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Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Vine vera banner presents Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

What? Could it be? It felt like you were taking your last sip of pumpkin latte just yesterday! Is autumn really upon us again? While there is a bit of summer left, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the last few vacation days planning your new fall look. After all, you’ve got to start early to stock up on the latest trends before any of your friends pick up on them. Here is a quick look at what you can anticipate this autumn in terms of hair, nails, and makeup from the 2017 runway.

After Kendall Jenner debuted her blunt lob, at the Perla, crops have been all the rage. You may have seen models Irina Kravchenko and Cat McNeil sporting their new cuts at Alexander Wang in New York. With a lot more cool short hairstyles hitting runway after runway, you may want to think of going in this direction this season.

Color Blocked Eye Lids
If you’ve got some bright primary or pastel eye shades lurking in your makeup case, this is the time to use them. Makeup artists were striping and blocking lids with bold colors with wild abandon this year. According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, “Now, more than ever, makeup is about enjoying color and making statements.” Although some of the looks were a little offbeat for the office, there were some options that could be used in the every day, such as the two toned liners at Marco di Vincenzo, or the unpredictable shadow pairing at Oscar de la Renta.

Clean Hair
You could say that shampoo was a big commodity on this year’s fall runways. Says hairstylist Guido, “Designers want that model’s hair to look clean. It’s become a recognizable texture, just like beachy waves or a bouncy blowout.” Stock up the next time you’re at Target!

Vine vera Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Smeared Lipstick
While showing up for a date in this look may not be the best idea, snogged lips have been showing up on the runway. That means, forget the lip liner and long-lasting wear mattes. Makeup artists are smearing the lipstick all around models mouths this year. According to makeup artist Val Garland, “There’s a sexiness to it because it looks like you’ ve been kissing someone. You may have seen Garland’s work on display at Giambattista Valli, where she took three separated brushes to create a cherry red diffused runway look.

Extreme Manis
Looks like you’re all in this year if you like to go all out with your nails. This year showed Swarovski crystals at Philip Plein, oil slicks at Manish Arora, and a very sadistic pierced nail with threaded chain look at Emilio Pucci.

Extreme Dyes
While your getting your extreme mani done, you may be inspired to dye your hair to match. This year’s runways were a veritable display of color, with everything from streaks of red across the part at Jour Ne to neon blue streaks at Versace.

Braids and Dark Lips
Designers are doing a little bit of school girl gone naughty this year. Guido says, “Braids never go away as a trend.” This season, you’ll want to go for skinny plaits with lips in plums and dark berries, like seen at Valentino.

How are you stocking up for the coming season? Let us know what we can expect to see you model this fall. We love to know!

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Fall for Autumn Fashion

vine vera banner presents Fall for Autumn Fashion

“Women must be colorful inside and out.” This is what designer Gudrun Sjoden replied when asked why she chose to use such a brilliant array of colors in her latest fashion line.

It was all about comfort, style, and anything go at this fashion show. Dresses and skirts were worn layered over color coordinated pants. Knee high stocking and socks offered alternatives to the constraints of pantyhose, and there were no such things as unmatching colors or bad print combinations. No season was out of season. Loose fitting clothes freed the body and graphic designs freed the mind. It was a utopia of fashion and an ideal vision of the future. Here’s a look at the Gudrun Sjoden fashion show from the inside.

The Setting
The stage is set at the Swedish Residence on Park Avenue at 64th Street. The temperature, a scorching 92 degrees, and its still morning. The occasion, the unveiling of designer Gudrun Sjoden’s summer ’17 collection. The runway, a multicolored striped rug in the hotel lobby. The clothes, eclectic cutting edge, bohemian. The message: freedom.

The Designer
Gudrun Sjoden has been creating a clothing line for women for over 40 years. But not just any woman. No supermodels grace this runway. Sjoden chooses women who represent the message of her clothing line. Water activist and former Miss Africa Georgie Biel and model turned actress Angel Pai model the brightly colored hand painted designs and eco-friendly fabrics that are the hallmarks of Sjoden’s collection.

vine vera banner presents Fall for Autumn Fashion

The Look
Patterns were in abundance in this display. Sjoden employs a technique called Ikat weave and indigo dying, in addition to her geometrical zigzags, and circles.There was no shortage of rich fabrics and embroidery and the designer’s preference for roses and stripes was clear. However, despite the profusion of show-stopping fashion, most stunning, perhaps, is the fact that 93% of Gudrun’s garments are made from sustainable materials. Says she, “This year, we are celebrating 25 years of organic cotton production in Greece.”

The Influence
Where does Sjoden’s inspiration come from? “While designing this collection, we visited India to explore the traditional crafts techniques for dying, using indigo and rose madder red. This craft combined with an earlier trip to Lisbon with its tiled walls, went on to inspire the autumn collection.” the designer revealed.

The Lowdown
S Joden’s first store opened in Stockholm, Sweden in 1976. Her concept of designing colorful comfortable clothes with Nordic influences in natural materials continue to dominate her collection. Her clothes are available through her catalog and website in markets including Germany, the US, and the UK.

What do you think of the message behind Sjoden’s collection? Let us know! We love to hear from you.

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Designers We Are Thankful For

Throughout the years, women everywhere have become more and more involved with fashion, beauty, and luxury designer brands. Women everywhere have their favorite designers, which they feel as though they just couldn’t live without. Today, Vine Vera would like to elaborate on some of the designers women everywhere are thankful for. We’re sure you’ll agree that these are a few of the top brands in which you’ve all come to love and adore.

Outside of Chanel store

Coco Chanel

Named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People of the Century, Coco Chanel was truly a pioneer for women in the fashion industry. She believed in creating beautiful, expensive, and elegant simplicity within all of her designs, and still maintains that legacy until today. One of the most profitable businesses in fashion design in recorded history, Chanel has become a favorite among the rich and famous, as well as everyday ordinary women seeking the best life has to offer.

Christian Dior store front

Christian Dior

This fabulous French designer was born in 1905, yet the legend lives on. He was one of the pioneers in the fashion industry, and enjoyed every aspect of his job, which was creating a new style for women to wear after the Second World War. He wanted to offer something more than the drab, daily housewife clothing and offer an air of elegance. He succeeded, and till this date his brand remains strong.

Outside of Tom Ford designer store

Tom Ford

Aside from having his own luxury brand, he serves as the creative director for both Gucci and Yves St. Laurent. With his innovation, style, and uncanny ability to win over women’s credit cards everywhere, he is one of our top favorite fashion designers. Aside from clothing, he also has his own brand of luxury cosmetic products which are well loved. He brings an air of casual coolness to his brand, as well as the others he has anything to do with, and introduces the trendiest, most flavorful collections the fashion world has seen to date.

Georgio Armani store logo

Giorgio Armani

A true artist at his craft, Giorgio Armani has been noted for being the first ever fashion designer to promote healthy wellness with his models by banning any model with a BMI under 18. He was and still is one of the wealthiest fashion designers to ever grace the fashion world. Truly, a living legend and a professional, he hails from Italy and caters mainly to the male population, although his clothing lines for women are top notch and fantastically crafted. He has become a favorite among women who expect nothing but the best.


Although there are many other incredible fashion designers Vine Vera is thankful for, these wonderful people crafted their own specific style in the fashion world that has made a tremendous impact on fashion. They have set the bar higher, and have paved the way for new and upcoming fashion designers to learn from and grow. Where would the fashion world be without these four? Luckily, the world will never have to know.

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