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Couture Looks To Master This Fall

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Couture. The Cruella de Ville makeup and hair surrounded by sumptuous fabrics, full gowns of tulle, voluminous collars, feathered hats, and embroidered gloves. So exquisitely beautiful, so ingeniously creative, so alarmingly expensive! Who doesn’t love couture? It may be the ultimate aesthetic expression of fashion, but when it comes to wearing it, not many of us have the occasion, nor bank accounts, to do so. However, if you eye the runways carefully, there may be bits and pieces of couture that can translate to the everyday. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating the most cutting edge styles into your look.

If you’re looking to do something a little experimental when it comes to makeup, you may want to take an eyeful of the ethereal look Pat McGrath created for Valentino, incorporating white eyeliner with a radiant skin for an otherworldly glow, or his quasi-bizarre lip look using transparent papers and foils to give a reflective finish.

For a natural look with a bit of sleaze, Tom Pecheux created a look of glowing, golden beauty for Elie Saab, combining shimmery lips and lids, with severe black liquid liner, while using rainbow eye makeup for his Chanel models.

Linda Cantello focused on eye makeup at Armani Prive using smoky metallic shadows with bold brows, leaving skin and lips fresh and natural, for a novel day time look.

Val Garland took a more colorful route when it came to lips, applying bold red poppy colors to each model’s pout at Giambattista Valli, and using a gloss. The skin was left flawless and brows impeccably groomed.

The more intrepid among us may want to try the look Peter Philips at Dior describes as “a savage natural beauty” adding intensity with brows brushed upward, Dewey skin, and lips touched with a hint of a tinted balm.

vin vera banner presents Couture Looks To Master This Fall

Hair looks varied from wildly expressive to demure. At the mild end of things, Guido Palau styled his Valentino models hair in low slung ponytails with loose layers framing the face, as did James Pecis at Giambattista Valli.

For a rock festival feel, Orlando Pita at Elie Saab channeled the goddess look, with soft waves and a gold headband for some of his models, while others showed off mini braids.

Eugene Souleiman brought the edge at Maison Margiela decking out his models’ does with stenciled stars and foam like coatings, combined with highlighted skin and face jewelry.

Incorporating hats to the festivities were Armani Prive showing hair slicked to head, topped with dramatic veiled hats, while Sam McKnight created low looped ponytails worn under Chanel head toppers.

If you’re bringing elements of couture into your wardrobe this year, let us know what your borrowing and what you’re choosing to leave out from the world of high fashion. we love to know.


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Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Vine vera banner presents Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

What? Could it be? It felt like you were taking your last sip of pumpkin latte just yesterday! Is autumn really upon us again? While there is a bit of summer left, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the last few vacation days planning your new fall look. After all, you’ve got to start early to stock up on the latest trends before any of your friends pick up on them. Here is a quick look at what you can anticipate this autumn in terms of hair, nails, and makeup from the 2017 runway.

After Kendall Jenner debuted her blunt lob, at the Perla, crops have been all the rage. You may have seen models Irina Kravchenko and Cat McNeil sporting their new cuts at Alexander Wang in New York. With a lot more cool short hairstyles hitting runway after runway, you may want to think of going in this direction this season.

Color Blocked Eye Lids
If you’ve got some bright primary or pastel eye shades lurking in your makeup case, this is the time to use them. Makeup artists were striping and blocking lids with bold colors with wild abandon this year. According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, “Now, more than ever, makeup is about enjoying color and making statements.” Although some of the looks were a little offbeat for the office, there were some options that could be used in the every day, such as the two toned liners at Marco di Vincenzo, or the unpredictable shadow pairing at Oscar de la Renta.

Clean Hair
You could say that shampoo was a big commodity on this year’s fall runways. Says hairstylist Guido, “Designers want that model’s hair to look clean. It’s become a recognizable texture, just like beachy waves or a bouncy blowout.” Stock up the next time you’re at Target!

Vine vera Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Smeared Lipstick
While showing up for a date in this look may not be the best idea, snogged lips have been showing up on the runway. That means, forget the lip liner and long-lasting wear mattes. Makeup artists are smearing the lipstick all around models mouths this year. According to makeup artist Val Garland, “There’s a sexiness to it because it looks like you’ ve been kissing someone. You may have seen Garland’s work on display at Giambattista Valli, where she took three separated brushes to create a cherry red diffused runway look.

Extreme Manis
Looks like you’re all in this year if you like to go all out with your nails. This year showed Swarovski crystals at Philip Plein, oil slicks at Manish Arora, and a very sadistic pierced nail with threaded chain look at Emilio Pucci.

Extreme Dyes
While your getting your extreme mani done, you may be inspired to dye your hair to match. This year’s runways were a veritable display of color, with everything from streaks of red across the part at Jour Ne to neon blue streaks at Versace.

Braids and Dark Lips
Designers are doing a little bit of school girl gone naughty this year. Guido says, “Braids never go away as a trend.” This season, you’ll want to go for skinny plaits with lips in plums and dark berries, like seen at Valentino.

How are you stocking up for the coming season? Let us know what we can expect to see you model this fall. We love to know!

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Trends In Fall Eye Make Up

Let it never be said that women do not suffer for their beauty. In 1770, a law passed by British Parliament declared the wearing of makeup to be a form of witchcraft. The law reasoned that men who fell for a woman in makeup were being lured by a “false face” and were entitled to an annulment when they realized how their wives really looked. Imagine what they would have done if plastic surgery were around then!

Well, if makeup is responsible for the persecution of women, then maybe it is time we start taking the power back! As fall approaches, embrace your inner beauty and start casting some autumn spells of your own with the latest, most sinful runway trends in eye makeup.

Woman with black eye liner

You can hardly get witchier than some down and dirty black eyeliner. What could be more intense than rimming your eyes in inky black lines? Extend them out Khardashian style for a cat eye effect, or, play it a little safer with a soft smudge. From the Baby Boomers to the GenXers to the Milennials, no girl should be without her black liner this season.

All That Glitters….
Belongs on your eyes this fall. What girl can resist a little sparkle? You may have seen it catching the light on Tommy Hilfiger runways where taupe shadow was topped with a dusting of gold or at Anthony Vaccarllo where broken pieces of jewelry appeared carefully affixed to the face. Experiment with sprinkling glitter below the eye or just below the brows for some extra holiday glam.

Psychedelic Swirls
Well, if you’ve got some extra time on your hands or access to a very talented makeup artist, you may want to go pop art this season. You may have seen the Chanel signature quilted handbag pattern painted on the eyes of runway models or trippy florals on the Fendi runway for the rock festival look.

Woman with peach eyeshadow
Smoky Peach

Peach for the fall? Believe it. You may have noticed hints of the traditionally spring- like color for a romantic look at Nina Ricci in her runway interpretations of a secret nocturnal rendezvous or in the Prabal Gurung runway reference to Lord Byron. Seductive, classic and also appropriate for the workplace, peach will be a must have this fall.

Clumpy Lashes
You may have seen this edgy look on the Jason Wu runway. Admittedly an acquired taste, you can get the clumpy look by adding an extra coat to your everyday mascara, rubbing the wand back and forth across the lashes. And, speaking of lash looks, you also may want to arm yourself with some day- glo mascara, in the style of the models on the Emporio Armani runway. Just cover lashes with extra black mascara, allow it to dry and apply the colored product to the outer corners.

Let us know if you’ve experimented with any of these looks and how it worked for you (or didn’t) or maybe you’ve got some great ideas of your own you want to share. If you’re all eyes, we’re all ears!

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What to Pack for a Fall Vacation

Couple packing for a holiday

Thought summer was the best and only time to go on vacation? Think again. Summer might be the most popular season for travel, but that doesn’t make it the be-all end-all.

Autumn offers a host of advantages as a vacation season. For one, most people are vacationing in the summer, which means that by being smart and saving you vacation days for the next season after, you can avoid crowds, lines, and traffic jams when heading to especially popular vacation getaway spots. On top of that, you skip the overbearing heat of summer and the biting chill of winter by choosing a milder season to travel in.

The chief downside? The weather. While overall mild, yes, the problem with fall weather is its unpredictability. The temperature can change at the drop of a hat, and a clear sky can cloud over and start storming before you even realize it’s happening. So if you’re being smart and beating the crowds and the heat by traveling in autumn, Vine Vera has some tips for helping you pack for the unpredictable weather you’ll undoubtedly face on your trip.

Dual-Layer Jacket
Considering that fall weather can change from chilly to cool within the day, you want a jacket that can multitask. Look for a jacket comprised of two layers: a soft fabric liner and a sheer, waterproof, hooded outer shell. These layers will generally zip or button together, and you can wear the full 2-layer jacket for chilling cold, the liner alone for a relatively cool afternoon, or the shell alone to fend off a light drizzle.

Woman wearing a sweater.

A Thin Sweater
You’ll want at least one thin, simple sweater for your trip. Layering is the key to success in fall weather, because you can add or subtract layers as necessary to deal with changes in weather. The secret strength to the simple, thin sweater is that it’s discreet enough to be worn as an under-layer for just about anything, but cute enough to be worn on top of a shirt or sweatshirt.

Lightweight, Waterproof Shoes
Heavy boots take up too much space and make your suitcase weigh a ton, but simple tennis shoes easily get soaked in autumnal puddles and rainstorms. The solution is to find a lightweight pair of waterproof shoes; wear them with thick socks for warmth and you’ll never miss the heavy-duty rainboots while you’re away.

Woman wearing a scarf

Packing two or three pretty scarves is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by giving you an optional add-on to any outfit you can add or remove as the weather dictates, and a couple cute accessories to add some charm to any outfit, all while taking up a relatively small amount of suitcase space!

Hardly taking up any space at all, and not weighing much to boot, leggings are a great way to functionally accessorize your fall skirt and sweater combo with something that can be added for warmth or removed for cooling off, as needed. For bonus points, try seasonally appropriate red or orange leggings with an otherwise neutral outfit for fun fall coloration, and consider a matching scarf if you’re really in the mood for autumnal accessories.

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Fall Fashion Styles

Dressing for the season is a great, fun way to stay current, and if you get your hands on some really cute seasonal outfits, you can keep them in your closet for fall of next year, too!

Fall is an especially fun season to dress for, because of the potential for variety it boasts. The cool, sometimes chilly weather that’s overall mild when compared to summer’s pounding heat and winter’s piercing cold, means you’re not limited to airy, minimalistic warm-weather clothes, nor heavy, bulky, cold-weather attire. Instead, you have free reign over the middle ground; tees, cardigans, light sweaters, pants, skirts, tights, leggings; it’s all fair game this season.

But for all its glory, fall can offer the fashion-conscious among us a unique challenge: what will we do with all these options? Choice can be paralyzing, and it’s triply so when the choices seem as multitudinous as the fish in the sea. Thankfully, though, Vine Vera’s about to give you some ever-helpful pointers to help you start making killer autumn getups sure to turn heads.

Stylish woman wearing bangles

No outfit is truly complete without stunning accessories to provide a finishing touch of elegance and flair. From jewelry to hair accents to handbags, accessories make or break an outfit.

This fall, delicate, sparkly, feminine jewelry is in. Try a slender braided wire mesh or slim bangle bracelet for a wrist accent, thin chain necklaces with small, gemstone-accented pendants that sit right around the collarbone, and small, shiny rings and knuckle rings that sparkle as you move your fingers. Leaf-motif jewelry would be appropriately autumnal, as would anything that strikes your fancy or suits your personality, so long as it’s small, shiny, and feminine.

To continue this theme, go for sleek, slim purses, belts, etc. It’s hard to be too specific without a certain outfit in mind, but keep it delicate and feminine. Alternately, create contrast with big, bold accents to counter your slim and sparkling jewelry.

Woman wearing a cardigan.

Outfit Combinations
For outfit ideas, you’ve got plenty of options to work with. Cardigans are a great cool-weather option, and can be a great accent to an otherwise dull shirt-and-jeans combo. Skirt and sweater matchups are also great for fall, and can even be worn right into winter with warm enough sweaters and thick enough leggings to wear under the skirts. And for the important meetings this fall for all you industrious businesswomen, all-grey women’s suits are in vogue this season.

Throwing some iconic fall colors in the mix can be a great way to both embolden your outfits a little and show your season-conscious autumnal flair. Given the bold, warm nature of fall colorations, this tends to work best when you pick one major piece of the outfit and one accessory in matching fall colors, and go with neutrals for the rest of the outfit. A blood red, half-buttoned cardigan and a matching tote, a banana-yellow flower hairpin with matching heels, or orange fingerless gloves with a matching orange belt are just a few examples of how you can make this work for you.

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Fall Fashion and Makeup Pairings

If you’re dealing with blistering heat, sweat and runny makeup, and long, sun-filled days and getting sick and tired of it, take heart, because fall is right around the corner! And if you’re not tired of it all and wish summer lasted longer…well, unfortunately, the seasons are going to change over soon anyway, and they’re not going to ask you if you mind first.

As such, it’s important to be prepared! Fall—or Autumn, as it’s often called—carries with it windy days, crisp, cool air, and a return to school for anyone who happens to be a student. Of course, that’s not all that comes with the changing over of the seasons! Changing seasons also means changing fashion! For one thing, when the temperature changes, so do the clothes you need to wear to be comfortable. For another thing, different colors and patterns are more thematically tied to certain seasons, and it can be really fun to play around with that. To help you get your bearings, Vine Vera decided to make a list of ideas for coordinating fall fashion and makeup.

Woman wearing boots.

Prepare your Feet and Eyes for the Weather
The first thing we need to talk about is how to prepare your fashions for the unpredictable autumnal weather that you’re likely to run into. Specifically, with the mix of mildly warm, sunny days, torrential downpours, and overcast, damp (but not stormy) days, it can be hard to decide what to wear that will hold up to whatever happens.

First off, rain boots can absolutely be fashionable, and come in a variety of colors and styles to match every outfit. That said, if you don’t want to give up fashionable flats, get some rubber ballet flats. We do recommend using great caution with heels of any kind, though; slippery pavement and stilettos don’t mix well unless you enjoy falling on your face.

A simple idea for makeup pairing with the rubber boots or flats we just recommended to keep your toes dry is a bold, bright blue eyeshadow. Mimic the pale blue sky on a sunny day, or go for edgy and chick with deep blue-rimmed eyes.

Woman in a casual outfit and a no makeup look.

Casual yet Stylish Outfits and Simple, Neutral Makeup
Layering is going to become essential for staying warm as the days get cooler and cooler, so why not have fun with it? Try a maxi skirt with tights, or a shorter circle skirt with thick leggings for warmth, and top either choice with a stylish sweater to keep the cold away and keep looking good.

For makeup, keep it simple and go for the “no-makeup makeup” look, or add just the right amount of dramatic flair with smoky eyes, or gold or brown eyeshadow to spice things up a bit while keeping it earthy and simple.

Business woman in a business suit.

When You Want to Dress Up a Bit
If you have an office job and need to look professional, or want to look sharp and elegant, yet down-to-earth, pencil skirts are a great way to go. For the office, look like a put-together business woman with your standard women’s suit top. For going out on a Friday night, top the pencil skirt off with an earthy colored, feminine-cut leather jacket. Pair with bold lip colors like cherry red or neons that contrast with an otherwise minimalist made-up face; just some foundation, concealer, and maybe a bit of mascara will do.

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