you might just be the latest thing. While Rag and Bone celebrated the frizzes, Vetements and Rochas went electric head, bringing static hair right on trend, while Chanel went sans product. One step from “just woke up, which actually requires high maintenance” this is bad hair day hair, which really requires no maintenance whatsoever! Sounds great!

Hair Accessory
No that’s not a typo. Got jewelry? Think hair. While Alexander McQueen and Erdem were tossing a kitchen sink of jewels into their model’s hair, Rodarte planted metal flowers in his.

And, in closing, take with you more of the words of Karl Lagerfeld. “I don’t like standard beauty. There is no beauty without strangeness.” So, let us know what you’re doing to highlight your individuality this fall and what your favorite fall beauty trends are.

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Choosing Your Autumn Make-up Palette

woman with fall makeup

Let’s face it, it’s time to break up with summer makeup. You’ve had some good times together, running along the beach, eating ice cream while the sunset, driving in the convertible, but it’s time to move on. You need makeup for your more serious side, makeup ready to commit. You need to move from careless pastels to deep jewel tones. From fleeting powder pinks to long term rich mocha browns. From pale, light, and shallow to dark, strong, and sexy. It’s been fun, but you’re done. Good-bye, summer makeup, hello autumn! If you’re focused on putting together a fierce makeup palette for autumn, here are some trends you may want to consider incorporating into your fall weather look.

Violet Eye Shadow
What girl doesn’t need a good purple in her make up collections? Says Renato Almeida, Shiseido makeup artist, ” The trick is to avoid going too light – find one that pops.” Just prep your lids with some concealer to give the shadow a base and brush a sweep of violet from your crease to your lash line. Define with gray eyeliner and serious mascara and -voila perfect fall beauty.

woman with natural makeup
Natural lips
While almost colorless lips were last years drama, this autumn, bring a hint of color. Petra Strand, creator of Pixi Beauty suggests, “A blend of pink and brown, so its subtle but not too flat.” Line your lips with some light pink pencil and then add color. Finish with some clear gloss at the bow of your mouth and the center of your bottom lip to create a fuller look.

Flushed Cheeks
What better to go with those natural lips than some flushed cheeks? Stila make up artist Sarah Lucero advises, “You want to match pink cheeks to your natural flush so you don’t look too doll-like.” A good way to get the hue for you is to pinch your cheek and find a blush that matches the color your skin turns.” How do you get the right look? Use one of your fingers to draw a line down from the center of the eye and another one to draw a line out from the tip of your nose. Apply blush in an X-shaped motion where your fingers meet.

woman with fall makeup
Autumnal Glow
Brett Freedman, founder of Vanitymark Cosmetic says that this year, “Instead of the usual fall-inspired powdery matte look, we’re seeing satin foundation finishes that are somewhat dewy. Just place dots of product on your chin, nose, and cheekbones and use a damp makeup sponge to blend. Add a high shine gloss not the lips and a little mascara and you’ve got your look.

Two-toned shadow
The mix is in! For this year try combining color on top with smoky black shadow on your lower lash line. Or try a sunset look by combining orange, hello and red shadow. What else is hot? Metallics with mattes, we all love the glitter, but it can be overwhelming. Tone it down by doing your upper lid matte and save the shimmer for your bottom lash line.

What does your fall palette look like? Do you go for the glow or the glam? Let us know. We love to dish.

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Fall Wines

Woman holding a glass of wine

If you love pumpkin, there are a lot of reasons to love fall. For those who frequent the coffeehouses and health food joints, there’s the pumpkin pie smoothie, the pumpkin spice hot cocoa, the pumpkin spice chai tea latte and the chocolate swirl pumpkin spiced smoothie. But of course anything goes with pumpkin in the fall, and alcohol is no exception, so, for those looking to let loose, there is the Kahlua pumpkin spice hazelnut coffee, the pumpkin spice whiskey cocktail, the pumpkin spice white Russian, and the always invigorating apple pumpkintini.

While these all seem very exotic, and are no doubt adventurous, to say the least, there may be a group that is not so tempted. There may be a group of purists out there who don’t want their alcohol tainted by large orange vegetables. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the wine connoisseurs. If you swear allegiance to wine, there is no reason to abstain in the fall. Even if your tastes do not run to pumpkins, there are plenty of wines that are perfect for the fall weather. The best choices for fall wines are full- bodied whites and light to medium-bodied reds, which pair wonderfully with cooler weather and fall foods.

Pinot Noir
Celebrated in the movie, “Sideways”, Pinot Noir comes from the Burgundy region in France, and is commonly referred to as red Burgundy by its producers. These wines have flavors of black cherries, sweet red berries, mushroom and “forest floor,” the term sommeliers use to describe the smell of damp, freshly fallen leaves. Pinot Noir can be enjoyed with all types of food and can also be served alone.

Woman holding a glass of wine

Merlot means The Little Blackbird in French. It is soft and elegant and is often the first wine a red wine novice is introduced to. Although it gained popularity in combination with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot came into its own when winemakers began creating wines with 100% Merlot. American winemakers found that the grape was easy to grow and that Americans appreciated its softness and low tannin levels.

Oaked Chardonnay
Rich and full-bodied, oaked chardonnays are buttery with flavors of vanilla and caramel, which come from the oak. Oaked chardonnay from a cool climate will tend toward a more citrussy flavor than its warmer climate counterparts, which tend to favor tropical fruit flavors.

Woman holding a glass of sparkling wine

Sparkling Wines
Although often referred to as champagne, wine connoisseurs will be quick to tell you that sparkling wine should only be referred to as champagne if it comes from Champagne, France. Sparkling wine is made by allowing fermentation to take place without gas escaping. The carbon dioxide returns to the wine in the form of tiny bubbles and can be enjoyed throughout the world.

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is a red medium- bodied wine which originated in the Basque country of France. It is known for its bell pepper flavor, and its medium high acidity, and its reduced tannin makes it ideal for food pairing. It is most suited to sauces with a vinegar base, BBQ included, tomato based meals and rich veggies. For best results, match it with real herbs.

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Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

fall fashion with leaves background

Oh, the transition between the summer and the fall. The longer days, the return to school, and the return to real clothes. Time to take those pieces of fabric that were passing for clothing for the last three months and swap them for the heavy artillery. Time to schlep the heavy musty sweaters and boots up from the basement and put the crop tops and sandals away. But, before you fashionistas toss the last pair of hot pants into the storage room, think twice. You can put your summer clothes to better use!

Take a tip a page from the book of Brooklyn Decker who covered her Katie Emilio wrap dress with a blazer or Alexa Chung who wore opaque tights under her black shorts. Rachel Bilson topped her hot pink lightweight Isabel Marant pants with a boyfriend blazer, and while Rosie Huntington-Whitely chose to wear her Elizabeth and Hames trousers with a tee shirt, Olivia Palermo winterized the look by adding a sweater to her Daryl Ks. If you want to rock the looks of the celebs, here are a few fashion ideas you may want to try.

Maxi Dress
Ah, the ease of the maxi dress! One piece of clothing and done, the perfect marriage of comfort and fashion, gone with the shorter days and darker nights. But wait! that maxi can do double duty! Put a long shirt under or a country club style cardigan over for a fall fashion statement. For best results, keep your waistline defined to avoid getting lost in layers.

tights under skirt

What could be easier? A pair of textured or patterned tights under you short shorts or summer skirts and with some motorcycle or cowboy boots just screams autumn fashion!

Layering is functional as well as fashionable. Layered clothing looks great and allows you to adjust your temperature. When it comes to layering,the general rule is long over lean. This will keep the bulkiness factor to a minimum. Try longer tops, tanks, or even skirts over skinny jeans and leggings. Complete the look with a jacket, pair of boots, scarf and hoop earrings for that urban chic.

The Jacket
Nothing says, “I am cool,” quite like a really awesome jacket. When choosing a fall jacket, consider a vintage military jacket with a cinched waist over skinny jeans or a classic bad girl motorcycle jacket. For a summer winter combo, try a leather jacket over a summer dress. A good blazer can class up an outfit on a cool summer night and who can deny the sophisticated allure of the trench coat? Just ask Marlene Deitrich.

The Boots
The importance of boots in the autumn cannot be overstated. Experiment with varying heights. Knee high boots can be worn with summer outfits and lend an edge to your cutoffs and slinky dresses Over the knee boots can be worn with an oversize sweater. Pair booties with a straight-laced cardigan and skirt to add a more daring dimension to your look.

If you’re still in summer mode, your wardrobe probably features a large pastel and neon color component. If you want to extend the wear on a lightly colored piece, try pairing it with the jewel tones of autumn. Try a rust colored sweater over a peach dress and add some statement jewelry and earthy beads with a light scarf.

The emphasis for this fall will be on reinvention. Be creative. Experiment with putting together unconventional looks. Don’t put away your sandals, just put them under your jeans. Add a little color and a little warmth and save a little green.

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